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: Pretty sure you died because she was attacking your soul, and the damage transferred onto you in pool
200 iq buddy, I think That exacly What happen, What broken and dumb champ illoi is
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: lol jinx top is easier then vayne top
Eedat (NA)
: I dont thiink there is a single ADC with a postive winrate in a solo lane besides Quinn. I'd be more inclined to dodge if it was on my team tbh
How care about win rates ? did i mention anything about win rates ? i just said That there's too much dps from double adc even building proper deffensive item wont matter against it.
: The amount of wrong you are is funny. You just pick any assassin and collect your free win.
i mean u are playing in an elo Where range champ walk into darius mele range and Start trading Then go complain on reddit about how op darius is
: egh not true. but if you feel that way then dodge
Yea sure, go play Vs {{champion:498}} Adc with {{champion:89}} or {{champion:53}} Supp, {{champion:10}} mid and Some other tank in jungl, or {{champion:67}} top with {{champion:222}} Adc and 2 tanks and Tell me how winnnable that game is. Forget about winnable, Just tell me if teamfight toke more then 3 seconde
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Eedat (NA)
: Most of those champs suck top and the others are mediocre at best. Top is pretty much completely dominated by melee fighters atm with Sona and Soraka being addressed already
alright, Sone and soraka being adressed as u said, What stop the next range mage, Adc or supp from goin toplane and winning Just because they are range over mele
: you cant lock a champ into a specific role. and as someone who plays a melee tank top lane who faces range you can win the lane and win the game.
So u as tank player, completly fine with vayne destroying u in lane and then outscaling u ?
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: >Even pro player are having 50 %, even faker, One of the best players in world, is having negative win rate Which is just non sense. Dont forget he is playing agaitns other best players in the world. In his elo 1 minion can turn the game around. When Gen G Ruler played againts bang and mata once. Bang missed an exp from 1 minion and Ruler won the lane because of this one minion. Dont compare the high elo challenger to bronze and silver.
i refuse to believe That faker has negative win rate Just because he's playing bad
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: > [{quoted}](name=BigFBear,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TElNOba9,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-02-09T13:41:43.685+0000) > > They will never delete duo queue > because they know that there are a LOT of duos and they need them for a stable queue time. > If ALL the duos wouldn't play solo/duo anymore the queue time would increase dramatically I guess. > Just a guess. thats kinda true if you remove duos they go into flex and substract roughly 40% of the current solo/duo playerbase
At least remove it from plat 2 + Where it start to matter the most

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