: Can we stop making more damage? (NOT A "NERF THUNDERLORD'S" RANT)
To be fair, you are overreacting on Poppy, she deals nowhere near as much damage as she used to do, besides it's extremely hard to consistently deal that damage now aswell.
: Yasuo is the textbook definition of why low Elo opinions on balance should generally be ignored. Literally no matter how strong or weak he is on a given patch he will always be complained about by hordes of silver Lux mains. He loses lane to all of the current meta mids and his win rate dropped by 6% when Bloodlust was nerfed. http://i.imgur.com/7Q2jBxN.png[/img]
While he gained more than 6% with that patch, seems legit.
: Lol, terrible movie, good gif
You just have to be able to let yourself go with this movie, don't criticise it and just lay back and wallow in ~~selfpity~~ dumb enjoyment~
: Yasuo's flow is not a resource to be managed. Stop making this retarded fucking suggestion. If you can't control when you expend the resource, you cannot base abilities on it.
Ofcourse you can control when to manage the resources, mages do it aswell, only instead of mana regen you have to walk around 10 second for a full bar, oh noes :o a Yasuo has to do something interactive now! the horror!
: > [{quoted}](name=LadyRenly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tXucApMj,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-22T02:23:46.703+0000) > > devoting his whole kit to damage is a lot better than him having defences His only defense is his passive sheild and windwall he doesn't even have scaling mr like every champion in the game.
his "only" defense? you know those 2 are enough to basically make over half the roster unavailble to him right? it's either point and click no traveltime burst (ala annie-malzahar) or no one.
Bonten (NA)
: lets nerf katarina for have a 375 bonus ad and 250 bonus ap ult, lets nerf sion for have a scaling q be 195% ad and thats not even an ult garens ult and darius ult can hit for allot of TRUE DAMAGE, chogath also has a 1k+ ult true damage and he can build tanky to still achieve it, nasus q has insane infinite scaling he can be built tanky and use his q which can crit and do crazy damange every 3-4 seconds, veigar infinite scaling, evelnyys e has 100 percent ad and ap giving it 200 percent scaling, and her q has 70 ad and 50 ap scaling, i can do this all day.
Sion q can easily be walked out of without boots. Garen's and Darius's are melee without mobility. Cho'gath is melee and has to hit a small delayed knockup, alos 1000k truedamage on a champion is impossible, against a monster...are you also going to complain about nunu? Nasus is extremely weak early and is fairly easy to exploit, also the STACK damage part of his q can not crit. Veigar is just like Nasus just simply pathetic early game, plus low range and a horrible zoning tool. Meanwhile lee sin litterally presses R on you and you die. simple as that, it has horrible counterplay issues as it has a stun at the beginning and a knockup aswell.
: A detailed analysis of the current state of sona after patch from a person qualified to do so
I'm more confused as to how that game even took 40 minutes in this patch O_O
: I didnt expect to make it to gold this season because i made it into silver so late. Still im glad i made it out of bronze with my determination. Best of luck next year, eh?
*Making it into Silver fills you with determination*
: That only happens in the Fizz player is skilled enough to get fed, like Dread Echo just said in his comment. The counter-play to assassins is to not let them get fed. Fizz is decently difficult to get fed on so he is fine. If someone is good enough with a champion that they know all the weaknesses and are able to snowball that champion then that is fine. When people play their main champion there is a reason why they have 80%+ win rate.
Wasn't the idea for champions that get mained to have like 5+% winrate in general over a extremely long period of time instead of 30%? which is honestly EXTREMELY ridic? If you can play a champion with simple game knowledge (because let's face it, fizz is not THAT hard to play with one significant skillshot that's barely capable of missing to begin with) and get 80% winratio than that's absurd.
: > [{quoted}](name=TotallynotFrench,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nZKOLI9L,comment-id=0000000200000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-08T17:00:04.803+0000) > > Ahri will have to dash into your team WITHOUT untargetability and will have to kill your adc with multiple (given blank) skillshots that atleast have some animation time before the adc gets blown up. Atleast Ahri has to try to get to that point, fizz just goes full out potions in the early game and kills anyone that tries to pressure him with all the free damage he gets in the form of dots (oh you got hit by one autoattack, here, lose almost half your health) > **For fizz to get fed it's just soo incredibly easy, he has to barly do anything for it.** Go play fizz vs any midlaner with a brain and then get back to me. Fizz has as many skillshots as ahri does, and his ultimate moves as slow as a morg q, and its so easy to flash/sidestep its not even funny. There is a reason that even westdoor isnt playing fizz as much, and hes probably the best fizz player in the world
Skillshots she has to put effort into to hit atleast. Morgana's binding moves at 1200 and Chum moves at 1300 btw, you are a real main huh? Not to mention that Fizz's chum doesn't dissapear or how it's hitbox is enormous. Practically he walks up to you/q's through a minion and uses e+ult to oneshot anyone he likes without counterplay. the only thing you can do against fizz is (hopefully) trading one for one or hoping that he kills someone that's not worth as much, considering chum will probably *never* miss.
: > [{quoted}](name=TotallynotFrench,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nZKOLI9L,comment-id=00000002000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-08T16:41:14.955+0000) > > When Fizz litterally kills your adc by jumping next to them (which you litterally cant stop) and hitting a pointblank skillshot (wow so hard such skillz) and uses Q to deal about 70% of their health you sure feel like you got outskilled :^) For that to deal that much damage, fizz had to outplay someone to get to that point. Damage is earned, not given. Its frustrating, and at the point he does that, no skill is required. You could say the same for almost every champion in the game tho. Give ahri 3 kills in laning, she quickly turns from a mage dps into an assasin with zero counterplay.
Ahri will have to dash into your team WITHOUT untargetability and will have to kill your adc with multiple (given blank) skillshots that atleast have some animation time before the adc gets blown up. Atleast Ahri has to try to get to that point, fizz just goes full out potions in the early game and kills anyone that tries to pressure him with all the free damage he gets in the form of dots (oh you got hit by one autoattack, here, lose almost half your health) For fizz to get fed it's just soo incredibly easy, he has to barly do anything for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Synx7,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nZKOLI9L,comment-id=000000020000,timestamp=2015-11-08T15:34:15.309+0000) > > Fizz main confirmed. Go spoil ur shit somewhere else. Yeah im a fizz player, which gives me a right to talk about his balance. Just getting facerolled by a skilled fizz player doesnt give you a right to argue about his balance. Sure if he got fed to the point of having an item ahead of everybody else, he deserves to blow up your squishys over and over again. It takes skill to do that. Just because someone plays better than you doesnt mean a champions overpowered. Play fizz for yourself, id love to watch it.
When Fizz litterally kills your adc by jumping next to them (which you litterally cant stop) and hitting a pointblank skillshot (wow so hard such skillz) and uses Q to deal about 70% of their health you sure feel like you got outskilled :^)
: > [{quoted}](name=Akali is SO HOT,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=X6qHhOvT,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-08-21T05:31:45.167+0000) > > His heal botlane with his Q is pretty op. They are doing this to nerf support shen not top you're right, it completly outheal nami and sona oh wait
Relic shield itself outheals Sona, vorpal blades are not even neccesary.
: someone just lost to a kalista lel{{champion:429}} {{item:3070}}
Hard to lose against a Kalista when she is always banned :^) {{item:3073}}
: Old Veigar could zone just by being present, because if the enemy got too close** _they were dead_**. Now he's a glorified siege minion with some poke and situational burst. Sure, it works, but it just doesn't feel _satisfying_ when my only time to shine is following someone's stupid mistake.
You mean like a singletarget less reliable annie?
Salron (NA)
: Removing his armor pen would force him to build LW which means he would only be able to build 1 defensive item lategame Unless you gave him ridiculous buffs(that would probably break him against Squishies), this would just end up being a net nerf
you mean he will have to buy damage to deal it :o? herecy!
zeron824 (NA)
: Blitzcosby. Sorry. Had to do it. :(
innocent until proven guilty tho
Cicote (EUW)
: Enemies caught in Veigar's Event Horizon should recieve a "R.I.P. DFG" cosmetic buff
Who knows, maybe Riot already added this change to the game? we'll never know, considering no one will ever get hit by event horizon anyway.
: You get to use your main's ult IRL
The fury of the sands enables me to get something from the top of the shelf in the supermarket, totally worth it.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3d1Ez4lE,comment-id=0012001100000000,timestamp=2015-08-15T04:10:10.797+0000) > > I don't know if it would be better for the game overall, bad, or just neutral. > > All I know is that it would feel worse as a Veigar player who's behind, and feel worse for Veigar's foes when he's ahead. "Feast or Famine" is generally viewed as something people don't want more of in the game. I know. But wouldn't *any champion* feel bad when they're behind? If his ult was changed to 500 + 150% AP with no enemy AP ratio then He'd still have a decent chance of coming back because of his E being strong, but the old ultimate would be 500 + 100% AP + 80% AP (from a mage). I remember I did pretty badly versus an ahri in lane, farmed a tiny bit, then just pressed R when she dashed to me and she died instantly like that. How would someone feel if they get super ahead but end up getting oneshot by someone who's 0/7, as I previously stated?
b-b-b-but his e is not even strong...
: I've seen this request (or ones pretty similar to it) a few times in the last week now. Just to get another read... > Anti-mage was never Vinegar's true identity, it was always burst mage, and that means he bursts whoever he pleases. How does everyone feel about the above statement?
: And people act like the nerfs are no big deal which I don't get
Probably because she is extremely toxic to play against, don't get me wrong, i have multiple skins for her and i love her playstyle but i genuinely abused her in ranked.
KarKzz (EUW)
: The AP is unlikely to burst you.
With all of those armor items even Veigar will be able to oneshot you, hell, Support Sona Will be able to burst you with 4 armor items and ninja tabi.
: Why do you think teams occasionally picked her before, but no longer do? Is it strictly that she's been too nerfed? That she's not standing out as far as what she brings to the table? That she's being crowded out by other supports? Or something else?
It's pretty much the problem that Nami outclasses her in every single regard, not to mention that Thresh is a thing.
aperson1 (NA)
: Thornmail is about the same or better against Vayne now, assuming you're actually building tank and not some damage item -> Randuins nonsense. Quinn top is definitely a strong possibility though.
Considering you'll need a few more armor items to make it as usefull as it used to be....goodluck ONLY tanking vayne when they are garenteed to have atleast one AP champion.
: When is the zed/lee sin rework? Oh wait, popularity = healthy now.... in maybe 1000 games, ive seen morde *maybe* 20 times, yet he gets this. I see zed picked or banned almost always and he gets his attack speed scratched.... That's what's sick. People learn champions and roles, then have to relearn EVERYTHING by niche selection of the "esport's" management.... which is TOTALLY unfair and unjust to any veteran main of these.... "reworks". A sport should be an even playing field, not this...
To be fair my only problem with Zed is that his waveclear is a little too good, his burst is delayed and his mobility has been nerfed now. Lee sin? why is he getting buffs again? wasn't he like the best jungler since his release except for like 2-3 months where he was MEDIOCRE at worst?
: They should just reverse it. Every # seconds, Quinn snipes the last target Valor has attacked.
I would love to see Quinn fall from the sky to mark an enemy as vulnerable and land face first where after she runs to a brush to de-spawn.
: Quinn main here with around 1500~ games on her now. First step: remove skystrike. It's an overglorified autoattack that restricts Quinn more than it enables. A lot of Skystrike's power budget is invested into its AOE, but that contradicts with Quinn's role as a duelist/splitpusher rather than a teamfighter. Fun fact: **Max damage skystrike** starts doing less damage than a **non-crit harrier** after around 300AD. Removing Skystrike will let Valor be used for mobility like intended, and will allow Quinn to receive buffs outside of Tag Team without becoming too oppressive. Keep her as a solo laner. Quinn will never be a good ADC so long as she has vault, and yet vault is perhaps her most recognisable skill. I honestly think she'll be healthier as a roaming midlaner, but she's also found a strong niche as an anti-melee top laner. I don't mind which lane you choose, as long as it isn't bot lane. Supports punish Quinn far too easily and prevent her from snowballing like she's supposed to as an early-mid game carry. That said, please give her a way to get into fights that isn't vault. Vault is too risky to use to jump into groups of enemies with, even in Quinn form. Perhaps give her movespeed while walking towards blinded targets or something. Otherwise, really emphasise her trait as a splitpusher/skirmisher if you want to keep her weak as a teamfighter. Please consider reverting her passive back to 10/3 second cooldown instead of 6/6 seconds. It gives her more of a consistent steroid that rewards you for popping the Vulnerability and provides more counterplay for the opposition. While it's optimal uptime is shorter, enemies can play around it by staying out of range and putting it on a 4 second longer cooldown than otherwise. Lastly, please buff her vision skills. Her lore depicts her as a demacian scout and yet her scouting capabilities are arguably the weakest compared to her competitors. Compare her W to Kalista's, Ashe's, Nidalee's, Teemo's, etc. Like seriously, Nidalee's bushwhack was effectively Quinn's heightened senses for most intents and purposes but on a 9 second cooldown until it was nerfed recently. Quinn as it stands is thematically unfulfilling for two reasons. 1) Her weak scouting capabilities as highlighted above. 2) The limitations of Valor as a mobility tool. Right now, Valor is a kamikaze bird, both in Q and R. You can't call Q/V a tag team duo when 99% of the time is spent as only Quinn. Refocusing Tag Team as a mobility skill will increase the uptime of Valor and justify the two's title as a duo.
The thing is, skystrike in my opinion is not even that much of her power budget, it's more the fact that her aoe blind(s) and Vault tends to screw melee's over so hard that it might as well be her whole power budget. In my opinion i would love it if they made her faster and let her strike more fluidly but also give her opponents on toplane atleast a chance to fight back. I'd love to have her vision be like a combined Ashe hawk and Kalista Sentinel and slightly WW's scent. Point to an area for Valor to scout out and she'll scout out that area permanently until called back (where it goes on a decent cooldown) when an enemy walks in that area with a low amount of health Valor would get massive increased movementspeed moving towards that target. To compensate for such a powerfull vision move i'd love to give her a thematic buff/nerf. Let Valor have her own health and make Quin's ult free to use with a decently low cooldown. (make them an actual combo team) while in vision form Valor can be killed thus disabling her ult until she respawns. I have no numbers and these are just ideas which i would love to hear feedback about from other people who love quin's thematic.
WHAT . THE. FUCK. IS. A. SONIC!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHqRHDZ6C5Y
: What kinds of passives are you guys interested in on Zilean? I have to admit, I've never really been a Zilean main or anything, but I know his passive is probably one of the least satisfying in the game. It would be pretty cool to get it swapped out if we could imo (this isn't to say we would immediately, btw). Edit: lots of cool ideas in here. Some relatively common ideas/themes seem to be: * Rewind as a passive * Hasting/Slowing effects * More interesting experience effects or cooler ways to distribute experience * Something to help his solo lane I'll think about this stuff and pass it on to 20thCenturyFaux as well (that guy loves Zilean, and I know is interested in a better Zilean passive). Serioiusly, these ideas are really awesome; I'm glad I popped in.
Can we like, give this guy a raise or something for his stellar performance?
: > [{quoted}](name=DrMarshSwamp,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tm52eJ4z,comment-id=00020001000000010000,timestamp=2015-08-09T03:15:26.390+0000) My problem is with riot that allow CHO to have true damage ulti and 2.5 AOE silence but if garen have 2.5 single target ability it need to be nerfed to the ground!! It make no sense when this 2 champions are both tanks or what ever riot try to make garen now they both need their silence for their combo but only one champion recieve nerfs while the other remain untouched when his silence is ALOT STRONGer than garens!! That my problem and that was my post!! That riot complete ignore chogath and the explaination they give for the reason of the garens silence nerf make no sense because CHOGATH have it and its alot stronger but i dont see any nerfs !!
Garen is way more lane dominant while Cho is specialised in stalling and playing safe.
: Well... what exactly is Sona supposed to be? If she's meant to be a poke based support, her damage is less than stellar. If she's meant to be a healer, her aid is less than several champions with self sustain.
(not saying Nami is op or overtuned) imho Nami does everything Sona does but better. She has a heal and poke on the same ability with about the same potency as Sona's q-w if not more, meaning she does what Sona does with one button less, and soon her passive will even outshine Sona's e meaning...just casting Nami's W is enough to outshine all of Sona's abilities. Also, her ult is a literal better version of Sona's, especially after her passive buff. Things i would like back or added : W actually heals Q extends her next autoattack's range E is an actual speedboost R is a suppress (they are still moving so why is it a "stun"?
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nxbMm4UT,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2015-08-09T01:11:57.687+0000) > > None of the healers are popular enough. > > Buff Sona, Nami, and Soraka! There actually are nami buffs on pbe right now. Increased her passive MS buff to 60 from 40, and the effect is doubled for her ult (so her ult gives 120 ms to allies now).
But she already was a better version of Sona :c
: Blitzcrank has a 54% winrate. What a shock.
Horrow (NA)
: {{champion:8}}
I have honestly no idea what circlejerk you are portraying here....
Ancestor007 (EUNE)
: ***
Are you implying pre or post rework Darius is a good toplaner, or gangplank?
: > [{quoted}](name=RobobertSmitty,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RorHOOY3,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-08-08T14:22:11.577+0000) > > I play him more like a poke mage. The cage works when others have AOE spells like swain or ammu Except that's not Veigar. That's {{champion:115}} or {{champion:101}} or {{champion:99}} or {{champion:143}} or {{champion:161}}. Veigar is _THE_ burst mage; to make up for his lack of utility outside a delayed stun he has unparalleled burst. He was an immobile AP carry that had to carefully pick and choose his battles, but before at least he _could_ pick his battles. Now he is utterly reliant on his teammates to accomplish anything short of enemies making serious errors in judgement. Veigar is not a poke mage, he was never meant to be a poke mage, hence the laughable range on his abilities; Veigar put himself at risk to unleash his full rotation, which is why the stun was so critical in getting him in and out alive. That was Veigar's identity, a double-edge sword that could make anyone not a tank shit their pants the minute he walks into their vision.
If he is THE burst mage, then why are his ratios, basedamages so lackluster and is he so unreliable? give me exactly one reason to not take an assassin or aoe long range mage to replace him.
: > She's one of the most mobile champs in the game {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:157}} Really, now? REALLY?
Ekko only has a dash that about covers the same distance as ahri can with her ms boost, given he can go over walls while Ahri has 3 dashes aswell to follow him even if he would ult to get away. Kalista and Yasuo need to be in combat to use their mobility unlike Ahri (not saying it is preferred for her to be in combat) Rek'sai's mobility has a HUGE cooldown for such a low distance dash and is only good if her tunnels have existed for a long time. Leblanc...well...yeah... No one likes Lee Sin. Fizz's only mobility (even though it has invuln) has throught the game a extremely high cooldown until maxed and with cdr. And Udyr...really? all he does is litterally run.
: That "triple dash" deals barely any damage and has a very long cooldown. If you remove the speed boost Ahri is basically trading all that raw power for a long cooldown mobility ability and sustain that costs a shit load of mana. It will be pretty much pointless to pick her when there's ziggs/orianna/vel'koz/syndra who can do what she does better with slightly less mobility. Notice how during season 2 Ahri didn't have a damage amplification or a movement speed boost but her numbers were considerably higher than they are now.
Slightly less mobility....you are telling me....Ahri has so little mobility that ziggs is close to her mobilty? Point and click huge ms boost + damaging triple dash = skillshot low distance jump with delay and low travel time, low damage.
: >I'll flip the question, what is exactly her weakness? Mostly her ranges and ult cooldown. Her w and r are short ranged spells and her skillshots are middling range, and honestly pretty easy to dodge when fired at max range. Ahri by design is supposed to be able to flip between being low risk/low reward and being high risk/high reward. This is basically the decision between using her mobility aggressively or defensively. Usually the best way to fight her is to get her to come to you, and then lock her down. And if she doesn't want to do that, you take objectives until she does.
The problem is she will never. ever. have to use those spells at max range.
: my personal favorite arguments is the 'GET CHARMED AND DIE' one because that LITERALLY is how almost every Mage with CC is supposed to work, like you said. They catch you, then deal a lot of damage because you got trapped. Ahri is no exception to this. pretty much irrelevant. Also this "She can 100-0 you with her W and R!" nonsense is ridiculous. Have you ever even played her? How low on health were you? DId you have ANY MR? Are you an idiot? so many questions.
Ahri can dash in and then pointblank charm you thought, good luck to Vel'koz, Brand etc that will actually have to face the travel time of their cc abilities.
: > [{quoted}](name=Vistha Kai,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PZ1lAp8j,comment-id=000100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-06T23:56:24.134+0000) > > Don't mind the fact I have 40 ranked games and 54% winrate with Darius and also played him in countless normal games. 40 rank games with one champ 8 months into a season. kk.
: I am afraid to how this new Q will do. If it is weak, it is a huge nerf to her burst against ALL targets, even squishy ones, unless she builds 800 or so AP. She will do little damage while tacking on a huge mana problem since they are not reducing the cost of the ability. This also greatly impacts her tankier builds meaning there is much more risk for less reward. If it is strong, this will be incredibly toxic (heh) in lane as she is able to provide constant pressure without being gated by the fact that she deals less damage when her opponent has less health. She will hurt just as much no matter how close you are to death. Build a tear and you are essentially casting a Cass E without needing to land a skillshot first, ergo little counterplay. Not to mention if this ability works with Muramana it will be totally broken. I like the idea of a spider character having a DoT, and I also like the idea for lane elise to get buffs, but I don't want her to be broken or gutted in the process. I just hope riot does this right because elise is the closest champ to a main that I have.
You mean whe will have to build actual ap now to burst my carries? well that's delightful news!
: *Slams fists on table* NAMI BUFFS
This may get downvoted for egoism but i would love some Sona buffs aswell because currently Nami outclasses her at every stage of the game.
: Fiora's ult feels absolutely terrible to use.
The way i have seen Fiora players use her ult ( to huge sucess i might add) was to ult the most nearby target, oneshot that player and tend to have a very good aoe heal for the team to fight in and around.
: I think a big thing almost everybody here is missing are the 3 new bruiser specific items that are being added. Sure he loses 25% damage on it, but he will also be able to safely build MUCH more AD than currently, and it also seems to have overall higher scaling. In EVERY thread, people have neglected to talk about the 3 upcoming bruiser items, of which most of the upcoming champions were reworked around.
Because trying to balance champions around a certain item has worked before right? ....right?
kJs (OCE)
: Because for the exact same reasons you pointed out. Metasheep. Insec plays. It's popular and everyone wants to see flashy Lee Sin plays. They could have buffed way worse champions like Zed, Yasuo, Azir, etc. Lee Sin is the flashiest of them all though.
If they are going to buff Yasuo it would be great if they also removed his extreme toxicity to play against, it just feels like he outkits you when he wins, he just loses because his kit has crappy numbers now because he can't be allowed to be strong.
: > [{quoted}](name=Matezoide,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WG7qFfjh,comment-id=00060001,timestamp=2015-08-05T20:36:37.075+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM4wXmuea-Q > > I fucking love when people refer to Skarner's passive as ''A rock''. Theres so much stuff you can post as a reply for laughs! They're not wrong though. They're small, round, and useless.
They can be thrown decently hard though...
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