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: The actual game does not open up once a game starts from the client.
Look in this sub-forum. Everyone has this problems since days/weeks.
: Why does the game start before everyone has loaded in?
Dude you are late. Look in this forum. There are hundreds of threads about this problem. Since Weeks.
Get2 (NA)
: Okay. Well, the problem here with this debate is that I disagree. And I disagree because I am winning about 75% of my games despite this supposed item RNG that I am definitely not profiting from since I have no in-game item benefit EVEN WHEN I GET items since I have no idea how to build what from memory and no idea what the strongest items are I should be going for. And I am not researching TFT top builds and playing the meta slot machine. I am playing exactly what the game gives me to the best of my ability, switching and tweaking comps when it seems that's the correct step, saving and blowing gold when it seems that is the correct step, and level bombing when that seems correct. And I do the best I can with items that I also frequently don't get and still am terrible with even when I do get them. And I am still winning way more than I am not. So I disagree with this logic everyone is putting out there. If I, the terrible player with terrible item comprehension I am, am able to find a way to consistently win while also not farming nor typically getting access to so-called "meta builds", then either I am the luckiest guy in the world, or I am doing something different and/or better than everyone focused on item complaining.
You might win 75% of your games because you still climb in Elo since ranked ladder is just 2 days out.
: Tft is literally unenjoyable.
Assassin's were always strong 90% of the game but this Assassin+Locket shit is straight up broken! And Assassin's are SO easy to farm.
NiightKing (EUNE)
: I just didabled antivirus and it works now{{champion:119}}
Yep. i deactivated my Avast Internet Secutity and now i can play again.
: I can't enter the game
: Can't start game
maro1039 (NA)
: client is being weird
Tentaku (EUNE)
: > Do you want every champion have "flashy" plays, jumping and dashing over the whole screen like the new champ designs? No thanks. Not really. But it doesn't mean that kit as simplistic as Voli's is OK either. ATM he is literally more straightforward then Garen.
> [{quoted}](name=14ButJustBarely,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e7AAp4mE,comment-id=000500000002,timestamp=2019-01-17T19:08:30.376+0000) > ATM he is literally more straightforward then Garen. His Q together with Righteous Glory to catch and fling enemy's (who are 2 screens away) for your team + his E where you can stop incoming jumps like Zac or escapes like Tristan's gives you cooler possibilities than Garen, who can't really interact with enemy's other than just dealing damage. I don't see where this is more straight forward? But even if it were as you say, what's so bad about it? His QWE is ok (maybe adjust his W a bit without big changes). Change his R and passive so it's more interesting and he would be fine.
: It's super tiny but keep in mind its technically weaker on Red camps since they take ~15-30% increases physical damage? Drastically improves his Drake contesting though having a mini smite that isn't reduced by the 60 armor
Well there a many champs who can contest Drake way better than Voli already: Cho, Lee, Xayah, to just name a few.
: I miss when Randuin's Omen actually made an appreciable dent in enemy's ats... But the issue with % true damage is that what counters it, sustain? It's a cool indirect buff to Olaf and Warwick I guess. Would also argue that sources of true damage are becoming way to prevalent. Yes, it is ridiculous on AA champions, but it should be sparingly used in kits. imho due to Voli's ult, his kit should be rebalanced around dealing magic damage. Issue with that though is that AP bruisers have existed for years, yet are starved for items.
Yeah I think about that by myself. He needs a clear focus on his stats. Actually it's pretty weird right now: He needs attack speed (for W and R) but his AA's sucks, since he doesn't scale with AD. You build him HP because of W and passive but his continuous maindamage is his R with is AP damage. But on the other hand he doesn't scale very well with AP. It feels completely schizophrenic.
: I have a follow-up question. Why is it that a 'lightning bear' (which is Volibear's theme) is barely using any lightning in his abilities? His ult has lightning. His E kind of has a 'shocky' look to it and that's it? His entire theme is a mess and barely anyone even talks about that.
> Why is it that a 'lightning bear' (which is Volibear's theme) is barely using any lightning in his abilities? Actually his theme is thunder, storm, lightning in general, according to his lore and things he say. But you are right, it's not really visualized in his kit, unfortunately.
: What if what if... infinite stacks :O First 3 can be gained from anything but everything past 3 is from champs only. Stacks past 3 don’t grant more AS tho. So like, the more you slap the stronger the chomp. Someone else was complaining about Voli vs other tanks well this would help immensely. This way all those slaps add up for a big boy bite. Then have bite take the stacks away so he’s punished for chompin too early.
Also kinda nice idea. But you have to stack up your W stacks on the enemy champions (like rogues in WoW). Otherwise you could stack up to 10 (or so) hitting an enemy tank and then onehit the enemy squishy from 100 to 0.
Mc Raton (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=BigFBear,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=e7AAp4mE,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-16T22:48:03.103+0000) > > Wow, i actually like this idea. > That would also mean you could hit it after just one or two AA's (with lower damage then ofc). You don't want to know how often i died or stopped a chase because of enemy turret one autohit before my W was active and the enemy on 2% HP. > Gosh this would be so nice. > > Really, the more I think about your idea the more I like it. Add more true damage ? No.
Even though I agree with you in general; In this case it would actually make sense.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaoticEkko,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vJIcvbsc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-24T20:09:20.669+0000) > > And replace it with? damage reduction dragon
Rofl! You got me there ;D
: Remove Infernal Dragons
Also: Everyone seems to agree that Infernals are way better than others. At least in my Elo (Low Plat). If Infernal spawns everyone ping the shit out of them "OMG don't give it to enemy!!" Cloud Drake is more like "meh... whatever".
: {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} First two items! XD
What champ?
BigFBear (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Volibear Bug - Majestic Roar (E)
**Patch 8.7 came out today and this Bug STILL exists!!** Jeez Riot! Please fix that. Its so annoying! This Bug exists since 8.3 or 8.4 now!
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