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> [{quoted}](name=mrmeddyman,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=bAYgzXsP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-25T09:59:04.256+0000) > > PLS BE A YORDLE I NEED BANDLE LORE RITO I long for another female yordle :(
: > [{quoted}](name=Zaun Overdrive,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tn0J4NK7,comment-id=00000003000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-05T18:58:01.193+0000) > > I'd say more like a global mind,like if the city and it's inhabitants were to live as one,or maybe something even more complex You are both getting close.
At this point i'm more about thinking that the swimming city is just kind of sentient,i've also seen your post about the Jaull Fishes and their magical affiliations,so yeah,intersting indeed !
: Pyke is shame to this game.
If you don't like pyke,it doesn't mean that he's a disgrace or whatever.Ever heard of people having differents tastes ?
: So there’s a sunken city, that can revive people, knows NGK, but isn’t a god? Ocean spirits, like Maokai?
I'd say more like a global mind,like if the city and it's inhabitants were to live as one,or maybe something even more complex
: > [{quoted}](name=Zaun Overdrive,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Tn0J4NK7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-03T14:44:38.249+0000) > > Yeah,i'm quite a big fan myself of Eldritch monsters and tales,and even if your take on the swimming city is quite interesting,i for one would one that we would get one day a champion who is all-out into the dark pacts,cults and such. > > Also,did you know that Annie's last name was refferencing a character from a Lovecraftian Novel ? It's the yellow king,Hastur ! The Swimming City is my favorite part of Pyke's backstory. But it's not what you think. Shades of Lovecraft for sure, but I don't believe the city has structures, in the stone and steel and mortar sort of way.
I'm definitly not thinking about anything Lovecraftian-related when i think of Pyke's backstory,don't get me wrong. As much as i love the idea of a lilttle touch of eldritch madness into the pot,i'm way more interested in a "ghost-city" of sorts,somewhere into the depths,yet nowhere to be found,something way more mysterious and complex. And of course,our boy Pyke would know where to go to get bacl to his den.
: The iceborn aren't the same like the normal voidborn.. Iceborn are like Lissandra and maybe Braum, near Immortal but humanoid in form, proven. That's what drove my theory, he could be a descended of the Iceborn, he might have some of their powers if that's the case, that were activated by the drowning or by reaching the swimming city. It could even be that he arrived to the area of the swimming city, and the ghosts of the Iceborn sensed him there and made him a new kind of Iceborn. And I think that him being Half Frejlord plays a part, since why would they reveal that fact? Do you know of other champs that were revealed to have roots in another area? That's why it was so curious to me.
Yeah,i got that,this is why your idea is both plausible and intersting,yet i can't really see the iceborns being in such a remote part of the world,not bilgewater itself,but the depts of the very oceans ! Yet it would be interesting to see some more lore about lissandra and the watchers/iceborns,she actually only got 1 ally (and his army),which is trundle compared to the 5+ side of sejuani and the 8+side of ashe.
Sancre (EUW)
: The concept of the Swimming city caught my attention quite early, and i would love to get some more info about it, as it would also reveal what's exactly behind {{champion:555}} I have some theories about it, but i can't quite chose one. The most likelly instance of the swimming city, at least for me, would be the darkness that no light could get through, the one that dragged down Nautilus, and transformed him in what he is, but also, there is this quote "There's no sunken cities, just the swimming one." The name itself makes me think that what the swimming city is, is an eldrich leviathan god, a being that devours the souls of the drowned, a monster made of the darkness that you can only find in the depths, that grows stronger with every soul that drowns and enter in its domains, having had to be sealed by Nagakabouros itself in order for the cycle of reincarnation to keep going long ago. If this was to be the case, Pyke would only be one of the countless souls that this monstruosity claimed, but was given a second chance at "life" by this being, given the duty of bringing new souls for his lord to feast upon. Eldrich entities works in ways that we can't even imagine, and sometimes do things that would seem weird for us, like usually happens in lovecraftian literature. This dark being seems to use its power to fuel Pyke's vengeance, not by directly telling him who to kill, but with subtlety, both altering his memory and the list itself, that is probably incredibly important for him, to achieve more inhabitants for the swimming city
Yeah,i'm quite a big fan myself of Eldritch monsters and tales,and even if your take on the swimming city is quite interesting,i for one would one that we would get one day a champion who is all-out into the dark pacts,cults and such. Also,did you know that Annie's last name was refferencing a character from a Lovecraftian Novel ? It's the yellow king,Hastur !
: This is an intresting theory, I would actually love to see another part of the world expanding, not new lands but rather new underwater lanes, with a new faction entering the world. I actually had another theory, that Pyke was actually revived, or rather given the power to survive being eaten and drowned, by the Iceborn. We know he's actually half Frejlord, so maybe he has Iceborn blood, which made him outlive the incindent and get his powers from their ghosts, the blue lights he sees in the jaull's mouth. Iceborn are known to have near immortal like lifespam and control of ice magic (his powers can be a variation of ice magic) Also, he has a lot of lines refering to something ancient that he's a part of, like :"we are old blood"- not they, we. Moreover, he has a line for Ashe, and Ashe only- "Hah, warmother means captain"- How does he know it? his father could have told him... or the voices of the Iceborn. And, why Ashe? If he wants to kill people who betrayed other people, why not Lissandra? Because he serves Lissandra, as a new Iceborn. Even more then that, I theorized that the Swimming city might be an ancient structure or burial place of the Iceborn and The Frozen Watchers, or a breaching point of the void (as we know the Watchers originated from the void), like the one in Nami's comic. The swimming city is an actual swimming city, a combinition of parts of cities that were sunken by the void and spitten out in the breaching point. It also marks one of his lines more-" No one swims in the same waters as me."- he swims in other waters, deeper and stranger of the world we know.... In the swimming city. Check my post about this, I think you'll like it and get a lot more lines that can be connected to your theory.
Hey,i just finished reading your theory about it,it has a lot of great theories and all,but even if we can speculate that the iceborns were the same specie of voidborn as vel'koz,i don't think the fact that he got freljordian blood got any heavy place into all his death and comeback,but you sure did a great job detailling your theory,let's wait for some insight real soon !
: YES! The Swimming City is not a figment of Pyke's imagination. However, I'm not sure Pyke being crazy and being used by some force are mutually exclusive. In fact, one is the result of the other, especially when a death and resurrection is tossed in the mix... can do some messed up things to the mind. What I loved about working on Pyke is that he cares little about the origin of his powers. He doesn't really question them at all. Also: you're picking up on a LOT of the hints in Pyke's VO/Color/Bio and connecting the dots. Nice work :)
Oh shoot,this brings a whole new level of excitment for me about him. Guess i'm gonna start drawing some Swimming city doodles real fast,can't wait to learn more about it if it ever happens,also thanks for the answer {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Not to mention she's clearly insane to some degree, and that's another can of worms.
Wouldn't call her mental state Insanity,she's like a child who has stopped growing thus having almost an infinite amount of time to play,see amazing things,get bored of seeing said things,repeat ect Plus her design is really cute,she's all out a playful girl wich is torn between fun,flavors,colors,boys ect (Teen stuff) and the heavy burden of being the twilight's aspect,bringing omens,being an herald ect. She even seems pretty much the sanest one could be while being 12yo AND an aspect.
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Dienekes,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=oJZbYqAp,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-05-14T13:46:14.240+0000) > > She has the body and mentality of an 11 year old. > > Something is very wrong there. Yeah but the lore says she is 1000, so its okay, right?
You don't get the point,she may be like 9999999 years old,if she still has the body and mentality of a child/teen,it is wrong no matter how you look at it. In fact it may be her who is in the wrong due to imaginary cosmic laws about immortal entities not allowed to lay hand on a mortal who should be like a child to them,even a 100yo one,but hell,laws and morality are 2 differents topics mate
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 2
Hello @Meddler,is there any informations about the upcoming champion that you would be allowed to share ? I just can't stand to wait anymore,rakan was released 1 year ago :(
SuperHornio (EUNE)
: Lucian, the best designed champ sucks right now
I personnaly find him kind of bland,guess it's just a matter of having differents points of view..
: No, the only other couple living in a single body are Draven and his ego.
: About Daisy.
i came here to ask this. Pls Roti gib answer
: New Annie Teaser
I think that her father(?) was not caring somehow about her and only about the "sister",either this or something sad really happened to make annie such a twisted little demon girl
Meddler (NA)
: Fairly soon. More seriously, sometime this week. Might even be today, I'll check once people are around and get back to you. Edit: As below it will be later today.
Thanks for the quick answer ! Hopefully shipping today {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Okay, now you're just grasping at straws here. She doing what any kid does, looking through your hand like it's a telescope. Also, it's a play on her use of portals.
: As soon as I saw this I thought it was human skin and it reminded me of her voice line: “A man told me to put on some clothes once, so I wore his skin...” Kinky.
Velasan (NA)
: If it has chromas then that would be cool.
I'll likely do some chromas,feedback is that the "flesh" pajamas doesn't seems to be this good,i'll try with others colors F A I R L Y S O O N {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Arduno (NA)
: Wanna be my friend? (Amumu Friend art thread)!
No being living or dead could ever beat braum's kindness ever A weapon to surpass metal gear,the U L T I M A T E W E A P O N
Knalxz (NA)
Exactly what i though when first seeing-him on the PBE :^)
: I can't help but hear Camille's login theme when I hear this song
The violins (if there are some) surely do remind me the aristocratic environment,i personnaly can't help but think about dishonored when i play camille
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: I'm thinking we'll see an Urgot teaser in the next couple of days/weeks.
i want anything related to him really,any kind of teaser to fuel my need to draw every bits of his new model
xScarfy (EUW)
: Regarding Black Market Brawler: They talked about it here
Welp,hopefully they'll do something as great as this mode. Thanks for sharing !
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krutiux (EUW)
: Hey the new champion skin looks like from other game
Its just another generic anime scythe-user with dark long hair,a dark and secret past and ambiguous future TBH {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: The patch right after would be great. But doubtful. I say the patch after next. So not the patch after Kayn, the next one after is my guess. EDIT: 2 patches after Kayn is when I think we'll see urgot
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