: > * [REMOVED] Kills to enemies within Glacial Storm > * [ADDED] Enemies knocked aside by wall Do you feel this encourages proper wall usage? I'm a bit afraid it would encourage simply always knocking people away with it rather than using it to zone strategically. > * [UPDATED] “Number of Qs Landed” updated to “Number of Long Range Qs Landed” A bit puzzled by the love of long-range stuff, which feels like it encourages a specific style of gameplay. > * [REMOVED] Multiple (2+) enemy champions hit by Tempered Fate > * [ADDED] Number of double stuns inflicted with Q Good change. > * [REMOVED] Time spent under the effects of Overdrive > * [ADDED] Takedowns within 5 seconds of activating Overdrive Good change. Promotes Overdrive > Q > Kill. > * [REMOVED] Number of projectiles blocked by E > * [ADDED] Damage blocked/mitigated by E Good change. A little concerned it suggest an E-max though. > * [REMOVED] Kills to enemies affected by R > * [ADDED] Number of champions knocked aside by R Less happy with this one, because using it on an isolated target feels worse if you're aiming for Eternal progression. > * [REMOVED] Damage dealt by E > * [ADDED] Kills within 2 seconds of exiting stealth Good change. > * [REMOVED] Kills with E > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled with Q > * [ADDED] Skillshots dodged with E > * [ADDED] Bonus damage dealt to champions with W empowered autos Perfect. > * [REMOVED] Time spent with (P) up > * [ADDED] Healing done by P Fairly good. > * [REMOVED] Trigger seed damage > * [ADDED] Number of champions knocked up by Daisy Good change. > * [REMOVED] Number of roots with W > * [ADDED] Number of max damage Q bounces into champs Good change. Might want to reduce this from Max Damage to "Over 66% charged" so that you're not required to get *three* kills every time (which is only usually realistic in lane). Reducing that to 2/3 gives a bit more wiggle room to see this one pop up. > * [REMOVED] Number of plasma ruptures > * [ADDED] Bonus damage dealt by rupturing Plasma Less a fan of these because they encourage certain builds, but this one does at least not have the "force you to max an ability" problem. > * [REMOVED] Number of sentinels triggered > * [REMOVED] Stuns with R > * [ADDED] Rend stacks transferred to champions by Q > * [ADDED] Low health (<25%) allies saved with R Very nice. > * [REMOVED] Damage healed with empowered W > * [ADDED] Total reduction to R cooldown from Passive Also very nice. This is what Eternals should be, imo -- built to encourage the gameplay the champion is designed to do, without encouraging people to take specific builds/skill priority. > * [REMOVED] W Multihits > * [ADDED] Number of transformations unlocked in under 10 minutes Love it. > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled in E > * [ADDED] Number of enemies passed through with E Also great. > * [REMOVED] Distance travelled with Q > * [ADDED] Champions executed with E Less good. This is one of those "max this" problems and one those "don't get kills with other things" issues, imo. > * [REMOVED] Kills due to Passive > * [ADDED] Number of attacks that hit champions beyond default/base attack range due to W Another good one, but this would *really* benefit from the ability to toggle on a range indicator (Riot please -- one of my biggest requests for *years* now for champions like Kog, Twitch, and Trist who have changing ranges, or A.Sol who has a star expansion) > * [REMOVED] Passive marks consumed by allies > * [ADDED] Damage mitigated by W This one I'm not excited about, as it's a W-max issue and not really under your control. > * [REMOVED] Self healing done with Frozen Tomb (R) > * [ADDED] Champion kills within 5 seconds of taking damage from Frozen Tomb (R) Seems good. > * [REMOVED] Time spent hasted by W > * [ADDED] Q hits on champions that weren’t the Q target Seems pretty solid. > * [REMOVED] Takedowns within 5 seconds of breaking camouflage from Passive > * [ADDED] Number of full Q triple-hits on champions Very good. Another "incentive to play right" Eternal. > * [REMOVED] Shields thrown with P > * [ADDED] Damage absorbed with P Hm. Uncertain here. Feels like it may encourage specific play patterns not always desirable. > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled with E > * [ADDED] Champions executed with Q Much as I don't like the "use a specific non-ultimate ability to get a kill on a champion who has powerful autos and may build Trinity Force, this is strictly better to Distance Traveled. > * [REMOVED] Distance dashed with E > * [ADDED] Number of three Q hits on the same champion Good call. > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled in R > * [ADDED] Time spent at 25 stacks of passive Interesting! I like this one. > * [UPDATED] No longer going to attempt to track spells blocked by Ricochet (W) instead of Spell Shield (E) Awwwww. Why not? :P > * [REMOVED] Empowered Q Auto attacks > * [ADDED] Number of Power Chord (any) empowered autos against champions Perfect. > * [REMOVED] Time spent hasted by passive > * [ADDED] Number of enemy champions hit by Q Another great change to emphasize desired play patterns. > * [REMOVED] Time spent Moving Quick > * [ADDED] Champions killed by a poison tick from E This one feels bad. Now I can't kill them with anything else. > * [REMOVED] Distance enemies knocked back with R > * [ADDED] Number of enemy champions knocked back by R Seems like a good change. > * [REMOVED] Slow duration of Venom Cask > * [ADDED] Number of enemy champions killed within 5 seconds of exiting stealth Good change. > * [UPDATED] “R kills on champions that had over 50% hp” changed to simply “R Kills” Good change. Simplicity here is fine. > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled with E dashes > * [ADDED] Number of champions knocked up by Q Good change. > * [UPDATED] “Enemies trapped by W” changed to “number of enemy champions trapped with or bumped by W” > * [REMOVED] Towers destroyed while being damaged by the Maiden > * [ADDED] Number of times all 4 ghouls have lept on target hit by E Great change. > * [UPDATED] “Levels granted by passive” changed to “total experience granted by passive” Good change. > * [REMOVED] Distance traveled by Es that have put targets to sleep > * [ADDED] Number of picked-up spells used with W Also a good change. ------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a *very* much improved list (I think I saw some of my own -- although admittedly probably common -- suggestions on there, which inclines me to like it even more). I still think there are a few that are still too far pushed towards certain non-ideal skill orders or skill use (specifically the "get a kill with X non-ultimate nuke." the "X distance away," and the "use this versatile ability in this specific circumstance,"), but I'm much happier with this direction now. [I'd also be interested in your thoughts on this issue I see with Eternals, if you have time.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EZbFid2X-a-needed-change-to-eternals) It's related to the performance pop-ups and how a feel-good part of the Eternal purchase seems like it's going to be less and less visible the longer you use it (and how to remedy that).
so About the anivia And camille ones, these came from my comment. Pushing an enemy with w is almost NOT a mistake, it does not promote making a mistake, as opposed to keeping your R until the person dies (wasting mana since it's a dot that does little damage compared to the E) the few times it is a mistake, you would die anyway. Because of the very nature of that wall, knocking an enemy aside, even if it's useless, it's harmless. Getting good w on enemies often mean that you deny them some minions OR you close some escapes routes. there are good w that are amazing (using w to push enemies into a wall) Offensive wall https://youtu.be/i3NmUT58Eco Defensive Wall https://youtu.be/BvL2uGoSgvs Cutting escape routes wall https://youtu.be/nrh66K5-Tgc in all this case, using the wall to push them mean that you made the situation worse for them. And W usage is really what makes a big difference between good and noob anivias. Even using it randomly stops channeling abilities and other things just like a cc (i can't count the number of times i've stopped a karthus/fiddle ult or a tp anymore) Knocking aside with is also can be used with electrocute as a trigger for spell. it looks like the gimmick of it , but i can tell you it's the main part of that spell. it's a 0~50 unit grab , and due to the overwhelming mobility in the game , is way better use this way. For camille's part, i would gladely go and pick my camille otp account to say it , but i guess my mastery talks for it. You actually don't use R in 1v1 that much. it's actually NOT that great to do so , since you have so much mobility and so much damage, you'd rather back off and come back after an opportunity , the only time you use R on 1v1 legitimately is for the invulnerability frame or sometimes for the small dash it gives, but rarely for getting the opponent down or stopping him from escaping your huges damages (because if they are so big , why would you use a 2 second "not exactly cc" ult that you could otherwise use to reset a tower aggro or save yourself ?). Camille's R is great for disturbing fight because it acts like a gragas ultimate, and that's why she has so much potential , but feeling bad when using it in 1v1 is not a bad thing , because mots of the time ... you don't want to use it in 1v1, it's often a mistake , and the few times it's not is not correlated with camille's mastery but the opponent playing a specific champion. and you can't have a stat tracking gimmick if it's only not a mistake to do it vs illaoi and fiora. On the other hand, trying to disrupt and much enemies as possible is not a mistake , unless the person desperately tries to only do that ..; but even then , he is being a little useful if he doesn't do it in their base.
Leetri (EUW)
: Unfortunately there's really nothing Riot can do about it aside from stop doing live events. Ticketmaster/their owner owns a ton of arenas (for example, basically all large arenas in the US) and will only allow you to sell tickets through their services. The real issue is Ticketmaster, but they've done jack shit.
> [{quoted}](name=Leetri,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JEBe9tiF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-17T15:57:49.515+0000) > > Unfortunately there's really nothing Riot can do about it aside from stop doing live events. Ticketmaster/their owner owns a ton of arenas (for example, basically all large arenas in the US) and will only allow you to sell tickets through their services. The real issue is Ticketmaster, but they've done jack shit. link ticket to identity , and poof , you're done , problem solved. Don't need much more than that, if you need to go as a group , do so. If you wanna link it to a lol account , maybe create a similar system (but don't allow smurf, only phone verified accounts.) that will at least slow them down , or raise the cost of such ticket by a fuckton.
Hotarµ (NA)
: Yuumi Proposal - Minor Rework / QoL Changes
I have a better idea : Yuumi cannot attack an champion if he doesn't have {{item:3153}} {{item:3022}} and {{item:3504}} There you go , it's as balanced as saying "Hey how about the champion that is based around being attached to someone can be forced to not be attached to anyone because for that , she has to land a skillshot that is almost impossible to land if she is not attached." just make it so aoe silence make her being dismounted. so {{champion:16}} and {{champion:31}} can just get her off and kill her
: > [{quoted}](name=The Anivia OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=qhsKAuER,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-09-14T17:09:35.639+0000) > > yeah but i guess all we apparently need now is an ahri skin for this too. Absolutely not. Besides her Sg skin is the best so any other skin of hers pales in comparison to it.
yeah but project ahri tho. Along with a project teemo.
: I have to Congratulate Riot on this skin...
yeah but i guess all we apparently need now is an ahri skin for this too.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 13
You have been talking about changing a little bit the available items. how is that going ? when do you plan to start changing items ?
: I think you judge the Yellow tier a bit unjustly, or perhaps with some bias against them. Their VO has existed for a good 6-9 years and when you compare them with modern VO they obviously wouldnt stand a chance. But that should not hinder the quality of the VO as it is. Their VO may be old and under the hypothetical that it could be re-done and done better, the current VO still expresses the champion as they were intended to be like when they were made and released in those days. And for most, they're still as similar to thier released self as they are in League today. Like Trundle, Alistar, Lissandra, Brand, Nasus and a lot more. To simplify the point in trying to get across, criticizing the quality of these champion's VO is like criticizing the VFX of an old horror, action or adventure movie. Like it meets the standards (although in most cases, it'd be more like the limitations) of its time. Yet this obviously doesn't impact the quality of the overall film, it doesn't suddenly become an inadequate movie.
you just said it yourself, Some old champion are on high tier tho. Rengar, lulu , draven , mundo and vi are quite good and defined well their personalities. They got older, but unlike the tier below , they are not the highest priority , but they have to be remade eventually. tho someone brought a good point especially about Blitzcrank that should be in a the lowest tier. The problem is we are playing league right now. So standards should be up to date, but the fact that some, like vi's voice over can be future proof Is showing that it's really more of a specific problem in the way they use to design things. Some newer like irelia's and qiyana have also a problem and are off and missed the point completely. no sorry , that's not how i believe a champion that has learned dancing and balance all her life to talk It's just wrong.
: {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank **has** to be in green. His voicelines are always talking about crushing fleshlings, but in the lore he is an everyday hero saving people from the many dangers in Zaun. His voice over is the **complete opposite** of what he is supposed to represent in lore. {{champion:61}} The same applies to Orianna, she has to be in green. Keeps talking about how much fun it is to kill people and that she doesn't understand how humans function. But she **has been** human, she knows emotions. And she is an angel in the lore, she sacrificed everything to rescue some children in Zaun she didn't even know and her own father. {{champion:81}} I would put him one tier higher, his personality is well defined since his update imo. Cocky young guy and this comes across pretty well. {{champion:115}} Why don't you believe his character, if I may ask? I think it is sufficient. He is a pyromaniac, but with some sense left in him.
blitz and orianna simply just don't have enough lines at all Ezreal did get a nice update, but he isn't as remarkable as ekko is ! Ziggs is supposed to be a genius, maybe he is pyromaniac, i don't see that wrong . but only pyromaniac ? should more feel like a mad scientist than a furry smolboi version of jinx ! Pretty sure it was mentioned he did not always intent to make everything explode. should be more like "Explosion ? i know how to do that !" More obsessed with explosions and less about being mentally unstable.
Raedyth (NA)
: Yuumi tries to 1v1 enemy repeatedly, I get banned for telling them "they do no dmg"
"Better jungler wins" But better players are not getting banned
Xphineas (NA)
: I would put nidalee in green. Nidalee in lore never really truly learned to speak, she can speak simple phrases when needed, nothing to the extent of "did I mention, its mating season" or "Let me show you the way". Realistically her english would be closer to neeko, more broken, heavier accent, mispronouncing words, and using simpler words, etc. Something closer to "Let mé shoow the way tto you"
i agree on this one , tho i did not read her updated lore, might be the reason why. but yes , the "did I mention, its mating season" is completely out of character and not adapted to league.
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Dynikus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Anivia OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=PdYBzqXW,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-06T23:42:14.660+0000) > > riot 's new chart for not tilting https://tilttypes.riotgames.com/en/p/3 I don't think that's the part anyone was questioning.
Basically when i saw the shart, it's abotu what people that get tilted should do at 1~3 am if they don't play a game And at 1~3 am this is how i imagined every region to the extreme i still thinks it's funny :3
Tele II (NA)
: Idk. It doesn't address gameplay behaviors which are a much bigger problem. I think they got chat toxicity pretty locked down already. No need to focus on that shit anymore.
bad spelling is exactly why riot uses machine learning for these task :3
: > Basically this will avoid the "surprise 14 days ban" So, you want a system that gives people 8.1 chances + 6 chat restriction chances for a total of 14.1 chances to ruin games for the rest of us before they get removed from the game? How about no. Riot isn't interested in giving people who can't reform more chances to ruin games. If you've used zero-tolerance words or phrases (racism, homophobia, self-harm), you deserve to be punished with a 14-day ban. If you've received a 25-game chat restriction **that is your warning that the next punishment will be a 14-day ban, therefore, IT'S NOT A SURPRISE**.
I want a system that does Not wait until the last moment to make a move, but that moves as quickly as possible, statistically, toxic people will get banned as fast or will be less toxic for longer period of time, and either of these things are 2 solutions EVERY tilt should account for that. 1 tilt ? you rank up.
LaceUpXX (NA)
: wut
riot 's new chart for not tilting https://tilttypes.riotgames.com/en/p/3
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: > [{quoted}](name=Agent Corgi,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MjrsLTba,comment-id=001f,timestamp=2019-09-04T20:35:35.230+0000) > > While I'm still not yet onboard with Eternals, I do have one question regarding them: > > If a Champion Recieves a Visual and Gameplay Update (ala Fiddlesticks & Volibear), what would happen to their Eternals? Does the Progress reset since new objectives/stats have to be added in or does the customer have to pay for new Eternals? If the update invalidates old Eternals, which many VGUs would, we will retire those Eternals. You will get to keep their status forever but they will become "retired." Then we will design and build new ones that you get for free for having bought the old ones, since we are switching them.
ho no , there is gonna therefore be the possibility that if you don't complete them early enough .... you don't have them fully evolved ? what a shame
: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
I'm going to go around my 2 favorite champions: {{champion:34}} instead of people dead within R, as an anivia player i can tell you it's a mistake to keep your R for too long when you're about to kill with E Amount of ennemies cc'ed with wall (W) is WAY more skill expressive than that and is almost never a mistake to do so (when you pop anivia's wall, you can either push them away , which is good when you want ot escape them , or bring them closer which remove their escape route ) {{champion:164}} Champion killed in R is not really what i would call central in camille's gameplay, EITHER "Amount of champion knocked aside with R" OR "Number of Q2 sucessfullly landed on ennemy champion" Are better to express what the champion is supposed to do. Becasue when you use your R to keep the enemy from killing your teammates while they do their thing, you're doing well camille, and especially if you act like a gragas ult to split the enemy and make the fight easier
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Doornie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SamtheSlenderman,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vfXWRcEo,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-31T04:53:58.166+0000) > > Can someone please help me resolve this issue. I just randomly got this notification saying I've been permanently banned for using supposedly third-party software. I don't even understand how it happened or even what happened did I do something? > > Update: I just took a look at my match history and saw 2 games were played right after I got off from last game at > night > > I honestly feel so frustrated like I am crying while writing this because I've had this account for 10 years since this game first came out. And seeing something like this happen to me just throws in a huge weight of stress. The fact that I permabanned following from getting hacked. If anyone get ahold of a rioter or any employee please I ask for the community's help or anyone's really. > > UPDATE: THANK THE LORD THEY RESOLVED THE ISSUE OMG IM LITERALLY CRYING AGAIN {{item:3070}} I just literally got the same issue. I tried logging in this morning, just to see my account is banned for the use of third-party software. When i saw your story, i immediately checked match history: 3 games i never played. With 2 champions i never play (vayne and fiora) in a game mode i never play (ranked). How can i fix this asap?
: > [{quoted}](name=regsinvit,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=00070004,timestamp=2019-08-29T21:16:20.628+0000)PUTTING A PLAYERS NAME IS AGAINST THE RULES, BUT TROLLING IN RANKED MODE ISNT That is also against the rules. Simply because one thing isn't okay one place doesn't mean something else *is* okay in the other. > WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU DOGS TO CHANGE RANKED? As a volunteer moderator, I don't work on *League* or even for Riot, so I can't change anything. :)
ho buddy, i feel your pain, you've done so much toward the community, riot should compensate you x) the forum feel a little bit too much for the community and the story,art & sound riotersµ glad you guys are here to keep it in check :3
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=0003000100000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-27T18:31:43.031+0000) > > Riot did not misunderstand the situation. > > Riot is not obligated to recognize any argument based on the usage of a non-supported language. >Riot does not support the Danish language in ANY region of League of Legends. >As such, it does not MATTER. I can say that my native language of Hooplah uses the "n/f" words to mean something different. That doesn't mean it's acceptable in League. >If you are using a non-supported language that conflicts with the supported languages, that's your own problem. This reads like a horrible post from a racist twitter account. Like, why didn't he get unbanned? Principle? All an employee had to do was a basic Google search or reach out to any of the Danish pros/casters/affiliates etc. to find this information. The context of the sentence makes it bizarre to assume this person meant to say "kys" as in "kill yourself." I really think it is the principle, combined with laziness. Riot can't rescind a judgment that's gone public because they'd somehow lose face and their employees can't pick up these problems before they become an issue. They must be too busy with all the sexual harassment and LAN parties during working hours to monitor their systems. Can't wait for Eternals tho
i got some return from riot games basically (not excusing the employee) They messed up their system , this person was supposed to be banned of her/his's toxic behavior which is why he remained banned, tho trey agreed to say that the KYS thing was not bannable and made no sense at all. now i wan't riot to explain themselves about that support response and apologize because if they assume it cannot have any different meaning in their system , it still needs to change
: > [{quoted}](name=The Anivia OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-08-27T18:14:55.893+0000) > > Just as an aparte , a random undergraduate dude built that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evTx5BoKcc8 > ---------------------------------------------------------------- > Anyway no one ask them to support this language , > > people ask them to understand , and acknowledge it exist. > and admit it could happen , and will happen again , warn them to avoid using it in the future, send some kisses and unban. > > Not to say "lol , yer not danish , all you've said are random works , that happen to have a danish meaning , and that danish word is not danish, it has no different meaning in danish , because we obviously are languages experts, and you're just trying to go around the system , even if all your conversation was 99% in danish , these 2 words were english , because that's what makes sense." > > Stop being blind guys for god's sake A random undergraduate? So they chose an undergraduate at random and thats what they came up with? Or do you just not use the word random correctly?
no , i mean random as "average" but he is not that much average , just that he isn't exceptional. thought random would fit there the best. If an undergraduate could build that withing a week, what about an engineer ?
: And Zulu is a supported language in league? No it isn't, thus this is a rather stupid argument to be made. Yes, getting banned for something like this is stupid, yes, MAYBE there should be a chance to lift the ban. But guess what. People want Riot to support every fucking language that ever existed because some words COULD mean something different in a different language. And then there's the massive problem of people saying "kys" meaning "kill yourself" and once they get banned they'll claim they just said "kiss" in danish. People on here are demanding a system where every toxic idiot can fight their ban claiming they didn't mean it like "that". Not only is this a shortsighted demand, it invalidates EVERYTHING Riot has done to combat toxicity up until now. I'm annoyed because people don't take the time to think for **TWO SECONDS** to realize what their idiotic demand means for the future. "BuT tHeY cOuLd JuSt uSe gOoGlE tRaNsLaTe." Yes they could, once again invalidating their entire system because everyone and their mother will write to the support, flooding their ticket backlog with pointless and invalid unban requests and the odd actually valid one, prolonging their reaction time.
The demands ask that You don't ban the 3 letter word kys but the intent of wishings someone's harm. use this damn common sens, there a 3 letters it DOESNT CHANGE ANYTHING just the fact that now , if these letters are used as another meaning , as established in a language used in that region where you can expect to meet othe rpeople speaking that language you common sens will tell you it's not an insult. Yes in invalidates everything when you have a misconception of what an insult it. anything can be an insult, even the word "handicapped" Does that mean that using the word handicapped shoudl get you banned 100% of the time ? NO , because they are context where it is not used as such. we we want is riot to acknowledge that people can use in european region the word kys , to say kiss without meaning to hurt anyone Right now what they did is "ow our system detected someone and banned him for a word , but now that you complain , we've seen the report and we are gonna find anything in this account to justify this ban that wouldn't have happened int he first place if that system was not racist" if you see nothing wrong with that , i wish policemen breaks into your house, arrest you , then try to find evidence of any crime to justify the fact that they arrested you int he first place when you intended no harm so you can feel a little bit like that man.
: I'm not angry, I'm annoyed at the sheer ignorance in this thread.
sheer ignorance ? You've just said "angry" , why are you not banned ? in zulu angry is the G word Delete your account now to prove your point See how stupid that sound ? yeah , that's it , that's why everyone is mad
: > [{quoted}](name=The Anivia OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=000b00000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-08-27T22:20:16.786+0000) > > i mean , ticket are almost always sent after a ban so it's already "clogged" I doubt its any more than 50 percent, especially for chat restrictions. But neither me or you have anything to back our opinions on that so I'll leave it there. Support getting clogged is likely why Blitzbot makes an appearance so often on the first few attempts for certain types of tickets. To essentially answer FAQs instead of forcing a human to deal with the players that can quickly turn unreasonable when told the punishment was warranted.
i mean yeah you're right about me not having factual data but i used simple logic, if the account i spent so much time on got banned, i would at least try to defend myself, even if i'm wrong, asking for mercy , when you have lost everything you don't have much else to loose. one time i got banned i sent a 150 000 character text to the support pleading for my cause. Support wan't too happy about it
: I'd think support could take a look at that again, but, I do see a problem with allowing it, even if it were in dutch. Is there any context where you'd use kiss in a game? Hardly. That being said, I could see a way they could incorporate the Danish language and still continue to use their zero-tolerance to "kys" in the game. That being said, the risks (allowing people to say kys given specific circumstances) outweigh the benefit to allowing dutch players to say "kiss" in the game, by a wide margin imo.
It doesn't need to be allowed. to be fair pretty much everyone understand why it is banned. but the support could just take a look and accept hat yes , that person was talking danish unban them as no harm was caused and intended, warn them about using this word and go back to their usual business, it's not that frequent of an issue. the problem is not the detection of that case but how it has been treated as a whole.
: Shit, OP isn't lying. I actually typed in kys on google translate and it converted into kiss in Danish.
Who would guess that a danish person would say kys to another danish person without meaning any harm X)
rujitra (NA)
: Solution to the "kiss" issue.
It will happen look you know the french word for "shower" ? douche And that's only 1 example, instead of trying to solve these thing individually , we should have a system prepared to face them.
: welcome to the US in general, where only after you go to college...do you learn that they teach you absolutely nothing in public school except how to memorize for short quizzes so they can write down grades to prove that they are making the required average (and of course, in college you can learn that college can also not be for everyone) (as just an example of that, if you want me to write a 35 page paper on why grass grows because I have no field-specific realizations or questions...why is the 35 page paper a requirement... ) and our culture as well as general mood and personalities are all dropping off a cliff. Just yesterday I think someone tried to trip every forum censor there is because their response was so aggravated and with an "i'm better than you" viewpoint Talked with someone from I think it was the UK but don't remember specifics...they basically said we're being taught dribble for a toxic culture. I disagreed on a lot of their points, but what they said made sense Now, this is not true for everyone, but I came up with my own little phrase, "stupidity breeds the DENSER the population is"
Dunning-Kruger effect : Stupid people cannot have enough knowledge to understand how abysmal their intelligence is. to a certain extent, every culture is like that. Now how grave it is depends on how much respect you are taught in your culture. because the worst that can happens is to give an idiot a lot a power
: ***
no idea but we were not perfect, and never claimed to be so afaik I'm pretty sure independence is mainly because we wanted to piss off the english , not really help you have a democratic country. for the love of god , don't claim more things than you actually do , that's embarrassing for everyone , we'rte glad you did that , you should be as glad as what we did , and it should stop there, we are allies, not competitors, an respecting our country is also accepting that we can have our own culture and own language, and not be forced to learn yours when using a service that is proposed in our country. everyone made the effort for a better global peace. You can't have peace otherwise. Just like here, it's not normal that someone speaking another language on his country is getting banned due to a wierd behavior in other culture. Wouldn't you be upset if your fish got taken by officials, because people in alaska use a toxic salt on fishes to killed people and you just wanted to put salt on your freshly caught fish that you wanted to share with your parents innocently ? Well that's a similar feeling here
DalekZec (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Anivia OTP,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2019-08-27T21:59:08.864+0000) > > that's exactly the problem , and why this thread exist ... > it doesn't do the trick > they straight up rejected his reclamation. I probably should have read the entire thing really And i was going to start to learn Danish anyway
i wish riot could acknowledge their mistakes and ignorance the same way you did accept you messed up. But apparently riot never makes mistakes since they never apologize.
: > [{quoted}](name=BladeSteel,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=000b000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-27T22:03:42.203+0000) > > Once again, support should look into it still. They didn’t they blew the player off, saying “kys means the same in English and danish” and didn’t actually look at the chat or what was said. Yeah, I implied that manual intervention needed to be involved at the start of this comment chain. I just don't think that Riot should be expending effort to look at the context of *every* case of "kys". Because, with extremely rare exceptions such as here, context doesn't matter and it would just clog up support.
i mean , ticket are almost always sent after a ban so it's already "clogged"
: > [{quoted}](name=rujitra,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-27T18:13:38.194+0000) > > **Riot does not support the Danish language in ANY region of League of Legends**. > > As such, it does not **MATTER**. I can say that my native language of Hooplah uses the "n/f" words to mean something different. That doesn't mean it's acceptable in League. > > If you are using a non-supported language that conflicts with the supported languages, that's your own problem. Thats awesome. Thanks for this comment. Speak the designated language, simple stuff people. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yeah of course , everyone speaks english, it's not like only 13% of the worlds population , especially in europe , where you have english people , irish people scottish people , and stranger scottish people right ? english is the only language that matters
: You can't expect their system to filter that. It's a crappy coincidence, but one nonetheless. How can you claim this to be xenophobic? It was filtered for obvious reasons. Don't race bait.
Racebait ..... Well thank you for also considering that not allowing people to speak their native language repectfully because in YOUR culture it is not accepted due to some idiots doing something similar with malicious intent is, then claming these people had malicious intent because they spoke their language that existed prior to all this bullshit is xenophobic AND racist. Imagine seing a muslim saying casually "allahu akbar" while praying and you calling him a terrorist. but a christian saying "hallelujah" is okay. if that is not racism , i don't know what is
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Honestly, language barriers is one thing but to be fair, everybody should know that a specific work in an exact spelling is zero tolerance even if it means something else in a different language regardless if good or bad. I mean, the word "kiss" by itself literally means "pussy" in Arabic in my dialect. Anyway, a support ticket should do the trick with proper explanation.
> [{quoted}](name=DalekZec,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=GMo5yu5Y,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-08-27T21:56:49.208+0000) > Anyway, a support ticket should do the trick with proper explanation. that's exactly the problem , and why this thread exist ... it doesn't do the trick they straight up rejected his reclamation.
: At this point it's common knowledge that typing "kys" nets you a ban. We're literally talking about a person being ignorant, STILL typing it and then pulling a confused pikachu. It doesn't matter if it means "kiss" or whatever in danish. It has a different meaning in english.
so you're supposed to not use your native language ? just like i would "j'ai du Retaard sur ma lane" Which doesn't mean that i have r%%%%%ed people on my lane but rather just a stat r%%%%% (that is proper English normally). No sorry , people are not supposed to know that, they just speak their language ,and should not be banned for doing so if it's not targeted toward anybody just like saying "please don't KYS , you're life is precious to me" shouldn't be banned but because it's not english , it's bannable.
Rioter Comments
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: If you already know he's unbanned, why create this circlejerk?
do you realise he is not unbanned , and i made that text myself ?
Warix3 (EUW)
: Supports are there to deal with edge cases, you are not supposed to draw any lines when you are a support. You go and try your best to help the people.
they just didn't consider it , and just like the "support singed" , they wait for it to become a drama before they enact This strategy of not thinking forward their policies is starting to piss me off in the long run. we wouldn't be so toxic if we didn't have to to be listened to. Community simply adapted to riot then riot adapted, then community adapted again. and it will go on and on. until they realise they cannot change the community , might aswell make sure their adaptation is as non-toxic as possible
Gall (NA)
: Ban words shouldn't exist at all. Zero tolerance policies have tons of real-life studies showing time and time again that they only increase recidivism and never work as a good policing model. There should be a smarter AI in place, then a real human should glance over random instances of permanent bans to ensure the bot is working properly. The only reason it's in place is because Riot can't cover personnel cost.
NO , they work , they should 100% be a thing , that's sure . the problem is that they assumed there is 0 context where you would say KYS , where there is one and here we are ! it's okay that this happen , but they should acknowledge and warn for it , not reject and punish it. Which is what they just did.
: This sort of thing has to be manually overturned because of the sheer unlikelihood that any instance of "kys" the system detects is said in Danish context (and they weren't just saying it for the English meaning) out of all instances of "kys" the system sees pass through. Asking Riot to manually review all of them on the off chance it's the smallest of fractions where someone used "kys" for the Danish meaning is impractical. Contact support, get the case looked at. But just because some Danish was spoken in chat doesn't make "kys" always take the danish meaning. Someone speaking Danish could use "kys" in English context or someone could throw in some random Danish in an effort to trick the system into thinking the "kys" was harmless. Perhaps some sort of zero-tolerance check deviation, where if Danish was predominantly spoken in chat the system would instead turn verbal harassment reports that only detected "kys" as poor behavior away from the automatic system and into a manual check. The dangers of this is it might clog support with manual tickets should enough people try to abuse this to avoid instant detection as well as relying on Riot's detection and understanding of the Danish language with possible misspellings and poor grammar from people typing in chat.
i mean , if people learn danish for that , that's a win win XD jokes apart It's hard to say both "kill yourself" and "Kiss" in these context. I think people were already doing that , that's why it got treated like this.
rujitra (NA)
: There are thousands of languages in the world. There are less than a dozen languages officially supported by Riot around the world. You cannot say the language "hooplah" does not exist. You simply can't. There are hundreds of indigenous populations whose languages haven't been studied and classified yet. **The line has to be drawn somewhere, and Riot drew that line at the languages they officially support**. There is such a thing - the official languages of a server. Other languages are not supported or provided special treatment.
"Sorry, we could not find any language corresponding to the name of hoopla using the latin alphabet, if you can prove it's existence, you are welcome to do so , but for the time being , it seems you have been using English in every sentence We will therefore consider that you meant KYS. Kys is an acronym used all over the internet, it stands for "Kill yourself", and we do not accept such saying withing the league, Contextually you were not talking to anyone using hoopla and this is the recorded only time you have used it. please do not insult other player , we take chat toxicity very seriously" What's so hard about contextualizing ? and it's not like dutch was an unknown language. The context told it all : he spoke danish all the way through, WHY WOULD THESE TWO WORD MAGICALLY NOT BE DANISH even ZULU IS AVAILABLE IN google translate , if somone did the same while talking zulu , it should be the same.
: I've removed the link and player's name. While the topic is fine, pulling a player's personal logs from one area they chose to post it and turning it into a case on another area without their buy-in is a bit too close to the **Name & Shame** rules for my tastes. The discussion is equally valid without this information.
Yeah sorry buddy :3 you forgot some of the text i removed it myself ;)
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: It is a lot easier and cheaper to just manually unban the special case, don't you think?
Small text saying "sorry for the inconvenience, after reviewing the case it appears that the ban was not justified as you were really using danish, however, you need to understand that danish is not a supported language , therefore KYS will still trigger the system in the future, please refrain from using that specific word next time to avoid further similar situations, have a good day ont he rift !" and you've just been a professional company that won't support a language , but won't be treated like idiots :3
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: What do you want from me dude? I agree that riot is stupid
x) you didn't see how they coudl do it , sound liek ajustification for them to do so , the way you said it was .... clumsy to say the least, and my point stands :3 don't be blind , you don't need to be a tech expect, if you don't see , it might still exist. they are the company trying to shave prestige edition.... star guardian neeko..... up our røvhul might aswell do something with that money.
rujitra (NA)
: Where does the line get drawn then? Let's say Riot permits Danish to be used as an excuse for this. Do they have to take **anyone** who is speaking some other language and allow them to break rules that apply to everyone else? The line must be drawn somewhere. It was drawn before Danish as a supported language.
Well , if they fully speak danish in the sentence, what's wrong with it ? that's the line , it cannot be simply this word , i agree, but at least , when the entire script is in danish, they would at least for once just google translate the sentence and see why they were wrong. especially when happening on European servers. Just as if any other banword is an actual word from another language , they could just take a look if it is actually the language used , it would take 2 minutes at most since 100% of the time they will receive a ticket and will have to answer anyway. you wanna know what happen ? some idiot actually ment to say "killyourself" got banned because they were talking English all the way through, i agree, but then this case where the person really spoke danish appeared , and they just treated him like the other cases, so they could go faster through their tickets. it has happen , and may happen again. if one day the french word gaule becomes an insult and a banword for riot. should they ban me because idiot from all over the world decided to use it as an insult ? That's why it is xenophobic and anglocentric because if you're not english , you may not know what it's like when people all over the world don't acknowledge your language exist. it's okay to not make the effort of speaking it (aka supporting it) but admitting you cannot use it IS xenophobic, targeted at minorities, and that's just how racism works. i'm lucky to be french and being able to use words i barely translate to make me looks like the pre-antepenultimate worst english speaker. but i can only empathize for that man who was taught a language and an entire company does not allow him to speak naturally in his own language with his friends. Getting banned because other people are idiot is unfair. He was speaking danish all the way through , admit it was in danish and then judge this case with a small translate just to see, he did not mean anyone else to get hurt. the intent should be banned , not the action.
JenShen (EUNE)
: it just amaze me, the guy( the danish guy) taht posted this thread few days ago is down voted, and the same thread pops now and is up voted. this community is so.....
yeah , i have no idea why they have an amazing reflex to downvote people without reading content. i already have seen this. but after all i'm glad for him that at least this one is upvoted.
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