: If lvl 2 champions are going to prioritize scuttle early, they lose their other buff. I feel like this incentivizes teams to heavily ward entrances to whichever river has scuttle such that it's easily noticeable exactly when the enemy jungle goes for scuttle, and with what buffs he possesses. If you want to clear one side of the jungle and take scuttle crab, won't you simply lose the opposite side of the jungle, or at least the buff on that side? I'm not a jungle main, so I really would like clarification. And perhaps it would be better if scuttle spawned at a more appropriate timing, around the time junglers will hit lvl 3. Again, I'm not a jungle player, but I do have a lot of knowledge of the role as a top laner.
You would think that the jungler going for scuttle will lose his buff on the other side, but when I'm playing {{champion:254}} there's no way in hell I'm going over to their jungle side (which entrances are probably warded) without my q (main escape and engage).
: Upcoming Jungle Changes for 8.10
As a {{champion:254}} main, but I can imagine a lot of other champions that don't do well before level 3 as well, I really dislike this change. Others have said it before me, champions like {{champion:19}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:48}} are going to 100% demolish you at scuttle in a level 2 fight. Killing krugs on {{champion:254}} will take me ages so it's not a viable route. The scuttle crab giving this much experience and especially the fact there will only be one on the map at a time will most likely make the jungle matchup too snowbally. I think a better option to reduce early game jungler pressure would be to just delay the first camp spawns by a few seconds, have junglers start without a leash because laners don't have any time to give one. Jungle clear will start later, and take longer.

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