: Hey Meddler, like the last time i have a lot of questions concerning league balance {{champion:42}} data shows that this dude is the most unpopular champion+is underperforming with like 40% win rate doesn't he need something? i hate to see weak champions {{champion:40}} recently i realised that her ult doesn't knock back through walls anymore despite it not being in the patchs (it could before there are multiple youtube videos showing it) Was it too broken to be removed? Lee sin ult and alistar W can still knock back through walls {{item:3116}} thoughts on this item? it's been a long time since the changes Rylai used to be built on Burst mages like Syndra/annie, and now Rylai is only being built on morde (for obvious reasons) and support mages like brand/zyra Bruisers like{{champion:50}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:8}} stopped building it, especially {{champion:27}} who went to build things like {{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} **i just want to know if you're fine with current Rylai being only good on support mages**, or if you think it needs buffs for AP bruisers **it's also worth remembering that the build path became bad for champions like singed** sincerly {{champion:40}}
you're a janna main and you just now noticed? her knockback through walls has been gone for a year now. and it sucks.
Jad (NA)
: In the event did they change her lore a bit? I thought her hair was suppose to be blonde or something? I may me wrong just wondering.
yes, the lore says that she was blonde, but then her hair got stained with blood and the color never washed away. i guess it's just like a methapor or something
: ***
lux's new vo is low volume in all languages. since release... meh
: Now that you bring up accents i wonder if the multiple languages or do they just all speak english
I heard mentions of ancient shuriman but that's it. Also the void creatures and all the otherwordly beings in general also speak english.
GreenLore (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Heselar,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Enlb81Pw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-28T14:03:15.563+0000) > > {{champion:1}} > > * Kid. > * Her parents were from Noxus. > * Lives in a jungle, or something. > * Somehow has a schoolgirl outfit which clashes with the design of literally all the other champions. > * ... And the fact that she lives in a fucking jungle? > * That's it. > * Cancer gameplay. > Not sure how you get the idea that she lives in a jungle. She lives in the Voodoolands(that will either be renamed or retconned eventually),not in a jungle.... > > {{champion:114}} > > * Only person in this world with a french accent. > * Even though french doesn't exist. And everyone speaks english,even though England doesn't exist ;)
i said french not france idk, i always saw the voodo lands as a forest or jungle. But you're right they're not. Apparently they're some kind of desert, described as a "petrified forest" on the wiki. Still, a schoolgirl outfit makes no sense for the place she is in lol
: They do, actually. Bologna can be pronounced "boloney".
AS AN ITALIAN : Bologna is pronounced Bo-lo-nee-ah Just because you guys mispronounce it doesn't mean it's correct.
: It is amusing when you get lists where the negative is: Joker wannabe and a Viking. Since those were literally selling points on the game for me originally. Why would I want to play as some generic looking WoW knight guy whose idea of how to use a sword is to pretend to be a draddle when I could be a Viking? But that was years ago, before the narrative team started taking themselves seriously. I would say I agree with you that some of the designs in this game are silly. Plant lady with high heels, the new assassin lady with literal knives for legs (that is just so dumb, how would that ever give a benefit to anything?)
Thank you for adding something constructive instead of missing the point. I think Camille is nice though, because at least she's very original.
: So basically all the champions you don't know how to play against?
I literally said "lore wise" though. That's why it's on "Story, Art, & Sound" I put the gameplay part as the icing on the cake on just a few of them, for boring/unhealthy kits.
: Notice how Teemo has nothing explained to why he should be deleted. I guess he, unlike the other champs, speaks for himself?
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: Personally, I worry about Poppy.
oh my god, is it poisonous to yordles?
: Bilgewater
You forgot the announcer voice, mf vu, and yeah, definitely one of the best times i've had in league
Ralanr (NA)
: Galio can be Amumu's best friend!
amumu's magic / curse / magic curse is probably what's keeping him alive though.
: One more Lux
: Vayne and Lux and...that's...that's about it? Unless you count Shyvana's dragon thing but that's not really a secret. This round of rewrites didn't really change anyone super substantially except for Lux (Swap Military Brainwashing for Secret Wizard) and Galio.
Actually lux is the same. Forced to fight for Demacia because of her magic abilities both before and after
: If her laugh doesn't haunt the darkest corners of my dreams and she doesn't yell "_Finales Funkeln_", then I will be disappointed.
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Reav3 (NA)
: Well it's technically "Them" rather then "She." The Maiden is the culmination of thousands of undead souls that makes up the black mist cape on his back. "They" have there own VO and talk to Yorick quite frequently. His ultimate causes them to manifest into the Maiden which is just the personification of the Black Mist which clings to him.
: why would you not just have everything smartcast.
Because as i said, i like to smartcast just q and w. so if i smartcast r the empowered version of my e gets smartcasted too.
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