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: List of modifications & changes TFT must have : serious
I didnt write my post like this, number 6 : fix boards
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: best lane to climb with
1. ADC with a good support or playing Dou 2. Mid 3. Top 4. Jungle 5. ADC wjith a bad support 6. Support I played thousands of games, I boosted bunch of accounts up to platinum, this is 100% accurate, nobody can tell you as a booster.
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stoyo8 (NA)
: jungle feels so unsatisfying to play ever since the xp nerf. You can get every dragon, objective, but still be behind or at most even with lanes. Gutting JG xp to deal with 'better jungle wins' in the pre season was not the way to go. No one ever thought to themselves 'wow, this (insert early game jg) does too much damage in the late game, better nerf his XP'. Now you have to gank a lot as a jungler if you want to win the game since powerfarming is not viable.
Im jungle main and I get trolled by silver trashs and bronzes since I started ranking up this smurf from bronze, that is just why jungle is trash, u are smurfing from diamond and u each game get trolls that lose lane and run n ur jungle, you cant even AFK. I said this multiple times that if they enable afking without punishment if someone in team is 0/5 or like this (1/6 , 2/7) this game will never die, laws of game straight up rewards a troll because not only he will not get detected u cant do anything vs it too, no flame no afk. higher ranks basically u have 4 camp because ur mid takes raptors ur top/bot golems, dogsht edit ; not saying that 70% of time newbies dont leash u, and u lose both scuttle and ur game is gg becuase of river vision for frst 15 minutes xD
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
This changes will kill yi lane 100% , getting all the dmg for a little ms buff ? are u stupid ? are u drunk or what ? yi is right now such a strong pick against most of assassins, he can beat fighters after he gets his first item and mages if they dont have stun they will be easy food, no E dmg ?? reduced true dmg ?? this changes is straight up trash !!! I win against meddler on yi mid vs other assassins easily, his whole dmg is from E, I mean such a heavy nerfs for nothing ????? is that how this works ??
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
???? Im playing yi for a long time, first your Q nerf I mean dude come on, how many nerfs you want to apply on yi jungle clear ? my jungle clear before new runes was x10 time faster with yi and this only affects yi because he is only champ that goes for PvE playstyle. What you are giving him instead of this nerfs ? did you ever try clear jungle with your E on cooldown ? try it now you cant do anything, 7.5% armor pen buff on a 50% true dmg champ u think that is even a thing? this things goes thro I will quit without doubt. Just make rammus and jax viable see yi winrate, his good winrate is just because of meta, Im yi main in diamond EUW, all current meta champs are ez food for yi in all stages of game (agood yi) except Vi because of her aftershock and damage is high. pyke W is faster than Yi ultimate even after buffs, not saying other chaamps like kaisa ekko janna, just sad man if this changes goes through, at least give him something ? yi after this nerfs have 0 reason and worth to play
: > [{quoted}](name=Volocaust,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=v5hbOZXN,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-19T05:23:51.552+0000) > > lol No did someone lose to a Yi? I've lost to many Yi players. Idk what point you're trying to make. And it's not just Yi. True damage has been a stupid mechanic for as long as I can remember. The only time I've ever considered it ok was on {{summoner:14}} because of how there's no counter to it.
you are an urf player giving opinion about soloQ balance ? go back homie
: lol No did someone lose to a Yi?
abca98 (EUW)
: Next time Riot tells you how difficult identifying a bot account is, show them this screenshot.
Your runes and items are troll though, I would ban you as a bot lol. cant disrespect you because of board rules
: Post MSI Gameplay Improvements
Im happy that you finally understand how jungle is dead, lowest pickrate after support. 0 carry potential, Im diamond and lose games in bronze complete COIN FLIP better laner wins every laner ward river and comes to kill u just better laners win that is all, not even priority reliant, just one of them rotate other one doesnt
BigFBear (EUW)
: Best example why matchmaking is broken (in lower elos)
Dude my account was diamond5 last season I sold it and bought this one, I dont really bother playing league any more I played like 4 games this week, you can see games in client, all games I was being stomped because of my mid laner and managed to come back through macro play, this game is so trash and jungle is so garbage atm, mid laner decides everything, so sad to play this shit, last game my team was so dogsht, Nobody had any wards, enemy team warded all maps, all games unbalanced
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