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Sharjo (EUW)
: Valoran, Ionia, and... WAIT THREE?!?!?!?! ...Well then.
: Probably not. Many of these modes were released with timed events (EG: Shurima) and the icon rewards were integral parts of those journeys. It would also cheapen the value for players who earned their icons (EG: Perfect Ascension) back in the day.
As for my Astronaut Poro Icon and Spooky URF icon? Will they interact with the gamemodes. Loved those finishers
: I am shedding {{item:3070}} 's with you, as I too remember that after {{champion:202}} came out, the {{champion:44}} rework was next. Alas, it will be a few more patches before I can be even more fabulous! {{item:3070}}
After Jhin came out Meddler said Taric would be after the next champion. So after Aurelion Sol. There is still time
: To those players who spam Mastery Icon and /Laugh Command
I actually only use my mastery emote if I miss a skillshot :')
: It is.
COOL! Thank you for confirming it
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: Image too small, cna't see.
I think it is the red line that is pointing someone who is not in range of the turret I had this bug on The Howling Abyss, don't know how it happend though

That exhaust tho

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