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: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=os4rWFJv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T18:35:16.956+0000) > > Eh, I think the new mastery might be stupid on him. More stupid than anyone else. > But that's it. I completely forgot about the new mastery, but that things broken anyway so I'm expecting a nerf soon. Also there's plenty of people it's more broken on ({{champion:12}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:89}})
I play {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} and {{champion:12}} Naut is stong and shen does have his benefits and our Alister rework proves to have many uses , but honestly if your team is being killed by a Talon or a kha left , right center what can you do as a suport , shields and other things cant help the strong Unbalance , the masteries will make some changes to how some supports handle things but otherwise this rant >.....< was mostly aimed at Assassins and also touching up on riots balance team.
Ralanr (NA)
: Yeah, and the shield makes him worse. He's a juggernaut so his damage makes sense, but his regeneration is enough sustain. Having that damage mitigation makes me worried.
but is not what grinds my gears the most its all these assassins just literally being impossible to deal with. Kha and Talon so far have just made me rethink life choices honestly i don't see riot doing a massive change to them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Necromancer223,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=os4rWFJv,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2016-11-15T18:41:44.276+0000) > > you know it only occured to me that i wrote in caps , &gt;........&lt; but ths only issue is his scales to tankiness and the regen is way over the top as of now He's supposed to be tanks, and if your worried about his regen{{item:3123}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3033}} )
I main mostly supports but in the jungle im Nocturne and jax.... so you know plus his Regen is an issue whether you are prepared or not , just his stats are crazy , i dont consider him to be widely broken but he scales toooo much.
Ralanr (NA)
: Eh, I think the new mastery might be stupid on him. More stupid than anyone else. But that's it.
His build to tankiness and regen is also a downright issue , unless you have an early lead on him it will quite hard to take him on
Áery (NA)
: So why don't you address the issue on how to balance these champions instead of making a rant thread, I mean judging by this post you seem very knowledgeable on balance..
I would , but as i dont usually post here i didnt expect there to be a rapid Response... id say for some of the passives have some CD like an example for Zed where he could not Passive someone until some duration passed , the same thing should apply to Talon who just prokes at you and can easily finish you off with one item. and as For Kha Zix honestly the whole idea of entering a bush and gaining stealth upon evolving your ult is too far fetched. i mean when we used to have the "Hunt is on" both Kha and rengar were almost similar in their stealth capabilities therefore making the event seem very formidable and dead right fun to play , now rengar can get noticed while Kha can just pull a Suprise attack and you know , someone makes your screen colorblind. so some measures need to ensure that you cant be one shot by a Kha or even a talon... perhaps just the damage they do.. i know it is preseason , which is to change but like i said i highly doubt any serous balancing will be done to them and we will just need to suffer for a little bit.
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: if you want balance go to the gymnastics, they have balance, literally
Noted >.> although i do apologize for the Caps , that was something i last minute noticed
: You need to learn to not use caps and to form paragraphs like most children learn in probably second or third grade maybe. Volibear is definitely not OP...Jayce is a lane bully but has counter plays and because of the changes just no one knows how to play against the new Talon and Kha yet give it time. If you're demotivated to play then don't play...take a break. Many many players take breaks then come back. It's healthy to do to especially when you're getting this frustrated over a GAME!
i know i just realized after i posted it that "Omg its all caps" so you know major facepalm >......< that was bad on my part the title yes all caps but did'nt expect the text to be aswell so a little stupid on my part. nah thing is i take a break but you come back and you have champions who just scale too much , have to much creative uses and some who with this Remake , one item = one shot
: But Volibears fine. Maybe the new items made him stronger but that's an item problem not a champion problem.
you know it only occured to me that i wrote in caps , >........< but ths only issue is his scales to tankiness and the regen is way over the top as of now
Bultz (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Necromancer223,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fRdsgOA0,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-30T00:15:19.156+0000) > > Riot or anyone else that is seeing this post , i finally decided to write explaining my sheer hate for the Champion {{champion:157}} . over my times playing this game No other champ has given me so much rage and stress than {{champion:157}} , I don&amp;#039;t know who designed him or decided to rip off Samurai Jack but they need a life check. Firstly his kit is the most annoying thing ever , he has no balance whatsoever , he has all elements , that range from gap closing to knock ups. This is just the start... all of his stupid abilities crit you (even his freaking whirlwind , A FREAKING TORNADO CRITS YOU). Riot has always made nice champs before that you could get around one way or another , each champ Excels in an area.. Yasuo was built as if Riot was shutting down League and leaving it at that. What really grinds my gears is that riot will nerf champs whom you can go against like {{champion:268}} (RIP Azir 6.14) but when it comes to {{champion:157}} , even when he goes tanky not change , no window is made... he is just absolute cancer.... so Riot i hope you look at this and think about Nerfing this champ a WHOLE lot because honestly nobody wants to play against a champ whom just Crits all the time , has a shield , and skill shot block , and knock up...(Get my drift.) mmmmm I find this so pleasureable its like sex for my eyes. As an 818k Yasuo main Everything you have said is pure bullshit. Yasuo is super easy to counter, you just can't beat him because you don't know how, not because he is strong.
Tbh you are a yasuo main , and you are probably a high elo compared to me , so it would make sense why you would rag claim this to be B.S and it probably is , and to be fair i was very tilted i think that night >..> so most of it is crap but i still stand by idea that he isnt fun and only the mains would get frustrated at this post so you know {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} im not suprised. but thanks for the feedback ^.^
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