: First to Honor 5?
I don't remember seeing one in game yet, so good job :p Could you please show us the login screen ? :o
: Favorite Splash Art of all time? (Plus some old ones i think are awesome.)
http://img2.leaguecraft.com/lol-splash-art/asset/wallpaper_760px_8002.jpg I don't really know why, but I love this one https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-R4nXnGyjhXo/V47ARiPFdqI/AAAAAAAA81A/DAZqqQkOACQ_n6MtwVf-kqBUgq1_phdlACLcB/s1600/Lux_Splash_2.jpg.jpg This is a piece of art, it looks sooooo good !! https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/6ynH8ogN4PhCdl0blRo9JOaLY18=/0x0:1215x717/920x613/filters:focal(582x142:776x336):format(webp)/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/54324371/da4b76c4f7b9ddbd.1492546657.jpg The quality and the details, impressive http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/sites/default/files/styles/scale_xlarge/public/upload/challenger-ahri-1920x1080.jpg?itok=5TPZG5Uu.jpg The orb and the colours are just wow
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: Why are we only allowed to honor one person?????
It was exactly my first thought when I heard about the new honor system. Just like the fact that we can't honor the enemy team anymore. At least give us the ability to honor each of our teammates, there is rarely one guy who just does everything (carry/help/cheer the team up). So yup, I totally agree on the fact that we need to honor more than one teammate ! :)
: Gentleman Zed, Jhin, and Shen skins concept!
Wow, I love how Shen looks there, it's my favorite of the 3.
: The new Honor System
I may have misunderstood, but so far it says "_After the Nexus explodes a new screen will appear, where you can honor one teammate._" Am I the only one thinking why are you allowed to honor only one player ? I mean if two people in your team really helped, like the jungler carried the game by helping every lane, and the support helped teammates to play together in a smarter way, then why can't you honor both ?
: Skin I got from a chest shows up as still locked
Hello there. I got the same problem with Heartseeker Orianna. Just leave the game, reconnect and unlock it again until it _really_ adds it to your inventory. I had to click on "unlock permanently" few times to make it work. One or two times it gave me an error message, just keep going until it works. (Normally it still is in your hextech crafting) Tell me if it worked for you :D
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Wuks (NA)
: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (+ Elementalist Lux Giveaway?)
I'm thankful for League Of Legends to exist and that the game evolved so much through the years. I'm thankful for my family to be really kind towards me and who I am. I'm thankful for Riot to have created Lux and made her become my favorite champion :). I wish everyone a great day, and Stay Positive :) (Number 836)
Kr1sys (NA)
: 'We don't want URF to burn players out by having it in RGM frequently'
Anyone else wants URF back and not ARURF ? I know it helps not having every same champions each game, but I enjoyed it way more when we could choose our champs. I didn't like being forced to play a champion that I don't like at all. I was usually doing 20 games or more when URF was here, I barely did 2 games of ARURF and got bored really fast. At least when we could choose our champs, I was enjoying the game, even if we got dominated, at least I played a champion I like and wasn't pissed since minute 1.
: Name 1 change to 1 ability that would completely break a champion.
{{champion:99}} W now gives invisibilty to her and allies that she hit with her prismatic barrier. ;'))
Apparently not since she's getting an ultimate one :')
Oglaf (EUNE)
: Really makes me wish Lux was a Champ I gave two craps about... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
And I'm so happy that she's my main :)
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q fizz p (EUW)
: Upvote if your pc's wallpaper is the champ you main
I love this splash https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-R4nXnGyjhXo/V47ARiPFdqI/AAAAAAAA81A/DAZqqQkOACQ_n6MtwVf-kqBUgq1_phdlACLcB/s1600/Lux_Splash_2.jpg
: Zodiac Skin Ideas
Anyone else thinking about Fairy Tail and Lucy ? No ? ;'( Please tell me i'm not the only one '-'
: why do you main your mains
{{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} I love playing mage and priest in mmorpg so, they kinda fit.
: Ultimate Favorite Champions Survey!
Gameplay {{champion:99}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:37}} Visuals {{champion:99}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:103}} Theme {{champion:99}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:103}} Personality {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:267}} Lore {{champion:99}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:103}}
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:99}} Shhh, I'm charging my laser. HIHIHIHAHAHAHIHIHIHIHAHAHAHIHIHIHIHIHAHAHAHAHIHIHI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTaOzFVZIIY?noredirect
: I have that skin it is pretty ugly
True Lux mains know it's not ugly ;') *Or they try to covincer themselves it's not T^T*
: Sometimes, Riot is good to me.
Oh right I just told you that I hope Imperial Lux will comeback soon in the shop, then : http://imgur.com/a/8fuDR?noredirect http://imgur.com/a/aRkr3?noredirect Thanks riot *-* 20% though ;'(((
: i really hope riot doesnt do the whole "level up grade" thing where they make the skin change with level i mean the reason why is what if i want to use the water version the whole game and in the next fire? with it being restricted to levels we wont get to see the parts we like as often
I hope too that this level upgrade, if there is one, won't affect the element you can play, I really want to be able to choose my element.
: I feel like it will be more than the "press a button, switch form" thing, as Katey and other Rioters have said (months ago) that, with the next Ultimate skin, they'd like to do much more than model-swapping- something unique to be set apart from the current 3 Ultimate skins. I personally wouldn't mind model-swapping as long as it does bring something new with it to the table though (e.g: DJ Sona's dynamically-changing songs).
I'm so hyped about that skin as a Lux main but, to be honest, if it comes to be something like you can't choose your elements, I would be clearly disappointed. If you can switch like Sona with cltr+5 between different elements, I would enjoy it so much, but if she's restricted not to choose her element and just switch because of her level, huu, I don't think i'd enjoy it as much as I thought. Just image Dj Sona being forced to switch between her different forms, you like the red one more than the blue one, but you're forced to change, I would hate it a lot tho, so I don't want it to happen with Lux's ultimate skin. I would be ok with something like all her elements get upgrades at different levels, like different particules or something like that, but you still can switch as you want between each element. If there is a level upgrade on the skin, I hope it won't affect the choice of elements you can play, I really don't want to be restricted about that.
: You must've been watching the Lux Mix, huh? lol nice quotes we have here tho
: Pick any quotes and then add "in my ass"
{{champion:99}} "Banish the shadows in my ass" "Illuminate the ennemy in my ass" "Focus on the battle in my ass" "Stay positive in my ass!" "In the name of Demacia, I will punish you in my ass" "Shh, I'm charging my laser in my ass" "We can do this in my ass"
: I always thought Gothic Lolita style would fit her well, with ultraviolet light?
Well, Gothic Lolita is a good idea :) But wouldn't she looks way cooler, badass and stronger in something less 'heavy'. I was thinking of something similar to what would wear Syndra, you know, a dark sovereign, which is kinda similar to what she is wearing on the Void one. I really would like to see her just in something a bit 'sexy', i mean even if it's pixels, this Void Lux is kinda THE GOAL for her. Light ouftit, 1 leg is almost naked, the other is covered in dark, she has some gold jewelry with purple magic inside of it, it's just perfect :pp (I don't think a dress would look that great on her, maybe i'm wrong) Oh and by the way, the long hair is a must have, none of her skins actually show her with a long blond hair (Once again Void Lux has it, sorry i'm in love with this desing T^T) The ultraviolet light is a good color for her spells tho :) Those are only ideas, sorry if it feels like i'm telling you what is wrong or right :x It's just, I feel like this would look awesome on her, i could be wrong tho !! (Also, when I compare Void Lux and Evil Psycho Lux ouftits, well my choice instantly goes to the Void One, she looks way more mature, Gothic Lolita would make her look like Goth Annie too much imo)
: Making skins like a Dark Lux or Eclipse Leona is the kind of stuff I joined the team for! I love the idea of inverting alignments like Deep Sea Nami or Forsaken Jayce, also Justicar Syndra on the other end of the spectrum.
If someday a Dark Lux skin becomes real, if it's possible, please make it looks like the void one ( I mean her clothes, make it light please, she looks amazing with those) and with a long hair ;p She doesn't need a big armor nor monsters related things. I don't think she would look good with somes claws on her feet.
: I've wanted to make a 'dark' Lux since I started playing LoL! This is a really impressive roundup of artists work, thanks for including proper links. On skins fitting champions; each champion has three 'core pillars' that are the key traits we think define them. When we work on a skin our goal is to retain one or two of those while radically changing the others. For example Dunkmaster Darius is no longer a noxian general, but now a noxian team captain. No longer an axe weilding warrior, but a backboard slamming dunkmaster. He does however retain his merciless in-your face attitude. Santa Gragas - still gross Arcade Ezreal - still cocky Pool Party Graves - still can't have a cigar I think our best skins do this 'keep one change two' on many levels. Not just pillars but silhouette, visual hooks, colour pallet etc. where we find players losing the champion is when we push too far and change all the pillars (Lunar Wraith Caitlyn comes to mind). These lessons were tricky to learn, and I don't think we've got it figured out 100% yet, but I think they help make skins resonant.
Thank you :) I may have misunderstood, but does it mean that there is a way a 'Dark Lux' skin would actually be possible with the 'keep one, change two' or it would change her core pillars too much ?
: When it's the right time maybe but OP means she deserves it at this point of time. (which is what i'm arguing about)
Yup you got it, that's clearly what I mean :) In my opinion, she kinda deserves a new one. Her last skin has been released in April 2015, while we're almost already in September 2016. (approximatly 1 year and 4 months ago) Her Star Guardian skin has already been in promotion, which could mean that she can get a new one now :p
: I always loved the Void Lux skin and will never fail to upvote any thread that promotes it.
: I don't like the idea of a dark star lux. No matter how awesome the skin looks and how BEAUTIFUL that E is, I just don't think that dark star would work well with lux. The whole dark star line is kind of like some sort of demented, intergalactic monster which wants nothing more than the destruction of everything, which sounds nothing like lux at all. That being said, its still an amazing skin concept. Beautiful in every aspect.
I understand that. But, for me, a skin doesn't need to represent exactly the personnality of the champion. I see this as something that would precisely change everything from the champ, represents her as the opposite of what she is. Her ouftit, her particles, something related to the dark while she's the Lady Of Luminosity.
Sirhaian (EUW)
: I also think Lux doesn't need a skin right now, but in the future, when it's the right time, I'd like to see a dark version of hers. I think that's what OP meant. :)
Clearly :) Except that I think she deserves one :p
: Lux has many skins already with even a legendary skin
She doesn't have a legendary skin.
: Lux really doesn't deserve a new one -.-, yeah as a lux main you might want a new one for her but she does not deserve it
Why doesn't she deserve a new one ? And don't tell me it's because she got a skin last year, since some champs got 2 in a year.
: Lux really does need a dark skin like one of these. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think she's had a skin in a while and the "harrowing" IS just around the corner. Maybe Rito could put something together by then?
Well she got her Star Guardian skin in April 2015, but it's already 1 year back so, why not :)
: How do you attach pictures on this forum?
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