: Why people in low elos flames you for winning your lane if the enemy laner starts to roam out?
"Low elos". You know, it happens way more often is higher elos that you get "flamed" for winning your lane. But if you want to know the main issue, is that just cause you win the lane doesn't mean you win the game. To win the game you have to **Win lane>Roam and win other lanes>Carry and Destroy enemy Nexus** Personally I played with people who "won their lanes" (Thanks to my awesome jungle pathing) and then they just throw the game away by refusing to go with team. People in gold>Diamond are just people who will never have fun unless they try to lose. You know that Tilt-fact that riot made a month ago. All of those players play like that Tilt-for-fun guy. ____ Don't chat when you are on fire - The Hero
: Legends of Runterra
The access for all players closed yesterday. For all players.
Charmy Bird (EUNE)
: How is my comment uncivil?
Don't know my dude. Same happened to me 2 days ago. I got banned cause I said "Bye bye, no one will miss you" to who insulted everyone on the forum by calling them "Idiots" and so on, cause they were playing "This stupid game". I simply has to accept that I am wrong and that it was unnecessary criticism.
bmwmangal (EUNE)
: Bb NA meet ya at burgerking
> [{quoted}](name=bmwmangal,realm=EUNE,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=AVEgt9Aw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-10-20T21:56:01.818+0000) > > Bb NA meet ya at burgerking Ew Burgerking :x
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: Says what?! They've only lost to Fnatic in the domestic standings! Who's more justified for 2nd without using RR results?
If you watched that game, you would understand. That game was the shortest LoL game of LoL. And G2 lost to other "less experience" teams in EU. Basically after MSI, they got cocky and had vacation while all other teams grinded hard like crazy. So they fell behind super hard and they don't really care for wins atm. more to have fun. As you seen on Caps face, every loss he got this season, he just been laughing. While before MSI every time he got a loss he had a very depressing face. They are just having fun atm, and don't take League serious as before MSI.
: He's almost at a 50% win rate Plus he has a mediocre early game and is quite squishy Would have to be fairly late game for him to 1 shot with only his W and them have no MR
Don't forget how it's extremely easy to counter his E. Basically cleanse or QSS or even Edge of night would fix it.
CalNA (NA)
Things that we are missing are a Juggernaut, an Enchanter and an Assassin. i would love to see a {{champion:82}} Hextech skin. But I want a {{champion:26}} or {{champion:117}} rather. For Assassin... Hm.. I honestly don't think any Hextech skin works for assassins. Maybe I can see it for Shaco.. But He just got a dark star skin..
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=q33nZeBo,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-06-30T17:02:36.393+0000) > > Oh congrats you beat EU's 3rd worst team twice. Congratulations :D > I hope you eat the salt with extra salt friend <3 BWAHAHAHHAHAHA!! You're all salty because you failed to make us salty. You're really not very good at this are you? Oh and take a reality pill before you talk smack next time because last I checked, G2 were MSI champions and won EU in the spring convincingly and were 2nd in the standings so far this split.
Ye.. But on serious not. They really are currently Eu's 3rd strongest team in terms of standings.
: Hey, I'm not saying EU wouldn't have won if C9 was at 100% but at the very least the games would have been WAY more competitive and I could see a healthy C9 at least being good enough to take a game off Xpeke's old vanity project. EU's homegrown talent is unquestionably very good and you will hear no argument on that point from me. I'm just saying, for NA's own research purposes moving forward, this tournament has too many tainted samples for it to give reliable data on how we try to improve as a region. ... Aside from the fact that TSM's International Play Debuff hasn't gone away in the time they've been absent from it.
Well. I wouldn't say C9 would win even if they had a full team. There's been a discussion all over the youtube, reddit and EU forums that the reason NA got bested, is not cause of the players. Basically every NA player, and all the borrowed EU players they have are really good players and probobly on close to equal term of experience and playstyle control. The problem in the NA teams and C9 included is that their way of playing the META is serveral seasons behind. EU has been known for their extreme early game snowballs for over 2 years now, while NA has been stuck always aiming for 30-40 min long games, and the coaches and leaders of teams was players to keep focusing on that game state. But when the Mage meta began last year, and games only lasted 18-25 min, NA stood no chance since they had no micro within that stage of the game. And even now, about a year later. NA micro still stuck on that game, ONLY TL was able to win pre-20 in 3 games. I say they got "lucky" that they won those 3 times with their current macro, in all honesty. No hate on TL, but with the macro it should have been a 20/100 chance to win against G2 and Origin. That they won 3 games, was either that G2 and origin trolled or that they just played extremely badly than they used to. In general. If NA want to improve they should fix their coaching and let the players open up a bit more. The biggest question I keep having whenever EU players gets transfered over to NA is why, the all randomly start playing super passive and never ever go for plays, that they used to go for in EU. The reason is that the coaches strict the players from doing it which ultimately slows down the learning curve for imports. Just look at Febiven, once was EU's strongest Mid laner, got transferred to NA for 1 year. Came back, was EU's worst mid laner. How the hell does that even happen?
: You gonna eat that salt, dude?
Well of course I aim. all these Americans cry salt all over the place. Someone has to pick it up. It's great on chicken and Popcorn afterall
: My team went 3-1 and whipped G2 twice. And they only lost that one because they were having fun and inted. No salt here. Just sugar and spice and everything nice. My team showed it can compete. As for the TSM train wreck and the C9 building demolition, well their fans may or may not be salty but I know some fans of other teams were secretly (some not so secretly) hoping they got dumpstered.
Oh congrats you beat EU's 3rd worst team twice. Congratulations :D I hope you eat the salt with extra salt friend <3
: Nerf Everything
I have a feeling your favorite champion got nerfed and now want everything to be nerfed cause of that one little AD nerf on leona which reduced her AD with 0.006 AD
: EU certainly proved they were better than TSM at least. TL only dropped a single game the whole event and you could make an argument that C9 was only functioning at 40% of their normal ability due to their entire roster getting sick,Sneaky in particular being bugged so hard he had to be disabled for the rest of the tournament, not being able to call in any of their back-up roster, and their Mid having to adapt to ADC on the fly. (And before you mention Perkz, remember that he had an entire off-season to adjust to his new role.) So while EU certainly looks strong, the read on NA's relative strength is more inconclusive than it would seem on the surface.
Ye ye, go with your excuses. Here's the reason they won: THEIR ENTIRE TEAM IS UPBUILT ON EU PLAYERS.
: EU obliterating NA Part 3
Yup. That brought EU teams another $20.000 to their pockets. If NA lose another year of rift rivals, they will truly be bankrupts.
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: Yasuo has been the most annoying champion for 6 years.
5* Yasou was rated a troll champion or at least a fair champion the first year of realize. After people figured him out, he became a meme.
: Is Nautilus op now? WTF
No, he's not OP. It's just that he been very underrated for a very long time, so people has forgotten how to play properly against him. First. He always been an anti range top laner who can basically 1-combo a Jayce top to death at lvl 3-6. He has the 2nd highest CC power in the game making picking assassins and mobile fighters into him a very stupid idea. And he falls of late game compared to many other tanks, due to his slowness, basically everything he does has a delay before impact while he also has very very high cooldowns that he only get to use maybe only once in a fight, but the moment he has them up he can burst down most people like he's an Ornn.
: You know, I so badly wanted to say "OMG HOW DID YOU KNOW?" {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
OMG HOW DID YOU KNOW? sorry for 11 month late to respond.
: I think it's made up for in the fact you can shield an ally with Aery through your Q by placing it on them.
> [{quoted}](name=Busty Demoness,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KRM6QxWh,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-06T15:54:39.393+0000) > > I think it's made up for in the fact you can shield an ally with Aery through your Q by placing it on them. Aery doesn't work with your bombs neither
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DalyMary (EUNE)
: What is a better build?
I usally goes {{item:3508}} > {{item:3094}} > {{item:3031}} as core build and fleetfoot work for sustain. ^^
sobi999 (EUW)
: How is this healthy for the game and where is the counterplay?
While I agree that LB is too strong at the moment, she has very clear weaknesses. For ex her only way of wave clearing is W which is also her main dmg tool. Her damage pre-6 is also very high, but she has very limited scaling, so just build so MR and HP makes it real easy to play against LB. I'm playing Zilean and I always rush Banshie against her, I only gain like 4 deaths out 15 mins, but I'm not the best Zilean in the world, so That's fine in my opinion. 4 deaths is far frow a draw back playing a champion who got huge late game scaling.
: Should Riot really care if this game dies?
I think when LoL is truly dead, the main owner of Riot is dead. LoL is currently the most popular game in the world, and might even been the most popular game in history, next to Minecraft and WoW. WoW is pretty dead now compared what it was 10 years ago, but the creators are ain't billionaires, doe they put more effort into other games that for ex Blizzard put way to much effort and money on. Notch (creator of minecraft) Wasn't even a designer or game maker, he just made Minecraft in hopes of entertaining himself which turn out to be a billion project out of coincides. Riot is a mix of both these. They didn't think they would earn billions of cash on LoL. But instead of keeping it all they put effort of making the LoL community the most creative place. Constantly throwing out contests and Esport tournaments. But most of their money goes into Patching LoL every 2 weeks. You might not think it cost Riot anything, but their servers might go on 10 million every month just to keep up and going and the amount of designers and programmers is like the twin towers of workers that needs to be paid every month. Brandon "Ryze" Beck och Marc "Tryndamere" Merrill ain't even billionaires, but they are millionaires.
Naalith (NA)
: I'm getting really tired of being held hostage in games by toxic teammates saying no
Mute your team, keep focused. Don't bother surrendering after you already tried once. This is how I played. If I don't see a chance of winning the game, I surrender. If my team press "no" while they are very toxic, I just mute them and try to play as safe as possible. It's very unlikely that the team press "no" on the surrender button just cause they want you to suffer. That's why you should always think that your teammates think they have a chance, and you should follow them. I had multiple times where I really hated a certain player in my team. For ex hard taxing, killstealing or just making my life horrible. If I press a surr button and they said no. I would start to follow them around, since I am useless. The only way for me to be useful is giving my life for them. Trolls or not. If a Troll sees a free kill they go for it. So likely that the enemy will chase me and try to kill me while my troll teammate picks them off, cause they are free kills for this insanely OP Graves playe---... This OP X champion. Usually ends as a very close game going up to 45 mins. Which has a 50/50 to win or lose. 40% of the games I have tried to surrender, and my team pressed no on. Has resulted in a victory. Please keep that to heart
: Why no one play Tanks
I don't know what you are on about. But let me just say this, the least played Intended Tank is currently Poppy who stands in spot 30th most played champion in top out of 48 spots. Even Singed jungle is played more Pantheon and Ekko jungle.... Tanks are very fun, but they are very hard to play cause of their low damage output and low mobility. Why are you saying Yasuo is a joke? Yasuo is currently a META pick in Korea challenger. Please reconsider. Also Saying Leona takes 200 IQ to play is very wrong. It takes around 80 IQ to play her at an adaptable level. My IQ is currently 60, I have a very hard time playing her, but at least I know how to play her at a average level. The "Team = 1v9" Sounds like someone who just got banned for 14 days. Please don't bring up such hatred towards your team here, It only causes problems. {{sticker:fiora-cool}}
: Nidalee needs a buff
Currently in Pro play, she's the 4th most powerful jungler, next to skarner, Trundle and olaf. She's also the best invader next to Shaco. Last Time I played against her I went 0/10 the first 8 min of the game. She needs a nerf if anything. And Riot have been planning a slight rework to balance her out in the future.
: Hey. super important question
There's no way you've a chance to get suspended unless you do dramatic settings changes, switches IP adress, summernor spells slots, plays like a god in your 20 next ranked matches. While account sharing is not allowed, there's no way for riot to actually prove you're account sharing. Unless you tell them straight out to the support. I heard some people was making jokes to the support, telling them "Hey I just shared my account with my friend. that's fine right?" And Gets 48 hours ban directly after... Honestly, as long as you don't do anything foolish or share your account with a friend in the first place. You should be fine.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: because he was FINE before his last buffs but they buffed him once again
Sadly.. He was useless before the buffs. His playrate was lower than Karthus Top... and he didn't hit powerspike until his 3rd item. Now he gets his powerspike before 10 min mark and destroys tank junglers. I promise you, he wasn't fine before the buffs, but it's way worse of now too...
Jbels (NA)
: Welcome to literally every CertainlyT champion ever. .......Alright fine. EXCEPT Thresh
You know.. Only Fizz is as badly balanced as graves is. No other champion has problems.
: Get hit by Irelia ult
If you talk about lvl 14-18. You deserve to die cause out of postion. If any level below that, you can easily fight back. Irelia Doesn't his her powerspike until her 3th item. She's rather weak at all time.
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Proxy345 (NA)
: Now this is some true companionship!
What has this to do with LoL`? o.o
: One for all is a fun mode
I know the feeling. I dodged pretty much every time I see a 4 man premade in my team. Cause they always pick Yasuo or some Support. I played Rakan before... It was not fun... Specially not against darius
: Hey there - I'd never heard of reading sickness other than in a car/while travelling, so that really sucks. Speaking as someone who reads and writes professionally AND for fun, I can't even imagine what that must be like for your friend! :-( Lore-to-voice is certainly something I'd love to experiment with. So many player-contributors out there on YouTube etc already do this, as you said, and it certainly adds something to the lore experience, when properly produced. I'm going to bring your post to a meeting I have booked for later - I can't promise it'll happen tomorrow, but if we had complete freedom to experiment then it'd be great to at least try some of this and see what the reaction is among players/lore heads.
Thank you, good sir.
: as a jayce main all i can say is this will destroy him as a champion, its like saying that nidalle should have to charge up for her cougar form. He literally doesn't get an ult thats his main draw back, when he hits 6 there is no extra power spike to be had.
This is a similar rework as Aaatrox got, and aatrox winrate went up after this
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nIY6Q8g2,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-03-20T23:09:37.029+0000) > > That was the most perfect Swain game I have had in 3 months. You probobly do understand how much perfection went into it. Even though I maybe weren't having a perfect-perfect game. I did far better than my Yasou teammate 3 games ago who went 13/10/9 and got S+ with the lowest carry damage in the game. > > I seriously don't think this system towards some champions are very good. Might be the most perfect game for you, but the grade system compares you to how well others have done on that champion in that lane. Just means other people have done better than you did on Swain top.
Ye I told ya in the post. It compares me with people within Platinum - Diamond elo. Where the CS count is 2x mine. I haven't played the game that hard to achieve such high CS on any champion. Which is why I call the system BS
Cynikul (NA)
: 3/1/11 is great, but not epic. You're misunderstand what "S" means. S+ through S- would be like 100% - 94% A+ through A- would be like 93% - 85% B+ through B- would be like 84% - 70% C and below - "Failing" If you think about %'ges, that means getting S tier would mean you're playing the game 94% of the time correctly, you did everything right; CS, roamed, warded, stunned/snares etc. That incredible.
That was the most perfect Swain game I have had in 3 months. You probobly do understand how much perfection went into it. Even though I maybe weren't having a perfect-perfect game. I did far better than my Yasou teammate 3 games ago who went 13/10/9 and got S+ with the lowest carry damage in the game. I seriously don't think this system towards some champions are very good.
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: Barrier vs Heal
Heal just got very nerfed. While Ignite got buffed, I don't think Barrier in a bad spot for safe laners since Heal is very stupid to use against people who uses ignite atm.
: Riot, This May Be A Wierd, But Working Idea For Nerfing Shields..
It would be better to introduce a new mechanic than rather use Bleed to effect shields... Shields doesn't bleed, but can be reduced effectiveness by some EMP machine or something like that. But doing this will nerf a lot of champions such as Mordekazer, Skarner, Galio, Viktor, Ornn, Poppy and many many more. It would also nerf {{summoner:21}} which ain't in a great spot to begin with.
: irelia doesn't even build any ap items now.
Gunblade was many's 2nd item, cause it gave spellvamp and was a better item for teamfights than Titanic and Bort.
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: Who would you want to see get the next Hextech skin? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Ornn. Nautlius, Evelynn, Kha'zix.. {{sticker:sg-lux}} Oh a Shen skin
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