: > [{quoted}](name=Rαy,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iH5EwaYq,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-12-14T13:35:39.286+0000) > > And lategame champs reach their powerspikes too quickly. > > There are barely any real champion identities anymore. Everyone deals massive damage and can splitpush, nobody can tank. > > That is what League has become since season 8, sadly. Season 7 actually, since the tank rework and itemization changes. Tanks got new shiny passives and items that were pretty much only good for them like stoneplate while other "tank items" got nerfed to help differentiate "tanky melee" from actual tanks, everyone else got nothing, until aftershock was added. Now you either play a tank that uses aftershock well and you are tanky or you play one that doesnt need it like sion and rely on your champ to get tanky. Or you somehow have both, but no exceptions to this pretty much.
eh it's been going downhill since s6 with the removal of alot of vision, the mage overhaul, and the adc overhaul. Kind of funny how at the time the mage item changes were a nerf (they were made cheaper, but worse, and at the time you could relatively easily get full build in most games anyway), but due to the meta becoming faster and faster they have now become bonkers.
: All these people ~~abusing~~ picking Lucian, and I get stuck supporting the Ezreals. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: I honestly dont know why Riot is so confused as to how to make Akali not awful to play against...
Just play a mage and land your skillshots... It's really not that difficult to hit stealthies. Imo it's not the stealth that makes akali a pain to deal with, it's the bullshit amount of dashes (3 or 4, depening on wheter you count her shuriken as one or two dashes)
: Can We Please Have a Better Remake System?
Imo they should remove the remake system altogether ^^
: Tips for Draaaaven
Draven's axes work similarly to gnar boomerang: they'll move towards the direction you are moving in the moment they hit the target, so use that to your advantage so you can juggle axes and fight at the same time.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Well if we are using bugs too I've heard that if you click Neeko's R in score tab it shows as "champion she is disguised as" R. So you can at least tell if for example Gnar is real Gnar since Neeko is disguised as Sona.
Took me a while to test as I haven't laned against a Neeko in a while, but that does indeed work, so I'll add it in.
: Laughing at Toxicity: Schadenfreude
: Explain a champion lore badly. Others try guess the champion.
Rioter Comments
: I'm starting to believe that the gameplay section of the boards is ignored
As a low elo support with a high elo brother, I must say that this has to do with the fact that different elos have different metas: In high elo it's much more valuable to play a tank support and save a teammate, whereas in low elo they'll just run straight back in if you do, making it more usefull to take out an enemy instead.
: How do you "counter" life steal?
against lifesteal {{item:3165}} against mundo {{item:3153}} {{item:3123}}
Kloqdq (NA)
: To your first point, I mainly would like to see her ult tune to 120 at rank 1. This would help give a larger window for people to fight her in lane, as well as lower her threat level somewhat in early fights because if you make her waste her ult its down for a lot longer. 90 seconds is too forgiving in my opinion. Again, I am okay with her late game burst, its really all she has, but I can get behind people wanting some nerfs to it. I just don't want them to go over board when the major issue with that is her CD. As to the second people, i would say in mid lane, the E is pretty free to hit. It works like Ezreals W which is pretty fantastic but the empowered root is too rewarding for an ability that is too easy to land in lane. Morg can get away with her root mainly because her root is slow moving and can clip a lot of stuff. Neeko's is a little too easy to proc off minions which I would like to see changed in some way. Overall though, I agree with your sentiment about Neeko seeming pretty balanced. Overall I don't believe she is too overpowered. She does have some things that are a little too good but with proper touch ups, she can be fine. I really don't want to see her get overtuned in either direction at the moment.
I agree she could use some touch ups, but almost every champion could use some of those ^^ As to your first point, though I do agree that 90 seconds at rank 1 is a bit on the forgiving side, it's not unheard off. Combined with the fact that it has one of the lowest base damages of any midlaner ult at rank 1 and her complete lack of lane sustain I don't think it's that hard to punish her. With "punish her" I don't mean specifically punish her for missing ult, but punishing her for making mistakes on a more general level. As for her root, I can't find it's projectile speed/width, but her range is significantly shorter than morgana's q. Combine that with the fact that she needs to cross-hit instead of parallel hit it and it has an even shorter effective range (by parallel hit I mean both champions standing on same side of minion wave, cross-hit I mean on opposite side of wave). From my experience in-game Morgana root is not much slower than Neeko root (it has a quite average projectile speed, it just looks slower because of its size).
: every dmg she has is bullshitt. but yeah, 1 shot aoe cc ultimate on low cd is kind of a small issue maybe >.>
Every damage she has is lower than Morgana ^^ She is the only midlaner whose main damage output is an instant on-click ability (W) though ^^
Kloqdq (NA)
: Neeko is a champion
> And her Ultimate being on a 90 Second Cooldown is the biggest issue no one wants to talk about. Her ultimate cooldown is longer than Annie's, which deals 400 (+ 65% AP) + 40 (+ 20% AP) (flame aura) + 200 (+ 30% AP) (aa) = 640 (+115% AP) Magic damage, which lategame is about ~100 damage less (but it also gives you a teddy bear). granted this is in a smaller area. A more similar ult would be that of Morgana, which has a longer cooldown in the early game, but a very similar cooldown in the lategame. It deals more damage than Neeko ult though, especially in the earlygame. > EDIT: I forgot to mention her Root is pretty dumb. Early game its a 1.8 second up to 3 second root that only needs you to hit at least 2 minions. That is something I think people are not talking about enough. This is why her trades in lane can be so powerful. Her root is about as long as Morgana root, is harder to hit (you HAVE to hit 2 characters, making it absolutely impossible to hit in jungle fights, though in lane it is about as hard to hit), and hits the last target hit, meaning you have to expose yourself in order to combo it with q. Honestly I don't get what issue people have with Neeko. To me she seems pretty balanced: Her ult has a slightly lower cd and lower impact than the most similar ult (morgana), and a higher cd and impact than Annie ult. Her basic abilities deal less damage than most other midlaners, though they also have a shorter cooldown, and her main damage output is onclick (W). The only thing I would note though is that she is the 3rd fastest champion with a non-ultimate movespeed buff (which to me seems a bit weird to put on a burst mage, but I wouldn't say it makes her overpowered)
: as a tank support main i miss alot of support items i miss old Ruby SS i like getting the HP and the active item CDR
Oww the active item cdr + banner + zzrot was amazing for a cheesy botlane duo too ^^ Especially when combined with ingenious hunter.
: 3D modeling of Ahri based on an image of Riot
She kinda looks likeshe's about to puke. Other than that it looks amazing ^^
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Players ban Yasuo to prevent having him on the team ?
If someone is accidently bannng their teammate's champions, that's fine with me, but if someone ban's a teammate's champion intentionally, regardless of what champion that was, they should be reported (negative attitude).
: Game crashes are so common I literally have a permanent leaverbuster
I thought this issue had dies down, but nope, I just got it again a few games in a row. The last of which during the Price Fight event of Nexus Blitz, which pretty much guaranteed a loss, which pretty much guarenteed I wouldn't have enough time to reconnect before the game ended, which in turn guaranteed a leaverbuster.
: Sona {{champion:37}} works against this lane if you are **really** careful with your positioning, since if you get caught out you're certainly dead. Something like Alistar {{champion:12}} would be a safer pick on this in my opinion since Sivir's spellshield should only block Alistar's W - Headbutt while his Q - Pulverize and his E could land easily. He'd also be tanky enough to take most poke and trades from their team, especially given Alistar's R and his passive. (You could even rush something like {{item:3107}} or {{item:3504}} to make your heals stronger if you needed that) You could also go something with quite a lot of poke like Vel'Koz {{champion:161}} or Brand {{champion:63}} so long as you're careful with your positioning still. Zyra {{champion:143}} wouldn't be an awful choice here either since her plants could provide quite a bit of buffer space between you and any hooking champ. If you really wanted to play the long game and just try to focus on CSing (not sure how great of a choice that would be against a Sivir but still) you could look toward champions that could heal for days or disengage, like Veigar (just drop a cage whenever they try to engage and you'll eventually scale up and have a ton of AP as the game goes on).
Sona is just about the worst pick against this lane, since she is completely unable to stop a Pyke w/e engage. I agree Alistar is porbbaly a good option, as is Zyra. Brand and Vel have the same problem as sona, though at least they have a chance of stunning the pyke.
: {{champion:119}} x{{champion:53}} could probaly handle them
Blitzcrank gets countered by both sivir and pyke...
: Heimer can't keep any turrets up against a Sivir he loses all of his pushing power. Velkoz could probably force a mediocre Pyke out of lane to get your mid laner completely destroyed as he roams the entire time and a good Sivir safe farms 1v2 because you have zero engage on her. {{champion:412}} {{champion:222}} probably. Zap outranges boomerang and you have traps to lock down Pyke and kill him when you get a hook on him. She also has more AA range than Sivir. I'm pretty sure you move faster when you get excited than Sivir can with her ult as well.
I guess a heimer would lose all his turrets once sivir w starts dealing some damage, but it is at least a good method to keep them at bay early. The idea behin dhis combo was more about short cd adcs I think, so a good idea based on it would for instance be a jinx/lucian who can bait sivir shield, combined with a pyke counter (like morgana)
Rioter Comments
: like The previous comments Said, The best support type u need in this scenario are disengagers. The more disengage potential u have the better. I would not totally toss Morgana on the bench though, a lot of sivirs are not so good with e, and u can easily negate pyke's initiations...your choice mate ^^
I am aware alot of sivirs are bad at e, but the one I faced recently managed to time hers perfectly every time (probably was a main or smth) (when being attacked by a mage she would even time her e in such a way it would block their most important spell (ult)). I prefer not taking a champion based on the notion that my enemy will most likely suck at playing them ^^
Antenora (EUW)
: Playing Sona into Pyke is risky. If you get hooked, you're dead.   Play something that can burst them out. {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} If you don't like mages, then play something that can shut down Pyke's aggression {{champion:89}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:12}}
I usually pick morgana vs Pyke, but she's no use against sivir. As for Pyke's hook, there has never been a Pyke in the history of the universe that can land a pyke hook in lane.
: As someone who plays both of them, Ali. Siv can only shield one ability so either way gets cc'd, and if pyke engages you just knock him back out or to tower as needed.
That's a good idea ^^ I'm not all to confident in my ability to play him though, but I'll try him next time I face the duo ^^
RedEve (NA)
: {{champion:37}} &{{champion:9}} Personally, I go {{champion:161}} while my ADC goes {{champion:74}} , it gets rough but as long as we don't screw up and stay focused, it doesn't get too bad.
The vlkoz heimer thing seem clever - both of them can easily proc siivir shield with trivial spells (heimer q aa, vel'koz w), and both of them can punish a melee engage.
Rioter Comments
: then stop being a thief and pick a more honest rune
> [{quoted}](name=Worst Brad Japan,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0qoVLIkE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-08T22:48:26.231+0000) > > then stop being a thief and pick a more honest rune {{champion:81}} I prefer the word 'liberate' or 'procure'.
: would assume it only counts as entering combat once the damage hits, as Karthus R doesn't do anything else (it doesn't even apply truesight) I might test some of this stuff today, but it's hard without another human person on the enemy team. I wanna figure it out though!
Maybe you can add my NA alt account (Troll Socialist) so we can test it in a custom in the evening (which is probably morning/noon for you)^^
Ralanr (NA)
: Probably Conquerer if I had to guess.
That would mean that Conqueror has to be toned down... not true damage as a whole.
: Nexus Blitz Red and Blue Buffs
Definetely a bug, as I haven't encountered this issue at all.
Cdore (NA)
: True Damage needs to be toned down, and Tanks are useless
What sources of true damage are you talking about specifically? I barely ever encounter True damage in games other than IE, and IE is designed to be built on adcs, you know, the class that is supposed to be able to deal with tanks.
: I got Low Priority Queue because of Nexus Blitz
EUW servers weren't working yesterday, everyone had this issue.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Well if we are using bugs too I've heard that if you click Neeko's R in score tab it shows as "champion she is disguised as" R. So you can at least tell if for example Gnar is real Gnar since Neeko is disguised as Sona.
I'll test that one out in-game and add it in if correct ^^
: if im not mistaken, entering combat with a champion deactivates her passive. I believe a nocturne ulting counts as "entering champion combat" because it applies Nearsight, which is considered a form of crowd control. I dont know for sure, but I wouldnt think Twisted Fates R would reveal her TRUE form, because you dont enter combat when he activates it (as True Sight isnt crowd control or damage) could be wrong, as league is annoyingly inconsistent. just theorycrafting!
That sounds like a very reasonable explanation! Do you know if kathus' ult channel counts as entering combat, or does it only count once it damages?
: I heard that Neeko does proc red buff while not actually having red buff though, not sure how true this is.
If it is true, she still wouldn't be able to use that on champions as dealing damage instanty procs her passve ^^
: That clicking on her to reveal her build seems kinda stupid to me, they should fix that. What's the point of copying my teammates if a simple left click will reveal my true identity?
This post was meant to hint Riot at some Neeko bugs more than it was to actually help people counter Neeko ;)
: >Bards without meeps! Heresy.
: god. this is what ive fucking missed in league. this is what ive CRAVED. a post about how to outplay a champion, a post about a champions mechanics... I miss this shit in league man. the boards arent being flooded with "please god nerf neekos one shot burst," instead everyones like "how do neekos mechanics work in-depth???" its so so refreshing. i dont even slightly doubt this is a one-time farce for league, but ill enjoy it while it lasts.
It was meant more as a way to shwo Riot some bugs than to actually help, but I figured that I might as well word it in a way that people may find usefull :)
: did you read any of the post?
Yes I did, I thought it was about pretending to ward river while swapping out with Neeko ^^ Ofc you can also have a Neeko walk through leane while you hide in the river bush or lanebush, but that requires alot of preparation (sweeping wards beforehand, walking all the way around, etc.). While certainly doable it really takes more time than is worth :)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheWizardM,realm=EUW,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=LbxhfM5Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T19:35:44.042+0000) > > Eyyy Blaze how you doin'? > > Looks like the EUW servers got toasted again eh :/ Hey man sup. Yes Riot makes sure we receive skins before playing to insure quality. While the servers are facing the 4 horsemen apocalypse more skins are incoming
Appearently the shop is also bugged though. I saw a couple of people posting in EUW that they didn't receive their purchases but did lose their RP.
: Rito Skins server vs Game servers
Eyyy Blaze how you doin'? Looks like the EUW servers got toasted again eh :/
: Neeko + Blitzcrank invades are OP
Blitzcrank invades are quite strong, even without Neeko :)
: Very useful advice! I will pass this along to frustrated friends {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Have fun fighting Neeko's :D {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: > [{quoted}](name=TheWizardM,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8WI2fZHG,comment-id=0001000500000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T16:42:57.927+0000) > > The only advantage to Neeko r is that it is easier to hit than Morg r (by alot) Well you still dmg on cast with morgana while neeko dmg is at the end. Both have their use.
As I insinuated in my comment I think Morgana ult is stronger in every way except for the fact it's harder to hit. It does also have a longer cd, though morgana makes up for this by having superior cc and sustain, allowing her to delay enemy engage while she's waiting on ulti.
: Sure the w have use like that but iverall I still prefer morgana shield since it can be cast to you ally unlike the W of neeko which it start at your location.
I agree, which is why I don't get why people find her that strong. As far as I can tell, she does the same stuff as Morgana, but worse (other than the ulti, which is easier to land, but that doesn't make a huge difference considering both champions have a way to keep people inside ulti)/
: Morgana is tankier and her shield is an anti-cc which is extremely useful. My main issue with Neeko is her ult quite strong with the cd on it. You can have it mostly in each fight, sure you put yourself at risk but if you land it you grnerally kill people or finish someone with her Q.
You can also use Neeko w to block cc ^^ Neeko ult does have a shorter cooldown, especially at earlier ranks, which does make it so it is up almost every fight, whereas Morgana's isn't, but Morgana's superior sustain and cc allows her to stall the actual fighting untill she gets ult.
: I'm assuming True Sight in general reveals Neeko's true identity, right?
I do not know, might be worth testing.
: I'm not sure about either the stun and slow, but the Neeko R is much stronger, lile Nunu with shroter cast
The only advantage to Neeko r is that it is easier to hit than Morg r (by alot)
: > physical damage + lethality =/= true damage. i want a programmer to conform that, because its very unlikely. This would be very complicated to code, and tbh riots programmers arent farly known for thir insane skills. Like Urgot does deal 99999 true dmg instead of executing, cause they are unabl to code it properly. so i would bet on true dmg just beeing normal dmg while armor/mr are calculated with 0, or fall out of the equation entirely. So i would say that 0 armor = 0 armor. Wether the equation is : dmg - (amor - Lethality) = x dmg - 0 = true dmg or if its: dmg - 0 = true dmg (cause true dmg and either amor falls out, or is replaced with 0) doesnt rlly matter for the calculation i think. But thats just an assumption and we would need to ask some Rioter.
You can look it up in the wiki if you want ^^ Either way true damage is unaffected by damage reduction, whereas physical damage with lethality is. Also armor is not substracted from damage. Rather, the damage is adjusted in such a way that it takes armor% more damage to kill someone. for instance if someone has 50 armor it takes 50% more damage, meaning a damage reduction of 33%, and if somone has an effective negative armor grants the normal damage reduction, but in reverse (so -50 armor results in 33% more damage). http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Armor http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/True_damage
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