: Change the thumbnail of POP/STARS back to Ahri
Lol give other champions a break. Ahri literally is League of Legends poster girl. She has the popstar skin, is leader of the Star Guardians with her legendary skin, and now is leader of K/Da as well. Let's not forget she gets a skin at least every 12 months if not less and is featured in several animations including the latest one of worlds where she's seen falling from the sky. Despite all of this, you're really going to complain about her not being the thumbnail for K/DA? Get over it, people like K/DA Akali more and she deserves that thumbnail more than Ahri.
: you like her so much you've played 12 whole games of her. besides, you're a casual player. casual players, in my humble opinion, shouldn't have pull in a competitive video game. a ton of high lvl evelynn mains flat out quit the game. she had a very unique place that the new one didn't fill, the new one just became another generic assassin; it's the reverse of riot's intended direction with reworks (like when they tried intentionally to turn shaco into a tri/titanic bruiser hero) evelynn, despite being 38-45% banrate in dia, only has a 5% pickrate. this isn't a good thing, it means she's annoying to play vs and not very fun to play as; not that she's so strong that people are picking her. on the other hand u have heroes like camille destroying the game for months, perma high ban and pickrate not being touched at all; so it's expected that riot would have 0 idea wat to do with unique hero like evelynn. i did tell everyone enjoy her while she lasts...
>you like her so much you've played 12 whole games of her I actually have over 80 games recorded on her, i just don't play ranked as much >besides you're a casual player I'm level 128 for a reason lmfao, i used to play League daily untill 1-2 weeks ago as I've been busy getting back into rhythm now that the holidays are over. Me not having actively played as much in the last 10 days doesn't mean all time previously spent playing can be disregarded and that i'm a casual player lol >only has a 5% pickrate that really isn't a small pickrate lol, it's like double of camille's
: if zoe is somehow so successful, what would you say eve is? is she ever even played? do any old eve mains play her? i know 3 eve mains personally who all quit the game and went to dota since even riki reminds them of eve more than live eve. what about aatrox? would you say he's successful? why do you judge that a successful hero is most on her theme and personality, and the connection between that and the players? thats very noob imo and you know that ive told u thats noob b4. some ppl may care about that, i'd reckon mostly casual players; but should the game be maintained around casual players even if they're the ones bringing in the money? will they care about balance more than others? hint: the answer is no there are popular heroes like gragas that i, nor anyone else minds playing vs. i don't mind playing vs darius, i don't mind playing vs thresh who's in like every game (nor did i when he was new except auto dmg being on q was dum) i don't mind playing vs jax, or tf. **why is zoe the one hero who sticks out as the worst to play vs, despite having a 50~80%+ banrate for first 4 months of her existence? **
Evelynns pickrate isn't even low though and neither is her winrate? She's quite a good jungler at the moment and i absolutely love her rework, as do many others
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
Hey Meddler, what are your thoughts on the domination tree? I feel like the tree is too unfriendly for mages, and because of it mages like Syndra who should be good Electrocute users, don't really opt into this tree as primary I also think either Ghost Poro or Zombie ward should dissapear. They're both vision runes in the same slot section, which makes it pretty hard to have them both be unique and good (Zombie ward also feels like a rune that's way better on supports than Assassins, same for Ingenious hunter)
Keyru (NA)
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: Sweetheart Rakan, Sweetheart Xayah (Valentine's day skins)
I'm just going to have to be bland, i think Rakans skin especially, looks horrible Rakan is "The Charmer", he's supposed to be _you know,_ charming. This skin makes him look like a clown though, he's wearing a shirt and it's not the good kind of shirt. It's the kind of shirt that makes him look like a clown that tried to dress up as disney princess. They should've gone for a Debonair kind of skin theme or even Varus/Lucians theme kind of skin for Rakan It's a bit ironic how a corruption darkin gets a skin that's a hundred times more charming than Rakans I feel like Riots skin team does a really good job normally, but this felt like a gigantic let down :/
: > [{quoted}](name=Void Baboon RF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=APV6Ntrl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-05T22:29:12.766+0000) > > Who the fuck is using phase rush anyways shits garbage Marksmen are mostly the ones abusing it for fight clean up potential, which is staggering. Assassins should be using it to get out after all inning with their combo. Neither class is getting the most out of it because games just don't last long enough for late game oriented keystones (like PR and Dark Harvest) to matter much, but adc's can make good use of it in siege situations to chase under tower and secure kills that lead into objectives earlier than teams should be securing them.
Supports are generally taking the keystone the most. Probably because Tahm kench
: Riot has changed in a bad direction
Riot probably talks less here because the boards are a giant salty echo chamber. There's still plenty of actively involved rioters and we also get riot posts very regularly talking about the game and what they've been working on. They're just not as active here League of Legends isn't dying, and these "Wow riot is changing for the worse" or "Wow League is becomming unfun" posts have been popping on the boards every once in a while. It genuinely won't change anything, move along
: Tanks diving turrets is not the issue
I do think tanks are an issue when diving towers, but not in the early game. Early-mid tanks diving are quite alright, but lategame they can just tank tower for half a minute+ and get all kinds of shields to last even longer I agree with your other points though
: > [{quoted}](name=HalcyonDweller,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9p0765EA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-11-29T01:18:47.303+0000) > > This is GD. [M&G is over here.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/memes) I'll give you a 2nd Chance to give your head a shake and remember what GD is for
> [{quoted}](name=2nd Chance,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9p0765EA,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-11-29T01:22:45.102+0000) > > I'll give you a 2nd Chance to give your head a shake and remember what GD is for People constantly complaining and being salty is probably what GD is for, or atleast is being used for > [{quoted}](name=NejiUsedByakugan,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9p0765EA,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-11-29T02:48:44.843+0000) > > From level 30 to level 37 I've maybe gotten 700 blue essence and that's probably pushing it. Such a bad update. Bullshit, i've gotten over 7k from those levels all together. Did you disenchant your champion shards or even open your capsules?
: How is consistency a bad argument?
I literally explained why it's a bad argument in my comment. It's because it's not supposed to be consistent yet has a low enough CD it will be. There's a reason items have cooldowns. Hexdrinkers just isn't long enough though
: Too bad a mage can just cc lock him and any attack damage champion will implode him.
Getting CC locked with a spellshield item, cleanse item and tenacity item should be pretty hard if you know what you're doing. And if you do get cc-locked somehow despite those items, it means they blew all their CC on you and now your team is free to steamroll them
: > It's gold efficient without it's passive, which is already super strong. Lots of items are. Nerf Nashor's Tooth, Morello, Trinity Force, etc. I guess. > I understand why Hexdrinkers needed, but it needs a CD nerf. It's a get out of jail card for fucking up, every 90 seconds. Not really a reason to be nerfed. Cooldown isn't an issue because it means it does it's job always. There's no black and white of life or die, making it a consistent factor. Black and white designs, like grievous wounds, happen to be bad. > Or just rework Hexdrinker as a whole, and make it an active that somehow involves a little bit of timing and skill, rather than being a no brain counter item Only changed shit in low elo. No need to add needless micromanaging.
That's a fucking shitty argument. "Cooldown isn't an issue because it means it does it's job always" No, there's a reason there's a cooldown and it's to add windows of counterplay, except the cooldown is so short that those windows of counterplay can barely be taken adventage of in the early-mid game. Hence why it needs adjustment
: Can you give any evidence to support why Hexdrinker needs a nerf?
It's gold efficient without it's passive, which is already super strong. Just take a look at most AP items with a strong active/passive (Zhonyas, Protobelt, etc) and you'll notice a pattern: the stats on their own aren't gold efficient to make up for the passive/active's strength. I understand why Hexdrinkers needed, but it needs a CD nerf. It's a get out of jail card for fucking up, every 90 seconds. Get hit by a Lux combo that should normally kill you? No problem, hexdrinkers got your back, and by the time her ultimates back up again (assuming lvl 1 ult and no CDR) your hexdrinker has only 10 seconds left! Most mages have a way longer ult CD than 80seconds though. Take Syndra for example, if you play decent, every time her ult is up, your hexdrinkers too. Hexdrinker completely removes any window or oppertunity for your opponent to kill you early, aslong as you don't play like a literal monkey Or just rework Hexdrinker as a whole, and make it an active that somehow involves a little bit of timing and skill, rather than being a no brain counter item
: Why? Why do they? Most mages have a good number of options to deal with AD champions, the two primary things being their range (almost every mage has a decent range on at least one damaging spell, with the exception of {{champion:1}}) and the hard CC they have. AD champions have no true defensive items they can buy and do well. The _absolute closest_ to a true defensive item you can get is a {{item:3065}}, because it multiplies your sustain, the second closest is {{item:3742}}, and then nothing else you can buy isn't an offensive item with defensive stats tacked on. >I've seen talons with 200 MR and 3K health, what mage can deal with that!? What Talon is _ever_ going to have that much MR? I generally don't hit that much on a _tank!_ You'd have to have a {{item:3156}}, {{item:3065}}, _and_ {{item:3194}} to have that much! And at that point, he's not an assassin, he's halfway to being a tank! He's not going to burst _anyone_ with those items. And _then_ he'd somehow have to get 3k health, meaning giving up on _more_ damage. Meaning his only assassin item is going to be _either_ {{item:3147}} ***OR*** {{item:3142}}. Yes, it's not ***and***, it's ***or***. He could only have _one_ lethality item and still have that much health and MR, unless he takes Overgrowth and you let the game go on for 90+ minutes (which just doesn't happen at all).
{{item:3065}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} You're going to have 213.4 MR with that build, 2903 HP, 40 lethality, 346 AD Sure it's not the best build, and you can and probably should swap out Spirit visage for a youmuus, which would still result in 158.4 MR at lvl 18, and 2453 HP at lvl 18 with by far enough damage and lethality to kill any squishy
: No, they don't. That makes them immune to assassins. "But hexdrinker!!!!" Hexdrinker is a band-aid fix to make sure assassins beat mages early game, as they're supposed to. Why does the class, who is supposed to lose, need a greater counter when they're already better than their opposite class? Then again, Riot created Bramble Vest when tanks were fine and thus killed bruisers.
Hexdrinker does far more than just be a band-aid fix, it makes it so if you play decent, you literally cannot die to most mages 1vs1. It's a pure stat check item with an incredibly low CD, so that it'll be up nearly every time your opponent tries to kill you It's stats alone are already gold efficient, and thats excluding it's strong passive. I also don't think Assassins are supposed to "beat" mages early. They already win vs mages mid and late, why early too?
AceGeo (NA)
: Mages aren't supposed to be particularly defensive. I'm not saying they shouldn't have any, it just shouldn't be their main-stay. Remember Tank{{champion:245}} ?
Neither should Assassins, but doesn't everyone love a {{item:3156}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3814}} build? God Edge of Night used to give MR instead of HP, that was even worse
: Well, Hitler and Bin Laden are both already dead, and the wind wall only lasts 3.75 seconds, so shoot once, wait 4 seconds, then shoot again.
> [{quoted}](name=TiltoverEnforcer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=XX4121jt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-16T03:10:48.768+0000) > > Well, Hitler and Bin Laden are both already dead, and the wind wall only lasts 3.75 seconds, so shoot once, wait 4 seconds, then shoot again. Nani? 1 bullet to bait out windwall, second bullet to proc his passive shield. Third bulle- oh wait
Nefas (NA)
: it’s just a smaller punier Xerath ult. Now everyone can know the unsatisfaction of the VFX of a Xerath ult.
To be fair, they did update Xerath's R particles to make it a bit more impressive during last years mid season mage update
xKumei (NA)
: People want loot boxes so much that EA got over 300K downvotes on reddit.
Entirely different games, and entirely different ways the lootboxes are used. EA's lootbox system would be like if you had to pay to play league, and then all the intentionally "cool" champions can only be unlocked through lootboxes, no other form of currency. Flat up P2W We're very lucky to have Riot and you really can't compare the two situations
: League losing it's mojo at an alarming rate.
League is not losing it's mojo lol. Anyone whose been on the boards for a while and isn't busy cirkle jerking will have noticed that these "League's going downhill, becomming unfun. Im uninstalling" threads pop up every once ina while, and genuinely do not end up making a difference
Cosnirak (NA)
: So much all of this! I fear that this project can't remotely meet its goals without going far past its intended scope. I vastly prefer option #1 in the long run, but if it got done poorly or halfway it would probably ruin over half of my favorite champions for a long time and I'm not sure I want to take that risk.
A deciding factor for Annie too, is her mana refund on Q. It allows her to farm constantly using Q unlike other mages who'll run out of mana playing like that
: What if Yasuo windwall costed flow to cast?
Or you know, his windwall could just be made NOT to last 4 seconds, which is the most problematic thing about his W.
patmax17 (EUW)
: What would you suggest in order to push him into building some more AP rather than tankyness?
> [{quoted}](name=patmax17,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=okMW1rUO,comment-id=000300000001000600000000,timestamp=2017-10-26T12:45:58.842+0000) > > What would you suggest in order to push him into building some more AP rather than tankyness? The changes riot made (severe buffs in AP ratios and added AP ratio to W's damage reduction) should already be doing that, but in his nerfs i would include nerfs to his Q/E base rather than his AP scalings too much (minus the % hp scaling, that has to be lowered significantly) Possibly also make his W passive magic shield have an AP scaling and less effective MR scaling
: > [{quoted}](name=Khristophoros,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=okMW1rUO,comment-id=0003000000010002,timestamp=2017-10-26T07:19:55.479+0000) > > A lot of bullshit gets through your playtesting. > > Maybe there is a problem when something is volatile and you should raise it as a concern to the design team. > > Like do you think players want to deal with it even if it technically doesn't consistently win games all the time? I mean at this point it's pretty much common knowledge that Riot just flat out ignores suggestions from the PBE or from their "playtesters". For fugg's sakes. I was just browsing forums and saw the threads about Galio's Q. I took him in a normal as a support and built full AP. By the end of the game I had about 930 (sold shoes, and had elixir) and his Q did something along the lines of 530.5+88% of enemies' max HP. That. Is. Ridiculous. To. The. Point. Of. Being. Obscene. And I laugh in the face of their ridiculous counterpoint of "lol but no survivability" considering that the magic damage mitigation on his W also SCALES WITH AP and I had about 88% of that, plus 44% of physical damage mitigation. W flash, E, Q. Are you having fun yet? Been playing this game so long I am convinced that Riot's balance team is as much a myth as unicorns. It's probably just some unpaid intern in a basement with cobwebs hanging all over the place doing the balancing on a Commodore 64. The fuck...
The Q damage is higher than 500. Way higher, that's just most likely the tornado overtime damage The initial flat damage is about ~1000 with 900AP. So you do 1000 damage + 500 over 1.5 seconds and 88% max health over 1.5 seconds. GG
patmax17 (EUW)
: Since Q is a quite good and safe skill (and makes up for most of his waveclear), maybe you could move his AP ratios buff to some other skill instead? Both E and his passive do AoE damage, but Galio also has to expose himself in order to trade with champs (whereas with Q he can shoot it from a safe distance)
His passive and E already have insane ratios now too (0.7 passive, 0.9 E) He doesn't need a power shift in ratios, he needs a nerf
: First they make Zac a CC bot with no damage, now they want to make his Q useless like his old Q and give him damage xDD How to ruin a champion 101
Nobody said anything about making his Q useless, they just want to take a bit of power and put it somewhere else. Which is pretty deserved considering how strong of a spell Zacs Q is
: Zac is just getting minor changes whereas Voli needs a VGU badly, imo. Why they picked Irelia (who isn't in anywhere near as bad of a spot) over Voli, Nunu, and Morde is beyond me.
It's because they don't just pick a champ and start reworking them. Their team is constantly comming up with things and if they find something that works out well then they'll focus on that. In this case Irelia
: May i ask why some minor balance changes cannot occur until this problem is solved? I'll give some examples starting with {{champion:18}} who has both a great engage/disengage leap on top of a high damage knock back R so often the only recourse to get onto a tristana is to commit 2-3 people to the job, so why not slow down the speed of her R a bit and make it a skillshot? {{champion:51}} Everyone knows her problem of both nets and traps why not make it so missing net hitting on a champion causes her to be pushed a shorter distance? after all missing a skill shot shouldn't be a get out of jail free card regardless of if it landed or not. {{champion:29}} Maybe increase the range of his stealth radius to match eve's new stealth radius? or make secondary penetrated targets take less damage? {{champion:17}} Bury it in a ditch somewhere and pretend it never existed when someone asks? {{champion:67}} reduce the total knockback range? be less generous for edge case stuns that are treated as failures for other champions with the same mechanic like poppys? punishment for using R to flee like a coward so it drains movespeed instead? or heres a novel thought remove the bloody buff that makes her immune to true vision so that picking TF or vi into her to work as counters? {{champion:96}} perhaps increase the amount of time before he can start moving again after casting R? seems like a reasonable change.
Caitlyn net change isn't even possible, considering it pushes her as soon as she fires the net
AzuBK (NA)
: Expect some pretty aggressive tuning on the PBE as we lead up to release. I put the numbers this low to get information regarding the keystone's power level and viable range. Information gathered, there's another pass going in for tomorrow. That said, Phase Rush is a different keystone from Stormraider's Surge despite its surface-level similarities. The new activation paradigm means the audience is different - melee bruisers are generally happier taking this version whereas some mages like Vladimir have more difficulty activating it. Phase Rush is also easier to activate in early lane, which is meaningful for a keystone that is on the upper end in terms of late-game output.
Opening up the keystone for more people is fine, but for a keystone that is in the Sorcery tree, it should be good on mages and the people who used to run SRS, it shouldn't be mainly optimalized for melee bruisers at the cost of every ranged champion that liked the keystone before. Removing slow resistance for ranged champions while the keystone is on a tree that attracts a lot of ranged champions is a bit counteractive. Anyway, despite you obviously trying to make the keystone more diverse, it is doing the opposite. With it's current values the keystone isn't worth taking on mages (because it's massively nerfed compared to SRS) and most immobile bruisers who ran SRS will also not be taking this. Simply because it requires 3 hits. Proc'ing SRS early in the game was not an issue for champions like Garen and Morde, but it is also likely that with Phase Rush, they'll end up struggling a lot more in the midgame and lategame. Garen, Nasus, and Morde are all immobile champs that could proc SRS easily into the mid-late game (Nasus and Garen with just a Q), meanwhile Phase Rush means they have to stick to their target and hit them 3 times before getting the speedboost (Which doesn't happen often if you're a melee immobile bruiser) Plenty of mages later in the game have a way harder time proc'ing the keystone too The ones who have an easier time proc'ing Phase Rush now are the mobile champions, AKA the ones who won't run the keystone
: I'm talking here about the phase before the first back. Where the presure of such a speedboost would be unbearable. "cheese". I talk about the Lucians the Cassios Renektons and Rivens abusing the sh** out of this rune. While you can do literally NOTHING about it. (Besides hugging your tower and saying goodbye to ANY CS.) This and as I said - consistency is the keyword. Triggering SRS early is quite a gamble. Even for Syndra - which is why its considered useless until mid to late game. --------------------- Sometimes I really wonder how people are so blind to this abuse cases... .But hey someone at riot has to have those ideas as well. xD Same for Precense of Mind - this Rune wont be fun early just as Phase (and hey you can take both! D:) Yet there are still alot of people defending them for some reason - I really wonder why... Do you really want to play against this Cassio Top - Level Up to 2 or 3 - hitting a single Q and than deleting your HP bar with infinite mana and ridiculous MS? Why do you want to play against that??? x'D
Have you even played with the current SRS live or the Phase Rush on PBE? 15% ms is absolutely nothing and feels like nothing, and it's even less when you realize it scales off your movementspeed and most mages have low base MS so to get the most out of it you want to have full boots And no, i'm a syndra main lol and i always run SRS on her. I do not have any issues proc'ing SRS early before backing with a WQE combo or sometimes even just Q>E>AA, cassio doesn't have too many issues proc'ing it either before backing because her poisoned E base damage is high
AzuBK (NA)
: Expect some pretty aggressive tuning on the PBE as we lead up to release. I put the numbers this low to get information regarding the keystone's power level and viable range. Information gathered, there's another pass going in for tomorrow. That said, Phase Rush is a different keystone from Stormraider's Surge despite its surface-level similarities. The new activation paradigm means the audience is different - melee bruisers are generally happier taking this version whereas some mages like Vladimir have more difficulty activating it. Phase Rush is also easier to activate in early lane, which is meaningful for a keystone that is on the upper end in terms of late-game output.
I know you might not even see this, but i'd genuinely love to discuss some stuff about Phase Rush with you, as a Syndra Main who always takes phase rush on her. I made a thread going into further detail about it here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/QqdfQXm3-riot-pbe-phase-rush
Rioter Comments
: The current - requires you to deal massive BURST-DMG! AKA will never Trigger consistently in laningphase! (which is why only a few champs are using it) The new one will be triggered as TLD! AKA, go trade - get the speed boost: What's the result if you win the trade: - A) Opponent has Phase and gets the boost as well. - B) Opponent has something else and has to flash or die since you catch up quickly to land the rest of your Kit. Just imagine a Syndra lands a Q-AA-W on you that's something you can trade back and she wont use E since she wont catchup after knocking you back to make the spend mana worth. But with the boost? hahaha... she can position her selfe perfectly for another Q-E -> Q for kill. OR imediately retreat making it impossible for you to do anything similar like a trade. --------------------------------- Getting 30%MS in early laning is busted beyond belive. Any unfavorable matchups turns instantly into an impossible one. 24/7 Cheese in Top and Mid is what would happpen with this thing into the game.
It's not massive burst damage, plenty of mages can proc SRS just as easily as the current phase rush from lvl 3-4 onward, and for most mages such as Syndra or Taliyah it's actually harder to proc Phase Rush later into the game (Syndra can proc SRS easily with QE or WQ from midgame onwards) And Syndra using Q-AA-W ? You can proc SRS with that easily aslong as you have a bit of AP (a lost chapter or something) and they don't have MR
: > [{quoted}](name=Raoul,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9yVg3Fie,comment-id=000e,timestamp=2017-09-24T10:07:04.205+0000) > > It has big tits and is literally naked and has a splash art nerd boys can fap to. RIOTs work is done. Unfortunately, she's a minus infinity out of ten, worse than ahri. They say if you've got it, flaunt it. The new evelynn needs to put some clothes on.
What? Ahri has a shitload of porn of her and it wouldn't suprise me if the same happends with Evelynn. This is comming from a gay male btw
Dessem (EUW)
: > Again, I know things are subject to change, Once it's on PBE, not much change going to happen to it, I suspect. Generally they only ship things they're already happy with, so aside from some numbers tweaks on her abilities we'll get the Evelynn they're showing us now.
That's far from the truth. Model changes on PBE happen all the time, not only with new skins but also with reworks. Take Fiora for example I wouldn't expect Riot to do a change as large as make her "clothes" moving vfx/shadows, but it wouldn't suprise me if they changed some other things to make it look better
Blackwindy (EUNE)
: I bought these runes for permanent use. PERMANENT USE. They didn't have a sticker on them with an expiration date.
They also didn't have a sticker that said "PERMANENT - WILL STILL THIS WAY FOR ALL ETERNITY" though. It's just how online games work, things change, get removed, reworked. etc Especially when it's with a currency that people didn't pay real money for (IP)
: Assuming they get small compensation buffs, Abyssal Mask and Duskblade of Draktharr should have theirs removed. Abyssal Mask because it would survive easily without the cooldown reduction (Magic Resistance + Infinite Mana is pretty huge) and Duskblade because it just feels tacked on. Duskblade packs the extra burst damage, why does it have CDR? Trinity Force, Morellonomicon, Black Cleaver, Essence Reaver (passive) should have theirs reduced to 15% and probably don't need compensation buffs (or if they do, just something tiny), because they are core damage items on a lot of champions. Adaptive Helm is too niche to lose its CDR. It's also a twin to Spirit Visage so they only need differ in their passives. Warmog's Armor could lose its CDR in exchange for more Health. Either Zhonia's Hourglass or Banshee's Veil (or both) _could_ lose theirs, but if the other, non-CDR Mage items were made more satisfying and these two's Ability Power was nerfed by like 5 it could be enough to create more diverse Mage builds.
Zhonya's and Banshees already have very low AP (70), why would you suggest lowering it even further? Banshee's and Zhonya's are both in an alright position, Diverse mage builds wont exist unless Riot starts actually introducing new AP items and nerf morellos
: maw would still have the shield right? it just takes the stupidity away from hexdrinker as an early purchase?
: remove the shield of hex drinker, give 5 more MR. or, remove the shield and make it 100g cheaper simple, easy. Maw and HexDrinker are supposed to be the counter alternative to zhonias and armguard. {{item:3191}} - 1200g 30 armor - 20 ap. gets up to 45 armor after you farm 30 minions (so, around 3 minutes or more) {{item:3155}} - 1300g 35 mr - 20 ad. and the shield. From the start. So, what's the issue. Well, 20 ap: {{item:1052}} 435g And 20 ad: {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} 350+350g, aka: 700g 45 armor: {{item:1029}} x3 = 300x3 = 900 35 mr: ({{item:1033}} x2 /10 ) x7 = 450x2 / 10 x 7 = 900 / 10 x 7 = 90 x 7 = 630 g 50/10x7=5x7=35 so, value of seeker would be: 435+900 = 1335g and value of maw would be: 700+630 = 1330g WITHOUT THE FUCKING SHIELD seeker without the extra armor from the passive value is 1035. That's the issue. The item is insanely efficient in terms of reliability and gold value. It would be bad only against poke mages, and those are rarely to never played.............. with my change, the gold value of the hex drinker would be 1420g you pay 1300g, you get value of 1420. compared to seeker where you pay 1200 and you get value of 1035g initially and then get up to 1335g or, they can just remove the passive and make the item cheaper (1200g) edit: yes, my bad. Thx for reminding me of that. I totally forgot about that > [{quoted}](name=The Blue Rajah,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0Iwl8htg,comment-id=00030009,timestamp=2017-07-31T23:17:00.044+0000) > > You forgot that {{item:3191}} passive also stacks up 15 bonus AP. It's fully stacked gold value is actually 1661.
The shield doesn't even have to be removed entirely from Hexdrinker IMO, all that would be needed to put Hexdrinker in it's place would be the removal of the shield scaling with level. It's very dumb that a component item is able to scale from early to mid game along with the champion
Karakot (NA)
: Kill 300 minions individually
Let's not forget the 1000 minion kills as a team, which is pretty close to impossible in a normal game too, supports often don't even hit 50+ farm, junglers usually don't have a lot of farm either
: > [{quoted}](name=Fear the Sphere,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lbqQN9Nf,comment-id=0015,timestamp=2017-07-27T16:53:17.097+0000) > > At this point, salt threads like this don't even suprise me anymore The only salt here is your own, fanboy.
Don't understand why you'd think i'm the salty one, and i also don't understand why you went with the insult "fanboy"
: Riot must be a wonderful place to work for.
At this point, salt threads like this don't even suprise me anymore
La Bello (NA)
: Nashors and Wits end should just be combined it feels like. can we just make a super wits endshors that deals bonus magic damage on hit and steals MR? both items are wayyyy too niche on their own
xScarfy (EUW)
: Well I didn't thought of it from a technical side. It's just a random idea that came to my mind after I saw this thread. But yeah, it would be probably to much for some computers.
It sounds nice on paper but yeah, ingame it wouldn't really work out :P
: Luden's costs more and is less stat efficient than Duskblade and Shiv, yet deals less damage
Riot just needs to buff {{item:3285}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3116}} Ofcourse i don't want old Rylais back where it was build on every single mage, but it's way too situational now. Give it some AP back or some more health, IDK Nashor's is honestly shit, pretty sure it's only good on Diana, and even then some Diana mains don't even build it. It's weirdt because this **should** be a good item on champions that AA a lot like {{champion:4}} and {{champion:61}} Probably would need more than just number changes to make it a viable item Ludens just needs a small buff, either more passive damage or just a flat AP increase. Doesn't have to be 120, 110 would be fine too Zhonya's got gutted, 90% of the time i opt for banshees instead **especially** if i'm playing a mage. I only really go Zhonyas when they have A LOT of AD GLP, i wish this item was build more. meh
: You forgot {{champion:21}} and {{champion:110}}. These 2 are laughing also
: The fact you only can name 2 kinda proves the point OP is trying to make
xScarfy (EUW)
: Imagine a new champion who has something like this as a new form of CC! Confusion/ Disorientation: For a few seconds the map gets mirrored for the affected enemy player, same with every command (using spells, walking, ...) from said player. Just imagine having to overthink every command twice, so you won't flash towards the enemy instead of away from them :D
A CC that changes the entire map, no thank you I'm fairly sure it would make some computers explode too
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