Gilgayu (NA)
: Dinames the Mutated Drake-Hound
HMMMMM,this is kinda good concept...and this concept inspired me o create another third concept champion)))))
Akenero (NA)
: So, not teemo. The only thing kept here is the stealth Mechanically everything changed, visuals don't matter much if nothing FEELS like teemo.
You want to say what THIS Teemo is bad? Well,it's your opinion,but i am sure this Teemo is better than the hamster what we have now
Zaphrose (NA)
: Caype - The Raging Moth
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KyraHahah (EUNE)
: Skin ideas?
digital virus/virus {{champion:30}} (from program skins). PROJECT {{champion:111}}. Deathsworm {{champion:82}}. Elderstone {{champion:48}}.(Like,Elderwood,but Elderstone.) Final boss {{champion:50}}. Star villain {{champion:555}}. Star villain {{champion:6}}. Wither {{champion:8}}.(somehing like Spirit guard Udyr,with VSU) Lived {{champion:14}}.(Real lived Sion,not like this Barbarian.I mean when he didn't became as monster,in the moment when he was a human.)
: [concept rework]Corki,the first Piltover pilot.
Fuhhh,i finally finish this concept! Good news for you all,my next concept rework will be about Skarner,Teemo and about one concept champion who will be soon released))). Yes,i know he have something similar with Kled....ok,i lie he is similar to Kled,but hey look at the different way,he is more than the old Corki interesting,he have more mechanics,more options to do something...something great! in game ofc^^. Anywya,hope you like this concept)
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Gilgayu (NA)
: Of course Skarner is forgotten... Or are you already working on him ;)
As i say,i already did a good kit for Skarner,so don't worry about him concept rework). But,i think now about Corki concept rework,because i made a good lore for him.
: [Champion Suggestion] Gan - The infected samurai. (With music :D)
I see you take my feature about some quotes under abilities))) Anyway,i like very much your concept=)
SatomiKun (EUW)
: {{champion:36}} How dare you not putting the doctor in the list?! _________________ Because of the absolutely barbaric lack of savage pharmacists in here, I have to go with Corki. From all the champions in your list, I think he has the most potential. He is supposed to be a yordle, but absolutely doesn't look like one, more like a gnome.... Many people actually don't recognise him as a yordle. His lore still tags him as a Bandle City champion, yet it would make much more sense to put him in Piltover (which is even the city he is currently living in). Give his copter an upgrade, make it look awesome. Change his lore to a yordle hiding in the high ranks of Piltovers airforce, just like Heimerdinger and Ziggs are hiding as scientists in the same area. Put more emphasis on his niche as **the** magic damage marksman.
Khm,i already did him concept rework,here ^^
Gilgayu (NA)
: Perhaps rework skarner? If you think that's a good idea I highly suggest you to check out [this thread]( It states basically most things that are wrong with this poor bug.
Why not? I already have him new kit=)
SatomiKun (EUW)
: Ok, I really want to see Dr. Mundo updated and so will take time to go through this concept. _______________________ **Visuals** I know this artwork and have to agree, it is great. It keeps the major thematics of Dr. Mundos visuals and enhances them by giving them the electric collar, which looks great and kinda gives him the feeling of the Frankenstein monster of League of Legends. Nothing to complain here, great choice of inspiration for your concept. _____________________ **Lore** First: You changed his name, from Dr. Mundo to just Mundo and there is no reference anymore of this fake title. I must say, I don't like that. Dr. Mundo has always been known with that name and it shouldn't change. There should still be something in his new lore that explains why he calls himself Dr. Even if he is just insane and has a misconcept of the actual work of a Dr. in his head. Second: You made him an experiment from Singed... I don't know if we should really go with that. While yes, he made quite some experiments and he could be one, it basically just makes him another Warwick, another guy who got altered by that chemistry madman. Dr. Mundo should feel distinct in his lore, he should have something that is his own, not being another version of the Warwick rework when it comes to his story. Personally, I would like to return to the times in which Dr. Mundo was the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde of League of Legends. That he used to be an actual doctor, but he went insane and made himself into that cruel creature we know. Still your concept, tho. If you want him to turn out like that, it's legit. I just would like to avoid that myself. _________________________ **Gameplay and Kit** Alot of thematics got lost here... If I understand you correctly, then he doesn't throw cleavers anymore with his Q, but just uses them to increase his AA range and damage? If so, that's a no from me. Dr. Mundo definitely has to keep throwing cleavers, they are iconic for him (especially after that sweet VFX update we got). Changing his health costs for skills to mana costs is also strange, his lore of being a masochist makes so much sense with this. I think he should keep the health cost. The passive, while looking like a nice idea at first, could lead to some frustration. You are basically giving the enemy full control over your passive. You don't decide when to activate it in any way, just the enemy... Having this part of your kit, which seems quite impactful, just at the will of the enemy would feel bad. But I really like your W (the charging mechanic is a nice idea and goes really well with the electric collar) and that you give him some hard CC on E. Juggernauts seem more successful if they have some hard CC and I would like to see something similar on the new Dr. Mundo. Honestly, it is kinda strange that all a guy of his size can do right now is slow you. ^^ The ultimate, you basically kept the same.... But I think it would probably need changes. This skill is a major part of why Dr. Mundo might feel frustrating to fight for many players. He definitely needs great sustain on his ultimate after his rework, but maybe not as so much regeneration over such a long time. I would suggest to make his Q a skill with 2 effects: FIrst he throws his cleaver, dealing damage (and maybe slowing the enemy). The cleaver gets stuck in the enemy. The next auto attack on that enemy will rip out the cleaver, dealing further damage and reducing the cooldown.
Welp,i tried my best in this concept rework.It's my vision to see what Mundo another Singed experiment. But anyway,thank you for your opinion,I really appreciate^^
: Looks like Mr Hide and Mr Hide Hide.
: Nyharl'Kolan, The Void Infestator
It's......perfect!!!!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I like this concept very much^^
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Gilgayu (NA)
: Em, ZaneShadow summarized it pretty well, so I'll just point out a few more things. One of the most important aspect of the current Mundo is his anti-mage e. This is his current e's passive >PASSIVE: Taking magic damage or paying a health cost increases Dr. Mundo's Magic magic resistance by 2% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30%. This is a big part of Mundo that is often overlooked. Since you removed that MS boost from his ult, I suggest adding something like this for his ultimate's passive. ________- Although this is more of a personal preference, making his abilities cost mana instead of health probably isn't the best idea __lore-wise__. Besides those things this is a pretty nice rework. Good job :D
Thank you very much,i worked on this concept rework much time,and soon i'll will work MAYBE for new concept rework,or champions^^.
: So, is this a bruiser or tank design? I’m not sure. No Juggernaut I know of has a defense steroid in their kit, while this mundo has a few. It could work still, it’d just be VERY difficult to balance Also, no Juggernaut has a long dash range. The longest is Illaoi, who has a fraction of that range. I like the directions, and overall it’s a cool and unique concept. However, it suffers from wanting to do Tank things while packing Juggernaut damage, a combo that is avoided in champion for a very good reason. Some quick fixes for your consideration: Q: cooldown from 20–>12/10/8/6/4 remove slow W: Remove Silence and put slow from Q here. Deals Magic Damage(Having a blitzcrank Ult on a regular ability could be a bit much, drop the silence) E: Range from 1000–>250.
thanks for your opinion,i'll change those thing soon^^.
Gilgayu (NA)
: I'll give an in-depth analysis later today, but just a heads up: symbols like \> don't translate well from docs to this board, so you have to retype them to make them look the way you want them to :)
: [Concept rework]Mundo,the laboratory monster.
Hello there! In this concept rework,i tried to make Dr. Mundo...or just a real experiment of one crazy scientist who w all know=))) [i hope,lol]. Anyway,i give to him something new,and keep something from old Mundo like him ult,because it will be not Mundo,if he will can't regenerate him health,right? ANyway,hope you all like this concept=)
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: That's the board that talks about the special colors and whatnot. It is very useful. There is a better reference as to what you can do with the colors, when I actually spent the time to use them fully.
**_*~~Thank you,very much!~~*_**
Gilgayu (NA)
: Here, check out this thread It explains basically everything you need to know for thread-making.
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: Think Viktor E, it works like his laser but much faster since it's a spear stab. Top range of 850, but you can cast it closer.
The concept is great,i very like it{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} But can you tell me one thing?how you did that thing with colors?it's very nice thing!
: Gromo the homo?
new meme i guess?xdd
: She came from what is imagined to be the underworld, or else an alternate plane of existence
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KyraHahah (EUNE)
: Alot of good work, love to see it in the game
Thank you very much! Hope,you will like my others new concepts what i'll do soon=)
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: good news the post is not deleted i just cant see it in my previous posts for some reason [ezyr, ryze's brother](
Yo wazap bro:D The champion is good,but i don't get one thing.Who is Ni'vex?she/he is from the void?she/he is a Elise follower?
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Vartius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Trilobit731,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=c4IR0vF6,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-01T10:26:03.881+0000) > > Hey,can you please give me the link of your Mordekaiser rework? Sure, which one though :P - This is the newest, most successful one. - This is a bit older, that takes a totally different approach There is a third one, but it's very old. In general my entire boards profile history is 99% about Mordekaiser - some discussions about his lore, rework or whatever.
Vartius (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=el Sheepo Beepo,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=c4IR0vF6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-01-27T04:55:31.243+0000) > > Heavy and metal... > Great job on everything! You are quite talented and very dedicated towards what i presume to be your favorite champion. I love all the different styles you used for all of them. Keep doing what your doing you! I've been maining Morde for 6 years straight ^^ So yeah - favorite champion by a long shot. Thank you for all the kind words. I'm still salty that the pictures don't display right...
Hey,can you please give me the link of your Mordekaiser rework?
: Dude, this idea is amazing :D ! Original , creative and very interesting :) I enjoy this... this is one of the best and creative ideas of Udyr´s rework I´ve ever seen Great Job!!! Have a nice day -{{champion:77}}
Thank you my friend,i am really happy what you like it=)
: Did you intentionally name him "lard-ass"
LOL XDDD In true no,i was inspired with the name of World of Warcraft Larderon and the person Lich king with the real name,Arthas.
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: The first two about them having similar faces and hair lengths dont seem like very valid points. However, the last part about Swain's grand plan I think is really clever. {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
As i say,it's only a theory.But yeah,the plan was great{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Lore Gibbly is a fantasizer; who dreams of becoming Goblin King. To become Goblin King, he would have to eat the worst foods, wear the worst clothes, say the worst jokes, build the worst creations, and get all of the other goblins to approve of his disastrous ideas! There was just one problem. Gibbly has never seen another goblin in his entire life. He often wonders if his family raided some human village and left in a stupor without him. Or maybe he was a half-goblin? Whereby his dad raped some fine, human wench, and when he was born his human mother was so appalled by his appearance she left him for dead. All Gibbly knows for sure is that his life has been miserable since birth. He was picked up by slave traders and forced to work to the bone mining for ore. After 13 years of building muscle mass and planning his escape, Gibbly found his opportunity. He learned that his metal shackles were made of iron and not steel. He also knew that the iron would oxidize faster if exposed to water; which the cave provided. But how did he know this? Where did he come from? He was an outcast in a cruel world that frowned and scoffed at goblinkind. Gibbly used his pickaxe to wedge out the cuffs and he was off to the races. He killed his tormentors with anything and everything he could get his hands on. Sticks, stones, tools, and bones. Life on the run was exciting, but Gibbly found his claim to fame by being a mercenary in the piss ant squalor of the impoverished gutterways of large cities. He would do anything or kill anyone for fish scraps and bread nuggets, but Gibbly knew he was not just an ordinary goblin. He was exceptional at everything he did. If he gambled, he was the best bluffer. If he was tinkering, he always found a way to improve its design. He invented knew ways to execute his crimes. Mixing powders and playing with fire, he could elude even the smartest humans. Gibbly was different, but why and how, he could not explain. His past was a dark cloud. It was the only problem he couldn't solve. Gibbly was only certain of one thing. By hook or by crook, he was going to track down his goblin horde and become their Goblin King.
Hmmm,very interesting
: Send me the link to yours.
nah bro,i say i forget about this idea,didn't make THEM kit
Gilgayu (NA)
: Lax'rah the Voidborn
Hmmm,very interesting one. good work!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Gilgayu (NA)
: >a hobo who get some effect's from abilities and doesn't have ult Sigh... indeed. In addtional to my suggestion above, I've also came up with another passive and ult. >Passive: _Spirit Master_ Udyr changes to a random form(tiger, bear, turtle, pheonix) every time he enters combat. He also gains a temporary buff depending on the form he is in upon entering combat (the buffs will be the current active of Udyr's abilities) >Ultimate: _Whatever_ Udyr becomes the spirit itself. He increases in size, and his basic abilities will have additional effects (in addition to the bonus effects form the form)according to the form he is in. This kinda emphasizes that he controls the spirits, and random is always fun ;) Tell me what you think of this. This was done in a rush...
hmmmm,very interesting about passive,but not sure about randome,like:You start a teamfight and you need a stun,but you get my opinion it's 50-50. About the ult,i like it,very interesting one{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Can i ask you/did you do some concept's rework or champion's?because i saw you have a good taste of what a ability need that or the other champion.
Gilgayu (NA)
: Udyr does need a rework, since currently all of his abilities are legit just buffs for his autos. You did a really good job reworking him, but I think you've gone a bit too far. It is always important to keep things simple, and 12 different abilities and 5 additional passive "abilities" are just a lot for people to remember. Personally, I suggest giving each of his ability a "theme." What I mean is something like: > his q in all forms are aa buffs (so the current abilities) his w in all forms are mobility (charge, sprint, dash.... you decide :) his e in all forms are "special abilities" (stealth for tiger, roar for bear, shield for turtle, aoe for pheonix... Whatever, you decide) This way he still has 12 abilities (not counting ult), but it is much easier to remember them because although each form have their pros and cons, they are similar in many ways. Another advantage of organizing abilites like this is that people won't have to read abilities that are three times as long as Jhin's passive... _________________________________________________ For his passive, I think a lot of them are quite strong. Considering how well you reworked his basic abilities, I actually suggest to make his passive grant additional effects to his forms. A cool mechanism might be grant a specific buff depending on the form you stayed as the longest throughout the game. For example, if you were tiger for 6 minutes, bear for 4 minutes, turtle for 5 minutes, and pheonix for 2 minutes, then the passive can grant the an attack speed buff regardless of what form you are in. Players should also be able to check how long they've been as each form. This way people actually think about the form they are in, rather than just spam either tiger or pheonix. I don't know, I think this ^ just adds an advanced mechanic for a not-so-advanced champion (at least not yet ;). Please tell me what you think :D
Your opinion is wise,but i am not sure.Udyr is that champion who every new player saw him like a spirit master who can control spirits or do something WITH spirit's help....but in reality....they see THIS...a hobo who get some effect's from abilities and doesn't have ult(I know,in my kit Udyr don't have actually ult too,but this ult is better that the normal one),i get the same opinion about Udyr when i come first time in LoL...a hobo who don't have useful ult. About his 12 abilities,by my opinion it's make him more interesting,more skillful because,you must know what ability you shall use now or were place you need to come and get this ability to help or yourself or the teammate. In the other hand,your right,he is too hard to learn.BUT,it's him special thing what the other champion's have too.Like Yasuo:Yasuo is good in right hands and can solo kill your team. In true,my first concept rework for Udyr,he have a different passive.I thinkig to make him a combo champion,like: Q+W=stun E+W=movement speed. Q+E=shield Q+Q=attack speed. But fast for get it,because it's not what i wanted to see,i wanted to see a real spirit master who can use him abilities with spirit's help. Anyway,all's after watching this rework will say what:OH,HE IS OP,OH RIOTS WILL NERF HIM,OH. Yea,he will be totally nerfed,but let's think.Who better to have against you? A Sylas who can easy heal up him health bar only with one ability,or a SKILLFUL champion who need SKILLS to win the game.(No,i don't mean Sylas is unskillful,just him ability,i mean the W,it's annoying.)
: I will try to add something soon. I just remember that Trundle used to be a small quirky goblin that turned ogre. I think the goblin concept needs to be reintroduced somehow.
well,need to say i reminds i'll have a goblin concept too,but there was three goblins what do different things with them abilities... But then i forget about this idea,because all will say like:OOOO,RITO COPY TECHYS FROM DOTA 2,OH
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: Gibbly the Goblin
Need to say,i like your concept,very good work and i wanted to read his lore{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
SSmotzer (NA)
: Being broken is kind of in his nature.
Hey,i am main Mordekaiser,and this kit was very good.But your kit need only one thing by my opinion,interactions.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} If you want,i can send you some interactions if you will place in your kit my name,about the interactions ofc. And believe i do very good interactions. So,what you will say?
: Domis, Winter's Call(Champion Concept AP ADC)
Hmmm i like your concept very much! I did once something similar but with different lore,abilities...and visual[if you want to check it,here is the link] Anyway,i will ask you about one thing what i don't get: Domis,is something like Bard?i mean,he is human?spirit?demigod?
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