Etherean (NA)
: The new Talon Skin Model hair doesn't look like the splash at all
In splash he is in action as u can see he using his ulti which means his hair can move right/left it is not big problem in game hair awesome too.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Hey Meddler Why Riot is nerfing Talon i know he has insane push power atm but it is because of Tiamat you buffed Tiamat at the starting of season 8 from 15 ad less aoe active to 25 ad more aoe active and u create Conqueror rune for Bruisers so Tiamat+Conqueror made them OP i think you shouldn't touch any champions damage who is using Tiamat for main item.Please nerf Tiamat for game balance 15 ad less aoe active was balanced.
Yamikaze (NA)
: The PBE Talon Nerfs Are The Wrong Way to Nerf Talon - By a Challenger Talon OTP
I agree about 2 thinks on your ideas. 1-FIRST AND MORE IMPORTANT IS TIAMAT NERF IT SHOULD BACK TO 15 AD AND LESS AOE AGAIN. 2-Noxian Diplomacy released with 550 Range but now it is 575 range we used 500 range like 1 year after bug fix it is 575 it should decrease to 550. I don't agree about MR nerfs because they are buffing mages and they will buff mages so we still need that base MR because we haven't any blink skill or safe farm skill. Talons' early/mid game is powerfull it is his power the late game still okey but he is weak little big in late game so it is his weakness i think they are making Talon purpose for why i should pick Talon.
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: They can't do that because it would effect other champions too silly, you should know this. If anything, maybe reduce Rake damage to minions.
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=F8IBYac5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-07T16:30:13.653+0000) > > They can't do that because it would effect other champions too silly, you should know this. > > If anything, maybe reduce Rake damage to minions. Yes,It can but before the Tiamat buff everything was balanced Irelia,Camille etc.. wasn't OP like that. After tiamat buffs they are became monsters.
: As a Talon one trick, he's broken. He needs nerfs. If Tiamat was broken, at least one other champion would be able to abuse it and appear broken as well.
> [{quoted}](name=Get Ogre Here,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=F8IBYac5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-07T16:29:46.510+0000) > > As a Talon one trick, he's broken. He needs nerfs. If Tiamat was broken, at least one other champion would be able to abuse it and appear broken as well. They buffed Tiamat like 7-8 weeks ago it should revert u can clearly see Camille,Irelia etc. are OP too due to Tiamat early power Tiamat was 15 ad and less aoe now 25ad and more aoe.
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Ramaero (NA)
: Talon should NOT be reverted,slight update or rework perhaps,but not reverted,he is not Rengar or LB
If Riot can 2 champions like Old Talon and New Talon i can take both of them.I started this game from season 3 and i love Talon in season 3 when he has silence from his E but i still prefer Old Talon because New Talon fun but when u play too much on new Talon it became a boring champ old Talon wasn't like that.
: After playing since Season 3, I finally quit on this run down game.
I agree with you they give to every mages wave clear with new items and buffs.They made Support role a most important role if u want win the game u should pick like Janna,Lulu,Soraka if enemy have this supports u lose 99%. i started this game from season 3 the LoL base players are started this game season 3 and they are leaving because of THOUSANDS Shiled supports,THOUSANDS per Gold from support items,THOUSANDS shields from items,THE STUPID LETHALITY,Bone Plating.This game was super fun to play until season 5! and started to dying with s6-s8 i hope they can wake up early!
: Hi. I'm running around between meetings and various other commitments atm so I can't gives this a ton of engagement right now, but it sounds like we're going to increase his Q range, which I guess got bugged several patches ago to be shorter than intended somehow.
Hey RiotRepertoir,im playing Talon for 5 years i love old Talon and New Talon they are good(i still prefer old Talon) but on new Talon he needs something we should use Q while jumping and Melee Q(170range) should a blink think old Talon E because of Flash+Melee Q and u can't auto so u can't proc your passive so enemy escape it is unfair and tilting..Please decrease W delay rank by rank like Lvl1 Rake - 0.75 Lvl 2 0.70,60,50,40 Also his base movement speed too slow 335 for an AD Assasin who is eating tons of speels in laning phase so he needs 345-350 base MS we have to get this buff on Talon because we don't have StormRaider anymore so we need more speed please.
Ifneth (NA)
: Be careful when choosing the increase. Talon already has over a 52% winrate: giving him another buff could easily make him overpowered. Setting his Q range to the 550 he was promised may not sound like much, but it would be huge because that’s almost every mage’s basic attack range. Right now, he must land his rake or step forward into danger to threaten an all-in during early laning. With a Q range of 550, he could do so by standing on a minion that any mage were about to last-hit with a basic attack. The big MR buff he recently received would only enable this zoning playstyle further. Also, although mages can last-hit with their poke spells, doing so would drain their mana and hinder their ability to pressure Talon with poke or waveclear. Talon would meanwhile be free to poke, last-hit, or push with Rake. A Q range of 525 or less, on the other hand, would give his opponents some breathing room. Does this sound fair?
52% winrate is not huge if u think only OTP players playing this champion.
: maybe thats why it feels like it has a short range when on paper it looks decent. Maybe if they fixed Talon's [Q] and [E] bugs he'd be in a much better spot. and btw, this patch i've been getting lots of buggy [E] jumps, i'm not sure why. I've tested [Q] ranges yesterday, you know how a lot of Talon players complain about when trying to chase someone with ranged [Q] but it end up giving them the close-ranged crit so the enemy escapes? turns out that the short-ranged [Q] applies outside it's set range. go on training ground and test it yourself and check the ranges.
Yes im a Talon OTP for 5 years melee Q most of time it trolls you like you waste flash for kill enemy with Q and Auto for proc passive but it does Flash+Melee Q and enemy escape because you can't auto attack to enemy it is really sad and unfair bug because you are wasting your FLASH. I have idea for that think old Talon E it was a blink Talon was blink enemy behind with that way they can add a blink for 170 range melee Q when u melee Q you will blink enemy behind so no more bugs. Backflip bugs still no fixed it is due to terrain's lines Talon has 725 range to jump walls so i can understand the backflip +725 range walls but under 725 range walls it is annoying.(Like turrets,Golem camp wall,Baron side's wall). There is no info for Talon Q Range nerf so it has to be bug because as you can see from source Talon released with 550 range Q due to this bug you are losing trades against Xerath,Orianna,Taliyah(All range mages) they are just spam their skills and u just watching.
: An idea for balancing Kha Zix's stealth
I have an idea for that think Talon's E wall duration so they can add same thing on every bush.
: Can we Tone down Khazix's stealth for fuck sake?
I have an idea for that think Talon's E wall duration so they can add same thing on every bush.
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: Talon's base splash is fine, you are on drugs m8
Yes splash is fine i agree with you but the face so ugly.Talon not that ugly
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 21
Ninja Tabi gives 35 armor which is block 40+ Lethality so it is 5800 gold+ lethality item numbers.I hope the armor number drop to 15-20 armors.when im playing AD Champion,If i buy mercury boots it is not strong or weak for me enemy still can kill me but if a mage or adc buy ninja tabi it is strongest choice it shouldn't like that.I shouldn't say ohh i can't kill him anymore because he has ninja tabi WHICH IS 1100 GOLD ITEM AND STOP MY 40% DAMAGE! Plus imagine APCs are buying Ninja+Zhonya so unkillable ADCs are buying Guardian Angel+Ninja Tabi+Thousands Shields+High Burst they are unkillable.
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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Meddler any buffs for Edge of Night? because this item should be good choice instead of Duskblade if u buff with good way like +60 65 ad +300 HP it can be good for 3100 gold item.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 16
Ninja Tabi shouldn't block 5800 Gold Lethality items.(Duskblade+GB have 36Lethality) While playing Talon&Zed when enemy have just 1100 gold bot im saying ohh,i can't kill him anymore if he didn't huge mistake so it is bad for me.Ninja Tabi+Zhonya so what can i do as Zed&Talon? or any AD champ.Ninja Tabi 35 armor huge number it should drop 15 or we should get real armor Pen again.Why Mages still have true magic pen why AD Champions aren't no sense.
Meddler (NA)
: We're talking about Tabi at the moment. Should have some thoughts to share on Friday about them. Lot of that conversation's focused on how much of the issue is them being too strong versus being always a good choice (related issues, but not the same one).
Hello Meddler ninjas tabi 1100 gold item but it stops 5800gold lethality items like Dusk+Youmu so it is unfair.Also EoN will good choice instead of Duskblade u should buff EoN like +65 ad 20 lethality +300 health should be okey with 3100 gold.
: I swear you buy the tiniest amount of mr and immediately become unkillable to AP
ahahahahaha buy a Ninja's Tabi just fcking 1100 gold BOT not ITEM it is bot which is u have to buy in game so u don't need extra slot in item slots but AD champions buying hexdrinker and lost early damages,an item slot.You can stop Duskblade+Youmu Lethality with just fcking 1100 gold ITEM helloooooo??? Are u serious?Also u have REAL MAGIC PEN we have Lethality we should cry not you!
: 8.6 Duskblade and related changes
Hello these are good buffs for Talon thank you!. but his Q range so short for an assasin 500 range so short if u think all adcs have 525 range and with cannon it is 600+ range it feels bad in teamfights it should be 575-600 range i hope Riot can do that because we really need Q range increase buff.(think Jayce Q dash has 600 range Talon really need same think.)Also remember Talon is an early game Assasin u should increase R damage 90 damage in level 6 it should be 120 or 135.In early game Passive should more damage because Duskblade damage decrase too much so we have 75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175--245 damage it should be 75/85/95/105/115/135/145/165/185/195/215/220/225/230/235/240/245/250
: I'm aware of the sentiment on the Zed and Talon stuff on the PBE. As far as I'm concerned, we should comp these guys enough to reasonably believe it's offsetting. Happy to continuing seeing these threads if it seems we're not hitting that mark. Anyway, back to the upcoming 8.6 mage nerfs. See ya.
Increase Talon Q range pls ty.500 so short
AzuBK (NA)
: LeBlanc Mini-Revert Context
Hey it is not about LB but Talon need Q range increase buff all adcs have powerfull items and high range so we can't reach him with just 500 range it should be 575-650 range also Melee Q should be blink because Flash Melee Q sometimes trolling you so it is bad for us.Talon is your succesfull rework but still need buff please think about that.
Yenn (NA)
: As 11-4-3 Talon, I cannot deal enough damage to kill a 7-5-7 Tristana through Janna's shields
So you guys still playing assasins? there is one assasin it is Kha'Zix others so bad atm and they are nerfing duskblade only for KHA ZIX AND J4.In season 7 we were have +84 lethality in mid&late game but atm we just have +54 lethality if u can dash it is +64 with sudden impact.They aren't buff Lethality numbers on lethality items BECAUSE OF Jhin and MF ahahhaha this game awesome man also the balance team perfect.Yes guys keep nerfing duskblade but one stupid 1100 gold item ''NINJAS TABI'' can stop your 5000 GOLD+''Ghostblade,Draktar'' 36 Lethality PLUSS %10 block from your basic attacks yayyyyy.This shield meta and powerfull ADCs items enough.This game should back s3-s4 times.
Thimes (EUW)
: You are not suppose to go trough shields ever. That would make both supports and ADCs useless. An assassin is someone who does NOT jump into 5v5 when it starts but waits out for proper moment, punish for misposition, goes when shields on cooldown, when forntline is commited etc. If you think your job is to jump into 5 people and oneshot squishies, then you don't know how to play assassin.
Im playing Talon since season 3 i have 5000+ Talon games so i know how to play Assasin also im challenger player so.If u wait shield over your team friends will die 4v5 XDD shield duration 2 long and 2 much
: what do mean ? u mean for 20% cdr ?
No like stack lethality think BC passive it gives true armor pen right? So with same way we can gain lethality per hit.
: >Duskblade - Nerfing it. can u at least do something for {{item:3814}} ? this item is so "weak".
I think this item should be BlackCleaver's Lethality version.
IcyOps (NA)
: S7 Talon Main here, I disagree with Q range and movespeed, but agree with lethality. Our damage suffered a ton because we get less lethality in general now, giving us lower windows of power spikes especially at higher elos.
Trust me Q range increase which is we have to get.Because all ADCs have 625+ range with their POWERFULL ITEMS + SHIELDS.Base movementspeed not big problem because we have Celerity but to be honest 335 MS for an Assasin SO SLOW!.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 3
Hello from Turkey :) Meddler im a Talon main since season 3 i have 5000+ Talon games because i love so much him awesome Rogue for me but i feel so bad atm i mean in this meta..Talon needs some buffs especially Q Dash Range increase 550 to 600 or 650 we really need this second 345 or 350 base movement speed and passive last scale is level11 what about buff to past scale level 18.Also Rake delay is feeling high to me it should be 0.60 -0.65.In otherhand in season 7 we were go 24lethality rune page and we can have +80 lethality in lategame but atm it is 54 + sudden impact it is just +64 what about giving lethality to Talon's E like when Talon jump to wall he gains +10 lethality (Think Rengar R) They are my thoughts i hope u can buff Talon like that d
: TFW Wukong is a better assassin than most other assassins.
: I feel like Zhoyas is the reason mages can't have better AP defense items.
ahahahahahahahahaha are u serious????! Zhonya Over Power defensive and damage item for mages.
: I agree with scarra that stopwatch should be availabe 8:00 minutes+
Honestly, this item unfair because for example u are taking enemy summoners but if enemy have a stopwatch he can survive under the tower and he can farm..So u can't punish him should be remove from the game.
: @Riot, can we please revert that Talon buff on PBE and fix the following?
I think Talons' problem is Q it has too short range riot should increase range like 600-650 also they should increase Q dash speed.W delay not big problem.He needs 350 Movement Speed again.Also Stopwatch should be able to use after 10min because 6min stopwatch stopping all assasins powerspike. (I prefer OLD TALON in this meta.Season 8 hard to kill somebody ADCs have thousands shields,stopwatches,ninjas tabi,powerfull items and runes they are like Range assasin.We have to back season 3 assasins we need blink on Talon or really fast Q dash).
Dr Dog (NA)
: has anyone felt a giant dip in fun overall?
This game was perfect in season3-5
: The Meta right now
Mannnnnnnnn u forgot the S T O P W A T C H it is really balanced item thank you Riot StopWatch amazing item for 70 IQ players thank youuuuuuuu haha.Hello guys today i will play Asassian oh wait 5 stopwatch haha ohh wait 5 ninjas tabi ohh 50sec Zhonya. Riot please revert everything about Asassians like season3 please bring season3 assasians and real ARMOR PEN!
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 2
What about Talon..Will u increase Talon's Q range like 600-700 and decrease W's delay? or just damage buff?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 24
Dont change Stopwatch just remove from the game.It is really unhealty for gameplay. AD Asassians unplayeble atm.Only APCs good in MID please think on that too.


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