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: How to win more LP?
And how to boost someones MMR if ur obviously stuck in the new elo hell because u never played ranked games before (Iron)? Right know, even if u get a winning streak and promote. u will just promote one divison not more? Got a winning streak with heimer, pretty easy champ blablabla (dont need to explain that shit) but one simple game ruins ur complete lp gain and demotes u two divisons down xD? what is this fucking system (like whats happened to me today)
: Why wouldn't he care? I get wrongful imprisonment changes a guy, but by that much?
He has a lot in common with Amon from Legend of Korra, Leader of the Anti-Bending Revolution. Or if u want, Triss from Witcher 3. People forcing their ideals on them, and this people want to fight back. Most of them simply just dont care about casualities.
: You ever had one game where the first 5 minutes were so bad, you just said, "Nope, I'm giving up."?
As support in every single Normal Game in this Preseason right now, where the Adc dont pick an actual botlaner (*insert pikachu face*)
: Can Eve PLEASE have some AD scaling?


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