Wilyum (NA)
: Median and averages are two completely different things friend. Being above the median is not the same as being above average. Averages are value based so they are effected by outliers, because Masters and challengers are so good they are the outliers. The outlier raises the overall average by a lot, think if you take 5 tests and score one 0% that will greatly affect your grade. So, because there are players who are so good the average gets moved up. Saying the median test score was a 60% and you got a 62% and someone else got a 95-100%, this makes you still bad.
Median and average are not completely different things. Median is a subset of the term average. Your confusing mean with average which is another subset. Edit ah seen this has already been called out. nvm.
: This is why you don't honor that one guy just because he got 15 kills, or your support just because he landed 3 straight thresh hooks and got you fed. Try actually honoring players for what the honors description says. Not a single honor option says "carried my sorry ass" so I'm not sure why most people use the honor system in that fashion. I skip over honoring anyone in about 90% of my games, the only time I ever hand out an honor is if someone stood out to me as far as behavior goes. If you adopted a system similar to mine, you would be far less likely to accidentally honor some toxic shitbag. But feel free to continue to honor people for playing well and not their behavior, up to you.
"Enjoyed playing with" is a reason isn't it? I certainly enjoy playing with adcs that get 15 kills because of my help. And I'm sure most adcs would enjoy playing with a support that does land 3 thresh hooks in a row and gets them fed. Or is that unenjoyable?
: Yeah Riot is way too harsh but I'm not just gonna accept that some people get away with it and some don't, I'd much rather have nobody banned for anything in chat but if this is how we're gonna do things then we're gonna do it fairly
Why is it even funny to you if people are unfortunately misinformed enough to start using it in game and get banned. You wont even know its happening. I'd almost understand the pleasure you would get if you saw the result of it happening being the payoff. But you don't even get that....
: No one here has the script except me. If you get the data you will see it doesn't have the ending .exe but ".ahk" . You just right click on the data file and then select "edit" from the dropdown menu. This opens the editor with the source code. Then you can directly what it does line by line.
That's great. As I said I think its a great idea and fully support the idea. I just feel more comfortable having the OK from riot beforehand as I am not as well educated in computer programming, and its quite likely the majority of users are not either. And obviously want to make sure its use would not risk my account being banned, as should everyone. I cant quite remember the original point I was replying to, I think it was something along the lines of riot only want money and don't care about your security or something, unfortunately that person seems to have deleted their post so I cant even see what point I was referring to in the first place lol.
: entitled supports
The majority of players feel entitled. Many people like to think that they are the best on the team. You talk about how better score is what everyone talks about and how it isnt the most important thing, yet its one of the key points in your argument. On the question of who needs blue buff its dependent on game state there are times when a ap damage dealer needs it and times when the enchanter healer needs it. i dont think you would ever find an adc that is unhappy that the nami sona soraka they are with can now essentially spam heal spells and damage buffs off cooldown for the next 2 mins. Also think of it this way when u are trying to kill a blue buff solo early game and then someone on your team comes and last hits it from you, would have absolutely no reservation about that? You also seem to have the train of thought support should not take kills and may be a person who spams KS in chat when you dont get a kill, you may not. Its situation dependent. Pyke, by all means take the kills, pyke gets stronger and adc gets the gold anyway. back when you had to buy sightstone, having one 3-4 minutes earlier was a huge advantage to bot lane. And really is any adc unhappy to see ardent censor on a Sona 5 minutes sooner than she should normally have it? But as I said it is dependent on other things eg. draven being the adc kills are super important to him.
: I will answer that: The tool provided here is not an encrypted executable. You have the source code. You see what it does. It is impossible to get hacked by it unless Autohotkey (a widely used tool) contains a trojan. Also while it does effect the game, it is not analysing any data of league itself. It just looks at the keyboard and mouse inputs you provide and if certain keys are pressed during the League of Legends window is active, the tool becomes active. In League itself basically only the Enter Key, the numpad Enterkey, and Alt+ Tab are analysed or triggers an event. All other keys stay untouched.
Can someone who is not linked to the project 100% say this without extensive testing first? I wouldn't have thought so. As I said, I am not implying this is a certain security breach or a non legitimate idea, but without the thorough testing first and OK by Riot (including the legality of its use), you'd be a bit of a fool to blindly trust any old third party software especially with hard earned account accomplishments. I for one think that measures to improve player behaviour even if it means saving a person from themselves is a great idea and fully support it so long as it goes through the right channels, and hopefully it does.
ChuShoe (NA)
: ***
It's a third party download that affects the game. Its already against the T+C of using the game client. In addition,why use something that would compromise the security of your account, I'm not saying this isn't a legit idea but a hacker is hardly going to say "hey, I've got this 3rd party script for you to use so I can access and steal your account", are they?
: as an ADC main i kinda have an insight into this.. ADC players are always shit on as the "cry baby" position.. and told we're "being babysat" but at the same time always expected to have these amazing numbers.. if you're an ADC and your KDA isn't positive (assist don't count for some reason) people will talk so much shit.. even if i'm 0/3/17 all they'll see is the 0/3.. and be like "You're such a bad ADC" blah blah blah.. and so that mindset gets burned into us, that we have to have this amazing KDA or else we aren't contributing (even if we're helping in other ways) ADC is a thankless role.. you're expected to carry (literally in the name Attack Damage Carry), but at the same time noone wants to help you get fed enough to make it happen.. people are really toxic to ADC mains for this reason, then get upset when we get toxic back because of how toxic they are to us.. and WE get labeled the toxic role.. so even if you're a good player and YOU realize that the ADC doesn't have to have the kills, they're probably worried about how other people are gonna look at them.. they wanna save face and have this amazing KDA.. the boards are so guilty of this.. anytime you make a good argument, someone will go and look at your match history and KDA and judge your entire point on that, even if your match history doesn't reflect your skill at all.. unfortunately KDA doesn't reflect skill because of situations like this one.. anyway.. i'm sorry that happened to you..
TBH I think most would be concerned about your damage output and tower sieging stats, all the kills mean is you landed the last hit. Id much rather have an adc that goes 3/1/18 and takes 3 towers and does 60% of the team damage than a 8/8/2 adc that does a lot less damage comparatively. Although to be fair if an adc performs that well in an actual game they are much more likely to have a higher KDA. I do think anecdotally though that there is disproportionate blame placed on the support when the adc dies repeatedly, more often than not from from the 0/3 adc.
: {{champion:555}} Give's his teamates kill gold not assist gold.
I think this is a problem typical in low level league, noone understands anyone elses abilities properly outside the few adc they play. Even then most don't know how their own abilities work, "thanks for condemning him out of my Sona R range, oh btw you know its best when he's near a wall right? OK just checking."... Oh and the term KS is laughable as a support, oh so I stunned him, did most of the damage, last hit him and kept you alive but I "KS" you, gee im soooooo sorry.
Drezmal (NA)
: New Players should be Taught how to deal with toxic players in league of legends
Maybe they should have the game start by default as having chat disabled. There should then be a MASSIVE warning and disclaimer if a player decides that they want to turn chat on and expose themselves to that side of the league community XD. Tbh most communication needs can be done with just pings or emotes - but then that leads to the spam pinging ! or ? which in itself can be as annoying as the toxic chat.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: if you had _no way of knowing_ why an in-game flamer would add you after the game then you deserve your fate
Did in and post game chat not indicate they might have some unsavoury things to say to you? If there was absolutely no indication, block and move on, its just text on a screen from someone you have never and will never have meaningful interaction with. If there was some harsh words noted in the game chat why on earth accept the friend request?
: getting told to commit suicide by other players
Probably every game there is a yasuo in :P generally you should take it about as seriously as someone calling you bronze or saying something about your mother. You know its not true, so just take satisfaction in the fact that they are sat red faced fuming and screaming at their computer probably throwing something across the room while your there sitting calmly and enjoying playing like a beast XD.
: Friend got chat restricted after asking a player's facebook name.
In this day and age why do people still risk asking a/s/l?
: And that thread chain is in reference towards people flaming the 0/5.
That would be "fine" if you yourself never went 0/5 or similar in a game but Im pretty sure that EVERYONE has one of those games. It is a team game involving people. People mess up, so long as they're not running it down mid, crap happens. Don't forget you are also in the same elo as the 0/5 you are flaming so it doesn't say much about yourself.
Kukuskas (EUNE)
: How to get out of trolls/ or how to behave when troll in team
Try to find out what his intent is at least then there might be chat evidence for a report if it is a genuine troll. You could tell him in chat that you want the CS, actually say it, don't just spam ping ! or ? at him because that can be inflammatory in itself. If it is then obvious that in your opinion he is trolling or he tells you to ef off or whatever, adjust your play to it. Last hit better, change your role slightly and perhaps poke more and concede that you are with someone who is not willing to let u take CS. Personal pet peeve is when adcs are left to farm alone while roaming and then die and then complain about being left alone. DONT DO THIS. If you are on your own play accordingly, ward accordingly, stay close to tower, keep your escapes up, watch the creep waves properly etc. There are times when your support will go off to do something else (ideally they should know when it is best to do this I always at least try to ping accordingly), be brave my little adc friend :) think of all the solo xp and gold you are getting at that time and use it to get back in the game.
: you're a hundred 100% allowed to ban a pick intended champ, but they're also 100% allowed to play kalista jungle.
I agree with this. It is 100% allowed but then there's also the issue of etiquette. The OP even admitted that his initial action to ban yas was a "scumbag" move. Does that make it right that yas from this side of the story had troll behaviours? No, but you could argue then, if he thought yas jungle was a good pick then maybe he genuinely thought kalista jungle was also good XD. Maybe best way forward is don't feed the supposed troll, if someone really wants to jungle yas and has given no indication that they are out to troll maybe let them do it, a troll not playing well is probably preferable to one that is retaliating to a ban and then intentionally trying to lose the game.
Zardo (NA)
: Thanks for the chat restriction riot
I think there is truth to this. During a lengthy chat ban - I wont say how long, I did manage to climb 3 ranks quite quickly and less "angrily". I suppose its reducing the amount of time typing and just concentrating on the game and not causing others to tilt, even if you are only responding to their own flame or toxicity. It is sometime just sooooooo hard not to flame back. Especiallly the spam ping thing!
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Rito does not care about personal performance in games, no matter if you carry or you are carried. I would be happy to see changes to this, but yet it is not implemented. So now i can ask, would it be fair to not give -20LP to a leaver, if he got carried by the team and did nothing? He did not contribute to the win, just put his team on a disadvantage. In the moment Rito implements the LP changes on personal performance and not only for win/lose i would totally agree with you. But without this, i feel like the current solution is the "least bad" solution.
It is unfortunate as yes I understand it is difficult to interpret "intention". As far as I know there isn't a way to differentiate reason for leaving game whether it be sudden disconnect or bugsplat or even someone simply yanking out their telephone wire in rage. My hope is that for a solution to be found so that rather than just blanket punishment for all afk behaviours, of which there are many types. So would it be fair to not punish an actual leaver, no I agree it is not, but should all afk acts be measured or punished using the same yard stick, that I disagree with. I admit there is an element of "feelsbadman" about this situation as I did work hard to make up for the situation and did make overall significant contribution to win the game. That example as such can also be difficult to demonstrate as being carried can occur regardless of afk or not and in some ways is subjective, the classic example being that there is no obvious KDA type way to distinguish a support who may have "done nothing" all game but then with 2-3 hooks late game lead to 2-3 team fights that win/save the game. Yes said player "did nothing" all game, but in 2-3 distinct actions significantly impacted the outcome of game. But I'm getting off point. What I would like is some way to detect the different type of behaviours and punish accordingly would be great and I like you would love to see these changes. How, I don't know as I'm not a game developer but hopefully others may have ideas.
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Have you ever considered not playing multiplayer games when your PC/internet is trash? You joining back to the game after putting your team on a disadvantage is not something "glorious" it is the minimum if you are not an asshole. But if this is a consistent problem, you should go for single player games until you fix it.
Woah lets reign you in there a little no need to get too passive aggressive in your response. I fail to see the part of the description indicates continually playing when PC/internet is trash. D/Cs happen, crashes happen, you could be playing on "superdooper 500mbps optic platinum fibre" on a 15,000 euro setup or something similar and a disconnect can still happen whether you like it or not. And in answer to your question actually yes when I do have a period of bad connection I generally stop playing online and do something else which I am "absolutely" sure you do too without fail... :) so glad to hear that you are not an, "asshole". The point is for people in general if there is something beyond there control which yes unfortunately does put the team at a disadvantage is there another way to a) identify said situations, and b) should the punishment be the same e.g once I have wrapped myself in the GLORY of carrying the team to victory following reconnection, perhaps +0LP would be more appropriate than -20LP if the team win?.
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