: Riot, these lootboxes aren't making you look any better.
> [{quoted}](name=DODGEORLOSE,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zuuZr9pL,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-26T15:56:41.102+0000) > > You're NOT EA. They ARE EA type company now. Oh who could've possibly thought that quickly ripping off Dota Chess gamemode wouldn't provide a scummy cash grab campaign with it, hence why it was created in the first place? Certainly, noone saw that coming, what a surprise to everyone
: How do you know the new mode was in development for half a year? Are you assuming that it began when NB was shelved? It's not only possible but probable that the two modes were developed by different teams with different schedules. Also, some things are easier than others. And we don't even know whether TFT is good yet.
> [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jMG8BLAE,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-18T23:48:18.488+0000) > > How do you know the new mode was in development for half a year? > ... Basic math? Dota Chess release: 9th of January, 2019, TFT's PBE release: 18th of June, 2019 ~ 5 months, 10 days, there's your half a year gap. Obviously it's been made in way less than that, I assume around a few months in total >Are you assuming that it began when NB was shelved? It's not only possible but probable that the two modes were developed by different teams with different schedules. That's absolutely impossible. Nexus Blitz, according to League of Legends wiki, ran through July 31st to September 11th, 2018 precisely, and thus, as you can see from Dota Chess's release date, it could never begin at the time. Of course you can probably assume that some Rioters had this original idea of Auto Chess way before Dota version got released... except that's also wrong, since when TFT was first announced, it was explicitly stated in the announcement article that it was inspired through Dota Chess which Rioters themselves were playing it quite often; > And we don't even know whether TFT is good yet. The point of the post is to provide you a contrast on Riot's way of doing things at different speed. If the company would rather make a "new" and "fresh" gamemode _so quickly as in less than a half year gap_ instead of applying the same speed at which they release new shit to adress **issues that have been present for years** I presented, then it shows, at least from my point of view, a huge hypocrisy on Riot's behalf when it comes to excuses why rates of exploring and perhaps fixing issues is slow as well as slackery and ineptance towards managing their _MAIN GAME_ as a whole. I'm not saying by the way that it's wrong to deviate from it from time to time,providing community with something new, except when it's clearly a cloned cash grab campaign based on Auto Chess's popularity and nothing more in that regard.
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RR8Rosie (NA)
: The last champ you played with is now stuck with you during an apocalypse, how long do you survive?
{{champion:63}} https://s00.yaplakal.com/pics/pics_original/0/1/2/12251210.jpg
: Say the reasons you dislike the current state of the game
: Assassins have always done that is there job to make picks and having high damage is the only way to do that.
Except that damage continues to grow exponentially and never seems to fall off, like the moment they get a smallest lead it becomes unbearable and unmanageable to contest a lane vs an assassin nowadays,any braindead pick such as Zed,LeBlanc etc How many times my jungler disrespected midlane assassin pick,apparently not knowing their damage and mobility capabilities only to die on the river 2v1 MINUTES into the game while I simply try to freeze/lasthit to not die from their early cheese and then auto lose the lane because of that, it's getting ridiculous,how's that fair? Their damages NEED guts and hard
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else annoyed when Yasuos / Irelias dash?
Anyone else get annoyed when champions dash in general? Fuck mobility creep
: Can we have at least ONE patch where no damage is added and damaged is reduced?
Nah dude, here at Riot games HQ we are going to cater to the most obnoxious level of gameplay aka oneshotting everything with assassins/assassin level of damage so that ppl buy dem $kin$
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 13
Any thoughts on moving Brand from support to midlane? He's been there for quite a long time and it's a nuisance he's remaining there still. I mean you paid attention to him by nerfing his passive a little bit, but perhaps more measures need to be taken to transfer him back where he belongs
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: In your opinion, what are the unhealthiest champs, mechanics, strategies in the game?
Assassin class in general. It's mega unhealthy for the game in every regard possible and league would be better if those were gutted to only mains playing them
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: Gameplay/Client Feedback Megathread: One +, One -
**Positive** I love how Riot handled some champion reworks throughout the years. Champions like Swain, Urgot, Darius, Yorick (to an extent), Poppy, and Sion are my all-time most _favourite_ thematically and gameplay-wise updated characters. I especially love playing as the first three, I absolutely cherish their themes and feel special drive whenever I'm on a roll since characters are so well delivered it makes me feel like one. AoE'ing with Swain's ultimate feels fantastic and powerful. Executing with Urgot's ultimate/hearing special interactions whenever I hit one is one of the most thrilling,chilling and goosebump-giving feelings I've ever experienced and _every single time_ I do it again and /or hear a special line... it just never stops to amuse or dissatisfy me, I simply feel myself great. And who can leave indifferent after dunking several enemies at once, especially after managing a PENTADUNK? - a good description of that would be a quote from an animated video on Darius: "take the best moment in your life and multiply it by 10000. You will _never_ know the **joy** I feel!" Moments in League like these are engaging to me as hell, these moments that make your heart pound so hard it wants to break out of your chest,the moments of greatness with your favourite champions - the reasons that keep me playing and craving for more every time. **Negative** I **hate** assassins. Literally **DESPISE** of that class as a whole. I'm literally Hashinshin when it comes to discussing this topic. I've been playing League since season 2 straightforward, main midlane and that class has _NEVER_ managed to make it feel **ANY KIND OF FAIR** to play against. This entire class is not healthy for the game at all. In my honest opinion,** it should not have been a class that exists in a MOBA in the first place** because of how polarising it is. It's basically a one-man gameplay: it's strategy is that the class one-shots you and you can do ABSOLUTELY nothing about it. In majority of times you _do not have any control_ over what is going to happen, it's up to assassin to make a mistake. But even if they make one, they still have tons of options to escape with in-built mobility and evasion, and even if you manage to finally catch them they might still have flash... Every single class in the game has some form of counterplay but assassins take it to the next level: if you make **the tiniest of mistakes** it punishes you to **no end**. Sidestepped in the wrong direction by one pixel? Dead. Left to ward a bush? Assassin just jumped at you from 2 screens away, you're dead. Trying to farm even if at 0-0-0 with an opposing assassin? Always at risk of being 100-0'd and die. Early game meta has pushed this further even more, since assassins abuse mistakes the hardest and solo queue players make TONS of mistakes. Your jungler disrespected midlane pick and tried fighting in the river for scuttle? Assassin roamed at lvl2 and killed him before you could even react or start moving, now your lane is over and you could do ABSOLUTELY nothing to prevent it. Again, one-man gameplay here. Look no further than op.gg and other alike sites: top tier picks nowadays are assassins and champions who can withstand against them. It's a feast or famine class. Every. Single. Time. You win it all or you lose it all, there's no inbetween. Coinflip. Hence it's unreliable as hell. There's a certain reason this class is heavily underplayed or never played on the pro scene except for some champions in particular - it's UNRELIABLE. If it loses it never comes back into the game. Which brings me to the next statement: it drives in the most negative experience in gaming - **helplessness**. **On BOTH ends**. People who play this class I've met have been one of the most toxic people this game has to offer and I'm not exaggerating, the experience is _that_ miserable. People who play against this class feel it's unfair to lose to it since you have literally close to zero agency over how the lane is going to play out, and if you lose to an assassin in lane your game is probably always over: he gets complete control over everything you do,your options are super limited and your decisions matter WAY less in situations both in-lane when even and when losing. Every single representative, every single champion. The class is straight up _UNFAIR_ to play against and is _TOXIC_ for the game health. If every assassin was to be gutted up to a point where only people who know how to properly utilise their strength would play them, the game would be exceptionally healhier than what it is now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 22
Hello Meddler, wanted to ask you if you have any thoughts on putting {{champion:63}} on midlane as opposed to support. He's been stuck there for a while now and noone seems to have any discussion on the issue, which I'm ready to give some insight if you'd get a little bit of attention to it. Thanks in advance
Shaydrox (EUW)
: Does anyone feel Swain is weak?
Eh, you just might not know his limits. Here are my stats of S8, literally every game of Swain was played in elo range of Diamond 5 - Diamond 2. Still, he truly needs a buff, the recent nerfs to his ult lowered his teamfight potential, so maybe a small buff to his basic abilities would do the trick https://imgur.com/a/dANoDFc
: Assassins are 100% the problem with this game.
**Yes, this. 200% this. ** The issue of single class of champions holding down entire ROSTER of viable ones shouldn't exist in a moba. They are never healthy, never fair to play against, snowbally as fuck not to mention their insane safety with overloaded damage and mobility.
: How about that ranged/melee disparity though?
That one is mostly correlated to toplane, where it's abused the most, and even then there exist ways to play around it. The issue shown here on the other hand is way,way more problematic when compared to that one, since it shows how little control you actually have over your gameplay as an immobile caster/mage nowadays in the current overmobile metagame when an enemy jungler has even the slightest thought of ganking your lane.
Yenn (NA)
: Immobile casters sure are rewarding to play
Dude, I feel you so hard. Playing immobiles on mid myself, I constantly get shit like this in your video happening to me. It's beyond disgusting already. The fact that Riot refuses to do anything to adress the issue with mobile-immobile disparity being SO HIGHLY BROAD is actually sickening
: Umm Talon needs a hard nerf
Assassins overall just need a hard nerf. Too safe, too forgiving, too opressive
: Why do Stealthed Assassins also have the fastest, most unavoidable burst windows?
All assassins in league are cancerous monsters. **ALL of them.** If you are calling {{champion:28}} a fair champion_ I do bet_ you've never met a decent one - there's just as much "counterplay" as to 0.2 sec oneshot from a Rengo. Stealth is just another way to f*ck with you on a constant matter, just as untargetability, invinsibility, invulnerability etc. do already. Yeah, it's mega toxic, but unfortunately Riot refuses to acknowledge this issue at all.
Dr Dog (NA)
: whats with riot recently and the meme nerfs
Funny how your post gets uprovted but back when I made the exactly same statement how Riot is going with these pacebo nerfs on popular champions and playing favourites basically it didn't get enough attention. In any case, Riot's just a trash company that only cares about what's popular and refuses to do ACTUAL nerfs on cancer champs {{champion:39}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:164}}
: What balance team ignore. And why the game is unbalanced. /at least in solo queue./
Ya, it's what it all has come down to. Champions over actual Mastery of the game. It was already present in s8 with that you couldn't rank higher past a certain elo if you weren't playing any of the meta champions in a largely narrowed down champion pool, since unlike those others just simply can't compete nearly enough. Riot is playing favourites right now and it's disgusting. Meanwhile older champs are literally left in the dust, no reason to play them, won't pay off in the long run.
: Can we just talk about brand?
if you honestly believe Brand is unfair I wish you play endlessly against the likes of Irelia, Akali, Aatrox and all kinds of assassins. You'll feel the difference instantly
: Season 9 A.K.A Season 8 part 2
Wait, really? Gameplay+ posts that try to raise the issue are being deleted? Can you elaborate? In any event, agree with most of what you say
: A game cannot grow bigger forever
They won't grow any bigger. Google trends show that League's popularity via search is at it's lowest it's ever been since it's far back FIRST release. FIRST RELEASE. Moreover, Riot thinks that by catering to viewers and LCS they can make profits, but when people watch the game they get the desire to play it too, and most of those viewers don't play league. But the new player experience is horrible so they get alienated very early into the game, and even those who pass still don't keep around for long before quitting for good since the game's state is terrible. Riot is objectively screwing themselves into a hole they cannot and won't be able to dig themselves out of.
: Here is what people really mean when they say damage is too high.
Been saying it forever: more damage in the game causes pro players to NOT fight even MORE than before. By increasing damage in the game, it's not going to cause any action, only more stagnation. Why is that so oblivious to Riot is beyond me.
: Can we talk about mage "supports"?
Because the game is in a trash state. Why do you think mages transitioned from mid to bot? Assassin and diver bruises meta. They simply pushed scaling champs out of mid, hence you see them botlane. By virtue of the game being so snowbally ,immobile mages have no place on mid anymore That being said, You should rather complain about Riot changing their game by addressing damage and mobility creep,then you'll see change in your question as well.
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: It seems odd to me that you're against the community speaking out about their feelings on what is likely their favorite game and something they invest a lot of time in.
I'm not _against_ it. I'm not against a discussion of any kind. The post is about how It just feels sad that no matter how hard people try to reach Riot out, either through countless balance suggestions on or expression of distaste/discontent with a game issue they find problematic, it is usually _to no avail_ , and will most likely simply pass by. And since the community has litte control over Riot's decisions on game changes, there's not much you can do in terms of taking action except making posts about the same troubling issue over and over again and even if majority of people here would complain about said thing **for days, weeks, seasons** it's _still_ not likely to make Riot do something. Example given - community's major discontent on ridiculous damage in the game, which is still not being addressed even today.
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: The defense rune stat path has another "fake" choice, as usual with health runes
Same with cdr per level tbh. 10% at lvl 18 is like... way too late to feel the impact. I want these per level stats to cap at level 10,like it used to be. Otherwise it is just a noob trap Riot miraculously let go without thinking at all
: Any GOOD reason behind buffing Zed/Akali and nerfing mages like Brand/Lux/Ziggs?
Don't mind that, just Riot's balance team catering to AD bias as per usual. Mage nerfs are just to emphasize that.
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: If any mage is having a hard time in mid lane they'll end up in support. It's just easier and safer for them.
So basically almost every single mage in this meta rn
Zardo (NA)
: This "go next" mentality is REALLY getting out of hand
I wish people with this attitude didn't queue ranked. At all. Ever. Just don't do it with that mentality, you aren't queueing to play ranked, and are not acceptable in the competitive environment Why do you queue ranked if you're not mentally prepared to fall back/lose advantage? What's the point? Playing only 15-minute ff stomps and leaving when it's the other way around will NEVER get people far. Genuinly hate this attitude and people who bear it.
: Going off of the Wiki, Darius's R doesn't move him towards a target while Illaoi's W does. For that reason I'm going to stick with Darius not having a dash. You could sub divide mobility all you want, saying that it has to be able to move you over 300 units, or that it has to be untargeted, or that they have to be able to dash more often than once every 20 seconds, or whatever. That's fine, and it maybe valuable, but you need to clearly define it at the start. I have been second guessing Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench, and Taliyah's categories, and I honestly still don't know where I stand with categorizing them, but for this one I ultimately decided that since auto attacks could interrupt Tahm and Taliyah they would be treated one way while Twisted Fate was treated another. I very well may change my mind the next time I revisit this.
Just saying, it's not specifically mentioned in the wiki, but Noxian Gulliotine is actually coded as a very small dash. https://www.reddit.com/r/Dariusmains/comments/7v5tvi/til_darius_can_ult_through_anivia_wall_and_get_to/ - Darius's R pushes him on the other side of Anivia's wall For the same reason, Darius can't ult when snared and/or grounded by abilities such as Cassiopea's Miasmas or Singed's W
: A decent idea. I might add movement speed too. It just takes forever to go through all that, you know? Illaoi's W gives her +225 attack range and dashes her to a target that's outside her normal attack range (125). It's short, but it does exist and is called a "leap" in the flavor text.
Conditional dashes such as short leaps should not be regarded as mobility in my opinion. Darius's R is actually a leap to the target just like Illaoi's W is, but it's not like they are hyper-mobile or anything with those abilities at hand.
: that would be tragic
Not just tragic, but fucking pathetic. If that even is somewhat likely to happen, she will not be the first one. Brand "degenerated" from midlane into support throthought seasons,as the game became worse some mages such as Velkoz(from mid) and Fiddlesticks(from jungle) transitioned there too. Last few seasons support has been a huge "dump" lane for characters underperforming in their respective, meant-to-be-played-in roles
: This year was one of the best years for esports imo
Best year for LoL e-sports Worst year of League of Legends balance ever
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corylulu (NA)
: 3 years later, Clubs still can't be renamed, deleted, checked, linked, searched, are limited to 3...
Riot's just small indie company dude, you have too high of expectations, they're barely tieing loose ends
: PSA: Your setup to fail in Promos - Random fact might make you feel better.
It's just retarded. This whole idea is a huge flaw. Why make it so a player has to "prove being worthy" while already having matchmaking disadvantage? You could simply put that player in an ACTUAL division he is trying to promote to elo game. If he can compete together with and stand against those who are higher skill level/win against them then it's fine to promote. But I guess in a game where the worst player decides the outcome rather than the best one it's an impossible system. That player would just be a huge drawback for others. And Riot is hella lazybones when it comes to trying to think of something new rather than their busted trash matchmaking
: So is mid lane just for assassins only now?
Considering what was happening on mid throughout this entire season,midlane is meant for everyone BUT MAGES. Bruises,assassins,supports,even some adcs - yes, but NOT for mages. Fuck Riot games.
Kídá (NA)
: Brand Blaze counter
Inb4 they just delete the Blaze counter off that skin LUL https://i.ytimg.com/vi/PDhUb-BD1oI/maxresdefault.jpg
Ampson (NA)
: Great points! Let me dive a little deeper with you in how our VO system current works. Each Champion VO set has a "global cooldown" so that we can control how often you hear a champion speak. Within that, each VO trigger also has its own cooldown so that we can control how often you hear certain VO triggers, like Move lines, Attack, Kills, etc. On top of that, each VO trigger can "ignore" the global cooldown, so it will always plays even if it's in cooldown mode, like ultimate efforts or death efforts. In the instance when you kill another champion, there are many things that happen. First is the Announcer VO plays, and she is the top in priority because she is the utmost importance in understanding the gameplay. All special champion VO (like kills and such) will effectively "wait" for her VO to stop playing before playing themselves. This could actually take several seconds because the Announcer may have a string of triggers to play, which then may make your Champion Kill VO line irrelevant. Also, those special interaction VO lines are all 3D (triggered within the map and tied to an object), so if you move yourself off camera, you actually won't hear them anymore. You bring up so great points and I think we can investigate having special interaction VO ignore the global cooldown so that if no other VO line is playing and the current global cooldown for that champion is still on, it will always play and be heard. I think that may help the situations you are referring to! :) It's a hard balancing act, because we want to make sure the VO reflects the champion's character but we don't want to make them feel "chatty" or that they start getting in the way of important gameplay. It's a fine line between "I wish I heard more of these lines" and "Wow, can they shut up now? They're so annoying."
Thank you for your reply again, Ampson! Alright, well, if your revisit into the VO cooldowns/global cooldowns would help the issue,I'm totally content with that. Anything that helps hear special voiceless/interactions more will do basically. They are already scarce to hear in game as is: that's why this post was made in the first place to address that - and just you taking your time to acknowledge this problem already might pay off in the long run,whether your team of sound designers would start making unique sound effects appear more often and make it all better sooner or later. In the end, the post's goal was to announce discontent with how the VO system works in terms of special interactions, and bring your attention to it, which I'm glad you did! Hopefully, it could be improved/will get better in the future. Good luck to you with that and thank you for your time answering again!
Ampson (NA)
: Hey, TrueMortal v2! Thanks for your thoughts! Just wanted to give you some context as to why the VO behaves the way it does. As a general rule, if a Champion is in the middle of speaking/playing a VO line, then no other VO trigger will interrupt it. This is to avoid unnatural speaking patterns. If that wasn't the case, you'd have a ton of VO lines being interrupted and it ultimately disrupts the flow of dialogue, leading to situations where you may never hear certain VO lines while you are moving or attacking for example. The _only_ exceptions are vocal lines/efforts when you use your ultimate or when you die, because these are high priority gameplay notifications (your ultimate VO lets you and everyone else know that you are using your ultimate power and also when you die your Champion shouldn't be speaking anymore.) To your point about hearing special VO triggers more often in Spectator Mode - this is because the majority of special VO triggers don't have to compete with attack and move lines, which only plays on a per client basis. So there's a much larger area of time that VO can play, since it's not interrupting other VO lines. We _are definitely_ trying to automate more VO triggers so that you get more character flavor in new and unique ways though. For example, instead of taunts, we are putting more emphasis on "first encounter" VO lines that trigger automatically when you first see an enemy. No more awkward moments trying to stand close to an enemy and taunting them. :) We are constantly trying to evolve our VO system, so definitely let us know more of what you like/dislike or any cool ideas!
> [{quoted}](name=Ampson,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ZjcFWFUP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-22T20:21:09.730+0000) > > As a general rule, if a Champion is in the middle of speaking/playing a VO line, then no other VO trigger will interrupt it. This is to avoid unnatural speaking patterns. If that wasn't the case, you'd have a ton of VO lines being interrupted and it ultimately disrupts the flow of dialogue, leading to situations where you may never hear certain VO lines while you are moving or attacking for example. > Hi! Thanks for taking your time to reply. So by that quote as I understand it you mean: when special line of gialogue/interaction IS IN FACT triggered it is not interrupted by other common voicelines, as the general rule states. On the other hand, If I kill X champion while in the middle of lets say walking voiceover, and there SHOULD be a special voice after I kill said champion for my one, it WON'T trigger as well, again, just as the rule prescribes. Since common VO's are, well, used regularly and easily, and special interactions are rare/need specific circumstances(you not being in the middle of some other voice being played)/not triggered as often, for the most part in my opinion you are sacrificing noticability of those interactions for... better common voiceline consistency? Doesn't really help to be honest. Special dialogue is still left in the back trying to break through this common talk wall. I'm not a sound designer or anything, but maybe a possible solution to this problem could be something like this: if an event during which special dialogue might occur is ABOUT TO trigger or THE MOMENT IT triggers, no common voiceline should be heared for X amount of time and special ones should take priority so that the moment they can trigger, they will. Though, this might need adjustments to quite a large group of champions on individual level. Edit: another thought I'd like to share: common voicelines don't last long usually. I'm not sure whether the following is already in the game (again,it's hard to tell as of now), but what if in an instance where a special interaction occurs, but you're in the middle of common line, the special dialogue could trigger right after (around a second later maybe) that line is finished? You would only need to increase the time for it to let it trigger e.g. 5-6 secs after an interaction has occured so that any common lines inbetween could be finished and said dialogue could start. It doesn't cause weird interruptions nor disrupts the dialogue flow and REALLY helps the issue here. As of now I believe there is a timer inbetween any dialogue that a champion says, be it common or unique
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: Why are there multiple magic resist + AD items, and only like 1 armor + AP item?
Because Riot is biased towards assassins and ad champions in general. They have better EVERYTHING. Items, kits, ways to "outplay" their immobile counterparts, runes are ALWAYS better on you if you are an A(I)D(s) based champion etc. They are mostly flashy, engagy, edgy etc. - everything a casual player wants thus they give money and are popular at the same time. Frankly speaking, Riot's balance is skewed towards the worst spectre of playerbase. Hence, you see this huge differential
: Auerelion sol getting nerfed ahead of irelia, akali, Jax, kassadin, LeBlanc
_[Assassin cancer dominates soloq, remain top picks]_ Riot: I shleep _[0.0001% of people use an underplayed mage well]_ Riot: **REAL SHIT?!**
Moody P (NA)
: urgot isn't even an issue and it's entirely worlds hype
Ikr? he is not even that "recent" of a rework, has received no buffs at all, just QoL changes. In my honest opinion he is fine, decently strong but not overpowered. Just because he fairs well against most meta tops doens't make him overbearing. Ban rate is justified since the meta right now is mobile assassins which he destroys
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