Trias000 (EUNE)
: Riot, do you even intend to fix the fps issues?
Well, there is a lot that can cause FPS issues, all outside Riots horizon. I hear that overlays like Blits are a nightmare. My FPS is always fine, on PC (GTX1060, i5) or my 8 year old laptop (on low specs). Can I help?
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: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
I found this:
: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
Being a 51 year old devoted enthusiast with only 1 main (maybe 2): League of Legends is a game of statistics. Much more than other Moba's. Less randomness, more control, always about stats. Normals, Ranked, E-Sports, it is all about statistics and balance. Make a system like Eternals is a briliant addition to the game. Like missions they will become a goal in them selves. I myself am a missions/rewards junkie, it makes me play more than ever (although those games are not as much fun as 'real' games). I am quite sure same will happen (for some of us) with Eternals. I am sure I wil lstart playing for stats and compare them with others. Masteries on steroids. So.... First of all I really think it would be very dissapointing if some other players will have the Eternals activated and others don't. I really think, since LoL is a stats based game that Eternals should be a generic available system, like Runes ans Items. Looking at the sort of unique Eternals per Champ I am pretty sure we will hit the milstone of fullfilling them all 3 is a matter of a few games (per season?). After that is just a way to count your successes, a bit like S's on a game. Showing thos stats together with your Mastery points while starting/loading a game is something players really look at. (I get a lot of comments on my 400.000 Sona Masterypoints ^^). All in all I think the actual 3 basic Eternals are well choosen, balancing afterwards may be necessary for some. I do like the idea of the visuals that come with the Eternals as extra's on your Masteries, both as a flashing Emote as a banner maybe in lane like the Clash achievements. Showing off (without flaming) is an important part of achievements like Eternals. Finally, I hope Eternals will not make me addicted to achieving visual rewards that will draw me away from the actual focus: winning games and maybe climbing Ranked. It happend to me with Missions.......
: A long track record of good behavior should not be rendered void by a single incident, and a generally honorable player should not fail to receive hard-earned rewards because of bad timing.
You have a point. But still, being that low at the end of the season... that's not 1 mistake I guess.....
: People like you don't deserve reward at all :)
Sorry to hear that. You should meet me In Game, I'm ok. I struggle every year to get to honor lvl 5. I suck at League but am a very loyal teamplayer. It helps the team to win. And as a Support I meet a lot of toxic ADC's in Bronze that just.... well you know..... So I'm hurt to see that they get redeemed after ruining my game. Sounds harsh I guess, but anything that helps the community approving their behaviour I support.
: "toxic kids" it tells everything about your age 10-12 :)
I'm 51, an IT manager, have two kids (who play) and plenty of other hobby's. So you are somewhat wrong. I don't play League much, but it's a great game. But playing before bedtime of those lvl 0 honor kiddos is hard. I'm happy Riot put in a system that rewards fair play. This ticket shows it works. I am happy to educate them, I never get tilted, but pity for those who want to did wrong? No.
: You dont even have any season rewards to redeem so theres no point in hating on people who have something to lose
Nothing to redeem as in lvl 5 every year? Correct. But I see my games spoiled by kids without honor(s). So no pity there, true..... No hate, but also no pity..... I'm 51 years old, nothing is free in this life. I know.
: A long track record of good behavior should not be rendered void by a single incident, and a generally honorable player should not fail to receive hard-earned rewards because of bad timing.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
Pity for Honor lvl 0 and 1? I don't get it. Being that low at the end of the season says enough, even if it was due to a recent ban. Someone who comes even close to the kind of player Riot wants to see and I want to play with is way above honor 0 or 1. Why bother rewarding those toxic kids? Is it to keep enough players in Ranked and Clash that spent money on skins and boxes? Seems to me more a commercial move than anything else.
OB1KeNobi (EUW)
: Regarding adding a note..... this feature is already available in the client. right click on the friend in your friendlist and you will see an "add note" option there.
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Elfezen (NA)
: Limited to exchange 1 VS Token for 10 Blue Essences each time? Seriously?
I was considering switching all my 210 tokesn to BE.... I guess I will play it via Champion shards now. Might even get a beter deal.... I already own all champs....
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: When Will Rune Pages Be On Sale Again?
This is what Riot said 5 days ago: We held off from having rune page sales for a while as we prepared for Runes Reforged. Now that you’ve all gotten used to how the new runes work—this was me in the beginning = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯—we’ll be bringing them back on a recurring basis. The next one we do will be with return of the Essence Emporium later this year.
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: Autofill
It's the only way to keep queue's somewhat healthy. I always play 'fill', even in blindpick. Gives me credits and I learn a lot.....
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