: i feel like from 97 lp-99. it should round up to promos. this is the highest lp ive had because all the shitter kids are at school... but like why not just give me promos. 97 98 99 are all such scummy numbers to leave me at :/ edit: make 92 the cut off. idk how low lp gain gets. the lowests ive gotten is like 19
I mean I get the frustration, but then people at 96 LP will say "well im just 1 LP away from being rounded up to promos, this sucks".
: That...seems really weird. The only way that you'd get under 20, normally, is if your MMR is lower than your rank. It can also fluctuate if you're against a team with a lower average MMR than yours. If that's actually consistently fluctuating like that, that'd be...strange.
I thought about that too, but in those +15 and +16 games the enemy team has (on average) a higher tier than my team (or just higher than me in general). The tiers are not exactly the same as MMR ofcourse, but it does give an indication
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: Failed to patch. Unknown error code 004
I've never had any problems with the client, untill now. With the new 7.7 update, I randomly got the 004 error and haven't been able to play any game since. I've did a clean reinstall THREE TIMES(!) and let it patch for hours on end, with no result. Anyone got a solution? I can't help but think Riot just send us an update with an error inside it, because it doesn't make sence it would suddenly stop working.
: Are gemstones too rare? Chest opening.
I don't know the exact math behind gemstones, but i think that it's just a matter of luck. I haven't spend a single dollar on keys and boxes, and have opened approximately 10 boxes now. Got 2 gemstones out of them.


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