: No, but I'd argue that not only has that been the case since release, but that it's the case for competitive games in general. People don't play League to have fun playing, they play to have fun winning. Granted, what people consider "winning" can vary individually, from winning the game to doing impressive mechanical plays, or just improving your CS. As an aside, it's important to remember that this is a game, and your enjoyment of it is dependent on what you seek to gain. As far as the state of the game, it's not more bullshit than it's always been. Dodge runes Jax, Sunfire Cape Evelynn, release Xin Zhao, Black Cleaver stacking, Feral Flare Udyr, Every time Ezreal has gotten an item nerfed/removed from the game, Deathfire Grasp, old Veigar deleting someone with R, every champion taking Thunderlord's Decree on release, Sated Devourer on-hit builds, the S5 tank meta, the time when 3 ADC was meta, Ardent/enchanter meta, Dark Harvest pre-nerf, Viktor top, and so on and so forth. There's always been _something_ broken to play around, and eventually people either learn to play around it or it gets removed. Currently, poke mages dominate bot lane and Conqueror crowds out other runes for most melee champs, mid favors DOT/poke mages because of Aery being the most reliable sorc rune, but the game is fairly stable. Dark Harvest has been nerfed, ADCS are in a spot where they're not doing 1000+dps at 30 minutes but they're not gutted either. Assassins and tanks aren't running wild like they were in previous seasons. Basically, there are very few things in the game that should surprise you. You know Brand is going to do a lot of damage, that Darius is going to be hard to kill, that Pyke isn't a real support, and that you can play around it. **That said, nerf fucking ignite and conq**
But do you feel that in terms of these issues Riot have not fixed these issues at a quick and effective state? If so I just want to know why they take there time. I do feel they have a lazy attitude at times.
: If it's not, why r u even here? The answer: u wabt ADC champions to kill squishes with 2 autos again so the game becomes "fun", right?
I am here because I love the game and sad to see the state its in. And I never said I want adcs to be overpowered I said they dont deserve to have there class neglected which they have been for a while. Not matter what role you play you should never have your class be ruined.
: I like the new bounty system. You can't have everything. Play consistently good and you will carry. I mean, before the bounty system a lot of games were meaningless. 1 guy had a lead and game was over in 13 mins. Do you want to go back to Season 8 rage quit at 13 mins mode?
I do understand the bounty system but do you feel that at times if you farm well why should you receive a bounty for that? or making a crucial play you shouldn't be penalized with a bounty? maybe the gold amount is just to high?
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: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
In relation to dmg it represents just one issue on how Riot function in that they have an extremely bad and lazy attitude in regards to changing. They dont know what there doing, they dont know how to balance, they dont even know how to rework. This new bounty system is terrible, the turrents are stupid, they care more about competitive play than Solo. So in regards to dmg I do agree but everything needs to be fixed to help please their fan base at a more efficient level. Its getting really stupid now honestly I used to like playing this game not not even care if I lose because I would simply enjoy the champ I play e.g GP with full lethality runes and go crit and one shot like crazy cant even do that now because im forced to build steracks. And I think as a whole people struggle to just play there champs for fun now becuase of issues like you said and I think its unfair really really unfair on what their doing. And in regards to dmg specifically I do believe these new runes have made the game worse.
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: So allow champs that aren't supports to abuse support items in solo lanes, ultimately leading to Riot trashing said support items due to the abuse and blanket nerfing supports?
> [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=86EoGhhJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-18T13:33:25.628+0000) > > So allow champs that aren't supports to abuse support items in solo lanes, ultimately leading to Riot trashing said support items due to the abuse and blanket nerfing supports? Fair enough perhaps there is a form of bias in regards to bandit but in regards to crit changes I think it is a fair point to allow crit to be strong again.
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