: I really don't know how you look at Kled and take that as a serious character. His enemy list is the entire champion roster, **including himself**
he is serious. He is mentally not completely correct but he doesnt walk around being funny or making jokes like he should get a kids cartoon skin
Yljin (NA)
: As a Camille main who hates the release skin, I can understand your pain of the skin not being up to par. However, I know that I would be desperate to get a different skin after this long, so I would buy it even if it were like that. In other words, I'm pretty sure the skin _will_ sell.
no i will stick with the normal look of kled, not gonna pay riot anything for that pile of sh*t
JetRam (OCE)
: https://www.strawpoll.me/16525981/r Vote here. Imo it's terrible. the colour palette is too similar for Kled and Skaarl.
a skin that is considered to be bad by so many players is a fail. This wont ever sell. There are not too many kled players and many kled players dont like it.
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: Varus, Valmar & Kai as well
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: still high quality
lets put it at that, for many people soundcloud quality is fine, but if i would give you my headphone or speakers with a proper amp and dac you would instantly hear the difference between lossless and "high quality". The basic is that music and audio files are compressed. In case of mp3 format you even cut away some of the audio ranges to make the file smaller, meaning that mp3 sounds different and worse than the original. There are other formats like flac which dont cut away any of the audio information, meaning its lossless. But of course these files are much bigger than mp3 files which is also the reason why you wont find them on streaming websites as they would just need too long to load
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