: When ZIlean only ults himself
Zillean is pain in but to kill. Can be killed 3 times if he is good.
: Taliyah post-release follow up
I played her almoust all the time since she came out and to me Taliyah is a well balanced champion as is. That buff did the trick. The only thing left to do imo is to slightly buff her Q on worked ground and MAYBE(just maybe) to reduce E cast/animation time for 1/4. Thats it :)
New Year (NA)
: Blade & Soul is one of you those games
I play BnS, aside League and I totally love it. There is always hype about new MMO which turns out to be same shit like every other before. Sometimes, MMOs tire a lot, while MOBAs know to keep you entertained.
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: Petition to make Azir show up if you type "Shurima" in champion search bar
: Dynamic Ranked & new champ select: What’s wrong, and what’s next
I bet RIOT used wrong variable within code, thus breaking the platform each time counter looses it, or goes over limit. GG
chriserit (EUW)
: Elderwood Karthus
very nice, karthus main :D
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: The game is unplayable for support secondaries.
how to get desired role? Put mid as secondary. How to get mid? you don't get mid.
: what a time to be a support main
> [{quoted}](name=TheLittlestLulu,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b4JZNvaE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-01-20T11:19:53.735+0000) > > what a time to be a support main no thank you. There should be limit to how many support you play per row.
: When you see a low health Teemo
and I am like... http://i.imgur.com/G2XEwqF.jpg[/img]
: Will the team builder option be brought back?
Haven't you saw what is coming up tomorrow? ;) If not, take a look: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/site/2016-season-update/new-champ-select.html Your desire came true 3:)
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19 19 19 (NA)
: Who's your champion that you main? and WHY do you main that champion?
{{champion:157}} Because of how its being played and how much fun it is to play with it :) Also, his story and general theme seems perfect to me.
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: Garbage champ, very weak in high elo.
http://i.imgur.com/h8FOHaN.jpg Very weak? huehuehue
: Or {{champion:17}} blinding {{champion:64}}
: Does Yasuo's Windwall mechanic block too many things?
If you know how to get around his windwall you basically won. Its just about being patient and taunting him to use his windwall.. Know thou enemy.
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