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Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, something like that could be the right way to do it. That's a good example of why, even if we had Vilemaw adjusted to work/look good in other modes it might be a while until the right timing came along.
An event only!? I don't know about you but everyone would agree Vilemaw is a awesome boss and I think he deserves to be transferred onto the Rift permanently in some way. Vilemaw spawning post 45 minutes sounds great.
: Riot, Are you seriously proud of Eternals?
Riot must be losing money on skins.
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: Mundo doesn't need buffs. Leblanc doesn't need buffs. Ekko doesn't need buffs. Lux doesn't need buffs.
Ekko needs buffs, Leblanc needs buffs and Lux buffs accoring to the new buff and nerf philosophy the balance team now uses to make changes.
: Kayn already got a legendary skin, he is the **first** champion to ever get a legendary skin as his first after release. That's already special enough, he doesn't need an ultimate skin on top of it yet. With Project Warwick becoming a thing now, I can't argue against Project Kayn being a possibility in the future anymore. But not as an ultimate, please. Let other champions have good stuff. Kayn doesn't need another high end skin yet. Just give him an epic Project skin and call it a day in the future.
Project Warwick is becoming a thing? If Riot is to create a skin worthy of being an ultimate skin I'd say it's objectively a Project Kayn skin that would be worth based of his thematic and the fact he has 3 skin variations in one champion. Making Project Kayn an Epic skin would be a waste of so much potential.
: Uhh no. As interesting as this would be, Kayn already has a legendary, in fact his only non launch skin is legendary.
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Remus Wins (EUNE)
: Project 2019 Skins Jinx & Pyke Teaser
I really hope Kayn has a project skin or else I quit,
Meddler (NA)
: Possibly. We've got someone testing out potential ult changes where Soul collection's more about long term permanent increases to ult power than large modifications to damage of the next cast, plus the ult draining 4 targets and 11 and 5 at 16. Not sure how those are working out, haven't personally seen them in game (my playtesting time's been heavy focused on TFT recently).
As a design director do you feel your being split into too many different modes?
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: 1. I think it would be great for League if we could successfully get marksmen into other positions, though that wasn't an opportunity we could deliver on now. With the bot lane diversity being pretty polarizing, saying that we solved it by letting them to mid/top/jungle could have just opened up another experience that some players loved, some players hate. Here's hoping at some point we have the opportunity to do this though! 2. That's definitely been another consideration we've taken into account. If I play Vayne I'm opting into the fantasy of getting to the late game and bopping fools. With an increase in large lead games, it was statistically more likely that the game wouldn't even get to that point before it was decided, which certainly felt bad. I could believe that dropping large lead games even more could help a lot here, but having games that snowball is also an important aspect for League in terms of game to game variance. You should have games where you and your team are walking in lock step and roll over your opponents, you should have games where you have a slight lead, and you should have games that are even - the difficulty is finding the right mix of the 3 so that you feel like your actions matter in every game.
Hi Maple, As a Marksmen main, I just want to understand why you would tackle getting mages bot lane but not making marksman viable in other lanes at the same time? It's the same problem right they should both be hit with one stone? To address, nerf and isolate Marksmen players like this felt so bad and unsatisfying whilst mages where having tons of fun destroying in multiple lanes.... I hope next time that opportunity comes it is addressed in a 2 birds one stone format.
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: Thank you for clarifying for us. Looks like the OP was crying wolf about censorship.
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Meddler (NA)
: The next few patches are not balancing for Worlds. Worlds will be played on 8.18 or 8.19, so it'll be a while before that's a major consideration. Our focus right now is on midseason followup and general balance. Nothing immediately planned for Ryze, Azir or Kalista. As previously mentioned whenever we next make changes to them they'll be simple balance changes as well, not things that attempt to overhaul parts of their kits.
Hi Meddler, I'm a adc main and even I believe you should just release those two new bruiser/tank items now rather than preseason. It should be the last two items introduced into the game until pre season. Those items seem like they have a necessary place alongside other items and would make worlds and the rest of this season even better. This popular argument from the community that the game changes "too much" is valid (personally I find the changes refreshing and fun every patch as I like adapting to new metas) but the line should be drawn at these items.
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Jarring (NA)
: ppl take corki lucian varus ez jhin and kai sa mid regularly quinn and vayne go top all the time plenty of other adcs can jg as well. what is it you want
You named two marksmen that can go top.... the midlane marksmen champs you mentioned all have below 45% winrate last patch and we all know marksmen can't jungle effectively for obvious reasons. Take a look at Lolaytics midlane.... There is no Marksmen apart from Quinn and she isn't even a traditional marksmen. Look at ADC in lolalytics you will see a much wider range of champions in the botlane compared to mid lane. It's clear to see no one in the community likes Marksman champions, Riot might as well delete them all permanently from the game to make the majority of the players happy. Even though I'm a marksman main and I don't want this to happen this is the reality of the matter at this point.
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: Omg the late game class doesn't get to be strong until late game? THE HORROR!
The problem is there is no late game because Riot wants to make games "short"....
: Is there a need for all of this true damage in the game now?
Y'all are not going to sit here and complain about true damage, you've been crying all season for crit to be nerfed and it has been gutted by shifting it into true damage and now you want to complain about true damage also?.... Unbelievable.
: If your starting Baron when over half of the enemy team is alive (specifically the jungler) you are making a bad play and should be punished.
If that principle was true then Baron would hardly ever be taken. That is not a good thing either.
: Considering how Baron's pre-nerf damage was one of the few changes that earned _praise_ from most of the playerbase, including on the Boards, it's perplexing that it would get changed, especially so soon. It feels like Riot is having trouble determining whether Baron needs to be a raid boss, or just a vessel for a game-ending bonus, and while most players at large prefer the former, it feels like the devs would rather have the latter for competitive reasons.
Baron was punishing players who started Baron instead of punishing the team that is letting the opposition take baron. This is unequivocally wrong and rewards being a coward instead of bravery. The change makes sense, the brave team shouldn't get annihilated by Baron and the coward team come into pick up the pieces because Baron has done most of the work.
: There's like 20???
And how many mid laners are there? Compare the numbers from each class and get back to as to which has the smallest champion pool.... thought it was obvious it was ADCs...
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=NocturnalSheild,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EABi9QBF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-31T11:45:07.644+0000) > > Oh man that scary 52% winrate exreal. you mean 52% win rate with **40% pick rate**? lol that sounds totally balanced indeed
There aren't that many ADCs...
Vanjie (NA)
: Leaving For a Year or Two. As a Vet The Game is No Longer Fun
: "Reason #3- Toxic premades. In the event that one of your non-autofilled games does go through, you will generally have the luxury of being grouped with a toxic premade that will play badly, and then gang up on you in an attempt to get a reportable reaction. " And that is how after 2 years I got a 10 game chat ban and all my honor taken away, and stopped playing. I now just read the boards to remind myself why i stopped playing.
: You're right that players can do this today through smurfing. We're considering that separately, but we probably won't do anything about it as part of these Ranked changes. We agree in terms of overall match quality vs. today swapping isn't actually a huge issue, but we know it's a big concern for players and we think we have some pretty reasonable ways to solve persistent abuse of it. One thing to consider is that since this doesn't require creating a new account and leveling it, it becomes a little more accessible than smurfing is today. Thanks for your feedback!
Why don't you just track who is swapping lanes in the early game AND if they have swapped cut both players LP gains in half or by 3/4?
: Can we go back to honoring EVERYONE again?
How about no?... Can we stop begging for this pointless feature every month?
: instead of Infinity Edge 2nd passive being automatically 20% true damage(the one that converts crit damage to 20% true damage)Crit chance could deal UP to 20% true damage(Based on the total health of the champion hit, just like {{item:3034}} passive) Crit-modifier lowered from 200% to 190%(so crits will on-average be doing less damage to squishies and will ALWAYS be doing relevant damage to tanks) oh look BAM ADCs basically fixed from deleting squishies with crit to now chunking tanks(as ADCs should)
Good idea but the idea of the ADC nerfs is not to make ADCs only do damage to tanks, they still need to do decent amount of damage to squishies. The objective is to significantly reduce the likelihood of an ADC's ability to 2 or 3 shot a squishy in the late game. Meaning it should take an ADC usually 3 or 4 shots to kill a squishy in the late game and true damage achieves this already, so although your suggestions are great they are also over the top.
: I agree that it can be annoying having people complain about a problem and not have a better answer. I generally do try to have a solid alternative; however, in this case I don't have some perfect answer if I'm being honest. That said, there is validity to raising issue with something even if you don't have a better alternative - if for example the change being proposed is in fact worse or potentially much worse than what you currently have. For adc's I don't think it's going to make much of a difference vs what it's like currently; however, it vastly hurts opponents facing a yasuo or trynd with the change to i.e. Their opponents are typically melee, and cannot escape these two very easily. So adding the change to last whisper and i.e., those two can very easily basically negate armor to the point it feels like the trynd or yas are hitting an adc in terms of resistances. Which is kinda a big deal if a maokai, or a 2 armor item renekton or darius were to feel like a squishy cait. There's literally nothing to stop a yas or trynd from buying a bit of lifesteal and then tower diving over and over again 1v1 with no threat to them. And farming away from tower vs either of those two after they get a few items? Forget it. Either you can nuke them in one combo, or you are going to die regardless of your build. As for fix for adc's... They need better damage early - watching them plink away at minions is kinda sad until they get static shiv and bf sword at which point their waveclear is probably better than a lot of mages. But at the same time, their scaling (via base stats and items) needs to be lowered. Diversification - differentiate them more between spellcasters, attack speed focused champs, on-hit, and ad heavy champs. Like maybe lower attack speed significantly for mf, but give her more spammable basic abilities w/o worrying about going oom from spamming them more to give an example. Like lucian can go essence reaver and crit to have better scaling, or he can feel good about going more into lethality for early game domination and snowballing, but pays a hefty price if he doesn't snowball. As far as being able to deal with tanks I'll say a few thoughts... 1. It's not the sole job of the adc - bruisers and some fighters are designed to deal with tanks and that's SUPPOSED to be their primary job 2. Adc's are more of the reliable dps/cleanup crew when they're in a good spot. Their damage should hurt for sure if you just keep eating their aa's, but they shouldn't be someone who shoots off 20% of your health bar with a long ranged auto before a fight starts. They soften up targets for their team, ensure their team lands the finishing damage to an out of position enemy that their syndra combo'd and bursted to very low hp. They can use their range to make up for their teammates getting cc'd and kited - which stops their teammate from finishing off a low hp enemy before escaping a fight due to cc. They keep burning away at enemy frontliners to protect their midlane mages or other backline teammates from enemy tanks and bruisers getting onto their teammates (and themselves) and taking them out of the fight. They skip past these tanks and bruisers when they can to reach the enemy backline carries and kill them off. 3. They secure towers, barons, and dragons via their reliable dps without having to worry about going oom or having spells still on cd for a fight that errupts during or after such an objective take. 4. They provide great waveclear for their team (most adc's) from relative saftey whether they are sieging or being sieged when melee's might not be able to unless their teammates are ready to commit to a fight - lest those melee's get cc'd and bursted by the focus of the entire enemy team and either die or leave their team vulnerable to a dive while they base to heal. 5. Perhaps more damage and diversification focus needs to be put into their abilities. Some for killing tank enemies and high resistance targets (like vayne can do), some for sniping out enemy squishies when they can catch an open shot with no minions or enemy tanks in the way (like cait - make her feel more like a sniper, and jhin). Until adc's are made diverse and which one you picks matters more than just - this one has longer range or more escapes - there will always be issues. An optimal build or two will exist and only change when the meta changes and requires a new type of job from adc's (poke, safety, stay alive; high dps, kill tanks, 1v5 carry, avoid getting in range of enemy cc; etc.). This can only be accomplished when adc's are less about purely autoing enemies and more about their spells too. Like seeing 4 enemy squishies and being able to go... oh, I'll lock in cait and be able to snipe them from long range and chunk them down or finish them off before they see it coming. Vs. They have a tank and 2 bruisers, if I pick cait, I don't deal damage to them because they are too tanky. So I'll play kog'maw, use my spells to cut down their armor for me and my teammates, and then go into machine gun mode and eat through their high hp. Obviously this isn't how the game plays out currently, but it's how it COULD feel. Other roles, you adjust what type of champ you play or how you build based on your opponents' team comp - why not make it like that for adc's too? Think how differently you play nova vs raynor in hots... that's kinda more what adc's in league being diverse should feel like. 6. Supposing we don't want to go that extreme - or need a temporary fix/change until that can be applied. Well if high hp, high resistance enemies is what you are supposed to be good at killing but without destroying squishies in the process... I hate to say it, but a massive re-adjustment so that maybe adc's auto's either deal a base %hp damage to opponents rather than flat damage or items focus more on %hp damage rather than flat/total damage. Like say a jinx will do 10% of your hp per auto - minus what resistances block. When she buys a bloodthirster, this is increased to 15% of your max hp per auto. Something like that. I know it's not perfect, nor completely thought/spelled out, but it's a starting point to work with that could make things easier to balance both now and in the future if this route were taken. If it's not clear exactly what i'm getting at, think about towers attacking minions. They'll always do a certain percent of a minion's hp per auto throughout the game which is what makes it easier to last hit under tower than if towers did flat damage to a minion per auto. Hope that makes sense.
ADC's need better damage early? What? No. I agree but the community doesn't. The consensus for years now is that ADC's turn on too early and quite frankly as an ADC I'm tired of hearing this so I'm glad Riot is shifting the "turn on" point from 2 items to 3 so that the community can finally stop complaining. If your referring to damage against minions only I wouldn't worry about ADCs terrible wave clear early, might give more incentive for supports to help and enable their ADC to farm/clear the wave by damaging the minions early but mid to late game, most ADCs are fine if not better at wave clear. %HP does not sound appealing at all in the grand scheme of things. Consistent damage output would be incredibly boring/predictable to play and watch. It shouldn't be easy to know how much damage you will output in a PvP, a tower hitting a minion is consistent and easy for the sake of farming. This is why I like crit, it makes skirmishes unpredictable.
: This could very easily leave overall damage from adc's in basically the same spot per-aa vs squishies, tanky bruisers, and tanks. It COULD be an improvement, or it could mean there's literally no counter to adc's, trynd, and yasuo. Trynd and yasuo with i.e. and conqueror get somewhere between 30-45% true damage? Yeah, sounds great lol. Adc now does 600dmg aa instead of 750, but a good chunk of that is now true damage. How much of a difference does that make to squishy opponents? Probably not much - about 1-2 aa's more that the can tank? It's not per-say that people don't appreciate them finally STARTING to address adc's, but rather that their actions against the class to bring it into line are like tickling with a feather compared to surgery with a chainsaw that they've done to others. The actions should be much more extreme in the case of the longest running most abusive champs on the rift... adc's. And granted it's not all their fault alone - it's a combination of factors. But compared to how heavily they address problems or perceived problems with other classes and roles and items, what they've done to address adc's is laughably pathetic.
So what exactly do you suggest for ADCs to damage tanks whilst not 2-3 shooting squishies? Crit failed and obliterates tanks and 2-3 shots squishies consistently and True damage would at least reduce that chances of 2 - 3 shoting squishies whilst still cutting through tanks but your not happy with that also...? So what's the next option? No offence but I find it annoying how so many people on the boards complain about a change without suggesting a fix that you think would be objectively better for the sake of solving the issue rather than just complaining to complain. At the end of the day we need a solution to solve the problem.
darkdill (NA)
: The issue is that we don't need more Champions getting added to the super-high-true-damage club.
Please tell me your joking? The community cries for years that crit is too OP so Riot convert it to true damage and your still complaining? Lol Riot can never win.
darkdill (NA)
: There is too much True Damage in the game now
Please tell me your joking? The community cries for years that crit is too OP so Riot convert it to true damage and your still complaining? Lol Riot can never win.
: Price increases
Shouldn't it be both price and stat increases?
: Iā€™m usually the last guy to defend mage players and their cries, but holy shit, why before ADCs? And for the reasons mentioned. Holy fk !!!!
If they nerfed adcs before mages mages would tear the rift apart with how OP they are.
: This change was actually the nail in the coffin for me. Unless they nerf every other class in not coming back to League. It gets more frustrating and less fun to play with every patch. They play favorites way too much.
I hope Riot is laughing at some these salty cry baby comments from AP users because I'm dying from laughter lol.
: If you an Ap user prepare to adjust to your new build
Why are ap users so envious of adcs?... don't get it.
: It's not pointless to us. it's ok if you don't get it, but it means a lot more when you get a notification that someone honored you. We want it because it matters and promotes good sportmanship
Saying gg wp is good enough sportsmanship but creating a whole system just to honour your opponents as opposed to your allies is pointless and crazy IMO. You don't play a competitive game hoping your opponents are more honourable as opposed to your own allies in your team... You hope your own team stays honourable by staying cool, good shotcalling or making great plays so YOU can win not your opponents.
: We ALL want this, those who dont just dont care either way. litterally no downside. I want this feature back it's very important to give respect to your opponents in all parts of life.
Just say gg at the end of the game to give respect. Don't need to honour opponents. Wondering when people are going to stop begging for something so pointless.
: as an ekko main, i agree 100% with this. ekko is so op and nobody knows it which makes him even better :D
I love Ekko but it's a shame how wildly unreliable he is, hence why he is never used in pro play.
: But my ammo... It must stay at absolute perfection.
: I feel you OP, I don't want to get banned for AFk but a score of 20-5, I don't want to fight a losing fight for 10minutes
I've won games where my team was 20 - 4 by 15 minutes. Never give up no matter what, this community is so quick to give up like comebacks are impossible...
EchoBlue (NA)
: Vayne can have a bike, but Xin cant have a horse???
This isn't Heroes Of The Storm... lol
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: Kai'sa has Abilities in her Kit and they do Damage it is so Broken
OP anything to do with ADCs is a automatic downvote or complaint from the community on the boards.
Barcid (NA)
: You're explaining the part that I already obviously get. The part you obviously don't already get is that if I had to choose between taking a mage that is in permanent danger of being stunlocked into oblivion any time she decides she wants to go for a full combo or picking an ADC that can far more easily nuke the entire enemy team from 1000 units away outside the range of the vast majority of the champions of the game, I'm going to have to always go with option number 2, no contest. Twitch before this ADC fiasco could be found and blown up just as easily as he could cause mayhem and murder everyone. He had some risk to his reward, making your assertion far more logical. However, your statement is just irrelevant now - hard CC means literally nothing now since it's far easier to just take the path of murdering the other team. That's the point that you are completely failing to grasp.
So you're basically saying in your OPINION that you would prefer to do damage from range as opposed to an up close wombo combo spell spell rotation like Annie's. That is fine and subjective but don't make it sound like ADC's are objectively better than Mid Laners in every single game, that is not true otherwise Faker (arguably the greatest player to play League) would not be a Mid Laner he would be an ADC surely? Also how would you explain Mid Lane being more popular than ADC? CC does not mean nothing!?.... I've seen games simply end because of a slow landing (not even hard CC) and that person gets caught and blown up and the game is over from the ACE that occurs after that slow landed. Hard CC is a big deal and can be difference between winning or losing games so i don't know how you can say it's "irrelevant"... that is absurd to me. Look at the CC of Yasuo, Orianna or even Zoe, all can easily lead to multiple deaths damn near instantly. You can't murder the other team if you have no way to catch them. Teams without CC lose easily no matter how much damage you can do if you can't actually lock down the target for said damage to land on you wont murder anything. Watch LCS every team comp has some form of CC. You need to stop creating this exaggerated narrative of ADCs being overpowered and vastly stronger than any other role, it's not going to work. ADCs have 50% win ratios just like any other role. Some people prefer to be up close some don't. It's personal preference and both Mid and ADC can nuke teams in their different ways and both have their weaknesses/trade offs and that's the point your completely failing to grasp...
Barcid (NA)
: Why would you need literally any of those if you can just kill everyone at an extended range?
Exactly, that's the trade off, raw sustained damage from range with no real utility or self protection.... Your the one who compared Annie s spell rotation to any ADCs 3 auto attacks... what you have to realise is that although Annie has to get close she has to tools to survive being close to her target as well as being able blow anyone up instantly if she does her spell rotation right. ADCs auto attacks just do damage and that's it and that's what their supposed to do, don't you understand or see what the trade off is in comparison to a midlaner like Annie? I don't think I have to explain it for the 10th time...I think I've made it pretty clear...
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