: Who's the most balanced champion? And who's the most forgotten champion?
Most balanced: **{{champion:112}} ** Most forgotten: {{champion:427}}
: I got vaccinated and then almost got hit by a car
Muxxik (NA)
: As a Karthus main it's really been a lot of fun these last couple months. Actually my last game was against Zed mid, Talon Jungle, and Wukong top. At some point you just have to accept you're gonna die a few times.
Maximize that passive use buddy.
: So did anyone here see the glorious blood moon?!!!! Did you hear puns, whispered on the midnight breeze?
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: Yes it's Van Helsing! That movie is kinda silly but you have to agree it's pure aesthetics. The monsters and costumes were designed by Gerald Brom (Diablo, Doom, Time Machine) who is an outrageously good artist.
It's got Hugh Jackman and he's hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
: 🎂🍷 Vladimir birthday/ Blood Moon celebration thread 🍷🎂
: > [{quoted}](name=Colton147,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tw1rVrrV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-25T00:11:51.878+0000) > > {{champion:240}} "It's my property! All sixty gazillion acres of it!" I still want a Fiddlesticks vs Kled Vs event
Rioter Comments
: Yeah they are confirmed male and female, for real this time
Ah right, cool cool. Thanks for clarifying, just wanted to know ^^
: Wait they aren't I mis interpreted what her writer said
Oh, so they're not same sex?
: She does! I asked her writer and he confirmed Edit I was wrong I misinterpreted
Now I'm curious as to who her biological father is, do you think we'll get that or is it totally irrelevant? I wanna know who's genes I can thank for the cute ninja girl.
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: How come Swain ult doesn't drain stealthed/enemies in bushes?
"Fear the power you do not see." "It is not the visions that haunt me, but what I do not see." He's just being consistent.
WarWork (NA)
: Can the Ascended reproduce?
I mean Aatrox looks pretty smooth and down there. And Varus is... Perhaps being Darkin locks out reproduction (since it also seems to confine them to true immortality, whereas someone like Nasus appears capable of dying if he was stabbed in the right place), while just being Ascended doesnt lock out reproduction. I'd assume at least.
: How do the God-King Skins appeal to you visually?
Garen has two swords, Garen wins. In seriousness, I think Darius looks...gaudy. They're both over the top as hell, but Garen is consistent and (amusingly) ordered. Darius mixes elements of magic (his skirt) into a kit or aesthetic that doesnt otherwise use any magic. If it wasnt for the white, spiked-back hair and the weird things on the side of his face that make him look like he's cosplaying PROJECT: Fiora, he'd look very cool. Especially with that axe-clink when you Q. I'm biased, naturally, having chosen Garen and being more familiar with his God-Kingly voice lines that never fail to make me chuckle, but as this is a question of bias, I'm simply answering how I feel.
: The Revenant's court; An exploration of Mordekaiser's various relationships
Nicely put together, though I think "enthusiast" is selling your brand of love short.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Well, since Darius can have 2 legendaries now, no need to hold back suggesting legendaries for our favourite champions despite that fact.
Not a fan of Darius getting a second one either. Don't think it should become the norm.
: Primordial Creator Caitlyn VS Primordial Destroyer Jinx
I would rather not give legendary skins to champs that already have them.
: But what about {{champion:82}} X{{champion:203}} Let him be Runeterra's Thanos.
SatomiKun (EUW)
: How dare you betray Noxus, Tides of Blood. Vladimir would be very disappointed of you.
Vladimir would look down on Darius, as I do and as everyone should. Noxus is Swain, Darius is his own man. A lone wolf, as it were.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tides of Blood,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3jAaN7mA,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-06-30T20:30:38.084+0000) > > Don't forget to add Kai'Sa to that list. Absolute abomination. Kai'Sa was designed by Riot Jag. Not CertainlyT.
Jaygo41 (NA)
: Zoe and Yasuo are only tolerated because of outrage fatigue
Don't forget to add Kai'Sa to that list. Absolute abomination.
: Wait. 2 swords? Did i miss something or is his sword made out of two swords?
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/226357007203041282/462624118152364042/unknown.png Spin to win baby.
: But is he red and black in colour scheme? I don't think so.
idk GK Darius is a shitty PROJECT: Fiora cosplay. God-King Garen is a glorious living emblem of Demacian might. And he has two swords. Swords already beat axes in the weapon triangle, but having two just means there's no chance.
: Be God King Garen
Man I hope Garen wins in the end. He has two swords, that's way better than one garbage axe.
Rioter Comments
: Whats your Favorite Garbage Skin?
: Why do mages have the lowest mana pool out of all classes at level 18?
: So...y'all are about to tell me...
Well that's because Kai'Sa's lore and characterization is a steaming pile of shit. Pretty simple.
: >How come Aatrox and Rhaast appear to be some kind of melding of armour and flesh I'm guessing that they're trying to recreate an approximation of what they were before they became Darkin, but are failing at it. >Varus looks very much like Void corruption The power of the almighty retcon. Varus legit needs a texture update to fit the Darkin theme it seems. Unless there's an actual explanation as to why he's so purple with the other Darkin being reds and blacks.
My guess is Varus as a human is said to have held back the Void longer than the others, so maybe that's just a consequence of being exposed to the Void.
: One of the bits of flavor text on the art page says that they "mastered many forbidden forms of primal magic, crafting their own flesh and armor with equal ease, until they were completely unrecognizable as the noble warriors they had once been." So they decided animal heads weren't cool enough and grew their own armor.
So they chose to be fusions of armour and flesh over being furries? I respect that.
SickAnto (EUW)
: I hate Zoe so much now, she is so sadic.
I'm not sure if Zoe is meant to be likable to begin with honestly.
  Rioter Comments
FeeNeeX (EUNE)
: I Believe After This its Only Fair To Ask for a Diana VS Leona Event
: In the wake of Aatrox's VGU: The aftermath of the Darkin Wars and the Rise of the Revenant
: Can Order vs Chaos stop being Totalitarism vs The Cool Guys?
Darius looks like he's cosplaying PROJECT: Fiora but without the thicc thighs. I'm siding with Garen on this one.
: "We all agreed on the double A thing, Varus"
: Kayla is a problem Morgana has been balanced since the dawn of league
Kayle's atrocious and 100% needs a rework, Morg's just frustrating to deal with but she's aged relatively well overall. I just felt like rhyming rumors and tumors.
: I don't believe I ever saw the script before the final recording sessions took place, so I'd also be interested to see anything that was cut before that :-)
I've never seen such a mocking smile. That's pure evil.
: Chances are the next one's gonna be Kayle and Morgana based on recent rumors.
Chances are the next one's gonna be Kayle and Morgana because they're adjacent tumors.*
Cloud273 (NA)
: What's the point of using rock types in Pokemon?
: A small compensation buff for Lulu for when her gutting nerf goes through
: Yes, I always assumed he had dark hair. It's not yet clear if his white hair is because he's getting on in years... or because DEMON. Maybe we'll explore more of his backstory soon.
All I want is to know the details of the relationship between Swain and the Demon. The nitty gritty specifics of how Swain's body has adapted to it, the limitations of its power, the precise nature of said power... Riot'd make my year if we got that. ~~More Vlad content doesnt hurt either~~
SatomiKun (EUW)
: _Looks at user name_ Totally not fishing for new Vladimir lore here.
Please, everyone knows blood is associated with Darius. You know, Darius, "Blood of Noxus". He doesnt have enough lore. Not salty at all.
Any hope for a revisit to Noxus that addresses more than just Swain and Darius?
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tides of Blood,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w6ogiKQK,comment-id=00000000000100000000000000000002,timestamp=2018-05-30T10:18:53.810+0000) > > Windwall blocks the return-heal for Q and completely blocks E. > > Where are you getting your information from? Doesn't stop the damage of the Q and yeah, I said that, it blocks his E, but that is ONE ability, he stops one of your ability that has a short CD to use his defense tool that has a long CD, sounds favorable to me.
Sure, except Vladimir is incredibly reliant on his cooldowns to do anything. Yasuo can blow Windwall and it doesnt negatively impact his ability to to damage or even move, whereas Vladimir's just lost a significant part of his damage for that trade. After which Yasuo can use his low CD everything else and AA's to have his way with Vlad. It's certainly not favourable to Vlad, especially when Yasuo has used his defensive tool to full effectiveness - which is to say completely nullifying part of someone elses kit.
Jamaree (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dead flag blues,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=w6ogiKQK,comment-id=000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-29T23:06:01.638+0000) > > Hell ye boi, outplayed by a skill that blocks all skillshot with no downside, only the duration, while this guy has no cooldown on his main spells Ok, upon knowing that he has said skill, why would you immediately burn your spells, bait it out, walk around it afterwards then use your shit. At the point where you are 10/0 to his 0/7, one spell should kill him, OR, you can play mages that utterly ignore his wall and basically give him a useless skill, like Vlad and Mordekaiser.
Windwall blocks the return-heal for Q and completely blocks E. Where are you getting your information from?
: Dark Waters Vlad and Diana Splash Arts
I don't have a witty comment. I'm just aroused.
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