: I hated and still hate alot of the new reworks (Kayle, sion, yorick, galio, aatrox, morde) so I feel your pain.... I mean in the case of sion/galio, I don't mind playing them but hes just not even close to the same champion and I miss their old kits.... Atleast you get to keep a huge portion of his kit, on a side note I think he looks more fun an engaging to me but I play ARAM only and in this burst meta he just didn't offer much. He would get dog piled and killed quickly unless you had 30 ping and can ult a rengar mid leap or some ridiculous reaction speed, that or he'd need some huge peel/turtle team mates like trundle. EDIT: I've just accepted the fact that they will rework champions just to stir the pot, people who liked em will hate em and vice versa, inevitably getting people to buy new skins... as they say, destruction is a form of creation.
: you played him a single time vs katarina. "clunky" doesn't really add anything. Pre rework asol was already considered clunky. It feels like that every time you pick up a champion with a weird playstyle. Asol is still one of the fastest pushing mids, has an easier time dealing with melees now because of his w movement speed, and his lategame is one of the best in the game. This is all at the cost of his new weakness being his W on cd. His Q has always had a high cooldown so idk what your point is there. What part of his identity is gone? He was a space dragon with orbiting stars that likes to shove and roam. Now he just does that even better.
well it is an hard matchup ( one in countless ) so pretty reaveling. Now you can't get lane pressure against any assasin so no roam and you might get kill of you try.If you want example try fizz zed kata irela talon diana syndra qyiana sylas. No need to describe it you will feel it
: I completely disagree. I played him plenty b4 rework and now after. Yes sol gets countered by certain assassin matchups but its suppose to be this way bc his roam pressure is so hi. I've have more success on new sol then old cuz hes alot more consistent now and I'm not the only sol player who feels this way. Sounds like you just need to get better and use your stars after an assassin jumps on u instead of b4 , and you should look at your mistakes instead of blaming the changes ;)
I can understand you like it more but this does not remove the fact that the gameplay of the champ as been totaly change. Yes you got the w cd of 2 sec late game with faster speed yes you got more range for e, and yes you got shorter cd for q late game. But it was not that we do mistake, it s that now it's more easy to play. Now you want to gank botside stay in lane and press e. You want to disangage no need to proc storm rider only wait for the end of w. It's more like the champ has been overall downgraded but easier so more successfull
: Ikr 😂 I haven't played him but people will site here and complain instead of making it work. Sols dps is actually higher now due speed rotation on your w or passive and you don't lose it to cc
True but what if i tell you riot is going to change xerath from a control mage to a burst mage. You will be like "What the hell ?" It s basicly the same
musixxal (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sewer Side,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JU2Pb8si,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-29T07:20:05.188+0000) > > You can still go Rod+Rylai, stop being ridiculous. > > The speed increase in stars far outweigh the old toggle. My kite comment was the fact he can use the speed boost to reposition and then turn them back on. It’s 2 seconds CD. It’s almost always available. > > You can now lead with Stars, then stun when the stars retract (Rylai still slowing btw), and then expand your stars again while they’re stunned. WITHOUT any CDR. give up dude, the NA boards are terrible at theorycrafting so they'll never figure out how the champ works.
well now proplayer play electrocute and glacial augment but guess you are better
: What? The Q CD gained 1 second in exchange for 3 less CD mid game, which is significant considering most ASol builds don’t get CDR (unless you actually think GLP is superior to Rylai, lmao), but that isn’t “extremely high” from what it was before. He kites better now, he has his great roam still (TF ult range at rank 1 btw, Pantheon can only wish) and still fulfills the DPS fantasy. He is no longer hard reliant on landing his Q to do damage and assassins are no longer are a free win against him. He’s gonna be too strong in 1-2 weeks time. Go complain about what they did to Kayle instead
dude play against an irelia you'll see the problem. you can't zone early with w, you can't even push with it cause you ll get all in and kill. Lvl 2 you need to play safe too because you cn only disangage with your q then w to run away.
: Gotta disagree. Removing the passive speed enabled them to extend his e range and give him move speed on his w. Pre rework sol wasn't punished for bad and frequent roams cuz of that passive. Now that it's gone we got an even faster gank. And movespeed during combat which feels much smoother if you ask me
well you are kind of true but sol did not need any more range for is e. You could gank batlane rly fast or help your jung too, but first you at to get of lane. Now you simply e.
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: > [{quoted}](name=A3opΛbo6Λbo,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=JU2Pb8si,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-29T09:04:20.903+0000) > > People not being used to him already complaining 2 days after release {{sticker:sg-jinx}} Well I played him only once pre-parch and once after patch and he was more fun at my first game. Totally unbiased opinion from ARAM.
Ok but is it a good way to balance a champ for aram ?


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