: There's one major problem with this assumption and that is that it incorrectly assumes that the casual appeal was just a sort of finger snap. Content in WoW is still plenty hard and Blizzard can still put out some damn fine content in terms of difficult stuff. (Nighthold, Blackrock Mountain are some good examples). However, the main problem is that baseline content has gotten easier. The last true bastion of hard baseline content was Cataclysm dungeons: 5 mans in Cata, be they heroic or normal, were insanely hard. Some of the hardest ever put in the game. But people hated that you had to do mechanics and, thus, reduced it. Cata dungeons became easy as pie and would remain so. Hard stuff and difficult content slowly began to be put behind layers and layers with the "real" raid experience you used to get in Heroic 25 man now behind Mythic +10 Keystone with 4 different modifiers. (As one final note about WoW: Legion was apparently a very good expac that reinvigorated numbers quite a bit. BFA dropped the ball but we should at least recognize that the game can bounce back with proper support.) League right now isn't at the fingersnap. Rather, it's at the crossroads. Just as Wrath peaked, so too is league peaking/already peaked. The problem is not that the games are getting shorter or the meta, it's the divide between good and bad players has begun growing extreme just as it has in WoW. As an example: Boards right now is saying mages and tanks need sweeping buffs and that defensive characters/roles aren't good at all. Tune into any pro game and in a large amount, you'll see people running 2-3 tanks and usually some very tanky character choices (Aftershock Ryze is a thing now). The disparity between the pros and the pubs is only going to get worse from here on out as Riot tries to balance around both. Frankly, it's not sustainable and it's something I've been saying since Season 4 I think: Riot wants to cater to pros _and_ pugs. They want Blizzard's WoW situation where everyone is happy. This can't happen. Riot basically has three options: * Focus entirely on PUGs. Give sweeping buffs to simplistic characters for casual play and nerf anything remotely pubstompy. Will keep casuals/lower tier players happy but murder high-tier competitive play. (This is also the least dedicated fan base and will run as soon as the new thing appears.) * Focus entirely on Pros. Give legitimate buffs and balance changes ONLY for high ELO. PUG/low tier players will screech but higher tier players and esports will thrive. (This supports the most dedicated fanbase and will likely be the longest term sustainable metric) * Continue the trend of 75 (PUG) and 25 (Pro) balance. Nobody is happy here. Honestly, for the sake of long term, we should earnestly be moving to pro/high ELO balancing. I know boards will fire back that "BUT WE ARE THE 96% WE DESERVE ALL THE FOCUS" but we all fail to account for casual play being the most fickle fanbase that will leave when things don't go their way as with any game. In focusing on pros you secure long term sustainability as well as a focus on the longest lasting aspects of the game: Professional/High-tier play, esports and true skill-based gameplay. But that's just my view as someone who played a lot of WoW during the "golden age" of Wrath/a little BC and vanilla and saw the degradation as more casual play was appealed to. I don't want Riot to make the same mistake.
I can agree to everything in this comment apart from claiming that pro play is a fair indication of what's strong in solo queue. The general environment between the two game modes is currently completely different. It's a lot easier to stall things out in pro play, artificially increasing the strength of certain classes, notably adc's. Honestly the things they do or don't do for pro play often leaks into solo queue harming the experience in the process. The not so recent Thresh, Kassadin and Lucian buffs made them all absolute nightmares for the average player to deal with, whereas some champions just get the opposite treatment, getting constantly nerfed because they're overpowered in pro play, yet sub 45% win rate in solo queue. If they genuinely want to balance the game for the average player then they need to look at top tier challenger solo queue, as that is straight up a more accurate depiction of what's strong in regular play, as opposed to pro play.
Nhifu (NA)
: What I wanted to see from the balance team. I'll do all the work for you. :P
: > [{quoted}](name=Toþykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Rsti7FcA,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-01-18T19:57:38.186+0000) > > Kassadin's ability to counter an entire class of champions with no interaction has never been and never will be balanced. Call me when Q is a 1.25 second Silence and his passive reduces Magic damage by 35%. Then we can talk about countering an entire class (literally the point of picking him btw)
Just because he doesn't do it as well as he did it before doesn't mean it's now good design. Realistically speaking, there is potential for it to be perfectly fine, but not on a hyper scaling assassin, who's designed to go into a lane filled almost entirely of ap champions.
: the kassadin nerf is fucking massive. It cements the fact that he'll get shat on hard by AD champs while still allowing him to rightfully excel more against AP champs. The jax nerf is definitely a joke though. He needs to have counterstrike nerfed, but I think riot is scared.
Kassadin's ability to counter an entire class of champions with no interaction has never been and never will be balanced. Considering his late game is so scary, it's often entirely up to the mid laner to stop him from getting to that point, yet how is that possible when he is so good vs almost the entire mid lane champion pool?
Tyrancy (NA)
: Found the norms player. Nobody wants to play tank builds because it doesnt fucking work, Im a mid player and literally every game ive never been stopped by a tank, doesnt matter what champ I play, I simply just throw my combo at a tank and 60% of his/her hp is gone instantly, if its a teamfight, well now they are just dead.
Judging from your match history, you're almost entirely an assassin main. Who are the only damage oriented class in the games that tanks can effectively do their job against.
ozzzz666 (NA)
: Riot.. Is Clash ever coming back?
People were getting trapped in Champion Select. I wouldn't call that smoothly.
: I disagree, his ultimate is way too braindead to use and has way too low of a cooldown late game. On the other hand his bombs are way too weak for how hard they are to land and his double bombs, being the hardest to hit CC in the game, doesn't offer much of a reward, it should be one of the longest CCs in the entire game because it's really difficult to land, at least in the early/mid game.
Zilean double bomb honestly isn't THAT hard. Especially if you apply your 99% slow on them
Moody P (NA)
: ezreal VGU = free power up and cool new look comes with the trade off of a soulless and massively downgraded voiceover but I can just mute that
In what way is the new Ezreal voice over a downgrade from the old one? He just has more lines?
Meddler (NA)
: What are your concerns with this approach?
The issue with this approach is that you are helping him cover up one of his intended major weaknesses whilst also not fixing what's currently holding him back. The HP nerfs at level 1 make it hard for him to fight any laner and come out on top, which then hurts his ability to shove the lane and roam. Honestly, his e has been problematic since his release and I believe this part of his kit should be nerfed and his solo carry potential should be buffed to match other AP bruisers like Vlad, Ryze, Cass etc.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hmm, if only there was some sort of time period, in which a significant time period exists between the end of one season and the start of the next. A place to implement these sorts of changes before the ranked season starts back up to give players enough time to learn how to play the game with these changes. Can you please stop ending the season at the time you do. It's understandable that you want to have time off over Thanksgiving and Christmas, but most balance changes and updates are now taking place after the series starts back up again and it ultimately defeats the point of even having a preseason.
Bigsnax (NA)
: hmm i guess thats a fair point. honestly i dont think *true* counterpicks will ever be a thing in league, because despite it probably being healthy for the gamestate it would not feel good to soloqueue players which riot would not enjoy. it also cant be a thing because for some reason you have to unlock champions in this game....
Is it really a good idea to balance a game around counter picking? Having huge advantages from champion select seems like a really negative thing to have in the game
Dragart (NA)
: The problem is riot can’t do anything. It comes down to the community of this game to act mature and not like children
There absolutely is more that Riot can do. For example, I have sent tickets to Riot support with pictures of people literally saying things like "This game is over, I'm going afk" and for them to subsequently do so and they've replied saying they'll take a look into it, and following their accounts a few days later to see no punishment given.
Éve (NA)
: I love the lengths people will go to to justify hardcore bug abuse
Riot can't afford to perma ban people from their, what appears to be, dying game.
: A serious question to the "live design team".
Every single class update was a colossal failure and every single champion either became OP and needed to be heavily nerfed, some needed to be straight up reverted and some did nothing to fix the issues the champions were facing and so remain just as were before.
: Problem with mages: 1 build path
This isn't even true in the slightest. Some mages need more mana than what Luden's provides and so theh build tear. Some play with Glacial Augment and so build Hextech GLP and Twin Shadows. If you're losing and want to build some heavy MR, then you can build Banshees. Against a fed assassin? Zhonyas. Some mages have extremely good synergy with Rylai's and Liandry's and so build them first. If you want a class that has really been struggling because they can only build one item path then look at crit adc's. If they dare stray from the path of Stormrazor, RFC, IE, Bloodthirster and some form of last whisper item, then their damage sinks like a brick.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Why is Riot refusing to do anything about Zed?
What would you suggest they do? He's a popular assassin with many ways to get in and do his job and so many people hate playing against him, even when he's in a 'weak' state. However, they can't really alter him out of fear of the Zed mains being unhappy.
: Tank stats are still worthless.
The issue with tanks is that when they become strong, they can legitimately play 4 roles. It's not much fun seeing teams consisting of Ornn/Sejuani/Cho'Gath/Braum + an adc against Maokai/Zac/Galio/Alistar + an adc. If they tied tanks to a role of their own, in much the same way as marksmen are tied to the bot lane, I think they could make tanks strong without them flushing out every other role.
: Well that's more a result of the sustain damage champions and the burst damage champions being tied together through the same primary stat of AD tbh... They just need different damage types. There's a good reason that AP has always been split from AD, but riot has slowly stretched the role of the AD stat over the years.
True, but a Zed/Jayce will build very differently to a Jinx or a Caitlyn. Adding a third damage type would make tanks even more useless as they'd have to itemise against another type.
: Remember when True Damage used to be a luxury damage type?
The issue is that now true damage is being tied to sustained damage archetypes. You CAN build against true damage by stacking health, but if it's tied to auto attacks and they're auto attacking twice a second, then tanks stand absolutely no chance.
: Most Badass champs of each role
Kai'Sa probably isn't the most bad ass adc. Her lore and thematic underplay the whole 'trapped in the worst place in existence' thematic so much it hurts.
: Some people wanted galio to be a burst mage would not stop crying so riot listen to them and in 7.21 made him into a mage while also killing tank galio in the process since they needed to nerf the base damage to make room for the scaling. This is how I think it happened I could be wrong.
Wasn't it because he was being built full tank in competitive and destroying?
: > [{quoted}](name=RevertCritOrAFK,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P82rjauB,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-04T08:18:56.083+0000) > > well adcs lost their minds for a reason. they pretty much were replaced with mages and yasuo and bruisers in bottom lane for a bit, > and even now mages still run the lane and the only viable adcs left are Super lane bully spellcasters or ezreal. > > here comes the typical forum circlejerk ALL ADCS DO IS RIGHT CLICK XD ADCS BEFORE CRIT REWORK WERE 2-3 SHOTTING PEOPLE, > i see you guys perfer being one shotted by assassins and bruisers instead. > > {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Marksmen Overall playrate during that 1 patch 99% ->95% Replaced my ass what a Bunch of crybabies
Did you ever stop to consider that the vast majority of adc mains are those who enjoy playing adc and played adc before they were as broken as they were and then continued to play them when they were weak?
: We are straying away from what the support role should be.
I agree. I am okay with mages being playable in the bot lane, but Riot should never intend for these champions to be meta, because Vel'Koz and Xerath already have a home in the mid lane and Brand and Zyra could be just as viable if Riot gave them a few tweaks. Meanwhile most standard supports are stuck as bot laners.
Xavanic (NA)
: You know marksman have an item that does the same thing as conqueror right?
I.E was also very problematic for tanks, but is getting changed very soon so props to Riot for that.
: > [{quoted}](name=Toþykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EeFjG3iV,comment-id=0003000000000001000000000002000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-02T01:07:30.328+0000) > > How can you deny it is the real question? The math shows conqueror is not an issue. That is how. > Where is the counter play to this rune? Not everything needs to be counter playable. To counter it, you build HP. >What can you do, as a tank, against this key stone? Build as normal. You are still reducing the rest of their damage significantly. This simply reduces the effectiveness of your mitigation by 20% rather than the amount of armor which would be much more significant. Hence. Why champions who build penetration should never use thos rune. It is grossly inefficient. > Build flat health? Yes. >Well as people keep pointing out it's a dps key stone, so it can be applied over and over again and in conjunction with other items and abilities, makes that an almost obsolete countermeasure. False. Your time until death is still significantly higher than a target with less resistance. Dos runes also need to outscale defensive runes. Offense should always outscale it. Why should you be invincible to damage? Where is the counter play there? You guys are just sheep, you complain about people being too tanky, and when you get something to manage it better you have a tantrum. Jell. Damage really hasn't grown that much, but everyone builds squishy teams and complains when they die suddenly. Like...bruh.
Of course your time until death is higher than a target with less resistance. In other news, house fires are extinguished quicker when the fire department shows up versus when they don't. I'm not implying that tanks should be unkillable monsters, but that the threshold of damage versus tankiness hasn't been reached yet. In between conqueror and I.E giving true damage with crit, building armour feels so worthless. I understand that tank metas are just as unfun as any meta, I just wish more was being done to make tanks feel viable without bringing the 3/4 tanks per game philosophy back.
: > [{quoted}](name=Toþykachu,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EeFjG3iV,comment-id=00030000000000010000000000020000,timestamp=2019-01-02T00:35:52.226+0000) > > Electrocute has a 25 second cool down and while it's true that it's a poor comparison at best, there is no denying that Conqueror way too overpowered and one of the main reasons why the tank class is suffering right now. Yes there is denying. The mayhem does not lie. Conqueror is balanced, you guys are just repeating your statement over and over in different ways with the hope it will convince someone othereise. Politicians in the making.
How can you deny it is the real question? Where is the counter play to this rune? What can you do, as a tank, against this key stone? Build flat health? Well as people keep pointing out it's a dps key stone, so it can be applied over and over again and in conjunction with other items and abilities, makes that an almost obsolete countermeasure.
: Does it really require too much brainpower for you to realize that electrocute is a flat burst dmg rune that has a 40 sec cooldown early on while yasuo botlane has conq up all the time and fights two people? Wow conq does more dmg than the one time burst keystone that even lategame hits one target for 400 dmg or something and then goes on a 20 second cooldown. If at all i'd be worried a burst keystone deals nearly as much dmg as a dps rune. THAT shit should worry you just how much burst is in the game because of shit like electrocute.
Electrocute has a 25 second cool down and while it's true that it's a poor comparison at best, there is no denying that Conqueror way too overpowered and one of the main reasons why the tank class is suffering right now.
: Well yeah that happens, forgot about the MS buff, but still most of these skills can work decent against shroud. Also, if you're away from shroud then whats the problem, you aren't in danger, Akali just busted one of her long CDs and you're fine with doing nothing and staying safe during her endeavors in shroud. Playing vs Akali feels shitty when your champion rely on AA, but otherwise she's pretty playable to play against imho
The issue isn't when she has used it, it's when she hasn't used it. She becomes nigh impossible to approach because as soon as she places it down, she's impossible to hit for champions who rely on targeted abilities, and still quite difficult to hit for a lot of skill shot based champs. Personally I'd lower the size of the shroud to make it easier for skill shot based champs, or remove the ms boost entirely.
: {{champion:3}} Lock this dude, go to whatever lane Akali does - proceed to make her cry.
True, but is one champion really an adequate amount of counters?
Alen92 (EUW)
: Katarinas w? :/
Don't get me wrong, all skill shots CAN hit her, but since she's stealthed AND gains bonus movement speed, she has such a distinct advantage against all but maybe three champions that can remove her from the shroud.
: Radical concept but FUCKING WALK AWAY FROM IT? She can't do anything outside of 500 range of that shroud /shrug
Whilst you're absolutely right, that doesn't make for interactive game play.
: Yknow, she can't be in the entire shroud at once. When she enters it you usually can tell in which half of the shroud she is, and that makes a lot of AoE abilities very reliable vs her. If i would have to name few abilities which can screw her in her shroud it would be Gragas E+R, Ori R, Karthus E, Rumble Q+R, Syndra W, Cassio W, Galio Q+W+E, Anivia Q+R, Taliyah Q+E.
Very true, except she gains bonus movement speed whilst in the shroud, meaning your ability needs to activate extremely quickly, otherwise she easily has the capacity to dodge it. Things like Anivia Q have no chance of hitting any competent Akali, as the missile speed is so low. Not to mention a lot of these mages need to be standing directly next to the shroud if they want to hit her, a place that most mages don't want to be.
: AoE
The number of AoE abilities that cover the range of her shroud is almost non existent. Realistically, which abilities give you a good chance of hitting her?
: Bards W sucks and should be changed.
It's actually quite a potent heal in lane. It requires forethought before you place it however, as 3 fully charged heals for around 260 damage at level 1 and against particularly poke heavy lanes I like to put a second point in the ability and then they heal for over 300 damage if you take them all in quick succession. They are also extremely good at helping your adc escape during a gank. Placed the right distance apart from one another, not only do they give the aforementioned heal, but they can give up to 4.5 seconds of increased movement speed. You can also leave them in your jungle and mid lane to assist your team mates in a way that no other heal in the game (outside of Soraka's ultimate) can. The only time late game I see one of my shrines reach full charge is during baron or dragon takes. So yeah the ability really falls off, but not as much as I think you're trying to make it out to be. With a small amount of AP it's around 300 hp on a 7 second cooldown, which is more than enough to save team mates from death many times. If you really want the heal to be more, then build an Athenes, as I firmly believe Bard is one of the top three users of the item as, unlike many of the other healers, Bard wants to be fighting as much as possible as opposed to hiding behind his team, only using his abilities when they're in danger.
: What do want to see in 2019 lore wise
Please just give me something about my boy Bard
Moody P (NA)
: i can't help but feel like base stats aren't distributed fairly
Voli is too black and white of a champion. There is no grey area. He either has a good match-up in which case he face stomps the opponent with little to no counter play, or he gets hard countered in which case there's very little he is able to do. Even in the good matchups he's almost obsolete late game as it becomes harder and harder for him to successfully close the gap between himself and the enemies. Irelia, in theory has a lot more grey areas. You can dodge her e and r to shut down her engage, her mobility requires enemy units and her tankiness is dependant on an ability that locks her in place. I say 'in theory' because the actual result is a blatantly overpowered champion with a disgustingly overloaded kit and you're absolutely right she should not have the base stats to compete with champions such as Voli.
: ADCs are only bad because everything fucking blows you up!
And if crit marksman dare try to itemise against this damage then their damage goes into the f*****g gutter. Zeal items should probably give some AD to better balance their power curve over a game and then nerf their efficiency once they get their unholy trinity or I.E, RFC and SS.
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: She doesn't even have clear. The Gromp can solo kill u faster than a Talon can. She is one of the best gankers and this is why people play her jg. Otherwise i believe even soraka jg can clear her camps with q and e much better than camille.
Soraka e doesn't damage minions/monsters.
WrÆth (NA)
: For a champion that is an assassin and is all about big risk high reward, Pyke is pretty safe
What truly baffles me is how Pyke is able to instantly enter camouflage when he presses w, whilst every other iteration of the spell i.e. Twitch Q and Rengar ultimate, need to wait for a little bit before doing so or have to be out of combat entirely, like Evelynn. It is especially infuriating when he then proceeds to regenerate a huge portion of health for doing so.
saltran (EUW)
: No, he is a good designer but they just need to give him less freedom in his projects.
Which is it? Either he is a good designer in which he wouldn't need to be restrained or he isn't.
: Yeah maybe a small update like Ezreal would be more appropiate
I don't even think it needs to be that big. She has a perfectly viable kit that floats in and out of meta like the wind, but her visuals, voice over and particle effects all could really do with some major improvements. It's kind of sad that about a quarter of the roster look as bad and out of place as they do and since their kits are perfectly fine, won't be in line for any changes anyway. {{champion:103}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:76}} and many many more
: I feel like zyra could be so much better
I feel as though Zyra is on the LOOOONG list of older champions that could really do with a visual update. Sadly the only time Riot updates a champion's visuals is when they rework them fully
Lilithh (NA)
: Sometimes, I wonder why Rioters no longer respond to us, but the answer has become more apparent.
Whilst I agree with the idea that Riot shouldn't respond to such hateful boards posts, it's not true to say that they shouldn't respond at all. Customer feedback is important in any business, especially in a game that changes as rapidly as League does. As a player base we are completely at the mercy of the balance and design team and currently we are being let down massively by both departments. It's absolutely no secret that Season 8 has been considered by many to be the worst season in LoL history and so much of that anger could have been avoided with a more involved player response team patrolling the boards. "Turrets are too weak and do nothing to protect us!" was a major concern about half a year ago, and nowhere did I see a Rioter acknowledge this. A simple, "We've looked into the issue and are currently working on a solution to appease both early aggression and safety," would have been amazing to relieve stress from the players.
Moody P (NA)
: Who are you trying to convince of that? No other class pushes everything else out of viability in whatever lane they occupy even half as often as mages do Mages are the original overloaded champions and are most of the reason bruisers and assassins started getting ridiculous tools in response.
That just straight up isn't true. When tanks are strong it's not uncommon to see 3/4 of them on every team. Earlier this year when there was a large number of strong fighters it wasn't uncommon to see Irelia mid, Xin Zhao jungle and Aatrox top. Mages aren't currently strong in bot lane because they're overbearing, but rather because adc's are particularly weak and most of the time I've seen mages go top lane it's because a mid lane main got autofilled top lane (regardless of the reason I completely agree that mages/ranged top laners in general completely suck the fun out of laning as a melee with limited mobility and would definitely support any decision Riot made to limit their viability in that lane). As far as overloaded kits go I'm really not seeing any that stand out I'm afraid. Maybe Malzahar? But even then he seems to get severe nerfs every time he's become meta since his disaster of a rework.
: Fiddle has always been a strong pick thought , because of a point click fear and aoe silence , honestly I would have perma banned him if he was popular
A point and click instant fear and aoe point and click silence that completely invalidate entire rosters of champions from just the cc aspect. He could definitely benefit from a full VGU imo
: They've all been pushed out of the meta. {{champion:53}} -> {{champion:412}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:111}} all perform every single aspect of his job better than him without having their entire power budget spent on their Qs {{champion:82}} -> it's true that his playerbase still does fine with him (mostly because his numbers are kept really high to compensate for his lack of mobility and his opponents aren't used to play against him), but he's definitely not a meta champion {{champion:56}} {{champion:72}} -> I guess you're right about Nocturne, I should've put him in the list of champions who become toxic when they're too strong. In regards of Skarner, he's seen some competitive play only during worlds play-in, but as soon as the main event started he completely disappeared. {{champion:9}} -> let's not forget that Fiddle is performing poorly in his intended role (jungler) while doing great as a support exactly because of his reliable cc and poke spam. >Also every champ listed here would have pitchforks and torches if Riot tried to update them, regardless of how they need it. I seriously doubt they would complain if their champions received the {{champion:19}} treatment instead of the {{champion:3}} one.
You're right to include Nocturne tbh. He may have a perfectly functional kit, but has one of the worst models in the game. With the Asol, Cass and Zoe flowing movement code in the game now, he definitely could do with some attention to whatever his tail animation is.
Poske (EUNE)
: I like how there are 0 complaints on boards about Cammile
Camille jungle is utterly ridiculous and definitely deserves more attention from players who are undervaluing just how powerful she is. The range and speed her e covers basically makes Zac completely irrelevant as a champion. There's just too many other champions that people seem to hate more, I.E Akali, Irelia and Pyke
Moody P (NA)
: Mages have lots of rabid defender's on boards protecting their freelo as best as they can
Mages are almost definitely the most well balanced class in the game as they're gated by so many potential factors that limit they're viability. Most are entirely skill shot based, some have pretty miserable range, almost all have absolutely zero mobility etc. etc. If they didn't have some cc to to along with their damage they'd be a pretty miserable class and not be worth playing at all.
: {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:98}} Any of these. ANY of them Force her into the donut, land a taunt, CC her long enough, hook her to force her out.
Very few of those champions counter her anyway. She has additional MS whilst in her shroud so skill shot based champions have a harder time hitting her and are generally firing in a random area as they cannot actually see her. Not to mention, a lot of those champions you listed are squishy mages and if they're anywhere near her shroud then they're probably about to get f*cked anyway.
: The fact that a champion like reworked Akali could make it to live is a joke
It honestly blows my mind how Riot can look at those statistics and not realise they need to make larger adjustments to her kit to make her a fair champion. Having the highest ban rate with the lowest win rate should be enough to show them just how much people hate playing against her, but apparently this is not obvious to them
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