: Hi, I'm a challenger player in NA, and can I just say I thoroughly hate this change? What is the point of GM and master if one bad game means dropping all the way from challenger to D1? What is the point of the daily promotion/demotion timer? As someone currently sitting at the lower end of challenger it just makes me not want to queue at all, which I imagine isn't the intent. Like, this actually just makes me want to walk away entirely from the game. A loss at 0 LP will result in instant demotion from challenger to D1, but being above the LP cut in Master isn't going to result in instant promotion to GM or challenger. What exactly is the point of the promotion/demotion countdown now??? Edit: Just to be clear, I'd be fine with it in situations like NA GM right now, where it's literally impossible to demote, but in challenger right now in NA everything is working just fine. Players below the LP threshold get demoted, those above in GM get promoted. Why exactly should a loss at 0 LP challenger result in instant demotion, not to GM, not to Master, but all the way to D1--especially when there's no instant promotion back up; still have to wait for the cutoff. Seems extremely punitive for no reason. Just to point out to those who might think I'm just being a crybaby. It's possible to lose upwards of 80 LP for an 8th place in challenger. Currently, 80 LP is rank 82 on the ladder. That means nearly every single player in challenger in NA other than the top 80 are one loss and one 5th away from being Diamond again. That's absurd. Just a reminder, not everyone in challenger is an esports streamer that plays 8 hours a day. As a person with real life obligations, I can safely say that if I have two bad games in a row and immediately drop to Diamond, I just won't touch TFT again. I think most people who are currently in D1 or those who were some combination of skilled/lucky enough to make it out have near PTSD with being D1 again. The inherent variance that exists in a game like TFT makes an instant demotion from challenger to D1 after 2 losses insane. If I don't deserve challenger because there are 300 better players on the ladder, then so be it, I'll get demoted once the timer hits zero if I can't maintain the LP required to be in challenger. But losing 2 games in a row doesn't suddenly mean a top 100 TFT player is now a Diamond player. Final point: If Riot is insistent on these sorts of changes, I would say that master should be the lowest someone can drop to. One of the biggest feelings of accomplishment for a semi-casual player in Hearthstone is reaching Legend. Once you do it, you're legend for the rest of the season. You made it and no one can take that away from you. Sure, you might not be a top 100 Legend, but that wasn't why you played in the first place--you set a goal, to make it to Legend, and you achieved it and it feels good. If I demoted to master either due to decay or bad play, cool, I'll fire the game up the next day and give it my best. But if I demote to D1, the equivalent of dropping from Legend in HS to rank 1, I will just quit. No one wants to do that grind again. Doing it once was a huge challenge, and cresting that mountain felt immensely rewarding. If you shove me off the cliff after I've reached the top, I'm not climbing the mountain again. I'm going to go look for something else to do. **If you really want to see challenger queues skyrocket, the solution isn't to punish and frustrate your players. It's to provide a backstop for them so they don't dread losing what they've worked for.**
To the "and one 5th away" Is the lp losing on 4th and 3rd place also a thing up there? I think if it is, you wouldn't even need to hit 5th, prob only lose none-existent lp.
: The CC stat we are showing is actually roots, stuns + Basically hard CC. In terms of "I died because of CC" we think that slows aren't nearly as big of a factor.
Tryndamere slow. Nasus slow.
Porocles (NA)
: ❗ Chaos or Order! The VS FAQ to guide you to your destiny
GMT is right now at 23:19... My timezone is 01:19 .... On EUW only the GMT counts, or?
: Hmm, yeah. Tumblr doesn't seem to be working out so good. I will look into other options, or see if I can get it to work better there. You should be able to view them in the full resolution by opening them in a new tab. But that doesn't seem to be a very good solution to the problem.
And i had a question about translating... So if it's ok for you, i would like to translate the story(s) into german, with a link to your account.~
: I thought about that, but I don't think they would all fit into one thread. It would be huge and eventually I would run out of room. I don't know if you heard about my Tumblr, but I am trying to get them all there. I explained it to Whybother34 up a few comments. But here is a link: http://sirdellron.tumblr.com/ Like I told him, if you could let me know how they look for you, or if you like one image better than two. Any feedback is appreciated.
For me it looks like 144p.... so i couldn't read something very good on your tumblr.... Edit: Only the upper ones. From episode to episode it gets worse....
: **A Corporate Matter: Episode 41** {{champion:16}} "So, explain what's going on again?" {{champion:150}} "Ok, I will tell you one last time. But pay attention! Every year, Corporate Mundo holds a dinner. All Corporates and their underlings must show up. As you can imagine, most of us don't get along so much. Creates a lot of drama, and I hate drama." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:150}} "Hey, I don't need none of your sass! I am never dramatic, I have no idea what you're talking about." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:150}} "That's what I thought. Now, as I was saying before Sona rudely interrupted. In some misguided attempt to get to us to behave. Corporate Mundo has forced us to bring one person with. If I don't bring anyone, I lose out on my Snowdown bonus check. For some reason, no one wanted to go with me. So that left me with you." {{champion:16}} "I feel so flattered. So, it's kinda like I'm your date?" {{champion:150}} "You're my plus one, nothing more." {{champion:16}} "Awhhh, he is too embarrassed to call it a date. That's so cute. {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "You know, you're right, I think he is blushing under all that fur." {{champion:150}} "I'm not blushing. And it's not a date, you are just my- Ah, forget it. I knew today was gonna suck, and we haven't even made it to dinner yet. At least if there is one good thing, it's that there will be Nachos stuffed with bacon bits there." {{champion:16}} "Ok, I will stop calling it a date. But you gotta make me free this week." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:16}} "Rude. So, I know about Corporate Nasus, Corporate Lee Sin and Corporate Mundo. Who else is going to be there?" {{champion:150}} "Well, we have Corporate Braum. He takes all feedback and complaints. That big shield of his really comes in handy. Then there is Corporate Kayle. She is in charge of the Tribunal, so if you get permabanned, send her the hate mail. **NOT ME!** Finally, Corporate Lucian. He does a variety of things, right now he is working on something he calls "Hextech Crafting." Whatever that is. Also, he appears to go long periods of time without working on anything. Some of us are suspicious that the boss might have him working on something other than League of Legends." **_Over at the dinner:_** {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo welcome you all to Thankful dinner. Me be so glad about all moneys this company makings over past year. Corporate Mundo be glad that most of you are following rule of bring one. Furry one, you brought you secretary as a date? Me know there was something going on there, you handsome devil you." {{champion:150}} **"SHE'S NOT MY DATE!!!** I only brought her because of your stupid new rule." {{champion:10}} "Everyone, meet my sister. The ungrateful, dark, betrayed the whole family, Morgana." {{champion:25}} "Hey, you are the one that said you needed me to come with. I didn't ask you, you asked me." {{champion:10}} "No one wanted to go with me. They said I am too rough around the edges, that I enjoy Condemning the souls of those who break the Summoners Code too much." {{champion:25}} "You Enjoyed trying to annihilate me a little too much as well." _"Sips drink."_ {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo say that is enough. This be happy times, thankful times." {{champion:201}} "Corporate Braum bring Señor Porokins to dinner. He loves to eat some Turkeynivia." {{champion:75}} "I brought someone I know from the Kennel Club of Valoran." {{champion:19}} "This place is so rad, when do we dig in. I am starving, dude." {{champion:75}} "You said you wouldn't do that. That you would act civilized and professional." {{champion:19}} "Come on man, don't keep me down. I am who I am, you can't get rid of the War-man." {{champion:75}} _"Sigh."_ {{champion:64}} "I have with me, my wife. And I love her, so very, very much." {{champion:92}} "You are lucky I even came, but I am still not talking to you." {{champion:201}} "Why is your wife mad at you, little man?" {{champion:64}} "She is still upset about the last time I nerfed her. **IT HAS BEEN A WHOLE MONTH HONEY, LET IT GO ALREADY.** Like I told you, I need to give you a few small love taps everyone now and then. Otherwise, players get suspicious about you being so op, and they yell at me for not doing anything. Jeez, Women can hold a grudge. Ok, what if I get Corporate Gnar to make you free, will you forgive me then?" {{champion:92}} "Maybe." {{champion:64}} "Please, Gnarly. I'm begging you here." {{champion:150}} "Fine, but you owe me, big time." {{champion:236}} "My New Girlfriend is on her way. Be nice guys, she hasn't really been to something like this before." {{champion:16}} "Oh Lucian, I am so glad that you are finally over Senna." {{champion:236}} "Senna, **I MISS HER SO MUCH.**" _"Sobs."_ {{champion:16}} "Oh, I'm so sorry. Calm down Corporate Lucian, it's ok. You have someone new now. Don't think about past loves." {{champion:236}} **"I LOVE HER STILL!!!"** _"Sobs even harder."_ {{champion:150}} "Good job Soraka. How about next, you call up thresh and let him tell Corporate Lucian how Senna is doing **IN HIS LANTERN OF ETERNAL PAIN.**" {{champion:420}} "Why is little boyfriend crying. Cheer up, we are here to eat delicious food stuff." _"Pats Corporate Lucian on back."_ {{champion:236}} "Oooooof, why did you hit me so hard. I think you broke something." {{champion:150}} "So, where is your plus one, Corporate Mundo?" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo no bring one. Me boss, Me no have follow own rules." {{champion:150}} "But I, we, you, Nevermind. Can I eat some of my bacon bits stuffed nachos now?" {{champion:36}} "No, we all wait until Corporate Mundo say it time for eating." {{champion:150}} "Fine, but if something happens to them. I swear I will lose it." **_Over at the underling table:_** {{champion:67}} "Hello fellow secretaries and assistants. If you don't know, I work for Corporate Lee Sin. He is so nice, as long as I do a great job, he won't nerf me. Although I messed up a little a few weeks ago, it hurt some of my stats, but all is well." {{champion:89}} "I work for Corporate Kayle. Sometimes I get to help ban people. **I'M SO SORRY TO THAT ONE GUY, I MEANT TO HIT INNOCENT. BUT MY HAND SLIPPED.** I don't think I am ever going to forgive myself for that, he had spent over 500$." {{champion:37}} "..." {{champion:81}} "Wait, you actually saw your boss doing that. And you haven't told anyone before. Wow, that is unbelievable. As you all know, I work for the big boss, Corporate Mundo." {{champion:267}} "I work for the big tough guy, Corporate Nasus. By the way, why is there a Poro in a suit at this table?" {{champion:67}} "Oh, that is one of Corporate Braum's. His whole working staff is all Poros, dressed in a variety of outfits and mustaches. I would know, he delivers a lot of balance complaints to us. What I want to know is, where is Corporate Lucian's staff?" {{champion:81}} "Oh, he works alone. Doesn't want anyone to be able to spill the beans on his- Oh, I have said too much." _**Back at the Corporate Table:**_ {{champion:150}} "Oh, you think that having an extra skin on sale each time will help a ton. You know what, I will show you how to make real money. Extra bonus riot points for all starting now." {{champion:75}} "Hah, that all you got? From now on, every new skin will go on sale a few months after it is released. Top that." {{champion:150}} "Ok, later next month. If you buy a legendary skin, you get a free mystery gift. And if that gift contains a legendary skin. **YOU GET ANOTHER GIFT!**" {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo like all new ideas for making moneys. Now it be times to eats." {{champion:420}} "Finally, but the food is not able to be eaten. And why it on table and not floor. No worries, I can fix with idol. **HYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!**" _"Smashes table, food, and everything into one mushy pulp."_ {{champion:236}} "Sigh." "I told you, we don't eat like that here." {{champion:420}} "Mhhhmmmm, is good now. You want taste?" {{champion:150}} "My, my, b-b-b bacon bit nachhhhhhhhhos." {{champion:64}} "I like this new Girlfriend, she is fun." {{champion:201}} "Nice, now Señor Porokins is crying. It be ok, cuddle cuddle cuddle." {{summoner:31}} _"Cries."_ {{champion:420}} "Did I do something wrong, this be how my people eat. You no like eat like this?" {{champion:150}} **"YOU DESTROYED MY BACON BIT STUFFED NACHOS. NOW YOU DIE TO MEGA CORPORATE GNAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"** {{champion:420}} **"THAT IS NO WAY TO TALK TO A WOMAN. I SHALL TEACH YOU A LESSON, AND NOTHING WORKS MORE THAN BROKEN BONES!!!!!!!!!!!"** {{champion:150}} **"RAWR!!!!!"** {{champion:420}} **"ALL IS NAGAKABOUROS!"** {{champion:150}} **"DIE DIE DIE!!!!!"** {{champion:420}} **"SMASH SMASH SMASH!!!!"** {{champion:150}} **"WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH, AND WHY DOES IT KEEP HEALING. I THOUGHT NASUS WAS THE ONLY RAID BOSS!!!!!!!"** {{champion:64}} "Yep, that is quite a woman you got there, Lucie." {{champion:201}} "Corporate Braum no think that plus one was good idea. Look at Corporate Kayle, she trying to choke out sister." {{champion:10}} "I may not have brought my flaming pointer stick, but I can still defeat you." {{champion:25}} "Not if I root you, ha! I can be half way around Runeterra before you get to move again." {{champion:36}} "Corporate Mundo think you may be right. Me not do this again. Me just want nice family dinner once. Is that too much for Corporate Mundo to ask?"
How about a thread with these Storys? _MfG DeJoke~_
Krizalid (EUW)
: I hope it's a human champion finally.
_Illaoi_ is a human. For more information read _Shadow and Fortune_.
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: Offical New Champion leak: Illaoi
_Illaoi_ is mentioned in the third chapter of _Shadow and Fortune_.


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