BigFBear (EUW)
: Could it be that Shapeshifter is weak?
They have two issues right now: - With AS and therfore Wild nerfed into oblivion they need far to long to get anything done! - With Sunslingers and Assassins running ramapant (Which is totally not because of Pirates) dealing thousands of DPS with no charge time what so ever they never get the extended fights they need. I loved Wild-Shape and spammed it on PBE. I gave up on it playing ranked. They're useless if you dont Itemstack them. If you do Nida/Shyv/Gnar and especially Swain can singlehandedly win you fights. But theres is simply no reason to run 2 more other than the one you stacked! 60% HP?.. To do what.. exactly? They dont help against ASSASSINS! And NIda and Swain enter God-Mode after transforming anyway! Gnar has done everything he needed to on transformation and Shyv fires happy from backline. Kick the two Shape you dont have stacked and throw in some brawlers. 10 times better!
GankLord (NA)
: Question for Swain Mains
Swain simply lacks MASSIVE amounts of damage or defense for what he's supposed to do. You can - and I mean litterally, I've been there - go 20-5 and still feel like you're in an avarge game with no ability to carry WHAT SO EVER! Everyone walks away from you even with Phase Rush! Everyone can blow you up when you go for DMG! Everyone can simply IGNORE YOU when you go for defense! Swain has NOTHING! Q is shit - pathetic range, hilarious CD, laughable BaseDMG and scaling. This is a spell I need to be closer than a freaking melee AA-Range get some decent numbers! W could actually be a cool spell - IF THE OTHERS HAD SOME USE! They took the "NeverHit" meme and took it to an extreme. OK fine. But completely boosted in this KIt! E... that's easily the least rewarding skillshot to use. It's so damn easy to counter but still deals no damage even if your opponents 2k ping makes him stay in both instances! --------------------------------- I really want to like this Champ because of how much time I spend playing him in the good old days. But everytime I play him he feels like shit. The only way to win against someone is outstating so hard he can't fight back. You can't kill anybody with at least one working braincell without blowing your 120 second CD! ------------------- Old Swain had issues... I wont deny that. But he was fun, he was unique. His Ult felt so damn satisfying to use. It was great dancing with him on the very fine edge between overextending and to passive in every single fight you took. And if you're 20-5 once again... how did you kill an enemy... E-Passive-W-Q and than better have ignite or Ult like you do now? NOPE.. E. W. DEAD! Like every other actually scaling champion in this game does! Well and now since Morde exists... why would you even consider Swain???? Morde DOES EVERYTHING SWAIN DOES! He does MORE. And he's better doing it!
Rewt (NA)
: Holding a team hostage in a game is pretty scummy.
A game lasting additional 20 minutes after you call it a loss is IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM UNWINABLE! Not even CLOSE! And you're most likey nothing but a demoralized defeatist - who shouldn't have pressed "play again" to begin with - without any clue about the actual gamestate!
: Dunno why u got Teamfight Tactics listed where it is
The game attracts tons of new players who've never seen this client before which is why they put it at the most visible spot possible.
: it generally only does that crazy damage if you are up against an autoattack team with weak spells, like blademasters. Any teams that stun him (without his ult up, the damage isn't that great), or with strong spells (since thornmail only applies to AAs), or silences, or that focus down your backline first-they all counter him. The game is all about counters, the person in last place that dies to weak people can sometimes dominate the guy in first. It's fun to do, but not much worse (if any worse) than noble buff garen with thornmail
No.. not really. If you stack the Item the way I did. The only counter left is RedBuff/Morello and than prey. Yes Thornmail Braum can be countered. 3 item cannot.
Barkley (NA)
: Spend all your gold.
You can quite easily force a Synergy you like - and that's a decent way of climbing as well. What you can't do is force a certain Comp. That's a major difference. Choose a handfull Champs you consider win conditions and than go for some of them. Have flexibility in the Comps around them. Focus from the very first carousel building the best items to support them. Doesnt work always, but way more often than not.
: Why does red buff and morellonomicon remove ALL healing?
That's the only to justify numbers like 50% Lifesteal on BT... Without some for GWs you could stack them every game for freewin.
Rioter Comments
: Demon x6 AND blade x6... is it even possible to lose ?
What do we learn: - Buy the Draven: So first place would most likely have not gotten his 3-Star Draven. - Move on from Varus: A Level 2, 2 Star is hardly a hypercarry. 4 or 5 should get all you items lategame. - Level 3, 1 Stars are good but that's it. While Elise might have some Value, Fiora could easily be said Draven, - Eve could easly be a Swain to get Imperial.
: Wild feels extremely bad after the AS scaling change, despite the compensation buff
Yeah Wild is completely slaughtered. Before the changes it was mediocre early, sucked mid and was amazing late. Now... It sucks early, mid and lategame. No point in ever going for this comp anymore. Nida's still good, Gnar's still good. Anything else is garbage you dont want to ever see in your final comp. ------------------- The AS change in general is... not terrible, but I dont like it. In an enviroment where you can put nearly every item on neraly every champion for similar effects AS being now so wiredly gutted is something I dont really understand.
: Tft is literally unenjoyable.
Demons. Bad. Yep that me tells me all I need. /thread
: Can we make carousel after first 3 minions......heres why.
I mean.. maybe.. But in 3 of 5 games I just take what ever 2-Cost with a decent item I can get and sell it before the first PVP anyway. And how would you pick the first champ against creeps than?
: If you don't get 3+ items by Krugs, leave.
Yes, please do gemme all this juicy freelo. <3
Toadwart (NA)
: Its because so many of the comps are terrible. If you take the time to get 6 knights together....the bonus is -80 from auto attacks when Draven is hitting for 1.5k to 3k twice per second.....
I mean 6 Knights is the biggest middle finger to Glacial/Rangers you can ever build - they LITTERALLY deal ZERO DMG! It's beyond hilarious x'D But yeah - they're completely screwed against EVERYTHING else - Sorcerers wipe them, Assassin as well. They probably should have some Poppy-ish Passive limiting burst DMG dealt to them to a percentage of their max Health. Not to crazy, though. This could really get out of hand fast.
: my third and last balance suggestion. Deck packs.
Doesnt work in an shared deck system like TFT runs on. Keep in mind - you never play with your own deck, every single Champ you buy is no longer accessible for the seven others. I wont discuss the Pros and Cons of it - only so much: I like it and its consequences - another idea could work for future formats: Once we get more and more CHampions the 'Traditional' could become a little messy. To many Champions resulting in to many bad draws. While I think it would not make the game unplayable (Level 2/3 Champiosn just would become a little more rare than they're now) focusing on Tratis or Themes from time to time would be intersting. Lists to play in a rotating format could REALLY keep the game fresh and interesting for a HUGE amount of players. And while ranked should probably (you could go for a seasonal rotation) stay 'traditional', playing normal games with let's say three different lists woulld require you to rethink your approach every game! Just making things up: - "Lurking Darkness": A list with Void/Demon and maybe Assassin/Ninja as most common Champions. - "Warring States": A list with a Demacia/Noxus focus so Nobles and Imperials are the common Champion in it. - "Dormant Legends": A list with a focus on ancient stuff, Glacials/Ele/Dragons maybe Sorcerers and Wild.
mosaickle (OCE)
: With all these bugs in both TFT and patch 9.14, I am seriously at a loss as to why Riot doesn't do..
While both League and TFT use the sama Launcher, the same Matchmaking and Net-code and some of the same files implying the TFT-Ingame-Code would affect LoL-Ingame-Code is non sense. Making TFT a serpeate client in an enviroment where they wanted to ship the game as fast as possible would have been a TERRIBLE decision. Right now we face a ton of Ingame bugs - yes. BUT Matchmaking/Connections/Lobbys/Rewards/Missions/Friendlist//LeagueVoice, now Ranked and so much more work perfectly fine. IN NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM we would play this game right now if they went for a new client. There is no way we could already discuss new Champs when everything around them is on fire. We aksing for such things please remember the metric ton of issues we already witnessed - Noone really wants this AGAIN! Also explaining those who play both games why on earth they have to download the same voice lines and client files TWICE would be quite a problem as well.
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: Is MMR in Effect?
There was an MMR in place since the first day it launched. It's not visible but it's there. I.e. they posted the MMR of PBE players some time ago.
: > [{quoted}](name=Old Man Bob,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=XhlAILX9,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-07-12T20:35:40.725+0000) > > Yes, that's part of the game, to play AROUND what RNG is giving you. It's gambling. Poker is RNG heavy, and people play it competitively and even professionally. > > Let me put it this way: If every now and again, you get fucked by RNG, then you chalk it up to bad luck, it happens, it feels bad. But if you ALWAYS feel like RNG is fucking you, then I'm afraid you might just be bad at the game. > > It's kinda like solo Q and your teammates, occasionally they will suck, but if you feel like they suck all the time, it's probably you that is the problem. > > Also, you could always just, you know, not play it. SR is still around. But the game is already "competitive". We don't even have match history, recorded game stats, or even saved item inventories. There are options for systems to measure success over time; a ranking system in the style of what LoL currently has is inappropriate.
Priorities.... People simply cry for ranekd louder than they do for these stuff. Obviously we still neeed it. Obviously we still get it. But Riot - as the small Indie company they are - needs to focus on one thing at a time and can't deliver a bunch of features at once. Because they have only a handfull of people coding all of this.
: How can you possibly make ranked in such an RNG mode?
Because it's not about win or loose - which indeed would not work in a ranked mode. It's not abot being #1 - it's all about not being #5-#8! It's about consistently doing well and adapting to the RNG the game throws at you. Over time there is nothing like bad luck. Only players capeable using what they're given at any time.
: Little Legends Insane Gambling System for "1" Legend (2% chance at Legendary, and $200 wasted)!!?
Speeking of sheeps.. if there were none throwing their money at cosmetic nonsense there would npt be a problem in the first place. But tbh... since there are enough to see a Level3 Legend the very first day you can buy one in the very first game I played I'm starting to feel like having no RNG-offers is actually a bad buisness decision these days... -.- ----------------------- Two more things: - League comes unlike the games you mentioned at a price of 0$. You can play and enjoy the entirety of game thousands of hours without Riot seeing a single dime from you. - And would be PLEASE not list POKEMON out of all things as good examples. For years now this series is low effort trash with zero improovements/inovation/creativity. The single most succesfull franchise of all time and its games are made with the budget of an Indie... Hell every second fan game has more interesting content than main line titles had lately...
Ñaofumi (NA)
: Buff full knights and sorcerer comps
I agree both - Sorcs6 I exclusively run with at least one Yuumi (usually aiming for two) because a full sorc 6 team is just not worth it. And Knight6 is fine against AS-Champions* but against anything with high DMG you basicly dont have a comp at all... 100% not worth it to build. ----------------------------------- *honoring a single Seju tanking 3 Level2 itemized Rangers for 20 seconds leading to time out and elimination......
: Jax in Teamfight Tactics
See and that's exactly what NEVER EVER should happen. Adding random Champions Synergy1 traits. That would turn into absolute garbage where actual synergies no longer matter.
: I’ve had terrible experiences playing against anivias with their ais throwing down her ult onto my carries despite the tanks being in front of her. But it does feel like pretty much every unit has bad ai anyway. Okay I feel like you haven’t exactly gotten what I’m saying. I’m saying that the glacial *buff* is what’s really strong. Forcefully going for 6 glacials is awful, but getting 2 or 4 is plenty powerful while also building into many other synergies simultaneously. In fact, you don’t even need to get glacial champions, simply getting two spatulas gets you the lowest glacial buff, which on something like wild or blademaster is very dumb. It feels like aside from maybe nobles, going for any rank 6 buff with just the pre-existing classes is bad. But using spatulas you can get multiple partial synergies and *maybe* a 6 unit synergy while also having many partial synergies. The issue with glacial is that it is *so strong* at every level of the synergy. If you have 2 giants belts and 2 spatulas getting 2 frozen mallets is *way* better than getting a warmogs and a force of nature.
Ss that's another story! And hints to another problem! Ranger (and Gunslingers as well) are completely busted with On-Hit Itemization. It doesn't need to be glacial - stack a few CC-Items/Red-Buff/Demon on them and you get the exact same effect. Glacial still is fine overall. Sure you can run 2 or 4 for an occasional CC but you'll never ever freeze more than two units with it!
: 6 Nobles? They are just gonna stand there and die slower because 6 Noble teams don't have that great of dmg to break through before Glacial gets going if anything they are terrible unless you hit a FON and have 10 units to run an MF in the corner with a Morello's.
Nah, 6 Nobles VS 6 Glacial has a 100% timeout ratio from what I've seen! x'D Hilarious matchup!
: is there any counter whatsoever to glacial comps?
Void/Ninja-Assassin or any decent iteration of Sorc beats them without much sweat. Both petty much the same way. Tank the front- while destroying the back-line
: Yeah I agree about sorc 6 being pretty terrible. If the enemy team has an aurelion shyvana you lose very handily, and you automatically lose to dragon unless you invested in your kassadin. Plus, when I mention a comp I am speaking of the general champions it has plus maybe 1-2 spatula’d champions. Nonetheless, it’s not hard to get through a cho’gath or any tanky for that matter. A morello’s/red buff makes relatively short work of most front lines. In addition, sejuani can and *does* consistently ult most of the enemy team. I have never seen a glacial team have issues freezing a second row. Not to mention cho’gath is actually somewhat squishier than sejuani until rank 3 at which point he is slightly tankier. Sejuani has less hp than cho’gath, sure, but cho’gath only has 20 base armor and mr while sejuani has 35 armor and 25 mr. You act as if your team comp will just take out the backline without glacial being able to do anything. That’s a load of nonsense, as if a glacial team can’t itemize to kill your team comp faster just like yours can. Not to mention, with almost any glacial comp, the rangers, usually ashe, have guinsoo’s. Whatever does that mean, you say? That means that she is attacking and therefore proccing glacial and ulting WAAAAAY faster over time. And I think you are blessedly ignorant of what happens if a glacial team can get some frozen hearts/sword breakers/hush/demons/kassadin. A varus as the second ranger + another demon will burn your mana and leave you unable to regain mana at all because you are stunned and what little you manage to gain is lost to demons. A sword breaker just makes it so you’re unable to auto even when you’re not frozen. Hush makes it so you cannot cast your spells even when not stunned. Just because you’ve faced many mediocre glacial comps with stupid placement and stupid item builds doesn’t mean every glacial player is dumb enough to let you do as you wish. I mentioned that A) glacial has significant benefits at 2, 4, and 6 units but is flexible enough that stopping at 4 is plenty. B) glacial can and does flexibly run many other units in its comp, the only ones that are hard to incorporate are demons, gunslingers, and rangers. Cho’gath and gnar are pretty common in glacial teams from what I have seen. So are kayle and kindred. What’s even funnier is when you say glacial is very lacking in damage. Anivia, a commonly underrated unit, deals 700 / 950 / 1200 damage over 8 seconds in a huge area while slowing attack speed by 50% / 70% / 90%. But what’s most important here is that she essentially procs morello on many targets while also making them attack slower which makes it harder to “tank long enough to gain main” because it takes them 2/3.3/10 times as long to auto attack. And she can and does have multiple ults out at once pretty consistently. It’s silly because you’re just drawing a strawman. “Your comp will lose once its main units are killed.” As if there are comps that won’t lose if you magically kill of their core units like you are suggesting other comps have a way of doing.
I actually think it's exactly the other way around - and I think the current meta prooves my point: Glacial tends to stomp any bad teamcomp and is strong against stupid forms of hyperrolling (where you lack levels and get outnumbered). Glacial looses to the actual strong Comps. WIld/Shape, Void/Assassin, Different Iterations of Imperial and Sorcs. ----------------- And no it's not a strawman pointing out a lack of winconditions. If you have one or two DPS Champs and 100% rely on them being untouched for the entirety of the fight your comp is very inconsistend! The Comps I mentioned above don't have this issue AT ALL. They dont care if one or two important units are cought in a hail of CC! -------------- Considering Anivia - would be an amazing Champion - if her AI would not be Iron4, consistently throwing the ult into nowhere if you dont give her like 4 tears to make her Ult instantly! So instead of one the best she's easily one the worst T5 units in the game... (The only thing that saves her are her traits of Glacial/Ele)
: So what you mean to tell me is a whole glacial comp *isn’t* going to interrupt your karthus, aurelion, or katarina? Glacial ranger needs to land 1, maybe 2 autos to stun lock you. And it’s funny that you pretend glacial doesn’t get items. Not to mention glacial ranger is *easy* to get. I’m saying this as a guy who consistently goes sorc and wins, glacial is *far* easier to accomplish and is *far* more flexible. I don’t understand where or what your burst concept is of. If it’s damage, then glacial has plenty of it, though maybe not as much as sorc or blademaster. For a team to burst a glacial team, firstly they need to charge up enough mana to use their ultimates while there are 6 champions on the enemy team that have a 45% chance to stun on *every auto attack,” while having aoe stuns and lots of lockdown ultimates. All it takes to shut down sorc even harder is a dragon fang/hush or a couple demons. All it takes to shut down blademaster is sword breaker (especially on volibear who cna proc it on multiple targets.) A morellonomican/red buff (latter for volibear) on a champion with aoe ultimates will negate much of the noble bonus. Swordbreaker and phantom dancer will also shut down assassin comps hard. Thornmail helps as well. What item do you build to deal with glacial? What strategy can you take? And this nonsense about “dream comps” lol. 7-8 champions is the natural late game. Having 3+ synergies at 8 champions with one being a full 6 unit synergy is *pretty damn strong.* If you’re stuck at 6 units you’re doing something wrong. And I don’t know why you think a 6 sorc comp, a comp with multiple highly contested units: aurelion sol, lulu, morgana, kassadin, is easier to get than a comp where nobody really contests anything. The only champs I have seen people interested in taking where sejuani and ashe, and usually both were because they are the one guy going glacial in the first place. Oh yeah, the karthus on the sorc team is gonna carry so hard, as long as no one sneezes for 5 seconds he can get off one ult that’ll hit 4 targets, or maybe 7 if you manage to get a level 2 that early as you claim, considering it isn’t even possible for him to appear in rolls before level 6. Oh yes, I forgot, what was sorc comp’s 2 unit and 4 unit bonuses again? Are they comparable to to 25% on hit to freeze and 35% on hit to freeze? Oh wait, I forgot, their buff is 35 AP to everyone... at 3 units. Now your champions deal 35% more damage on their ult ~~if they get to that is~~! Anyone can start a glacial comp with 2 champions, meaning it’s easy to pivot into or out of glacial if one wants or needs to! And 4 glacials is plenty if you’re feeling like going for a different partial synergy as well. TL;DR: A) glacial is easy to build into B) glacial requires no commitment and is easy to pivot into and pivot out of. C) glacial teams still build items so it’s not like your fully equipped teams are going to be facing itemless glacial teams. D) end game 7-8 champion teams are the norm, and glacial gets several very strong side synergies if it wants, which usually require only 1 champion. E) the cc with such a team is so huge that there’s no reason why you can’t just add on a no synergy damage dealer as 7th or 8th champ, or perhaps as early as 5th champ considering 4 glacials is when it starts to get consistent. F) Glacial has a tanky team composition while also having high cc, they can stall for a *long* time. After you somehow manage to hit them enough to get mana, you still won’t be able to burst anything except maybe an ashe or anivia, if your team is smart enough to target them/the glacial dude is dumb enough to misposition them. G) Glacial stalls long enough to make items, effects, and champions that need time to stack take effect, like guinsoo’s (which makes you permastun harder) and gnar (massive extra damage and massive chain cc).
You still don't get my point of Glacials missing DMG. And the consequences that arise from it. You can put a Cho/Seju (Knights shut down Rangers entirely) right in front of a Glacial team give it what ever defensive lying around and make him Tank for ages. He will stand there soaking up all the DMG and all the freezes because of how fighting and target selection in this game works. Glacial in no way shape or form can get past such a Tank or two before the opposing team is able to charge up their manabars! They can't kill the Tank and redirect their focus on the Kata before she gets her Ult. Knowing this all you need now is a Team with very powerfull Ults and guess what - that's exactly what I'm running on a regular base resulting in me having ZERO issues with glacial. If the Rangers or the Brand or the 3 Item Voli dies Glacial has NO win condition WHAT SO EVER. Please tell me - how would a Glacial Comp interrupt a 3rd row Champion ala Karthus or Aurelion? How? This guys have problems freezing the second row! --------------------------- BTW: Sorc6 is a terrible build that runs too many rare/contested Champions and that gets countered by so many comps/Items mostly because they dont have any actual frontline. Sorc3 or less (with a Yuumi) is SO MUCH BETTER. Have a Morgana an Aurelion/Karthus and a Yuumi or an Ahri if you go for Wild and proceed with a Team capeable of using the Sorc Buff such as Swain/Cho/Kata/Brand
: AP to AD ratio in game
??? Every single Champ in the game works on AP and AD? BFF builds into the exact same number of Items as Needlessly? So what an eath are you talking about?
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=K1ZiV%%%,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-07-08T01:48:41.087+0000) > > Beefy Frontline - High DPS backline is what works for me best. > > Glacial has massive DMG issues which is why a Cho or your own Seju can tank for ages. > Them positioned in a way their Seju/Ashe Ult doesnt reach your DPS Champs and you've got a free win. > > (And let's be honest here - outside of a 3 Item Voli - Glacial6 has not single decent Champ outside the ones I mentioned. It's Seju, Ashe + some minions!) But this neglects that frozen mallet easily makes up for these weak champions, which builds out a giants belt that is otherwise not that useful aside from morello’s and maybe titanic hydra and spatula, which isn’t *that* hard to get. This also neglects that this comp is already strong at 2 units, and basically becomes ridiculous at 6 units where every other auto stuns (and ashe will have an easy time stacking guinsoo’s in such a drawn out round). The only somewhat weak units in glacial are lissandra and braum, neither of which actually that weak. Add in a single unit with glacial and you also have elementalist, ranger, guardian, brawler, knight (which is admittedly meh). Something I see often is glacial kindred with a mordekaiser on top of 5 other glacial champions, getting phantom, ranger, glacial, and knight bonuses in play. While it is true that the damage that this team has is not much compared to other comps, the reality is the damage isn’t actually *that* much worse than other comps, meaning a full glacial team, given similar items, usually beats most other full x team compositions, especially if they are able to lock down key units from building mana. Remember that the draven and other units are at least as walled by the glacial team as the glacial team is walled by the blademaster/imperial/whatever team. Blocking mana restoration is huge. Meat shields that never get to use their abilities can end up pretty useless.
By the time you have this dream comp you made up there I can get Level 2s of Swain Karthus and/or Aurelion as well in Shape/Sorcs. Or Imperial/Sorcs with a Kata deleting you entire backline within seconds - given the frontline Tanks long enough for her to charge her mana bar, which is usually the case since even Glacial-Ranger need time to ramp up. And so does Glacial-Ele. Glacial has ZERO burst. No matter how hard you try. And that opens up so much space you can use against them.
: So how exactly does one deal with or counter a glacial comp?
Beefy Frontline - High DPS backline is what works for me best. Glacial has massive DMG issues which is why a Cho or your own Seju can tank for ages. Them positioned in a way their Seju/Ashe Ult doesnt reach your DPS Champs and you've got a free win. (And let's be honest here - outside of a 3 Item Voli - Glacial6 has not single decent Champ outside the ones I mentioned. It's Seju, Ashe + some minions!)
AkatsuNL (EUW)
: TFT, please nerf Glacial
Dunno - Running heavy frontline on a regular base I have ZERO issues with Glacial. Who cares if my Cho or Seju gets Freezed a few times - in the end they still ult and proc their Redemtion on Death. The only excetpion to this is Glacial 6 which usuall lacks MASSIVE amounts of DMG. I remember a Glacial round where my Karthus Ulted 3 times in a row without any Items. =P
: How do you use demons?
Yeah - Ranger or even better Gun/slinger/Blademaster is something I can see working. Everything else not so much. I consider Demon nothing but a conveniec pick when you alread have 1 or 2. Like going Morgana for Sorc/Shape instead of something else because of Swain. ^^
AuronRoo (NA)
: Lets Talk About the Busted Assassins
Assassins are a strong early game class with a decent scaling but I dont really consider them much of an issue. You can outscale on alot of comps and some Champs can go completely wreck them. (Ever seen a PD,Dragon Swain 1-5 against Assassins and winning without any issues? Or PD,Gunblade Shyvana?) All you need is some decent positioning to beat most of them. Last time I went Void Assassins in a premade Lobby were everyone knew what they were doing I had a pretty rough time. (Until I made a Kata and a Akali Sorcerer - they went completely insane! x'D)
: 3-Star Veigar Spell needs a slight nerf.
3-Star, Level 3 are extremely unlikely - nothing wrong witht hem being really powerfull.
Yamiiiii (EUW)
: @Riot Suggestions for Teamfight Tactics
I agree on everything with two exceptions: - Carousel Rounds: BIG NO! Right now the game has a very well made balance of comeback and snowball - changing the carousel the way you ask would instantly delete ANY way of comeback. - Matchmaking: Yes and No here. I definitely agree on giving the rounds a comprehendable logic. Loosing 50HP in two rounds against the same dude win streeaking opponent is ridiculous! However I dont think showing idividual opponents in advance is a good idea. There are a couple of comps that win/loose depeding on the side they're placed in. Exactly knowing your opponent would result into a whoever flinches first looses. Resulting in chaotic error heavy unti placements during the last seconds. --------------------------------- One thing I miss on the list is Fighting Ghosts. I can't do anyhting but despise the current form of fighting ghosts whenever there is an odd number of players. You gain NOTHING from winning - You loose EVERYTHING on loosing. Especially in endgame there is nothing more anticlimactic than winning OR loosing because of ghost fights! I remember more than one endgame scenario where I had a scary and an easy opponent to face. I prepared fo the scary one only to realize two fights against the easy one later the scary one got eliminated and I won. So did my strategy work? Did the easier one beat him? I HAVE NO CLUE! Yes Ghosts shorten games by large marging but honestly I think the game would be much more enjoyable without them. Or with a different system once half of the player got eliminated.
: What qualifies as a spell?
Every ability is a spell.
: Not only scale the numbers really high later on, the baseline 2 damage causes early loosingstreaks to be very punishing aswell and the combination of both is what makes combacks really hard. Even if you manage to get a good setup later on, if you lost alot early you quickly drop so low that 1 loss later on is enough to drop out, and 1 loss can happen easily no matter the setup cause of all the RNG, just face some critlucky assasins and gg, or run assasins your self and get 1 fight with no early crits... if you take the original DAC in comparison, they roughly have half the damage per piece later on and no 2 base damage ( ) Though at later rounds, some % current health damage is added baseline, and once it's only two players remaining, it enters sudden death and cuts down 50% current health of both players each turn, which both helps combacks.
Punishing early defeats is something that's neccesary! The comeback mechanics od this game are insane at it ise - making early loosing less punishable would result in massive AFK strats!
asamu (NA)
: Yes, I realize that about T4. My point isn't that T4 shouldn't be strong, it's that it's a bit TOO strong right now. Nerfing the duration of gnar/cho/sej CC by .5 sec won't kill them, and they'll all still be highly contested. Nerfing Draven's damage buff on spinning axes from 150%/200% to 100%/150% per stack wouldn't kill him. He'd still have the highest single-target dps in the game by a pretty significant margin. Kindred and Akali can't just be picked when you see them and thrown into the team at rank 1, then built around after that. You have to already have the support for them when you pick them. That's the difference. > you mentioned and {{champion:89}} might be bad but Guardian is crazy! Actually no, I said Leona is underrated and is in a great place... She's fantastic even without guardian to just throw into a team, but is overshadowed by Sej/Cho/Gnar, who are all a bit too strong right now. The only reason to pick Ahri/Shyv/Kat/Liss is to enable the synergies they have, because those synergies are OP, and all of them except Sorc could maybe use a nerf... On their own, all 4 are pretty awful even ranked up. Ahri and Liss aren't in as bad of places as Kat/Shyv, but are still pretty mediocre. As for {{item:3087}}, the reason for a buff suggestion is because it doesn't stack up with the other bow items. Hydra adds twice as much damage on every hit, instead of every 3rd hit.
Yeah, but isnt this a good way to balance stuff. Great comp - bad champions? Bad comp - great champions? I.E. Yes Liss is bad. Easily one the worst picks you can make in the first rotation, but once you get a single Ashe or Kennen/Brand you want her in your team. Besides putting her Frontline getting a fast self ult for some AOE works quite well for me. Considering Items: You said it your selfe, the best stats in the game thrown together. They know that! And they cant possibly give it a great effect as well. Static is good for what it does. Titanic is completely insane - but that's another story!
asamu (NA)
: Current thoughts on balance of TFT
I respect your opinion but I can hardly agree with some of your decisions. - T4: Do you realize you want 6 out of 9 T4s nerfed? You should respect the Tier. Neither {{champion:203}} nor {{champion:84}} are much weaker than the ones you mentioned and {{champion:89}} might be bad but Guardian is crazy! - {{champion:103}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:127}} In no way shape or form these girls need buffs! They're perfectly fine for what they do OR enable. - {{champion:114}} {{champion:98}} are also quite good if you use/position them correctly. Don't think they need buffs but that's debateable. - {{champion:76}} I really not sure about her. Yes, she's strong. But the Wild comp she's in has a hard time early on to win anything so having one great unit isnt to bad. --------------------------- Considering Items: We can agree those need work done. Desperately! Random chances need to become X-Hits. Numbers need changes. I personally dont think any of the Items you mentioned is actually bad, most of them are simply niche items. Ranger/Blademaster is great with Statics, Ludens is great on fast Casters such as Ahri, Akali, Gunblade works on Asassins.
: You're in luck! Reroll strat was nerfed hard.
: By the way undeniably yes the stars can align for a new player and allow them to get a comp and items they want right off the bat, and this will allow them to push early leads and maybe even make it to 3rd or 2nd place. However the 1st place will always be taken by the most knowledgable player. Be adaptive in this gamemode and you will increase chances of winning, dont be afraid to switch your comp halfway through and have 1 star or 2 star champs on the field for the perk bonuses that can win you the game.
Nah that's not true. Fighting RNG aside, expirience helps you top (1-3) and makes you gain MMR. But the win usually takes the most lucky guy. Sure a complete neebie wont win against experienced players lucky or not but that's most likely due to him even being able torealize where he got lucky! xD
: Dont change TfT
You're quite delusional seen it this way. Yes currently is all chaos and so many differnt skill-levels and approaches playing against each other that pretty much nothing really matters. But play one game in a ranked enviroment were two player with simmilar skill levels encounter and one gets a Negatron out of the first minion waves and the other gets a Rageblade, a Static and a Gunblade! Tell me, which one of this players will go on a easy winstreak, starts a huge econ-snowball and will reach a higer level and higher level champions before anyone else? Btw, this example is not made up. This can happen. This does happen. And it's not even the worst case possible!
: With leveling and getting 7 or more two stars you can easily beat those who upgraded their t1 champs to lvl 3...t4 champs at lvl 2 are better except Leona. Now If they get an absurd amount of items and win because of that that's something entirely different but rerolling like a mad man isnt meta and doesn't consistently work which means it's certainly not meta. Going glacier ranger void assassins big Nobles is meta.
Indeed the consistency is an issue, and due to how the game works somthing I also dislike in this strat. However those 3-Stars should not be taken lightly. Keep in mind the highest MMR ranking approach on PBE was the reroll strategy.
: Ranged units in the corner
I mean - that's the litteral counter to Assassins. So, pretty much working as intended. (BTW even Assassins can counter this if know how) Other comps have far less issues dealing with it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: "Can the RNG game please be less RNG?" Play ... literally anything else?
There is a major difference between RNG you can adapt to and Coinflips. Currently the 3-Star-Gamble is equal to said Coinflip. While Item and Champion RNG can be adapted to. If you try and understand the differences you'll realize the issues. It's a very common problem found in pretty much any RNG involving strategy game. Card games most noteably.
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: When you have several tier 3s with fully stacked items and you're against a full glacial team
I mean - it's pretty much the only way to bet someone who went yolo and got lucky early one. I actually hate both strategies. But they have little to no alternatives.
: rengar with 2 gunblades is the most broken thing in the game. (with rageblade draven 2nd)
I mean - T3 unit, probably level 2 or higher - every single one of them is insane is you give them 2 Items and a comp. That's how the game works. And dont get me even started on Level 4 and 5! Ever seen a Rapid Fire Voli? Stunlocking your whole Team! Ever seen a PD, Dragon Shyvana being completely untouchable by anyone? A Kata? A Aatrox?
: Erm… Earning XP from it would be a great start.
That was a thing on PBE - given quite little and invisible but I actually leveled up from playing TFT once. Dont know how it's on live since our DAMN SERVERS ARE BURNING!
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