: First off, "slave-driver" might be considered offensive to some populations who play the game. I personally don't, but you have to consider, "Will anyone have any problems with this name or the lore of this champion?" Champions should be iconic but also easily remembered. As it is, opening the league client for the first time and seeing 130+ champions was certainly jarring. Having a champion that has a very complex kit will most likely have a high skill cap. Now, I'm not discouraging you from creating a difficult-to-play champion (just look at Aatrox!). Just keep in mind the _complexity_ of the champion's kit and role in-game. In terms of his abilities, he seems very, very powerful. His scaling/damage may not be so terrific, but his hard CC is. Just his Q has 2 different hard CC/displacement abilities. In general, think of it like this: if you were playing against this champion **in a solo lane**, how would you fight against it? I strongly recommend thinking about counter-play and the role of the champ. Where would they fit in during skirmishes? Would they be a split-pusher or a peeler? Over all, it is a very interesting idea! TL;DR: Remove a large sum of this champion's CC and focus on his playstyle. Be sure to start thinking about lore as well!
I think I need to rethink his E, or the thriving swipe part at least. What do you suggest? Also, some people on reddit said he would be unfun to play against, do you agree and if so how to combat this.?
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