: Hi Twiskies! I'm an illustrator on the Champions team. First thank you for your kind words, and you ask a good question! Its pretty standard to use Adobe Photoshop - I use CC 2016, at home and at work, with a Wacom tablet. I also think a program called PureRef is really helpful for organizing reference materials. There are dozens if not hundreds of reference images for each splash - from pose and character model to materials and lighting. Sometimes I like to sketch on my iPad with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. When it comes to polishing, Photoshop is just too powerful to use anything else. I think the 'magic' comes from studying things like film, movies and environments and replicating believable effects like depth of field, atmosphere, dust motes, vfx, etc. It's not dissimilar to photo processing in Photoshop. Check out some youtube videos about really cool things like the color lookup and selective color tools. Hope that helps! :)
Thanks a lot for your informative answer! If it's not too much trouble, what advice would you give to someone making the move from traditional art to digital art? How different really is it? great work on the eve splash btw, i love it :v
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