Brascus (NA)
: What's stopping ADC+Support laning mid?
Probably because there are too many ways for the enemy jungler to gank.
: So who uses four fingers for their abilites
I only ever used my ringfinger for Q, middlefinger for W and my indexfinger for E and R. I tried using the pinky for Q and so on, but I noticed changing the playstyle would need too much thinking while concentrating.
: The new champ should likely be out sometime next month along with the Urgot rework (which Riot said would be in the second half of this year).
second half of the year is 6 - 12. Doesn't necessarily mean it's in 6
: I might give up playing Vladimir
I have the same feeling about Taliyah. There are many better choices like Orianna, Twisted Fate, Kassadin, Syndra and many more that are just much stronger. The main reason I keep on playing Taliyah is that she is super much fun and I want to make her work. As long as she stays the champion she is right now, i'll never stop playing her, even if most of the roaster outclass her. I hope you feel the same about vladimir. A champion should not solely be picked because of the strength he possesses. The main reason we all play this game is fun. The main reason you started playing Vladimir is that he is fun to you, right?
: I Burn Ivern skin
Ivern I.. vern iPhone Give Ivern an iPhone skin
: s-she is..
Stay behind minions to not get hit my her Q and buy boots first back. voilà You can't call a champ lane bully if her main source of damage can easily get blocked by minions or you can easily dodge her cc.
: taliyah does the exact thing azir does now except less mana usage :)
You act like Taliyah is a lane bully.
: Will hearing all champion select quotes ever return.
I muted the league client ever since the alpha client was introduced. It's annoying and it feels like the sound gets louder the longer I am in queue. I didn't hear any champion quote for picking or banning in a long time so I actually didn't even know the select quotes were gone.
: {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} much? In Season 1-5, we had to be able to play all roles, because there was no chosing of position at were comletely dependent on a random position in pick order, and the goodwill of the people queued before yourself. If we could do it and climb, then so can others, so stop the QQ.
pick order was better imo. You had the expectation that you have to play every role. Now you queue up with the expectation to play one of the roles you spent alot of time learning and if you get filled another lane against someone who mains that role, it's relatively clear who will win, Just got autofilled top earlier and got rekt so hard. You could argue I should re-learn toplane champions like I did in season 3 - 5, but why should I invest alot of time for a role I might get filled in 1/10 games when I could use the same time to get even better at my main roles. I think it's riot's fault for giving us the new system. At least with pick order, people were willing to switch sometimes. If you get autofilled and everyone else gets their main position, who would trade with you?
: A jungler is MIA? Some thing must clearly be wrong.
A good jungler should know where the enemy jungler most likely is at that time. A good jungler wards the key points where he can detect the enemy.
: You realize it can also be solo? Doesn't need a team
You realize that it takes quite some time to solo it. If the enemy jungler doesn't notice something is wrong, then obviously the team getting herald has the better chances to win.
: "We nerfed Evelynn ult range to match her stealth radius in order to give reaction time"
I just wish control wards would be reverted to pink wards. Stealth has almost to no counterplay this time around.
: Game being determine by first objective and giving a team about a 30% chance of coming back is good right?
In that case you would have to argue about first tower and first dragon being too op too. First dragon/tower often happens before herald.
: Recently i found out that there is a 100% chance of the game ending when a nexus explodes. Riot fix pls. In this case it was a 200% chance.
: 70% Win rate after first hearld
80% win after First Baron 66% - 70% win after First Dragon 70+% win after First Tower 91% win after First Inhibitor Herald having 70% winrate is not too op
: ***
You're free to make your own Memes & Games thread
: fun for one or twice game... Ascension rules bro.
I played ascension like 10 times since it first came in 2014. Compared to the good old Dominion, Ascension is kinda boring.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mineralke,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=E7mOieG3,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-05-26T08:05:25.098+0000) > > Another Rioter also said it was a hoax on Evelynn mains subreddit > wtf there is a subreddit for every league champion? Visit us
: doom bots
Well at least something fun after a while.
: Dear Riot
What are the upcoming game modes? I know this week is ascension again.. but what is after that?
: Remember, for the most part Riot never skips punishment tiers with the IFS system, so either you were so toxic you got escalated to a perma-ban, or the more likely of the two, you were inherently toxic to your teammates. This is the punishment tier system as follows; > First Offense: 10 Game Chat Restriction > Second Offense: 25 Game Chat Restriction > Third Offense: Two Week Suspension > Fourth Offense: Permanent Suspension This means you either were escalated, or went through a 10 game chat restriction and a 25 game chat restriction, and did not change your attitude. Keep in mind, the chat logs you posted were not appropriate, nor tolerated in the community. As for the idea of justice; you ruined a bunch of people's game by being toxic and being extremely rude. When you play this game, you agree to the Summoners Code/ToS, which explicitly states it does not tolerate this behavior. Just keep in mind, you still have time to reform and drop punishment tiers to not be permabanned.
What is a warden? I know arbiter like DTN but you are new, warden are new to me.
: he got unauthorized access because my laptop was left behind and he went into my notes where all my account information is kept
Others said it already, it's your responsibility to keep your account safe. Like Deep terror nami said, write the support. I hope they can help you.
Firkin (EUNE)
: So I just played a co-op game, and ended up playing with 9 bots
Remove screenshot. Naming and Shaming is not allowed on the boards. ######Kappa
Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TaliyahToMaster,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YEkuHrfZ,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-05-26T00:29:52.290+0000) > > eh you said prob a lot more, but it's still not enough to get it right. > > Imagine 70 hours. > Waiting in queue + champ select before a game ~10 minutes. > The game itself 30 minutes > > 70 hours = 4200 minutes > 4200/30 = 140 games. > 140 * 80 IP (average) = roughly 11k IP > > 300k IP are about 3750 games not calculating the first win of a day. > > Here is something to compare the 3750 games with. > > I play since march 2013 > 50 months > I have played about 5000 games, which are about 100 games a month, which are about 400k IP not calculating the first win of the day. I know it wasn't enough. I'm just not going to spend time figuring it out. Hence, not a little more. A LOT more.
That's fine. Just wanted to get it right. 70 hours just sounded like way too low.
Lakrosin (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YEkuHrfZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-25T23:57:51.438+0000) > > why would riot need to compensate anyone for runes? when you got IP as a in game currency for free just for playing ? So basically 70 hours or more (prob a lot more) for 300k IP shouldn't be refunded. Sounds legitimate. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
eh you said prob a lot more, but it's still not enough to get it right. Imagine 70 hours. Waiting in queue + champ select before a game ~10 minutes. The game itself 30 minutes 70 hours = 4200 minutes 4200/30 = 140 games. 140 * 80 IP (average) = roughly 11k IP 300k IP are about 3750 games not calculating the first win of a day. Here is something to compare the 3750 games with. I play since march 2013 50 months I have played about 5000 games, which are about 100 games a month, which are about 400k IP not calculating the first win of the day.
: Getting rid of runes? I've spent over 300k IP on runes
getting fully rid of runes is pretty unlikely. They said something like they are not happy with the current rune system so I guess they will try to fix it in pre season. IF they get fully rid of runes however. I don't think we will lose all runes without compensation.
: How does Nami move faster with boots?
How does cassiopeia move faster with boots? ###### nevermind
Dukues (NA)
: Why low elo players get annoyed with playing in low elo
**_K_**ick those low elo asses. I fucking hate idiotic bronze players. They never know what to do **_A_**nd if this wasn't enough they flame like a dying pig trying to safe them by trying to upset you **_P_**ersonally I hate every low elo in this game. Especially when they play it for 3+ years. I mean **_P_**ersonally? How can people be this stupid to end up in bronze or something similiar HA HA H **_A_** HA really? They play worse than a 14 months old baby trying to say their first words.
: When you call a role and someone claims that they got it.
And then you make a screenshot with gyazo and post it in the chat to stomp those little wieners.
Lusi (NA)
: How many games are needed to reset the punishment order?
The number obviously is not known. Also, not even sure if it even matters. You surely don't want to risk the perma ban, so you will not flame right.
: Hahaha good and bad are relative. You are right but leave the bad to the scrubs I see you a lot on the boards. As a side note can you explain the post? I didn't get it I'm afraid.
Just a random post tbh. I was bored so I thought about random things. Somehow I thought about a flower and so I thought about the plants in league and how people ranted when riot announced the change.
: So...I got ranked in flex and now I can't play flex anymore ;~;
just play flex alone. I do it the same way, much better.
Bastud (NA)
: Season 7 is a joke. Thoughts?
Well Season 7 is much better than season 6 in my opinion. The annoying thing is that the better jungler almost always wins and well.. Autofill hits hard too. If you get an autofilled anything against an OTP or just a main of that position, you have a much higher chance of losing the game. unlike season 3 when I started, season 7 promotes teamplay. You can't win that easily just by playing good anymore. You have to snowball your team and work as a team. For some people that's hard to adapt to, for some people it is easier. Players that are not so strong automatically get carried by stronger people they randomly get matched with, because snowballing is really strong this season. Overall i think this season is borderline ok-ish. There are many ways to improve and in my opinion there has never been a better season than season 3. Season 6 however, was the biggest mess so far imo. Except for Taliyah release.
: I'm high as FUCK and I still didn't find this funny. You should be ashamed >:(
In order to post good threads, you gotta post trash threads too once in a while.
7th Syn (NA)
: she seems to do fine into him
That seems interesting. Most likely because of her passive GA that denies his engage
DaNinad (NA)
: Do you hate kassadin and ahri, completely wrecking you?
A good kassawin will never lose lane to a mage
: I would: -Improve her passive to work on WG, or increase her WG speed to almost match her surfing speed. -Increase W radius a little. -Less cooldown on her first level of R. -Increase dmg on WG Q.
They increased R cooldown half a year or so ago because she was too good at roaming in early game
: Taliyah Change Ideas!
> [{quoted}](name=EternalFrostFire,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qqUfOb7j,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-24T19:11:35.814+0000) > > Ideas for change: > > Increase radius of W/Decrease delay on W or some of both. Compensate by decreasing damage of E + W. Taliyah becomes less feast or famine and more consistent. I don't even need to read further. Taliyah's E damage got nerfed hard when they changed her W casting to vector cast. It already deals no damage in early game if the enemy just builds a {{item:1033}} Taliyah is fine. If you can't hit her W, you need more practice. It comes down to how good you are at predicting. Yes people can easily dodge it if they have enough movementspeed or real good reaction, but that is part of why Taliyah is hard to master.
Rioter Comments
: black market brawlers*
Riot said in an ASK RIOT that they will never bring black market brawlers back like it was. They like the idea of this minion thing and all, but in BMB there was too much going on. Too many items combined with the minion stuff etc. they said.
: You literally have an elementalist icon, you troll.
Looking at the time the thread was made. If I was you, I'd be deeply ashamed.
: If you make the wall after he casted it he will go through it which is how it should be. Works the same for Anivia's wall and trundle's Pillar
No. A few months ago I played vs kled's several times and everytime I used the wall, they would end up running around it. Not through it.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I need to to start counting every time I see you on the fourms
Psyrix (NA)
: This post may get removed as It has nothing to do with League of Legends, just btw haha
Kunz (NA)
: I was praying for PP Taliyah when I opened that source and want to cry now that it didn't come.
It's still _just_ a leak. I hope she still gets a nice skin this year.
: Random Skin Option
It would take some ressources that riot need for other more important things right now. Like Lucifer said, you can just google a rng Say you have 4 skins for a champ, pick 1 - 4 and roll.
: Which champion has the most counterplay to you ?
{{champion:163}} Anything that comes close to her means death. Use W to knock enemies away? It takes way too long till it comes out. The enemy will have moved around me twice at that point. Use E to deal **massive** damage to dashes? Don't kid yourself. All the nerfes to her E made is pretty much useless against dashes. These are the midlane champions that _naturally_ counter Taliyah just using their mobility and gap closers: {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:7}}{{champion:91}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}}
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