: {{item:3151}} completely broken if you think about it.
Straight up looses to {{item:3165}} outside some very, very, niche occasions...
Bultz (NA)
: Ap champions should have no healing ability outside of supports
I agree so far that {{item:3146}} should not be on Assassins and should be reworked. It's really shitty, especially when you're on immobile stuff against the likes of LB, Kata or Akali. Gunbalde however is a prime kandidate to be reworked into a AP-Bruiser Item. Build towards Champ likes Sylas (who really isn't an Assassin) Diana, Morde maybe Shyvana and friends...
: Since TFT ranked is a thing i asked for something similar. Ranked ARAM with all champs unlocked. Mostly so that you can't make "aram" account with only your bests unlocked. I mean you can, but pointless since all champ would be available. I don't think, that it would be more luck based, than TFT.
I mean, a Ranked ARAM would make me play it from time to time however... You'd need like 1h and -25LP (and maybe even an MMR) Dodge penalty to ever hope finding a single game! + What OP asked for, for obvious reasons.
: Manamune buildpath/recipe change
I mean.. only logical for a mana Item to have CDR on it but... Does this game really need MORE CDR? I don't think so....
: Why can't Riot move to a fully transparent MMR ranked system?
I don't care about the current division system they can keep their fancy stuff and just display this god damn number and if I'm greedy with a small indicator (an arrow, nothing more...) if this MMR is above or below your current placing. They don't have to change a thing. Just let me hoover my Division on the profile page and show the number!
: Lol lost argument, runs away. Like your ranked games. But unlike your ranked games you didnt dodge in time. I know you will never agree that what you are doing is wrong. Maybe its better for me to talk to a person who isnt hardstuck for years now. Makes you biased af. You need all the dodges you can get buddy.
You're delusional about the game, make wrong assumptions that're so of the mark it's not even worth discussing. There is simply no point in wasting any more time on that. I thought this was a worthwhile discussion when in fact it's nothing but a blockhead standing on his postion crying out of any useable arguments and throwing around accusations with no point what so ever. This useless poll should have been a warning... x'D
: I know that since you are abusing this dogeing you will defend it and i cant convince you that fun modes should not punish you more then competitive ranked modes. And noone needs to maximise your rank by leaving games you know you cant win. That makes the whole point of drafts and ranks pointless. It makes ppl like you higher rank than you realy are and i dont agree with that. If you need to dodge your ranked games you are bad and should lose that game and riot should not hold your hand while you are gaming the system by getting higher rank then you realy are. You are plat now and you would be lower if you wouldnt abuse dodgeing, that is my point. Just becouse riot cant fix the game for years now that dosent mean you should be allowed to abuse the system while ppl are more punished for trying to have fun. Then add just for me that if i dodge in ARAM while on my team i have a player blcked i get no to low timer and i would be happy. But when im watching imaqtpie he says fuck this yassuo mid and dodges cuz he knows he will lose its ok? Not in my book on a ranked high ladder games. Why having a draft at all if you then can leave when you made a bad one? Again im not arruing that ranked needs more timers or something i dont understand why a FUN gamemode is stricter then RANKED games. So to you it makes sense that your rank can be a lie but god forbid ppl having fun in ARAM.
What the hell... did I just read... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} ... guess I'll dodge this one...
: So you are saying that if you leave ranked games you get mmr? Are you ok buddy? Or did you mean you lose mmr? Im just saying that that means that a challenger in ranked games can dodge with no punishment cuz he knows that jax will smash him in top, while in ARAM you need to wait for 15 min if you dont like playing with a troll or a toxic person? Maybe im wrong but ranked games shuld be more strict than casual games. Othervise its not casual anymore. I see you dont agree with that. Ok then if what you are saying is true, make one hour dodge timer for ranked. Its for fun while your rank should be how good you are, now ppl can climb while not being actualy the rank they are by selecting games to win. That makes ranked games more abusable than casual ARAM games. That makes 0 sense to me. Who was so upset about ARAM games dodge timers that they made ARAM have more integrity then ranked games? Is re-q-ing in ARAM realy so bad if someone dodges? More then in ranked games? So if soneone wats to have fun in ARAM they should be punished while ranked is ok to abuse? How is that fun?
That's your problem... you view dodges as abuse instead of tools. A tool that SHOULD be used in ranked. But is not necessary in Fun-Modes! (NONONE needs to maximize their winrate in ARAM, and especially not by fixing your pick intention which, being random, is the whole point of this mode in the first place! Why on earth do you think there is no Ranked-Aram?!? You'd spent like a day in Q until finally both team got God-Comps!!) You need a way in ranked to avoid Q-Terrorists, to avoid failed trading arragments and to fix misunderstandings! It can also be used to avoid horrible teamcomps. Judging om them is also a skill in League that is rewarded. And obviously... you dont gain MMR by dodging, you gain by not playing the freelose and win the next!
: Well that is my point, how can ARAM be more important than ranked games? Make it all 15 min then or all 5 min. Look at tweet its to keep the integrity of a fun gamemode. By riot games words ARAM has more integrity then ranked. Im just asking WHY? And you are from EUW too and ARAM timers are low so i dont care if i have to q 4 times, that is still only 5 min or less of my life.
You dont get the point. Increasing the dodge time in ranked would change absolutely nothing since the people dodge to gain MMR. Waiting longer doesnt not make them not dodge! It makes them open Steam to play something else! Increasing the dodge Timer in ARAM works since the pople dodge because they're unsatisfied with their champ and want a new one (if they have to wait.. they don't get a new one, they wait!)
: ARAM 15 min dodge timers to keep game integrity, 5 min for challenger dodgeing a bad match in ranked
Smart dodging is a big part in ranked since launch... And the timer on it doesn't matter at all! Knowing when a game is lost in Champ-Select is a skill in its own. And you use that skill to increase your winrate. ARAM is for fun - having to Q 3 times since some monkey is dodging ain't fun. So monkeys need fist to face!
: A big part of Shyv's kit is getting resistances from killing dragons, if you build her full ad or full ap or on-hit she is pretty squishy, but that's where her passive comes in, she excels at taking dragons solo and should be doing that whenever she possibly can. It gives her alot of resistances and if you manage to kill a fair few dragons per game as shyv and possibly build a few more bruiser-ish tanky items youll see that you can survive alot more. Try co-ordinating with your teammates too since Shyv's ult can have a big impact with follow up from teammates!! She's a really fun champ and I think it's cool you're trying to learn her, keep it up, once you play her more and more and learn her intricacies she'll be alot more fun! {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
I'd... not really call it a big part... You get ~200Gold Value per Dragon on your passive which is.... absolutely pathetic compared to others. Especially considering she doesn't have another. With 3 Drakes you're up 800Gold. Profit? IDK. (A team killing 3 Drakes has ~80% winrate already) Also without any shield/heal she kills Dragons fast but is incredibly vulnerable while soloing them.
: This if you are lucky. It's deletion of your favorite champ if you aren't. It's the irelia/akali reworks if the devs really hate you.
So true. R.I.P. {{champion:50}}
Zezilian (EUNE)
: Is Shyvana considered as weak champion ?
What Shyvana really excells in is her gold genreation. Not just JGL, but also creeps, Turrets and other objectives. She burns through them insanely fast while quickly moving around the map with W. Since she doesn't have to worry about resources in doing so you should pretty much always find your selfe at the top of Gold-Charts. How you're building her honestly doesn't matter that much. AD Bruiser(SoS), On-Hit Tank(Titanic), Hybrid-Tank(Gunblade), AP-Carry(Nash/Runic) and probably more - as long you're playing the gold-game you should pretty much always come out ahead. With JGL farming being not really viable these days I don't consider her an actual JGL. Her ganks and early game pressure sucks and you're simply not rewarded for farming. Mid/Top suit her MUCH better depending on buildpaths.
: [QOTD] What are your expectations for Season 10?
I honestly don't expect much from current Riot... They're adamant in changing the game towards a 'larger audience'. They want a flashy instant-reward game for kids and fast paced games for asian markets. They want League to be nothing like it used to be and what made it as big as it is soley to cater a super volatile playerbase that will jump ship the second the next big thing is released. #smart buisness decisions... --------------- https://trends.google.de/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F04n3w2r working as intended! --------------- Season 3&4 the high of Leauge in the west and Season 5 the oh so horrible TANK-META AND the high of League in the EAST. Especially Season 5 was absolute high in terms of diversity and viablity with the entire roaster of champions being pickable. LONG close slow-paced games dominated these seasons. WIth clear cuts in early mid and late where every one of them was important when building a team and every one of them was fun to play.
: > [{quoted}](name=GigglesO,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BQIZwYHe,comment-id=000e0000,timestamp=2019-09-05T22:30:49.103+0000) > > Thats the thing. The game didn't used to be this way. We had a better balance between damage and defense. You had to poke and trade to get people lower, and then you could just finish them off. Kills could take 2 minutes of setup time in league, and now they take 10s at best? That's just you? Tell me your troubles man. Just what problem do you have with assassins and which assassin? I'll actually try to help, since I'm an assassin main myself. Because from my view, mages are uninteractive. They do nothing but poke you whenever they can. It's annoying. Obviously the only thing I can do is burst you down with ALL of my abilities. And later on, mages are superior to assassins (unless the assassin is fed by you or your team) because a mage can clear wave with 1 or 2 ability. Assassins have inferior waveclear and they have to spend money on Tiamat if they want to have a waveclear like a mage. Mages can also attack from far away and assassins have to go ALL in. Mages also have seeker's armguard which is very good against AD assassins which builds into literally the best item in the game: Zhonyas. A single press of zhonya nullifies burst of Zed, Talon, Rengar
The thing is... playing said assassins you're forcing the mages to play exactly this way since there is NO OTHER. They can't possibly try to fight you in any way shape or form. Your entire KIT is designed to destroy them on sight! Play a round of Mage VS Mage and see the difference! Active trading, back and forth gameplay with a metric ton of skill expression in both dodging and hitting your stuff, in managing your CDs and the Minion-Aggro! Back to Mage VS Assassin.... Stay out of range lasthit, Wait... and wait... and wait... until finally the assassin screws up and gives you an opening. As the Mage you're simply not allowed to do ANYTHING usefull.... the second you use your CC spell the assassin can simply avoid it with his mobility and all in you. The second you gain actual kill pressure by poking him down he can easily avoid it with his mobility... If you try to roam you're already dead since the assassin will simply flash into your face the second you leave the savety of your turret! Playing VS an Assassin is a boring shitfest! Every. Single. Time. There is ZERO fun playing this matchup! You do nothing and wait for late praying you Bot doesn't screw this up for you. Praying because actually helping them is out of question if the Assassin has at least 2 working braincells! ----------------------------------- IMO the fun of games is indirectly proportional to the number of assassins picked. The more you have the more it becomes a meaningless clownfiesta. The less you have the more interesting games become! They tend to be closer and longer than the ones with assassins. Those are games where actual MAKRO matters, where actual teamcomps matter and a synergy between the players can make the difference! Have a single Assassin and game becomes: Start Fight: Assassin jumps in and Kills ADC = Win. Assassin jumps in and dies = Loose. Very fun - much interesting for everyone involved...
: What's the point of healing anymore?
Thing is while I definitely agree on an overabundance of GWs: - GWs need to get the F out of Core builds! These Items are meant to counter Heals! NOT to be picked up without thinking! - Ignites CD is bad joke! It needs to go back to its old value AT LEAST. (AND without "compensation") ...I have to addres the fact that healing is also massively overused these days. Starting with Triumph on basicly everyone... Bloodline, Ravenous Hunter, Taste of Blood, Fleet Footwork, Grasp, Conquerer, Biscuits.. the list of heals from runes alone is ridiculous... Pretty much everyone heals randomly mid-fight without ANY form of sustain in Kit OR Items! And with most of this stuff being based on the ever increasing DMG in lategame those formerly small heals can add up to actual sustain you notice and want to counter! That's the problem, the Champions that HAVE actual Healing are designed for it and not even the issue! Everony else is! Look at Jax! {{item:3078}} {{item:3161}}? "Well he's quite squshy just burst him"... But have you ever seen what a Jax heals in a single fight??? I remeber more than one of them simply facetanking me (on APs!) without taking any noticeable DMG! And this is true for pretty much every single Bruiser out there... ----------- I think BOTH needs to disappear...
Crocele (NA)
: huh neat, i like strange interactions like that
Lux is one of the best users for that btw. (Since she doesn't need Rylais and works well with Resolve) Was really amazing during the Starguardian-Event when Ardent was alot stronger than it is right now.
: Changes To Dragons and their Eggs - No More RNG
https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/de/rankings/drakes Yeah.. wonder which one poeple will choose...
Zullar (NA)
: Is it Better to Reroll 3 Skin Shards into 1, or Sell Them for Essence?
Look at there value. There are Skin-Shards disenchanting for 100 Essence. There are Skin-Shards disenchanting for 360 Essence. When rerolling into a new one the value doesn't affect the outcome at all! That's why choosing which one to roll and which one to disenchant is basicly a no-brainer. ^^ You only have to decide where you're drawing the line.
: Auto fill is fine. TLDR @ bottom
TBH since PickOrder was removed the general game-knowledge went down alot. Laners with no what so ever understanding how the JGL or Support plays (That starts with respecting {{item:4302}} charges!)... JGLs with no clue how minion aggro/wavemanagement works (Yeah gank while there are 10+ Minions around.. GOOD IDEA!!!)... And overall ZERO capeability of reading teamcomps and making decisions based on that!! Back in the days most (at least in gold and higher) had at least basic knowledge how to make what ever comp you picked work! Nowadays you have Supports engaging in poke comps! People trying to splitpush with Malph/Fiddle in team that simply want to group and fight! Scaling Comps that have people FF15! 1-3-1 comps that try to 5v5 for SOME REASON! ------------- Also, I didn't really have that much trouble getting the lane I wanted even without throwing lol-king links everywhere. Asking nicely and not complaining when truned down worked more oftem than not. I had above 50% ratio as midlaner! Alot higher when DuoQing (for obvious reasons). And yeah the loss of general knowledge also affects me. I was a decent JGL, ADC and Support back in the days! These days me JGL equals an auto-loss! And me supporting only works out if my ADC is at least decent... but I can no longer actively carry them despite the carry potential of supps went up drasticly over the years...
: You basically just said “people refuse to help/make plays to counter something that is obviously repeating since the game started” in other words. If you know that the enemy jungler is always there you have an advantage and can literally shut him down and put him into the ground for the rest of the game with 1-2 counterplays. If he gets away with camping a lane it’s not him being good it’s “you” (intended as a team) being terrible. He is literally giving you a free tool to win the game
It's not wrong what you're saying. But teammates tend to be terrible at the game. That's nothing new. That's why you want to get a lead, be strong and carry their 40% wr asses. xD A JGL deciding to once again camp the everylasting shit out of you (without loosing any relevant farm) completely shuts you down from doing so. It renders you important impact on the early/mid game pretty much zero. Even if you don't die once to the non sense. Even if you're so much better than them to manage stay even... staying even doesnt help if your Top or Bot is feeding! I'm on immobile mages pretty much since the game launched. Never did I feel so robbed of agency by the JGL as I'm in the last 2 Seasons. ----------- I as a laner want to able to once again punish the ganking JGL for being BAD. I want to give him a full rotation making him struggle clearing his next camps and thinking TWICE about the next attemp to annoy me!
: My midlaner rage quit last game and i cant honesly say i blame him....
I wholeheartedly agree. The impact JGL can have on midlane if they choose to is absolutely disgusting - to a point where I feel like I'm forced to play 'ungankable" Champions to have a tiny bit of fun in the game... The biggest issue is you have no way as a laner (and especially a midlaner) to punish the JGL for camping you. And you have little tools to avoid dying in a towerdive. Even if you manage to take one with you it's still a massive loss since the other takes plates and you loose even more Farm and EXP... Due to mana regen being gutted attacking the enemy JGL on a gank is loss-loss for you. You loose mana to farm and trade, you loose the CDs to prevent the enemy laner from trading... and worst of all, the enemy JGL doesn't give a **** about the DMG, he smites the god damn crab, eats a fruit and is back to full live!!! ---------------- I feel like JGL Susutain (both MANA AND HEALTH) needs to go down DRASTICLY. There is no reason for a JGL without in-kit sustain to back to full life from farming... And clear times of camps needs to go up! [Gank mid, take two camps, gank mid, take crab, gank mid... the amount of time necessary to do this is insanly small] Important: I don't think JGL income in generall needs to be nerfed. Gold and EXP from camps would need to be buffed to compensate the losses... But one thing NEEDS to chance - JGL should NEVER be able to TRADE for their LANERS! Ganking without gettinga single summoner/kill should be punished! It needs to be a loss for the JGL! Sure - in theory it should be a loss since seeing the enemy JGL should open up opportunitys for the rest of your team but... we all know the reality...
: Camping a lane is just bad and doesn’t win you a game, it usually just does the opposite thing. If the enemy/your jungler can't punish someone who just camps a lane then he is just bad at jungle.
It works to a degree. Not nevesserily because it's good for JGL to spent 2/3 of the early/mid on ONE lane. But because people on the opposing team pay ZERO ATTENTION to the fact their mid is once again 1v2ing... They see the kills and flame, ping spam.. you know the story. And instead of helping the guy they abandon the lane completely until they cant anymore because the opponents are hitting the freaking inhib! The amount of times I got camped (yes I usually play immobile mages most of the time) with NO CONSEQUENCES for the other enemy lanes, with a JGL refusing to put up a single ward midlane or pull a countergank to help me, with people flaming like crazy while they've laned without a single gank for 10-15 minutes while still being 2-3 or something...
Bultz (NA)
: AP needs to be toned down a lot
AP-Assassins (especially Fizz and LB) simply have the DMG in their Kits to one-shot anything that's not a full-tank. As sad as it is.. that's reality. The AP they get from Items is barely relevant. turn it down and absolutely nothing changes. Meanwhile on stuff like Malz, traditional Mages, A single MR item usually is enough to duel them at any point in the game as long as they're not up a full item and 2 levels ahead of you.
Shahamut (NA)
: Negatron +Negatron
Would contracdict the spatula as the only class changing item. (But dont even ask me why Negatron+Spatula equals freaking Hurricane instead of Dragon!)
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yummi has no real counterplay when tethered to a juggernaut
IF she sits on the Juggernaut the ADC (or backline in general) s unpealed for and can be blown up in an instant rendering the fight from what supposed to be a 5v5 to a 5v3! Numbers (and CC advatage) alone can win you this. Yuumi is an annoyance, for sure, but in an actual 2v2 she's weaker than the avarge support. The biggest problem I see on a regular base is people engaging on the Yuumi-Char as if it were alone. If you see 10-0 Darius with a Lulu next to him, would you fight him (unfed) 2v2 or 3v2? OBVIOUSLY NOT! But if i's a 10-0 Yuumi Darius for SOME REASON... people go in... completely boosted, but they still do... That's what looses games.
: Game( champions )
Vlad, Akali, Heimer??? Those guys are primarily going Top for almost 10 YEARS now!
: Okay so whever someone decides to go jungle in urf it _forces_ a lane to lose (hence the reason a lot of people say its trolling) and since its urf, both enemies in that lane get fed and win the game for the other team, unless you have another duo lane that is _extremely_ fed. I've had a Nasus go Jungle, which forced our Vlad to feed his butt off and we _almost_ lost the game because of that, but thankfully I, as Jinx, was insanely fed so I could just two shot everyone with W, which ended up in us winning (just barely). If I didn't do that good we would've lost and it would've been completely Nasus' fault for forcing Vlad to lose.
Not really, JGL in URF has the exact sameadvantages as in normal SR. Both the JGL and the Solo-Lane get more EXP and GOLD than they could get on lane. All it requires is 5 Braincell decision who will take the solo lane. (Little Hint, Waveclear helps, a good all in once the JGL shows up as well.) So playing just for fun: Sure go 2-1-2. But playing to win: 1-1-1-2 is far superior.
: Revert the collection tab change
: The ranked experience this season is beyond abysmal
Same Elo, same Problem, same Story. Lower Plat is absolute garbage right now. Not just in NA but also in EU. Toxic, AFK nonsense every single game you don't stomp from minute 1. (Less isssues with smurfs, tho.) I'm at a point where I consider anything but DuoQ pure Elo-Suicide. SImply because 1 premade equals 25% less risk of garbage....
: Who is the hardest Champ to play?
First of all. Not a SINGLE Champion in League is actually hard. Either some game knowledge/tactics or some muscle memory/reaction is all you'll ever need to succed with a Champ (Usually both with differnt weigth but let's keep this easy). Immobile Champs that can't chase you to the end of the world need tactics, Mobile ones need reaction. It's up to everyones own judgement which one is harder to pull of. ----------------- Zed as Champ hardcounters alot of others. Winning lane against them is not skill, it's the default outcome. Than again he gets countered by a bunch of others. But once again, due to his powercurve going even is is not that hard. The only time where we can talk about actual difficulty in his design is mid to lategame when he did NOT snowball out of controll. THAN and only than, you need actually decent skill level to still be relevant (But that's true for alot of Assassins). --------------- If you're asking about my opinion on the hardest champs in the game right now: I'd say {{champion:136}} and {{champion:268}}. Both need insane game knowledge and decision making to be succesfull. ASol has matchups that are straight from hell and REALLY needs to play with his team. Winning lane with him against them is something I can truely respect. While Azir has the advantage of Mobility his mechanical requirements quite high and due to his lategame scaling having impact at crucial points in midgame is really hard to achieve. The hardest Assassins to pull of? Probably {{champion:91}}. He has mediocre Range and (infight) mobility and works on mana. As soon as you find someone who does not let him selfe get cheesed at level 2/3 you will have a quite challenging game ahead of you.
: Now that the dust has settled, can we talk about the Swain rework? Kayle and ASol while we're here.
I like to go back a little further... Swain was deleted in that so called "rework" - that's fact. Nothing making Swain Swain is left, absolutely NOTHING. But for the sake of discussion: The biggest problem with the new Swain - IMO - is the Ult. Without his Mana-Devouring frontline playstyle Swain simply no longer feels like Swain. The recent changes, dont touch this problem and therefore don't really change much for me although I play him bot with a firend of mine now which is quite fun. In his current state you pussy around the fight fishing with E before eventaully going in with Ult hoping it works out. The small skirmishes old Swain used to be a GOD of now are MAJOR problems. What do you do in a 2v2 mid/late game? Ult? If they disengage or get backup, you wasted you only combat tool. You're instantly dead weight for any following fight. Don't Ult? Then you're basiclly useless in this 2v2 and risk giving up kills! (It's not that other Champs never face this problems, they abolutely do - but Swain doesn't! THAT was his power, THAT was a reason to pick him!) Old one was constantly at the brink of overextending trying to punish every small position mistake the enemys may make. Forcing trades whereever whenever possible. And god forgive the pure soul who tried to jump on him! His range was weak, but anyone within this range was basicly dead. In fights he was also alot more interesting since besides simply standing in as much people as possible hoping everything goes well, you actually had to go for this juicy mana-resets to keep on fighting and fighting and fighting. Especially with the enhanced mana resets from Athenes and later Presence of Mind this was even more important and even more fun to use! Sadly we can't go back... ----------------------------- What I'd really wish for... (Copying myselfe from another thread) > > - I'd actually take the god damn minigame back + Make it so only at 5 stacks the explosion triggers at all (or removed it all together IDC - noone, abolutely noone needed this explosion in the first place). > > - Cut the Ults CD to pieces (30s/20s/10s). > > - Bring the ramping up Mana costs back + increase passives Health and especially Mana restore (Especially on kills, I.E: Double Proc on Kill). > > - Reduce his range on all spells Q/E/R. > > - Rebalance his numbers from there.* > > THAT would at least be SWAIN! The mana hungry battle mage monstrosity you dont want to EVER be close to! Not what ever im playing now... Sigh... a man can dream, right? *I'm actually curious if such a change would make him better or worse... x'D
5050BS (NA)
: Kit Yes Visuals No. I like his Look
I liked the "physical" Demon form more than the incarnation we have right now, tho. Other than this yeah, probaly. But less because his new look is actually GOOD. And more because his old visuals were... let's not talk about this any longer...
Kai Guy (NA)
: When ever i see posts about damage and 1 shotting
I mean, AP-Trist was the most toxic non sense ever and war rightfully nerfed the second it became more than a goofy pick. And Veigar was never that big of a deal. Playing against him meant buying Pen instead of AP (utem choices where a thing back then) or go for a Banshees as 2rd 4th. (There also was a time where you could easily buy a defensive item and feel good in doing so).
: Yeah. Don't give assassins anything to where they can uh you know actually play league of legends.
I mean.. an Assassin playing League of Legends equals at least one opponent not playing League of Legends... Only fair.
: If Swain ever needed more changes at any point, I had a few ideas that I wanted to share
The ult is really the sad part about Swain, it's a glorified zoning tool that only ever deals actual DMG when you have a Liandrys. It's good they removed this stupid minigame but... I miss the old so much - that's what made him unique and interesting... > I'd actually take the minigame back, make it so only at 5 stacks the explosion triggers at all (or removed it all together IDC), cut the Ults CD to pieces (30s/20s/10s), bring the ramping up Mana costs back, increase passives mana restore (maybe based on missing mana), rebalance his numbers from there, reducing his range on some spells [Q/E] would probably be necessary as well. > THAT would actually be SWAIN! The mana hungry battle mage monstrosity you dont want to EVER be close to! Not what ever im playing now... ----------------------------- Increasing the Ults duration on takedowns is also an idea I like. Not compatible with the stuff above but something that is more... realistic. xD
: Mages came to support because they got pushed out by mid assassins. If assassins are nerfed we'll see brand, veigar, lux, zyra and possibly Morgana go back to support. Shields and heals could get buffed to counter the mages' damage and assassins like zed could get their damage nerfed. Nerf the damage of every assassins ability by 10-50 (based on level) and buff shields and heals (especially bard's heal, that thing is a joke) and the problem will be fixed. Next thing, we nerf duskblade, this opens more counterplay to 1shot assassins like rengar and kha, which makes it easier to peel. It also nerfs pyke, since he builds duskblade. BOOM! Support role is easily fixed!
Even then... Assassins are by design stronger laners than mages can ever be. It's sad but I don't think mages will ever return to mid. Mid is now the lane for the flashy, mobile, evasive, burst Champs (in short the $$$-Crew). Those are not only kit wise far superior but also are able to follow MUCH better on everlasting bane that are JGLs in midlane over the last few seasons. Additionally they're much better avoiding said JGLs. Riot has no intention to change that. --------------- Bot is far more intersting in that regard. While loosing EXP you gain ALOT of savety, you're able to scale and do your job. It doesn't even matter if you're the Suppporting or the Farming part. Both works. Both allows you to actually play the game! Both allows you to actually snowball and build a lead from there. Both allows you to interact with your opponents other than the afk-waveclearing clowfiesta assassins turn midlane into where any aggression any attemp to use the more often than not MASSIVE skill difference is instanly punished by the JGL or a random Puke suddenly showing up.... or the what ever Assassins is able to 100-0 you despite a massive Gold AND EXP lead on your end... The hige issue of immobile mages in midlane is they're unable to actually snowball as long as their opponent has half a braincell left and/or their JGL is not autofilled. Don't get me wrong, they can build a lead, they can keep their opponent small and useless.... But bein 2-0 with a decent CS.. SURPRISE! Wont help a damn thing against the typical 8-0 ADC that says hello to you at the 10th minute mark after getting all plates and first tower at bot! (Especially if the Assassins you kept from doing anything has zero issues 1v2ing your already feeding botlane...) ------------ That being said - this a topic for actual SoloQ. Not High-Elo and especially not Pro-Play. The pros can cons of differnet champions shift heavily in a more coordinated enviroment.
Bârd (NA)
: CDR should be much rarer than it is.
Yeah minus 10% CDR on every single Item in the entire game. Than give AP's and Supps strong CDR options that are CLEAR TRADE OFFs! 40% CDR Veigar IE. was something I liked to fo back in the days. But I had to work for that! Use a dedicated rune page - use suboptimal items. Nowadays it just happens randomly.
: shes just cancer and needs a revert. no one even asked for this rework im pretty sure as well.
I eamn as much I agree on the first part - old Akali wasn't exactly a well designed champion... Just so bad stat wise only a few mains could play her successfull. Pretty much the exact same thing as current Akali, just less extreme. Would a revert help, probably, would it actually fix her, definitely not.
: Surrendering, the new meta?
People see High-Elos surrendering smartly. People see Smurfs surrenver for nothing. Since people are idiots they think they should surrender whenever their gold4 smart asses tell them the game is not winnable. ^^ Simple as that. Defeatism lost me more MMR than all AFKs/Trolls/Inters/Smurfs ever could.
: Can we Nerf Mage Items and ADC Items
SO... you want to REDUCE the DMG meta by BUFFING ASSASSINS... /thread? Anyway... I agree that Tanks should be alot better than are right now. - Not more impactfull - they are - but they should focus alot more on their actual job. Less DMG, ALOT more durability, Items that makes them unignorable (when exactly did you see the last Frozen Heart? Or an Iceborn on anyone other than EZ), FAR less vulnerable to penetration. I agree Supports have to much budget in general. - Ap supports always existed and this is fine. But in earlier days they were clear feat or famine. A decent option for midlaners who had to support but not much more tha that. More often than not they needed to trade Vision for DMG. This was completely removed from the game. I agree that towers still feel quite useless. - The DMG is to blame for that to a degree, but mobility is the core problem here. To often I've seen Champions diving towers doing their full combo and getting away with only a single tower shot fired. There is FAR to much mobility, FAR to little anti-mobility! (Hey, why not make Randuins shockwave GROUND affected Champions for a while?) ----------------------- The Anti-Mage bias however is just wrong. Neither do mages take over every role nor are they uncounterable. The mana changes made their lanes super vulnerable, they have no form of sustain what so ever and MR is BY FAR the best defensive stat in the game. A single MR items makes pretty much everyone able to 1v1 a fed mage with little to no effort. Mages are without a doubt they biggest and most diverse group of Champions out there. I mean you list Akali and Gragas as mages??? But even without those the class is huge. Obviously there will always be some viable ones for each role in the game. Funny enough.. their choice of (viable) Items is easily the WORST in the game. Yes indeed, you see the same build on every god damn AP-Scaling Champion out there - do you think people LIKE that? OFC NOT! What's true is we have to many mages at Supp. That's annoying. For those playing against them, for those playing with them, for those who actually enjoyed this guys in midlane! They contribute alot to the DMG-Creep, they invite mobility-creep to grow. Games with traditional Supps in it - especially the Tank supps - feel SO MUCH BETTER to play it's hilarious.
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: Which lane feeds in your ranked games?
Bot... loosing TOP is somewhat managable, and those guys usually understand how to get carried. (Important but quite rare skill in the age of role-selection) loosing JGL makes everyone feed or you don't even notice when the opponent is equally bad... But those bot lanes getting killed over and over again.. still pushing to the enemy tower with no vision or summoners up... A loosing what ever wents 0-5... but bot... 0-20!!! It's so beyond frustrating especially when you're on a roaming champion. BUT.THEY.KEEP.PUSHING.
: Which of the enchanters best scales into late game for the support role?
{{champion:37}} {{champion:350}} - easily. Everything else is debateable. {{champion:25}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} score high in this regard. And I wouldn't call {{champion:26}} an enchanter. ^^
Lapis (OCE)
: What's so different between how pro players play, and how challenger players play in soloQ?
A) ProPlay has superior coordination in every aspect: These guys plays every day for hours together. B) Challenger have superior mechanics. Alot of challengers would outperform alot proplayers, especially if they're maining something. That being said you should understand why some champions perform much better in enviroment A compared to B and vise versa. Besides judging on WINRATES both in challenger and in proplayer is hard to impossible. You sample size is patheic. A single Yuumi main having a bad day can ruin her winrate for challenger! Pick and Banrate are important as well to tell how dominant a pick currently is.
: Let pyke build health and become tanky and nerf the rest of his kit ffs
Acting like this passive is a downside? Don't know about you but I'd happily trade my ability to get additional Health on my Champs if I get those ridiculous base stats in return... He has the one of the best Base Armor, Health AND MR in the entire game. Early game you're tankier than every Tank. Lategame you're effectively a full Sunfire over half of the Champions in the game by default! And health isnt even a wasted stat it turns into AD! ------------------------- Don't get me wrong. Pyke needs work ASAP. But I aöways find it funny when people are treating Pykes passive as a downside. It isn't.
: I mean IK theres a mage bais on the boards but
Sounds like exactly like kind of Toplaner... I never want to have in my game. What the hell are you playing to get 40% by Karthus? You're Top: It's your freaking job to END the dodgeball! (Or the JGLs) And if neither you nor your JGL had the braincells to pick some engage(decent splitpush works as well) you simply deserve to get poked into oblivion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Titanium70,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MyWGPkFh,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-08-22T02:00:33.972+0000) > > No I don't think that's the point, you're scratching it, tho. > > Riot tried to design Champions for compeditive that by their whole nature are not usefull for proplay. > No Proplayer need a feast or famine glass cannon, or a jack of all trade Bruiser. > > They need their champs to do ONE THING, and do it great, Tank, Engage, DPS, Controll, Poke. > > By desperately trying to break this they created absolute nightmares, flawed design from the drawboard on. I think YOU'RE the one missing the point...horribly. You say all this about champs being healthy or not, but you're not looking at the game beyond your own frustrations to even have that conversation. How's Camille supposed to be healthy? As a strong answer to people picking slippery back liners like Ezreal and Tristana, that's how. How's Irelia supposed to be healthy? As the only diver champion with strong late game scaling as opposed to being a cc bot like Elise or Lee Sin in the late game. You COULD go through this WHOLE list of champions you listed, but the problem is that you didn't put much time in thinking about these champions and their places in the game outside of your own personal frustrations, so that's a shit ton of work for me to type, which you could easily respond with "no u" or something similar. You should look at the roster holistically and think less about nerfing everything down to the level of a Wu Kong or so and more about making more champions that are actually useful for something. Side note: You're only proving my point when you say that fighters and assassins have no place in a healthy League meta.
My own frustration? If you call it frustration to see one the same pick being spamed over and over and over again when even SLIGHTLY viable... Boredom... that's it. Camile JGL - Irelia.. everywhere - Aatrox/Urgot Bot,JGL,Mid,Top who the F cares pick=win! Camile: Yeah she's an answer to "slippery back lines" true, to bad she's also the answer to every single backline ever existed. Irelia: Every upside of fighter, no downside. Strong Early/Mid and even lategame. Good for Teamfight and Skirmishes and Duels! This champions are not used because they're oh so unique or fun. They're broken tools to win games. Nothing more. Keep in mind we're talking baout proplay but... > Side note: You're only proving my point when you say that fighters and assassins have no place in a healthy League meta. Well... you didn't. I cleary stated that Assassins and Fighters are by their very nature not fit.. FOR PROPLAY! Hence why evey attemp to create one is doomed to end in absolute desaster by default. This Champions are classic SoloQ Champions that work well in less coordinated enviroments. And that's prefectly fine. But as soon as you try to balance them to work in an extremely coordinated enviroment... 3 times you can guess what happens in SoloQ... It needed like what... 70% Banrate on Zed to make him appear a once or twice in ProPlay? Or was it 80%? ---------------------------- And if you want proove of this, just look at the amzing state this great new and fun reworks/release end up in EVERY SINGLE TIME. Welcome to the 40% winrate club... New flashy Champ get released, gets picked again and again and again, while starting to terrorize soloQ. People get bored. Gets gutted and and forgotten until the next mini-rework. -------------------------- So frustration? Dont make me laugh - I'm far beyond taking this game seriously. It's just funny to see people actually defending this hilarious stuff and don't see how bad some design choices that Riot makes actually are.
: Please stop ignoring Wukong.
If those guys have proofen me ONE THING... {{champion:50}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:72}} ... it's NEVER ask for your main to get a rework, EVER! Especially Swain.. I was really hyped about him being modernized.. than I saw the rework... Unique Ult, GONE - Unique Mana-Mechanics, GONE - DOT focus, GONE - Meaninfull decision making, GONE, freaking Beatrice! GONE!! And everything starting with early laning, his scaling, his power curve, his strenght and weaknesses completely shifted to a point where you can no longer speak of it as a Rework but a outright deletion! This and Xerath is the most generic uncreative non sense mage I've seen in gaming in a long while. Nothing is even remotely interesting about this guy and I could pretty much start the same list as above with him.
: Bot lane discussion-Low elo duo farm lane
CSing/Solo-Pushing/Solo-Staying Supp is terrible and puts your ADC behind by default, without the opponent needing to do one thing. That's fact. Worst support you can ever get: Stays when you recall/die, pushes the lane mindlessly to CS, than recalls when you arrive back to lane. INSTANT LOSS! ---------- That doesn't mean you should end every game at 0 CS - there are a few opportunities where you can and should get some additional gold in mid and lategame. In laning however (even when actively pushing the wave to recall/towerDMG) you should pay atention to give your adc as much of it as possible. Especially since it disables the exact support item you complain about for ages, resulting in an actual gold deficit between the Bot-Lanes even with equal CS-Counts.
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