: she has also seen some play in the lcs play so i would agree shes pretty good atm.
I'm looking forward to see her getting nerfed so I have a reason to bitch about my missing skills.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: 2.3k hp isn't much at all. Even 4k hp and 200+ armor feels like nothing these days.
an ADC with lifesteal, >2k HP and 170 MR is unkillable for many mages. There are more ways to counter armor than there are to counter MR.
DeusVult (NA)
: {{champion:72}} ???
: I wanted to ask you about the rift herald taliyah ult interaction. If she blocks a lane, the the herald go to another lane or just stand there? If even those happen
I don't think i have ever had that scenario. But since herald behaves like any other minion, I'd think it would try to go around the wall (find another way)
: Hardest Mid Laners to Play Correctly?
At least they have DL now
: Except for {{champion:1}} mains. All they have to do is land a huge AoE stun to get a kill.
Brascus (NA)
: What is that champion I've never seen it before
Doozku (NA)
: Riot needs to communicate more with Champion Mains when it comes to big Reworks, Nerfs, or Buffs
: Beating Doom Bots Level 100 Gauntlet
Yeah Anivia is the best pick for doom bots imo. Played her back at the halloween event too. She is super strong in that gamemode. I was once really close to beat level 100, but teemo survived with 5k HP, because we only had 4 smites {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: I was really hoping that was you on the enemy team.. so disapointed.
Well our MMR is about the same, so I could possibly play against or with him in the future. I'm just taking a ranked break just now, but I'm sure the day will come.
: When you just surrender to your fate...
Well done Taliyah {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: Riot what do you think about draven 0 presence in lcs despite 55% win rate?
Some champions are stronger in SoloQ, some champions are stronger in competitive. Draven is strong in SoloQ and imo not so strong in competitive.
: How is this even possible......
getting blocked by your own minion is bad positioning http://i.imgur.com/st4Fa8h.gif
: When the two super fed hard carries are fighting...
Hello, this is the gif police. We need source on the first gif for further research. Please help us out. Thanks. *Edit Found the source myself: Mirai Nikki
Penns (EUW)
: Why exactly is Fizz still banned so much?
: Champion concept, Lorana the War Maiden
: Also funny to see someone replying to someone replying to 2 years old post c; . ######did not stalk your comments on your boards profile
Erdamon (EUNE)
: A request for a Rumble balance changes chat with @RiotMeddler, @RiotPhRoXzOn, @RiotGameDesignTeam
Why would they change rumble? He seems balanced in my eyes. I have never had major problems playing with or against one. He definitely has outplay potential and he seems strong if played right.
: TaliyahToMaster? Where are you?
: How to beat the doom bots
Take high waveclear champions {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:99}} etc Take Teleport to defend your turrets and Smite so you can defeat Teemo more easily, can kill jungle monsters and blue/red buff and dragon coming to your lanes fairly easily. Build {{item:3029}} first item and maybe {{item:3073}} to have enough mana for waveclears.
Shahamut (NA)
: I was going to say a rock star...
: Unrelated but good news! I remembered you were wondering what happened to Taliyah's quotes when she W'd, and a Rioter spoke a lil about it: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/story-art/uN4ehREA-they-brought-back-rengars-trophy-quotes?comment=000000010000
: Yeah, I think it might be the same issue. Not my expertise but I can ask around.
imotekh (NA)
: New Reksai is trash
Rioter Comments
: nah thats a nid spear.
always funny to see someone replying to a 2 years old post ;)
: I think deaths dance is fine, but now it's apparent that fiora and riven ought to receive nerfs
What about Draven? https://www.youtube.com/watch?edit=vd&v=3naQdM0gLOI
: Doom Bots
Level 100 doombots is just like when you put halloween doombots on level 100. They are extremely hard to beat, I played 4 matches but always failed because my team didn't realize they have to pick champs with good waveclear and smite. Teleport is very strong too in that gamemode I personally always play {{champion:34}} {{summoner:12}} {{summoner:11}} Works fine
: If you had to rework your own main.. How would you do it?
xWaters (NA)
: Ahaha gotta love the vayne spam pinging ahri
I think she pinged because she wondered "How the fuck did Taliyah survive"
: Tryndamere is toxic for the game
Rioter Comments
: skin concept [ queen of the gemstone Taliyah]
Her E mines could have a color scheme like diancie http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/thumb/b/b3/719Diancie.png/250px-719Diancie.png
: > [{quoted}](name=TaliyahToMaster,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=iH3ILBR3,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-06-01T22:38:38.982+0000) > > I'm just convinced of my skill, that's all Diamond 4 EUW is like gold NA
: How I imagine CertainlyT after reading Origens: Azir
The desert's beauty lies beneath the sand.
: I've spent over 40,000 IP on runes
I'm too lazy to calculate the costs :P But I have spent some IP for runes too. https://i.gyazo.com/57d77588290a9e111e7d0e1240a80762.png https://i.gyazo.com/2a42fac90e28d97fe23f4eb0b19cbffc.png https://i.gyazo.com/69c48a7bd926f89bce4894ea66db6fed.png https://i.gyazo.com/2f4a79f2168deb15be2259dafd5b0786.png https://i.gyazo.com/ed1b77e826a3905a4eff29cdf8243273.png
: Happy Donut Day!
Kr1sys (NA)
: Rek'sai's new ult really makes me wonder if they test this shit before it goes live
They should change rek'sai's ult to vector cast ######helped with Taliyah's W /s
: i had to one time fill with adc(my worse role) and my friend carried with taliyah after the match i got a chest for my champ and what was in it the chest the taliyah Skin.Coinsident i think not.
: b5 to b3
I started flex queue in gold 5, skipped gold 4, skipped gold 2, skipped platin 4 and skipped platin 2. That happens when you win an extreme amount of games compared to your losses.
: Something annoying about the new keystones
The balancing with the new rune system will be hell anyways. Most champions that rely on Thunderlords now will lose much power, if there is no substitute for it. But pre season kicks in in november, so there is still 5 - 5 and a half months time for everything to change, so there is no need for premature conclusions
: Shame I can never play Taliyah good. The sheer fact she's always referenced by Toph is enough to make me love her, but I just love Taliyah in general. Till I go into game with her and miss everything then get 1 shot while other Taliyah's are fuking impossible to lock down
It's all a thing of practicing. Hitting her W E combo reliably is probably the most difficult thing about her. It's quite easy to dodge if the enemy has enough movementspeed, so you have to predict the enemies movements, which is not easy^^ I usually poke the enemies down with Taliyah's overpowered Q and only use W E combo when necessary or when I'm almost sure that I'm going to hit it.
Rioter Comments
Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: Drunk brains think shit posting is ok
: Why would you re-role tango Eve?! They really need to add a trade feature. I've disenchanted 1 ultimtate and 3 legendaries cause i hate {{champion:77}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:11}} and {{champion:122}}
I already had an evelyn skin. I just wanted to see what I will get. Seems like I was destined to get a tango skin X)
Rioter Comments
: http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/001/064/007/e72.gif this is the best i could do
: Nice inversion of the norm, upvoted.
ybuR (NA)
: Are we seriously going to pretend its fine that a utility mage can burst better than assassins?
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