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: Dodging at Champion Select
so what about the times where someone is autofilled, they just dodge and hope it lands on someone else. Thats quite unfair if you ask me. Or the classic occasion of "My last Syndra fed, so I dont care if you main her, I dodge. He dodges and everyone loses time. Another thing that surpises me: You want to dodge because of summoner names? Thats quite objective dont you think? This would make also people say: "That guy 'If she 15 im 15' sounds morally wrong, I'll just dodge him because I dont think I want to play with such a guy. You would basically make it easy to just stereotype players even more. "Im gonna dodge all jax" "Im gonna dodge all Teemo" IF they ever were to add this feature, it would only be in normal game and maybe even only in blind pick. Reason: You got a ban, you can decided what to ban. You dont have to play against Teemo if you dont want to, but decision making is the point of the game. If YOU decide to ban Teemo, you DON'T decide to ban Yasuo, It was your choice and you have to live with the chance of a Yasuo being in the enemy team. Dodging a Game because you can't adapt to certain situations is not the right thing to do, and would be the opposite of a GOOD player. A player should not be let off after dodging several games, because he wasnt 'prepared' for such a toxic enemy team, but he should be punished, just as it is currently the case. Dodging is a possibility to prevent yourself once a day from loosing TOO much LP, Yes you get a 3 lp punishment and have to wait 3-5 minutes BUT you dont have to play with a Troll who might make you lose 18-25 LP and wasted you 30-60 minutes of time. Think about it If you are a good player, take risks and take chances, If you dont face a teemo support, you wont ever learn how to deal with him. TL:DR Learning by DOING, not by DODGING
: Elementalist Lux Splash Art Easter Egg
This might be an old post but I noticed that Dark is actually present in the splashart. Dark of course cant be present and would never be shown in the most prominent window. But in fact the Symbol for Dark is present in the top of the window to the left, covered by some of the petals flowing by.
: Yeah. Honestly, I didn't see any of these skins coming at all. They are quite random. In terms of Jhin, I would have liked to see something more lighthearted for him. Something that's still Jhin but isn't so serious about it, you know? I do like them, though. I think the skins team did an excellent job with these.
The thing about Legendary skins is that they dont change the way the champion is handled story wise, they try to push it to a new level. A lighthearted skin would go the complete different direction. Some examples: Caitlyn > Pulsefire Cait - Timetravelling law enforcer Zed > Galaxy Slayer Zed - Intergalactic Assassin Thresh > Darkstar Thresh - Cosmic harbringer of Death and Torture A dark and sinister legendary for Jhin is the only way this would fit as his personality and description are already quite dark. The lore I imagine he is gonna have: Jhin once was the right hand of Cosmic Queen Ashe, but got infact corrupted by the Darkstar. Infact this is why he is called Dark Cosmic Jhin and not Dark Star Jhin, as even his outfit is still closer resembling a Cosmic skin than a Darkstar one. Only his back animation reveals the truth that's lying beyond his faccade. A Monster of the Darkstar.
: Yea the quest tracker is fucked but you still get credit for winning . It’ll update and fix itself after a while
yea true, just got the finisher
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: Disconnected from OFA game and unable to reconnect?
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Eyesack (NA)
: Riot finally did it. They finally said FUCK YOU to all their players.


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