: > [{quoted}](name=Inkling Commando,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ncBAiYfv,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-01-07T18:47:41.476+0000) > > I did a poll a few days ago and reporting via support ticket is more effective. Indeed Ive only ever sent one report in because I was so insanely pissed off. I was in my promos for plat with 2 wins and 2 losses and this guy decided to get upset after first 5 min and run it down in a perfectly winnable game. I recorded it, sent it to support, and after a few days the account hasn't played a game since(more than 6 months have passed) so i assumed he got permad. And for an even more happy ending I eventually got into plat. On the other hand I was playing nexus blitz a month ago and some dude typed the nword in all chat not once but twice (no funny spelling either just the n word straight) I reported him for hate speech post game and then check the following week, he played the game everyday for the next week after so he never got the 14 day hate speech suspension.
That's a good idea. But considering how toxic behaviour happens quite frequently, it would be annoying to constantly record stuff, upload them, and be deleting them. Maybe ill start doing this.
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: > [{quoted}](name=War shrike 97,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tuwogXag,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-09-15T10:28:11.535+0000) > > its a good item sure, but not OP. Its supposed to counter what you are talking about. It's tough i know. > > Its not like bramble ever out damages you. If you can't outdeal 20 dmg in your autos as an adc, then you are just lying. > "horrible gameplay", you are obviously talking from experience so you got outplayed and now are crying about it on the boards. I'm talking about top lane. Anyways, it's clear your knowledge of balance and game design is minimal at best. I hope one day you see the light.
Even still, it's supposed to be a counter.. my lack of knowledge or you crying by getting outplayed? resorting to Ad Hominem because you cant provide any tangible evidence to back your point, or statistics? How mature of you.. Although it is to be expected by someone who loses in lane and cries about it on the boards.
Timesz (NA)
: [@Riot] Let's Help Fix Janna!
You made a good point about Shield having little counterplay to. But as a sona main i can definitely say there is. As a sona main, when i think about using W as well as timing it so my adc takes a hit first just to mitigate a bit of dmg from the use heal, i also have to time it when dmg is definitely going to be taken so that the shield is used since it has a 1.5 sec uptime. To make use of the shield i typically have to hit my w when the enemy casts a skillshot, which i have to time well. The issue with Janna's shield (and Lulu's) is that hers lasts 5 seconds, so you dont have to think about timing the shield right so that it absorbs some damage, and being the opponent, waiting out 5 seconds is a long time which they could poke you during that time. If the shield was only 3 seconds, then someone can outplay it by baiting it out, disengage for 3 seconds and go back in, while 5 seconds seems too long of a time which the enemy can just walk away. Also 5 second shield means you can just mindlessly give it to a team then they engage since it will still be up for a long time, but if it's only 3 seconds you dont want to use the shield too early or it might run out so you have to think about when you want to cast it.
: Rakan has Malphite's ult on a 12 second cooldown
if you have a dodge, flash or are not in the center of rakans engage, then you can just get out.
: To the enchanter supports. Buy redemption as a 4th item. It's ok to buy MC as a first item.
You havent shown your numbers and you posted this 8 hours ago. Even if you cant upload the picture here, you can still show the math in text. Also, you buy AC for its AS boost and DMG boost to adc, not mainly for its +10%shields. Have you considered that? It's quite irritating since you show no maths to back up anything, on top of that you have completely lost the plot by only looking at shields. If we only want shields then you might aswel just buy redemption. I think you need to study more on what makes certain items strong too, you seem to not understand why AC is so strong.
Yenn (NA)
: Please allow Vel'koz to double tap his Q
That basically makes it two skill shots then... pretty broken.
: match making???
Did you check their OP.GG? This sounds really weird.
: What other champions would be great in Invasion?
You just need damage. TONS of damage. Any champ that can deal huge amounts of damage is good. Bonus points for sustained damage and CC.
: Rank is unforgiving and brutal around any elo, but if you understand its a 50/50 that it can happen on your team or the enemy, then you will be alittle happier. the rank system itself should tax the afk harder than the group; But this system is up for abuse to duos or anyone who knows its a losing game and would rather take the L than cost the group more. its a team effort, you win and lose as a squad. you can win just as much back as you lose and thats where your climb begins. Trust me it sucks having Ints( true Ints, not the players having a bad game and you flame them), ragequits and people fucking around in rank when casual is just as good for that. keep your head high and aim for the stars. i may only be Bronze 2 but as a support main, i know its brutal climbing at all *even at the end of the season for all the booster getting people gold for $$$$*. Find you a duo that you like and grind grind grind man. {{summoner:21}} yo self from bullshit and{{summoner:1}} the toxic players out {{summoner:12}} away and {{summoner:14}} your fire for that goal at the end {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
The part about it happening on the enemy team too is something people don't want to admit. People like to take credit for wins even then the enemy cucks up like having an afk. But somehow, when someone afks in their team then they are just so unlucky, but not lucky when it happens to the enemy team. It's really nice to have someone with a positive mindset like you, especially someone in a very toxic elo which always blames "muh team".
: i didn't say that. I never mentioned anything about her release date other than she's been strong since release because SHE HAS A SINGLE FUCKING ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For example, as much as I hate Alistar. He can engage, he can peal, he can tank, he can even build ap and try to one shot. Janna CAN'T. Janna can only PROTECT AND BUFF A SINGLE ALLY. So, when a single ally is strong, she is strong as well. Which means SHE NEEDS A FULL SCALE REWORK and be given more VERSATILITY.
You got a point to be fair. although she still will have a 1/3 uptime of shield which is still strong since it lasts like 5 seconds right? It just means you cant spam shield every second. It means that she has to think about when to shield rather than mindlessly doing it. I dont think it will hurt the real janna mains as much as they know better about when its more important to shield. Since atm anyone can pick up janna and perma shield. Just because you dont have that anymore doesnt mean she will be weak. Now she can also help her adc more due to W increase range and speed. I think Janna will still be a strong pick. It's just going to weed out the players who don't know how to play her well but still do well by spamming shield even when it's not needed. True janna mains would still be able to make it work, while those who just perma shield wont be able to make it work.
: > [{quoted}](name=War shrike 97,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tuwogXag,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-15T10:14:40.041+0000) > > bramble only deals 20 magic damage to attackers. It really is pretty insignificant dmg. > yeah it has GW which reduces healing by 40% but so what? you still heal. > You sound like a salty kid that got outplayed by someone using bramble vest You realize that on attack speed reliant champions, 20 damage adds up super quick? And with only 900g you get armor, damage, AND GW? There's no getting "outplayed" by Bramble Vest. You either auto the champion or you don't. It's horrible gameplay.
its a good item sure, but not OP. Its supposed to counter what you are talking about. It's tough i know. Its not like bramble ever out damages you. If you can't outdeal 20 dmg in your autos as an adc, then you are just lying. "horrible gameplay", you are obviously talking from experience so you got outplayed and now are crying about it on the boards.
: End-game stats proposition: Gold given up
I think you have lost the plot here. Random statistics about specifics will only misslead people.
Salron (NA)
: Cho'gath is the issue He already does ridiculous true damage without stoneplate Other champions with true damage aren't problematic with stoneplate Changes should be made to cho, not the item
Cho is a weird champ. He is a huge ball of stats.
: Why Does Riot Purposefully Set You Up To Fail In Promos?
Think about it this way: The enemy team is just as bad. So just destroy them on your own. If you can't do that then you are just as bad as your team.
: Bad or riot???
Think about it this way: your team sucks as much as your enemy team. Just go 5/0/x in laning phase and you can destroy them? what? you dont get 5/0/x in laning phase every game? maybe you are bad then.
: Bramble Vest is one of the most unfun and uninteractive items ever to grace League of Legends.
bramble only deals 20 magic damage to attackers. It really is pretty insignificant dmg. yeah it has GW which reduces healing by 40% but so what? you still heal. You sound like a salty kid that got outplayed by someone using bramble vest
: Pre level 30 has 0 balanced fair games.
I think masteries should be fully unlocked at level 1. Runes will be reworked, so lets see how that goes. The most important thing is.... summoner spells. What good does it do to lock something like smite? or whatever it is, cant remember which ones require level.
: You gave literally no circumstances or explanation how they killed you. You say a assassin with zero survivability.... Do they have mobility? thats survivability. If you are building only damage then yea you are gonna be squishy.
He obviously got outplayed since he died and is crying out it on the boards...
Yenn (NA)
: Being dived from 100% health by Ezreal and Talon at level 7 is really fun
its a 2v1. Tower counts as +1 so it's like a 2v2. Are you so absurd to think that you are not allowed to be towerdived by two people when you are alone? On top of that you are a caster for goddarn sakes! You are not a tank, why do you think you have deserve privileges of not being assassinated by a high burst assassin and a strong jungler. In fact, since you are an immobile caster, i dont see why talon alone cant burst you down IF he outplays you under turret. There are ways to outplay it though, but i would imagine you can't imagine that.
: Losing LP/ Demotion because a teammate afk's
The thing is, whatever it is that they replace it with will be abused. Your friend in promos and you are losing? just go afk and let him not have the game as a "loss". Its ok though, the law of averages will mean that your enemy jgl will also afk. That's the thing, people can only admit a loss to be the fault of a team mates wrongdoing which may be right but your wins are also sometimes just the wrong doing of the enemy like enemy afk. Maybe you dont even deserve the rank you are in because you won so many games because of shit enemy teams. Nobody is willing to admit their wins to be lucky, only their losses to be unlucky.
: i think you mean "strong since release". Janna's only job is to protect and buff up a single other champion in your team (preferably a ranged one, and preferably that has ad scalings). As long as adcs are doing fine, janna is doing fine. And the stronger as single class is, the stronger janna becomes. As she can focus on protecting that very single class and that class will carry. So, the answer on to why is Janna strong. That's because ADC got over buffed, with an insane amount of choices and very strong itemization, to the point that if you can keep your adc alive in an equal fight and the enemy can't.. you win the team fight.
people who were released early are stronger and require nerfs. It's the same for most champs which were released at initial. Thats because they arent as complex as new champs yet deal so much. At a time, jax E dodged everything. He got nerfed so much. Riven, back in the day had huge stats. nerfed down. Vayne, nerfed down. Just look at yasuo's windwall, its so broken since it blocks so many ults. That's the thing with champs that were released early. They also have some skills that are broken now. The reason jax's e was allowed back then was because that there were less skill shots, and same with yasuo's windwall. Now, lots of new champs have lots of dashes, like camille yet janna has a strong tornado that can disable all those dashes so easily and her ult is still overpowered because now champs engage much more technically and successful engages are hard and a rewarded but janna just presses R. That was fine early on when champs were more simple and there were less skill shots firing around and engages were easier.
: Janna: The only champion allowed to have a 56% winrate and get compensation buffs
its not specifically a nerf/buff thing. Its more classed as "changes" i think.
Laureall (NA)
: Yasuo's wind wall blocking Ornn's ult!!!!!
That's because when yasuo was first released, champions were a lot more simple and there were less skillshots, now it has aged so that champions are more skill reliant with more skill shots.
Winterwings (EUNE)
: The Coin pickup radius is confusing as heck at times... It would be nice if it got a radius indicator circle for pickup range visible only to the user of Coin. I wouldn't mind it having a lower pickup radius then if i reliably knew EXACTLY how close i have to get to it to pick it up, instead of moving close to it expecting it to be picked up, then start moving backwards only to realize it wasn't picked up at all . . .
i think they should just removes the pickup radius and make it so that you have to actually touch it to pick it up like a bard heal thing. Its just too uninteractive and safe to be getting so much gold.
Drugoth (NA)
: I love how the Ardent Censer went for a looooong time without anyone complaining, and suddenly because ADCs are too strong it's the supports fault xD
exactly this. The items shows how strong ADC are because they get busted from just +25% as
Salson (EUNE)
: Well not DFG treatment, just rework it. I'd like something more selfish: -Healing alies gives you Ardent Stacks. -On 100 Ardent Stacks you get an active. -Active can heal you for 100-400 hp or damage an enemy for 75-300 hp (magic damage).
so a bit similar to athenes. honestly though supports have enough active.
Winterwings (EUNE)
: Why? Enchaters already have the issue of feeling like "Playing the Items, and not the Champion" ... I'd honestly settle for a passive with a bit more "Skill-expression" (Rito's FOTM word of recent)
totally agree. sometimes i get redemption, locket, and mikaels... like there are more than enough support actives and there is definitely no shortage of them. i would just remove the bleed damage from the ardent passive. Especially since it doesnt fit with the idea of healing... the idea of healing your team mates increasing their AS makes sense since it gives them some vigour and rejuvenate them but healing your team mates causing them to deal bleed damage doesnt make sense honestly.
: Well, it does enable mid lane Sona so I'm not complaining. I can see where your concern lies though. There are even solid Ekko builds around frost queens currently. In reference to the old coin, they shouldn't be rewarding an overly passive playstyle. I feel that the coin pickup radius is just massive and it's hard to deny them from your enemy. Given that it's difficult to proc frost queens to max gold efficency, coin should feel the same way.
Sona's biggest issue in mid is waveclear. The new FQC will help sona definitely, especially a build like AWildApSona's build. i like to run sona mid on norms but in high elo it's still not viable. totally agree about coin, it gives more gold than you can possibly get with STE. A big concern about buffing STE gold income is it's potential abuse by midlaners. I think they should just remove the ap on STE and make the ap on Frostfang just 5, so then they can increase the gold income without making it very good for midlaners who need ap.
: how to fix marksmen
The thing about ardent is that the only reason it is so strong is that ADCs are strong. You need to remove the root of the problem or it will just keep propping up. ADC have been OP for a very long time now and the fact that full item gives them a mere +25% as causes it to be op just shows how over powered ADC are. The coin issue is somewhat related because it allows supports to get ardent much quicker due to the absurd gold it gives, and Riot is responding by buffing Frost Queen's Claim by giving it 20%cdr. Which will do nothing because supports have enough cdr and its a matter of coin giving more gold for less risk.
: @Riot I'm not usually one to say such things but I feel Ardent needs to be removed
You really need to look at the bigger picture and ask why that full item that only gives +25as is so op. This guy from this thread explains it well: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/dImKMRFi-as-an-adc-main > [{quoted}](name=That Damage Haha,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dImKMRFi,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-08T14:37:27.962+0000) > > What do you mean? Riot loves them and has chosen them as the golden child anime hero protagonists (along with their high skill egirl enchanter supports) for this season. ANY other class or line of champions performing at the statistical absurdity that marksmen are right now would have been nerfed ASAP. > > If lee sin or yasuo ever go above 51% winrate and people complain "why are these high skill cap champions reaching high winrates?" and then riot nerfs them immediately > > or if assasins/burst mages are killing people (marksmen) too quickly theres instant nerfs. > > meanwhile the double standard of mongoloid champions such as twitch standing at unprecedented winrates ALONG WITH playrates over 15%+ and able to instagib squishies faster than alot of the assasins or burst mages which were nerfed for that very reason while doing it all at 700 range POINT AND CLICK with minimal mechanical skill if any at all. > > may sound like whining at first but then you really get hit with the scary idea: whether its whining or not, its just straight up true D: The real issue is that ADC right now are so stupidly over powered that an item that only gives them +25% as is overpowered. Ardent being OP is just a secondary effect of ADCs being op. Just like if ap mid laners are OP, then as a secondary effect Abyssal Mask on tanks would be OP because it buffs their dmg just like how ardent buffs ADCs. Edit: i do think that the bleed damage enchantment from ardent is unnecessary and could be removed as a nerf.
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: Memes & Games declares war on General Discussion
: Didn't Rito state that creepblock is too huge of a ball of spaghetti that they actually don't have the ability to fix it?
i think it would be cool if you could just barge through your own minions but not the enemy minions
: Yes, let's make Sona even more overpowered! That won't backfire at all!
Not really. There are many areas which Sona absolutely sucks in and some that she just is op at. Her late game ability as far as my knowledge goes is the best amongst supports, mainly due to the fact she has 66% cdr (due to her ult passive and items) that she can just stupidly spam all spells and her ult with really low cd, which could be nerfed. The thing is, there are potential huge nerfs for the good as well as potential buffs, so in the end she becomes balanced, not op.
: The only thing Sona needs is a defined skillcap
I completely agree with the point 3. Now it seems like all sona is good for is getting to the point where she can just spam all her abilities at such high cdr that there is less thought needed in deciding when and which spells to use. If she had less cdr and a higher base stat for her abilities, she would be much better off and more viable, especially for the early game which she is horrible at. It would also take away the notion that the only thing needed for her is to spam spells but just like you said, going further by increasing the capabilities of power chord would completely change sona in a positive direction. It would lead to a sona which isnt just waiting out the game to become op and spam everything all at once but requires skill to carefully decide when to use skills as you cant just spam it and also decide on a powerchord which could dramatically change the outcome of a fight.
: zero complexity, he's even simpler than garen. you run at people, slow them, and then auto until you bite. he's kept undertuned because if he's good enough to be meta he just slaps everyone with no counterplay also he's boring so nobody plays him, so riot doesn't have him on high priority as far as we know
i guess that's why he's weak. since he is easy to play, like garen.
Im Axiom (NA)
: It's 95% MS, and 47.5% AS slow at max rank and duration. However unlike AS % increases from runes and items, this reflects the total current attack speed of the champion being withered. For example someone with an attack speed of 2.0 will have an attack speed of 1.06. Also this effect stacks multiplicative with other effects such as Frozen heart, and cold steel. Under the effects of whither and frozen heart (a very common item on nasus) the champion would have 0.9 AS. Under all 3 effects, 0.77. The point of this is to say the slow is incredibly substantial to any basic attack based champion. Having your attack speed reduced by roughly 50% before having a chance at even going through his armor is too much power for one ability.
but that's part of Nasus' bread and butter. You make him out to be op when his early winrate is like 30% and late only goes to 50%. I dont think his w is op because he has no mobility. a renekton is much more scarier because he can have mutliple dashes, an olaf is much scaried since he gains ms and immune to cc. A malphite is much scarier since he can just ult you and is immune to cc during ult and knocks you up. Honestly Nasus just has a slow but you can cc him easily and isn't the biggest concern for any adc. True his W has some power, but aren't champions supposed to have spells? isnt the whole point of having spells is to have some effect in overcoming your opponent? its a good skill. skills are supposed to have effects, and that's not bad. You cant consider it a badly designed spell because even though his w is point click, it has huge weaknesses too.
Ravore (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=le un le seul,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7tzaWieZ,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2017-07-06T20:22:57.423+0000) > > I've had soooo many people flame me because how stupidly broken his W is, in 1v1 scenarios. Point and click "snare" that lasts 5 seconds, doesn't decay but becomes worse over the duration. > It's not even good, just brainless (compare to yi vs bronzes, but against silvers and golds for nasus). > > @OP 100% agree. I wouldn't mind nerfs to his W as long as the powet loss shifted to Q, his bread and butter ability that should make him late game but sadly doesn't, apart from one shotting turrets. > If Pantheon can have 60% w/r early game, Nasus can certainly have 60% late game (ps : Panth goes from 60% early to 51% late, while Nasus goes from 30% early to 50% late - isn't that frustrating?) Thing is i don't think Nasus's W is gating him. He's a pretty okay champion but he definitely has a few faults because Qss can really ruin his slow and he can be kited out hard and frozen mallet is also a way to destroy nasus among other things such as champions kit's having more natural mobility. I'm not sure if just taking away his gap closer is going to do better for him.
i kind of agree with you. I dont think his late game isn't as strong as it should be because his q isn't powerful enough, but because of his mobility. Imo, nasus' r should make him faster too. I think his w cd is a bit too high for his own good, its not even needed to be that high. But he himself is so slow and his e imo is weak.
: Support main you aint special! in fact you are just nothing!
As a support main i'll admit it's the least important role in a 4v4 game, but still important nonetheless. yeah an adc has more purpose than a support, but you can still carry as support, it's not as if there is no effect of a support. But that's not what's important, since all games have 5 per team, the question really is what difference does having a good instead of bad support have in comparison to a good/bad adc. And the answer is not that much, as you can see evidence from any website which shows champ winrates. Average winrates of strong supp champs are about as high as strong adc champs and weak supp champs have about as low winrate as a weak adc. highest/lowest adc champ winrates: twitch: 53.4% ezreal: 44.9% highest/lowest supp champ winrates: sion: 54.4% lux: 44.6% As you can see, supports have a greater range of average winrates based on champs, so it goes to show that a good support probably has more effect on a game than a good adc. It kind of makes sense because the support controls the late game early on and later in the game, the support is designed to control teamfight and also help every other play, unlike an adc who only deals damage. The point is, if you take away a support, there wont be as big of a negative as taking another role off the game. But in the pretence that there are 5 champions, support has a large effect on the game. My only guess would be that you have a very low iq so didn't think about what i said. It's not just about what effect removing a role has, the the ability for that role to effect the game when there is a 5man team. The evidence only goes to show that with full games of 5v5 a good support has a larger effect on who wins than a good adc. There are many flaws in your logic, but a big one is when you compare a 4v4 game with a 5v5 game. When you remove a champion from a game then the dynamic is completely different. As mentioned earlier and im just reiterating so you understand, when you remove a champ from the game to see its effect, you are not measuring it's effect in a 5v5 game.
: Give "Bonus healing and shielding power" a name already.
"Im stacking the power of healing and shielding."
: "Zhonya's was nerfed because it gave too much in terms of both offensive and defensive power"
Hey man totlly get you but does this mean adc is better than apc? Something is happwning now?
: @Riot For how long are you going to keep ignoring Sona?
No man auras are awesome. But it would be cool to have greater control over them. Like having a aoe debuff on enemies or make powerchords happen every time to make it more interesting (but ofc nerf it a bit so thats ot isnt op). I just think the low base hp is unacceptable. Shes a high risk low reward champ and that needs to be fixed. Either increase the reward or lower the risk. But i definitely think the e especially needs some kind of rework. I kinda like the concept of w and e but the numbers are too low for e especialy, 10%ms is ridiculous and increases 1%ms per level. But yeah i think if she could proc her powerchord everytime then it would be viable. Since the you get small movement speed but also slow down the enemy, gives her some cc which is her biggest problem. To compensate just increase her cd so she isnt a mindless spam bot but has play according to cd. Her q increases her auto by 20 lvl 1, thats 70dmg for her empowered aa at lvl 1 q which is useless but the powerchord is the only thing that makes q do dmg and w is a bit weak but the mechanic of lowering enemy dmg makes it more interesting. What do you think. Reply to me, im waiting. Do it.
: Why would i ever play Sona instead of Janna?
I think auras are cool, got a problem with that? Spamming auras all day even if nothing happens is one of the finer things in life. Its ok though while you have flash up and wards. Just wait to scale up and go full ap. Youre like that crazy scientist that goes full retard releasing all the spells you have continuously and thats not even a bad thing you know. You just find yourself in the state of mind and everything around you warps into mess but thats cool even if you die because then you just come back alive and do it again. Its just the way life is i suppose, you cant ignore it forever. Follow your heart man, you got this. Dont let the memes be dreams, sona is the way forward.
: Master Yi has 51% win rate and 11% pick rate in plat+
: Voice chat will Help so much to solve the LCS/SOLOQ problem
: if a support gets caught warding who's fault is that?
If you cant survive going to a bush then you shouldnt, simple as. Adc should finish current wave if pushing to help you. Thats like asking, if they have 1 down so we can 4v5 them then ive i 1v4 them is it my teams fault? Going 1v4 is your fault, and your team not fighting them is their fault, they are two different things and two different faults. You either go together for ward or you dont if you are a squishy support that can get 1 shot by their jgler. If you are tanky enough or have the disengage capability then you can ward alone. But if you are squishy and your and your adc doesnt help you after pushing the current wave then thats his fault, if you then given that situation decide to go facecheck a bush then thats your fault and can be deemed as int tbh because you know that your are potentially giving a free kill.

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