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: Crit Item Explorations
While I like the ideas here, I think the main issue with ADC itemization right now compared to every other role is the complete lack of HP. Resistances are great, but without even a decent option for HP, it makes dealing with some situations absolutely impossible. Also as a side effect, it makes Ignite absolutely ridiculous, since it will deal ~25% of your HP in the mid to late game while reducing your main defense (lifesteal). Something designed kinda like Black Cleaver, but with stats more fit for ADC, that rewards a constant DPS, would be a huge step-up. Frozen Mallet is also an option, but it's too weak because of champions like Gnar abusing it. Even something that can be stacked through farming, would maybe be good for ADCs since it fits this scaling idea, but I'm throwing ideas at the wall right now. Not having access to this stat for most of the Marksman cast makes it nearly impossible to deal with hybrid damage sources from the enemy team, due to the fact that you are limited in terms of slots (which I guess this would help fix, especially the 5k IE), but also because due to the multiplicative nature of ADCs damage, you can simply get something like early Tabi + early Hexdrinker without being as useful as dead. It gets even worse when you are vs champions that requires a QSS, it becomes finding the "less worse" options, and you feel really hopeless. Other roles don't have this issue because they can get HP which will act as a bridge until they get the proper situational resistances items they need. The argument can be made that enchanters are there to provide some form of "pseudo-HP" through shield, but this doesn't fix the problem ADCs are facing right now, which is the accurate feeling that your personal choices and actions have a minimal impact on the outcome of the game. Overall, glad that you're willing to take a good look at that. I have this belief that crit as a mechanic will always be problematic and that on-hit is easier to balance due to the lack of RNG and burst (both issues, one of them even leading to this 8.11 patch), even if Phantom Hit makes it volatile, but I guess at this point removing it would be a lot of work, so I just hope you can manage to fix it. Thanks for the insight.


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