: It's nothing new, though. Ryze has it, Karthus has it, Anivia has it.
: How cool would it be if Vlad was one of Boram Darkwill's sons?
Salson (EUNE)
: Pls gib name {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
"Twisted Twisted Treeline" - Arbuz Budesh
: This is a pretty timely post, actually. Udyr is a champion we're looking to buff for 7.21. Probably looking at a simple buff overall rather than a larger effort that would introduce pattern change. Some of the things we're considering (wouldn't necessarily ship more than one or two of them) are: * Bear Stance stun duration increases with rank * Bear Stance speed buff duration is flattened out to its current rank 5 duration (3 seconds rather than 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3) * Significant AD/lvl increase * Taking reduced damage from crits (or even becoming crit-immune) while shielded by Turtle Stance.
> Taking reduced damage from crits (or even becoming crit-immune) while shielded by Turtle Stance. And I didnt think anything could excite me more than that new Viktor skin.
Salson (EUNE)
: Probably not. They're just both dead and have **sworn ** in their names. And the Falconshield song that gives Kalista romantic undertones. What did you think it was?
A particular comic. An adult comic.
: Will Swain's nose scale with AP in his rework?
Salson (EUNE)
: > I just have no clue what he is even supposed to be.. {{champion:429}}'s ~~harem guy~~ Oathsworn is my bet.
I hope this is a reference to what I think it's a reference to.
: @CertainlyT, Mordekaiser's Juggernaut Rework in retrospect
> IF they had released Mordekaiser in this state he'd be probably the best class update, besides maybe Vladimir. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
MagÊ (EUW)
: Never riot has been so good at making jokes
Idk man, Ekko's release is still their best joke if you ask me.
: That's... not the point. Obviously if power would be taken out of it's damage/snare, missile speed would be a prime target for power to be shifted into. But right now, her Q is a 2 second to 3 second scaling Snare which two seconds base is absurd, on top of a 300 + .9 AP base damage + ratio. I know her kit is antiquated, but that's far too strong for just one slow skillshot with a broken hitbox. Like, at least Nidalee has some nuance to hitting her spears for big damage.
With respect, I disagree. There's a place for reliable and fast skillshots like Ahri Q (only referencing it as it's the first thing that came to mind for linear, mage skillshots, not because of who you are), and a place for big reward/low reliability skillshots like Morgana's Q. If every skillshot in the game was one or the other, it'd be boring, variety is fun. On the topic of Morg's antiquated kit - which it is, it could use a wee bit of updating but doesnt need too much - her Q is (personal opinion) the most interactive and least needing work out of her entire kit. Passive is just stats, W is an AoE no go zone that also allows her to afk waveclear, E simply negates aggression for X seconds or allows your DPS to wreck havoc (which is also interesting, but still doesnt allow for real enemy interaction other than waiting the shield out or blitzing it with some AP burst), and R is "in range and fucked" or "out of range and fine". Q is granted, simple. You just dodge or die, but simple isnt always bad, and the balance that is the speed of the projectile weighed against the concequence of the cc duration is fair to me. If I'm still missing your point, would you mind spelling it out to me?
: The only thing(s) that can stay are a reworked Q (no more 2 to 3 ~~year~~ second snare + nuke for something as simple as a line skillshot), and her E and the E is the main attraction to her Support abilities.
If you're getting hit by Morg's Q you deserve to sit there for the entire duration, that's kind of the tradeoff for it being so slow.
: As a 600k Vlad main I can confirm my Lord and Master legitimately gets off to his own power.
Arkayed (NA)
: It actually takes a ridiculous amount of self control for me not to buy it when I play him lol. Real talk though, WotA was only busted on him with his old E. Without something super spammy like that in his kit I don't think it would be a huge deal to bring it back.
WotA would be just as busted on Vladimir, if not more.
: Sir are you aware you posted this comment 5 times?
Christ. What the hell is my internet. Thanks for telling me.
: Petition to let Evelynn call everyone in game a skank and not just Ahri
: Can confirm it's officially something players made up, Ahri just kills them as soon as they're alone, Eve's the one that makes it weird.
> Eve's the one that makes it weird. That's a funny way to spell "better". :^)
: Evelynn's splashes
Shadow Eve is best girl.
: As will I. On the bright side they ripped off Tokyo Ghoul.
As a TG fan, I'm honestly getting equal parts of a Doc Ock vibe from them. I mean, they definitely look like kagune, but they feel more like a tool than the "predatory organ" that the series describes them as. Not disagreeing, I'd be really surprised if Tokyo Ghoul wasnt a source of inspiration, I just don't think it's the sole source.
: Eve's or Morde's spike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Why does new Eve look so spidery?
While I disagree overall, I do miss the spikes. I miss them a lot.
: {{champion:75}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:420}}
Holy shit it's 2017 and people are still calling juggernauts tanks.
Penns (EUW)
: Can Liandrys get split in 2 items plis?
: Ahri Steals Souls But She Won't Get Mine
I'd give her mine but... http://na.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/scale_xlarge/public/upload/ssv.jpg?itok=-z--BTLU I've long since relinquished it.
: Stupid idea time: Make Lulu's ult scale based on target's max or current HP, not a flat value.
I'm down, takes away from the bullshit that is supports - particularly Enchanter supports - functionally being an ADCs backpack and little else. As well as some disgusting Lulu-Mundo/Sion/Cho'Gath synergy.
Scrub until your skin is gone, only then shall you be clean. And bloody.
: Who in their right mind would ever give someone a reason to play Fiora?
Nasus players. It's a pretty free lane for the dog in my experience.
: My TL;DR opinion on this is that I think marksmen as a class have tremendous potential, but currently there are some major balance and design issues with them that have persisted for years, and worsened over time. --- #My issues with marksmen: * **Marksmen are too reliable and not interactive enough:** A core component to marksmen is their autoattack damage, which is by nature extremely reliable. _I do not think this needs to change._ However, what I do think needs to change is the rest of their power, which is often too reliable as well: out of all the classes out there, marksmen are also distinguished by having steroids that are on-demand, devoid of counterplay and often quite powerful, which simply piles on even more reliability onto an already extremely reliable class. This has improved somewhat in recent designs, but we still have the likes of Tristana, Twitch and Vayne giving themselves massive stats. It's boring and uninteractive, and makes marksmen even more stat-focused than they need to be. * **Marksmen do too much at the same time:** A common reason cited for why marksmen are mandatory is that they are the only ones capable of providing DPS and pushing power. This, I think, is bogus, as fighters also specialize in DPS. However, marksmen are picked not just for their DPS and push, but also their objective control, their teamfighting power and late-game strength. Effectively, they occupy several niches at once, and thereby crowd out other classes as a result. There's a reason why marksmen still cannot be split into subclasses even after they received a major update, and I believe it's because most marksmen could easily fill several of whichever subclasses were to be drawn at once. * **Marksman balance is confused:** For a long time, the idea behind marksmen as a whole was that they were a late-game class, where they all had weak lanes in exchange for the best scaling in the game. Fast-forward to Preseason 6 and onwards, and marksmen still have the best late games, but many are also more than capable of bullying opponents in solo lanes, including actual lane bullies. Marksman balance is at this stage where the class gets to have their cake and eat it too, and I think a hard decision needs to be made on whether they get to remain the game's designated carries, in which case they should have their early games nerfed, or whether they get to each have their own power curves and different strengths throughout the game, in which case most of their late games should be nerfed. * **Marksmen are too strong:** I think we're at a point where marksmen are simply flat-out too powerful. Burst per second really is a thing on the class, and it can happen as early as the 2-3 item mark on certain champions. While much of it is anecdotal evidence, there is now an abundance of clips of marksmen solo-killing multiple opponents at a time, even when fighting at a disadvantage, and just doing things they shouldn't be doing. The one way of finding out the power of marksmen would be to compare the performance of teams with at least one marksmen against that of teams with no marksman, but the issue is that no team would ever consider not picking a marksman, which I think is already a telltale enough sign that there's an issue. * **Crit is a terribly designed stat:** As an RNG damage boost, crit stands out like a sore thumb in a game that has evolved long past the point of that kind of bad design. It makes marksmen bursty against squishies, which should not be happening, and otherwise is a whole lot of power without gameplay. Crit in its current form should not exist in the game, period, and the fact that it's remained for so long, even after the Marksman Update, I think is a major problem with the marksman class. * **Marksman itemization is far too strong, especially for its price:** We're at a stage where a huge number of marksman items offer excellent defenses on top of top-tier offensive power, and while many other classes have had their itemization cheapened in exchange for fewer stats (tanks for example), marksmen have had the cost of their builds significantly lowered while gaining even _more_ stats than before. Marksman itemization is the strongest it's even been, and it was already pretty damn strong to begin with. The focus on defensive effects in particular, especially life steal, is making the class far too resistant to incoming damage, and following the Assassin Update became a major reason why assassins often struggle to kill marksmen, and the design of life steal itself is tremendously conducive to snowballing, while also indicative of a strength marksmen should not have, i.e. drain tanking. * **Support balance and itemization is far too slanted towards marksmen:** Out of all the classes in the game, marksmen are the only one to be specifically catered to through other classes, which is why enchanter supports like Janna and Lulu offer AD and AS respectively, stats that favor marksmen the most. In addition, their itemization's extreme focus on defensive and protective effects works better for that class than anyone else, particularly when you factor in items that are truly designed for marksmen only, such as Ardent Censer. This not only makes marksmen even more overbearing, but also comes at a major cost to the diversity and fulfilment of supports, which are relegated more than ever before to being the marksman's pocket medic. * **Marksmen aren't made to follow the rules, to everyone's loss:** In a game where champions have received full reworks, sometimes several in sequence, just for being too reliable or focused on point-and-click effects (Ryze, for example), marksmen are still allowed to have even stronger point-and-click power, and whereas actual drain tanks have their sustain kept under tight control, marksmen are allowed to purchase life steal that can heal them for hundreds of hit points at a time. Assassins and mages were updated to have either reduced or delayed burst, but marksmen have been pushed in the opposite direction, including through items like Statikk Shiv, leading to several members of the class having top-tier, reliable upfront burst. In addition, classes have been separated so as to not borrow from the itemization of others, but marksmen are not only allowed, but encouraged to get stats like Lethality, even though the stat then had to be balanced around them, to the detriment of assassins. Overall, even if it may not be intended, it does feel like marksmen get special treatment when it comes to balancing, and while every class should obviously not be balanced or designed in the exact same way, the way marksmen have been treated over time has seriously warped the game around them, causing them to have far too much of an impact relative to every other player, and often demanding the care of their allies with no reciprocity involved. --- #What I think marksmen should be: * **Marksmen should be important, but not mandatory:** I think it's high time we had more interchangeability between marksmen and other classes, as their mandatory status has led to some _extreme_ positional and compositional stagnancy in League of Legends. Marksmen should have their unique strengths to bring to the table, that no other champion should be able to replace, but then again that should be the case for every champion out there. There are 6 classes but only 5 champions per team, so I think it would be far more interesting to have to make the difficult choice of sacrificing a class that could be any of them, than just fill out two slots with the essential marksman-support combo and let the rest fill out the team's burst or tanking needs. * **Marksmen should be able to go anywhere, but so should other classes:** Since Preseason 6 marksmen have expanded to solo lanes, the jungle and even sometimes the support position, which I think is a good thing. What is _not_ a good thing, however, is that the bot lane carry position is still exclusive to them, and that needs to change. Again, stagnancy in certain lane-champion combinations negatively impacts on the game as a whole, and unclogging those positions could allow for a far more diverse metagame. * **Individual marksmen should each have their own power curves, just like any other champion:** I personally think that there are clear early game marksmen (Graves, Lucian, etc.), mid-game marksmen (Corki, Ezreal, etc.) and late-game marksmen (Ashe, Kog'Maw, etc.), just like any other class has champions that spike at different points in the game. Because of this, I think it needs to be established once and for all that power curves should be balanced around champions, not entire classes, and we should start giving these champions early, mid and late games on par with other non-marksmen with similar power curves. Doing this could also prevent the marksman from getting hard-focused every game by the enemy team, which would leave space for non-marksman carries and associated comps. * **Marksmen should have exceptional unreliability alongside their reliable autoattacks:** I think marksman design needs to be reversed in many ways: the class should keep a baseline amount of reliable power through autoattacks, but because of this all of their abilities should be _very_ interactive and heavily outplayable. Steroids should be far more conditional, and what nukes, utility and CC marksmen get should also offer their opponents more opportunities than any other champion to play against them. Reliability should not be a unique strength, as it makes for kits that are boring and low on counterplay, and so we need to start equalizing it across champions and classes. * **Marksman itemization needs to change completely:** I think crit needs to be reworked, life steal needs to disappear completely (it makes the class legitimately tanky over time when they should be squishy at all times), and marksman items in general need to rely far more on interactive power, rather than just raw stats as they currently do. Marksman items don't need to be full of actives, but they should definitely have more conditional benefits that require actual risk and good play to shine. This should likely involve reworking the Kircheis Shard line.
You're a fucking champ mate. Well spoken and (from my eyes) absolutely true, including the continued part below. Maybe consider making a new thread just for this?
: Inb4 Crimson Elite Vladimir
Give him the same skin-tight spandex CE Riven has and we have a deal.
ProDiGy (EUNE)
: Dat Fiora skin represents Ionia so much better than {{champion:39}}
To be fair, Irelia's core theme is already floating swords, so giving the floating sword champion a floating sword skin would be kind of redundant, and Riot would never do something as stupid as that. I mean, imagine if they gave the blood champion a super blood skin.
: It's not gay if the penis is feminine. http://imgur.com/a/YGV1n
Penns (EUW)
: Im a fan then because i can make shield supports feel like shit hehe
You got a point there friendo
: ChoGath is actually the correct juggernaut design
Mmm yes true damage eat my butthole daddy'Gath
: I got in trouble because Santa Braum is NSFW
The only difference between Braum's 3-footer and his "nice list" is that I don't want to be on his nice list.
: I agree with this. I was optimistic awhile ago that we would someday get rid of GW, but that hasn't happened. It's especially annoying that the mage item with GW *isn't* an opt-in item; it's core on many mages. I think it at least works better with Mortal Reminder, because that *is* an opt-in item that has a very close analogue that is clearly superior if the enemy team doesn't have much healing. If we're going to keep that tradition, I would love to see an analogue to Morellonomicon that makes that trade, so GW is opt-in. I also hope Riot keeps this in mind when designing the new items. Having a third last whisper item that has this shield break mechanic makes a lot of sense to me at the outset by giving the adc a way to itemize against various kinds of defenses. If mages had those same three choices on their pen item, that would create a very easy system to optimize and balance. The complexity of League is valuable, and I know we want to keep some of that. But when already complicated systems meet the item system, something's got to give. They're on the right track with the Last Whisper line. Let's see more of that.
I agree with that wholeheartedly. Mage items are in need of diversifying as it is, but giving items trade-offs in that you lock yourself out of the other version is something I do think is good for the game. LW items do this pretty well, placing the anti-shield on an LW item would continue this trend. Morellos is too ubiquitous, the only real reason a mage wouldnt rush it is if they're manaless or are pigeonholed into a Catalyst item - or have to rush something defensive in a losing matchup. If I remember correctly, Last Whisper used to be bought on just about every AD Champion (around 3rd or 4th slot), until Riot split the item into two and gave differing bonuses for whichever you opted towards (as well as changing the ArPen from total % to bonus %). We need that to happen with Morellos. Granted, the ideal solution for me is forgoing this mechanic and removing GW, and also fixing healing and shielding across the board (something I'd like to see a lot more of are Taric's %hp shields rather than the flat shields the likes of Janna can bestow), but that seems to be a forlorn hope at this point.
: Are you planning on adding something similar to gunblade or death's dance for AP mages since they have the least amount of sustain?
There are two reasons (off the top of my head) Mages don't get sustain items tuned towards them. 1. It goes against what Mages are supposed to be doing (burst, control, AoE, support, range, etc...) 2. {{champion:8}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 8
The anti-shield implementation just sounds like round 2 of the Grievous Wounds issue. Instead of just properly adjusting healing, Grievous Wounds was (re)implemented, so now healers get to feel like shit when GW is bought, and their enemies get to feel like shit when GW isnt bought, making it fairly one-sided either way. Now, again, instead of taking the time to properly adjust shields, a band-aid fix is being applied while the wound can continue to fester beneath. Can't say I'm a fan.
: Riot, please keep this custom Ahri Announcer. And make more for us!
We need Gangplank back. "Yer allies are feedin' the fishes!"
Slythion (NA)
: I just want s5 jungle back man. Back when skill was involved like tracking buff timers and choosing which smite buff to get for your team. Things like not having freeby escapes with random plants for a safer jungler experience and insane catchup xp. but you know, they'll just keep screwing with things cuz why not, lulz :(
: Why does the new Vlad emote have fangs?
{{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} Am I helping?
RosyMiz (NA)
: Forgive me, Kayn
How dare you do this. How dare you make this beautiful thing.
: We could use dedicated Items for Ap Bruisers like Morde, Rumble, Diana and co. It should mostly be melee only or be geared towards rewarding aggressive play to avoid mages to abuse them.
>melee only >AP Bruiser {{item:3070}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} {{item:3070}}
: Anyone enjoys playing Vladimir anymore ?
Absolutely, Vlad rework was one of the better changes League has had since I started, but I am biased as shit after all. There's a new learning curve for sure, but he's mostly the same health-sucking asshole I fell in love with.
: We need to talk about the portraits...
Ikr, how am I supposed to play with that staring at me? I'm good, but not good enough to play with one hand. :^)
Sdars (EUW)
: Not really. The fact that they're so different means they're easy to balance. Build diversity isn't just "do I build armor or MR?". Teemo is a good example, where some players go AP, but others go on-hit bruiser with frozen mallet. 2 completely different things that he can do because of build diversity. In theory, if your champion is allowed to have that flexibility or not should be an intended strength or weakness. In reality, league of legends is not even close to being balanced well enough for them to start tackling that, especially with the current item system being so poor. That being the case, I think it's cruel to remove the ad ratios. And yes, I agree. Riot hates build diversity, but I'll go further and say they hate diversity in general. They want to enforce their one true way of playing and kill everything else.
> Teemo is a good example Mate, Teemo isnt a good example of anything except how to piss off an entire lane.
: When my Jungler flames me for taking his raptor camp
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Darius: Blood of Noxus
tfw we have a comic for _____: Blood of Noxus, and it isnt Vladimir.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Darius: Blood of Noxus
_sees the pool scene_ Damn son, more like Dari-_ass_.
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