: Why I think Sett is going to meta as an AD rather than a Juggernaut.
I mean it's a new champ, what's the chance riot will actually make something tanky nowadays.
: LoL, did they change the Elder Drake Mission?
I was looking at that elder drake mission like "whelp, guess no free chest for me."
: "the fact that he's had low presence in pro play last year"
Correct me if i'm wrong but wasn't the time where every mid-lane was Corki Vs. Azir still last year? Because multiple months of pick/ban isn't really "low presence" in my eyes.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Humanoid animals are easier to market and sell skins for. Why do you think Sett just looks a like a buff dude with cat ears? Lore wise, Yordles have far more potential. Yet Riot don't seem to want to give them any. In a world of magic, where the dead come to life, beings of unspeakable evil roam the lands and base arse humans can be turned into gods, Yordles being short and furry with glamour hiding it isn't all that odd. They could do so much more with them, make they truely special but have yet to. For example, Sylas since released last year has had 3 stories, appearance in a comic that wasn't about him yet the final pages were reserved for him and has retconned/influenced 3 major characters in Demacia. Corki is somewhere, we think, might be flying a plane, we don't know. He's listed as Bandle City, story is outdated and says Piltover. Since Riot have now retconned Vastayan's from being 'born of magic' to being a bunch of people who used magic for something and what we have now are just descendents of them, it feels like the Demons and Yordles are the only true magic beings left (Angels don't exist and Darkin are Ascended who were men). No doubt they'll somehow make Yordles just human too.
Wait Sett is from vastaya? Legit never even remotely noticed while looking at his splash or animations.
: I'm afraid to play ranked because I dont wan't harder competition
Normals have MMR as well, same as ranked. They're not the same values, but they are the same system. The biggest differences are that it's clearer to see in ranked, because the ranks and divisions make it way easier to compare and visualize things, and that the matchmaking is a lot stricter in ranked. (so there won't be as big a difference in MMR between players, whereas in normals the difference can be bigger) I don't think you'll get harder competition by playing ranked, unless you win enough to increase your MMR, but that is something that can happen in normals too.
Thornleif (EUW)
: Okay, seriously now... Those player bots in Coop vs AI games are starting to get annoying.
coop has no MMR afaik, this means that even an experienced player can be saddled with bots (unlike modes like ARAM and TT). Since TT got removed more bots migrated to coop, but because there's no MMR there you will feel this change FAR more than you ever did on TT. They're still quite winnable. but you'll have to pick the right champs. (also TP is OP if i remember correctly) Been ages since i last played coop but i remember there always were a fair share of bots so picking a champ that can solo-win just in case was always a good idea.
: thanks i guess op.gg
what the fuck is that yellow item.
Ryzen X (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mimr,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=drphIze1,comment-id=000d,timestamp=2019-12-23T09:01:16.832+0000) > > Would only lead to "blame and flame the autofilled guy for our own failures". So no, not a good idea. No, when you know the guy is autofilled you know that its not his main role thus you know hes not gonna do as well so you know its not his fault. As opposed to going in game and having the guy feed and not say anything and then blaming him because hes bad without knowing any background information about him.
You have too much faith in this community. Autofilled people will almost certainly get shat on in chat.
: You act like you were forced to do the missions instead of just playing to have fun. I did all the missions and still had plenty of time to enjoy the fuck out of it. You went in with the wrong mindset from the start for some reason seeing it as a competitive game mode, when it was the complete opposite. I assume you just really wanted those god tier goodie bags like a lot of other people, and I agree I did as well, which is why I went to reddit to find people above gold just to play with me so I didn't have people walking into instant death for no reason.
I WAS forced to do the missions. That's the entire point i'm making. Either you play the mission, or your team surrenders before you can actually start. Just having fun with augments wasn't an option because you could never start a game with them on.
: High Resolution Chinese art
So why is highland tryndamere's in client splash censored?
Ryzen X (NA)
: There should be an icon that indicates to us if a person has been autofilled during champ select
Then you would just get more last second dodges. Would take forever to start a game.
: Odyssey was definitely my favourite. Not only was it difficult and tested even the best, it had so much to it. The augments were 100% what made the game mode amazing with all the different ways you could play. It brought me back to the good ol season 4 days before they added the dumb shit like runes reforged and started removing stuff for the sake of money. The missions that came along with it were also nice, although fuck the fact that some loser could ruin your 2 augments run because he was on a 3 or 4 augments mission. Dark star thresh, Ascension/Dominion, and Nexus blitz were my next three I think.
Missions ruined the odyssey experience. The main selling point of odyssey was the amazing augment system, which you could not use because of missions. Most missions (and especially the most challenging missions) were all just "clear with X augments" And to make matters worse you could not do them at the same time. I cleared a run where everybody had 2 augments for the "clear with 4 augments" mission, and then i had to do the 3 augments mission. And then once i did that I had to do the 2 augments one. Which i really already completed but didn't count because of the mission order. Doing those missions was just a grind of getting people doing the same mission, and surrendering if not. At the end of the day you would spend more time getting in game than playing a game because of it. Even if you were finally done with those stupid missions yourself, you can't play the highest difficulty with augments because other random people will just instantly surrender when you don't select 2 augments max. At the end of the day, if you wanted to play with augments you had to play the 2nd highest difficulty, which really wasn't all that difficult. I personally did not really like Odyssey. I feel like i really could have liked it, but at the end the whole mode felt like nothing but a grind.
Cräfty (EUW)
Same thing has been happening since last evening. And it's not limited to TFT, it happens in all modes (including custom games) It's just EUW being on fire as per the usual.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: We deliberately make skill shot indicators slightly shorter range and thinner than the actual missiles. This is to account for the fact that many players don't fully consider things like travel time and champion hitbox size when throwing their spells. They'll fire at things "just on the edge" that they expect to hit. If skill shot line indicators were perfectly accurate it would result in a lot of missed spells that were fired with an expectation to hit. ——————————————— Edit: here’s an example for better clarity. I ran into a problem with Jinx W. When the indicator was exactly accurate people were more likely to tell me it “missed more than expected.” This is because, while the missile is very fast, it still has travel time so shooting at someone who is max range away will almost never hit them. A shorter indicator was more representative of the “effective max range.” People are rarely going to be upset if their skill shot hits something that they thought was slightly out of range. In that case, expectations are broken in a positive way, “Oh nice I didn’t expect that root to hit!” They WILL be upset if their spell misses something they expected to hit, “WTF they were in range but the spell didn’t reach them. This indicator lies!” This is further confounded by the fact that most players’ default assumption is that skillshots “cheat” the indicator a bit. An indicator that is perfectly accurate can often feel as though it’s lying about the true range of the spell, because of EXPECTATIONS.
So just make it a toggle in the options with the default set to the current settings? Still user friendly for new players, but people that want to know the actual hitbox can see it.
: Pretty sure their intent is to kill the champion to give more space for Sett, how they did with Yuumi because she was ..decent!? If even that.. poker and healer, and now is just a ward that press E once every 30s.
Nah yuumi sticks to champions so she doesn't provide any vision that you didn't already have.
Kuponya (NA)
: Some supports are better in high elo, some in low
Just do generic support stuff and hope it works out, 'cause hell if i know what that champ does xD
juli144 (EUW)
: Yuumi "rework" buff or nearf? (yuumi mains pls ;D)
She went from shit to a different kind of shit.
Kavvu (EUW)
: Why do prestige points expire? This is complete BS.
: Support right now is still fine. Support players just don't want to accept that their role is a UTILITY ROLE and isn't meant to be carrying. The role of a Support is to assist the team with utility such as Vision, healing, shielding, crowd control and offensive/defensive steroids.
Which would be a cool reason if they actually kept healing on targon, and mana regen and CD reduc on spellthief's. Because then the support can actually do what a support should be doing. Instead of getting extra AP/AD.
hiyares (NA)
: just got out of a game where support lux went full ap becasue fuck actual supports right? so no leave the support items as is and punish mages harsher for trying to be played as a kill lane
> [{quoted}](name=hiyares,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MM9X9yfv,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-24T06:04:19.418+0000) > > just got out of a game where support lux went full ap becasue fuck actual supports right? so no leave the support items as is and punish mages harsher for trying to be played as a kill lane New support items mean that the only way to get gold after T3 is by killing people. Meaning mages and other kill lane supports actually retain some form of gold income, whereas actual supports lose it. These new items only make the kill lane supports better.
: How I look Locking in a Support during the Champion Selection Screen this Season
Just play assassins as support. Tank supports are nonexistent now so bot is all just squishies. And your support item upgrades itself so you can get started on lethality earlier. And once you have some you have a steady supply of cash from just 1-shotting the enemy bot lane. I recommend support wukong.
Naalith (NA)
: Is Riot really giving out an old, unused, and uninteresting icon for 100 games of Twisted Treeline?
Well guess that'll be another icon on the big pile of icons i'll never use.
Manikal (NA)
: Katarina in ARAM
Depends on team comp. If she's got no other decent frontliner on her team she gets blown up the moment she goes in and can't do anything the entire game.
Rioter Comments
: Might be an unpopular opinion about Senna. Also some pyke complaining.
I just want them to change senna's passive from 2 stacks a ghost to 1 on ARAM, she's waaay too overbearing on that map.
: I didn't expect URF to be this bad...
Shaco isn't even all that good. Pick a champ with something ranged and get a sweeper and he's just handing you free gold all game long. His damage is lackluster when all he has is his E. Also people picking those champs every game has always been the case, and is also the exact reason why the all random part got introduced in the first place. If you expected anything else you had your nostalgia glasses too far up your nose.
: I get that, what's stopping them from including it as an option in custom games so people who enjoy it can play it whenever they want? That's how ARAM started. Why even make a new game mode if Riot isn't going to bring it back into the rotation?
Because ARAM back in the day didn't need anything extra to play it other than people agreeing to play it. If they wanna include rotating game modes in custom games, they'll be bugged to all hell. So massively bugged that it will affect non-custom games too, or even crash the entire server. There was an ask riot about this some time ago.
: ***
Ah yes, tristana's amazing skillshots.
: What Legendary Skin did you get
God Fist Lee Sin. I kinda don't like the skin as it just looks like lee sin but dipped in liquid butter.
Corvega (NA)
: I liked it too but I'd rather not have it since it would probably become a balance problem like many of the newer releases.
: How do new players stand this game? Almost every mode is filled with botters
Truly new players (no experience with similar games) won't even be all that much better than bots. I've seen new players (as in personally people that i knew) that straight up never used abilities, or that ran into turrets multiple times in a row. And if you're not truly new you'll be out of bot land in a few games.
: He is not unique anymore and bis damage is so strange to apply now that you have to recast your W everytime. They removed catalyst from GLP and he lost that because he is mana hungry, they reworked him and made him so clunky, he feels like a complete mess. His gameplay was unique because with his toggle you really felt he was the center of the universe, and you had to reposition during the whole toggle to hit enemies. I would keep the changes on his Q and give him back the passive MS from running in a straight line, I like it that he can rely on MS as a meaningful stat, and revert his W please, I know it was hard to lane against him but then again you can jump on him and he doesn't have much he can do besides a mini Q stun.
I found old asol to be pretty fair to play against. Most mid laners can either outrange him, or get in his face. And if he killed you that usually just meant he outperformed you.
: G2 vs C9's game (rant)
Blabber did really well imo. He got a bit lost mid-late but his early game was really good and he shut down jankos very well. Can't say sven would've done better when we haven't really seen him play against current G2. On the other hand Nisqy was just all around bad this game, low cs, kept getting hit by bubble and then not jumping away for the follow-up Q, hardly did anything when caps was roaming. The guy had less gold than MikyX, that pretty much says all that's needed to be said. The cass pick was imo bad too. Can't get lane priority in general, you put it on someone that isn't really that familiar with the champion, into someone that plays mages a ton. The only plus point to it was miasma against rakan, but he just got outplayed on the only plus point he had.
: Honor 5 Tokens Shop
Next year, almost surely. I already have everything you can get with honour tokens, so if i get more next year i can't spend 'em. To still have incentive they'll add something to the shop, in the same fashion they added the chromas this year. As to what I don't know. It might end up being more chromas for the same 2 skins lmao.
: If Senna is a Champion it Will BE A CRIME if They Don't Add This to Thresh.
Watch her have stupid good synergy with thresh like lucian does for even more pure irony.
Tayzzer (NA)
: Frosk said Honk Kong
Afaik frosk has been saying hong kong since before and after people went crazy about the issue.
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: Hong Kong Attitude
Hong Kong Attitude is owned by a pro-chinese dude so no they'd never do that either way. The worst thing i expect rito to do is pre-record all interviews with HKA players. And they were already doing that to begin with afaik so yeah, there's that.
ßøss (NA)
: What happened to taking feedback and making meaningful progress on client performance?
I guess they meant the extremely ugly flashbomb they added instead of the log-in screen. Which takes so long to log-in that logging in manually was faster. And doesn't play music. And seems to forget my log-in credentials all the time even though i always select "remember me"
: Even if malph doesnt build tanky, he still has tanky base stats
Because malph is melee. If he fucks up once and misses his team is 4v5. (and yes that does happen, because people can flash his ult, or hourglass it, amongst others. And something like that can instalose your game late) Even with tanky base stats, if he's stunned in the middle of the enemy team he'll die in a second anyway. Also: he's useless while his ult is down
: Is she fun to playing against when she is viable? This is the question that we have to answer and as for karma, seeing her top lane is cancer. I honestly fell that mid/supp suit her but not top. Also old karma was as bad as this one but at least she wasn't pro abuse.
Which would be cool if they actually nerfed top lane karma. Now they only nerf a bit of her ap scaling. However when she rushes iceborn, into either utility/ap or spirit visage she doesn't have much AP, meaning AP scaling nerfs hurt her mid and support more than her top lane. Plus she isn't really any more pleasant to play against in lane because by the time she has some actual AP lane phase is over.
: Old Akali was more or less a pure stat check champion; either she had enough stats for her fully point-and-click damage to burst someone or she didn't. It's much easier to keep a champion like that down since there's only so much you can nerf, where new Akali has much more stuff going on for her so taking one of those down is pretty much a hit or miss.
: gut pyke so i can play him again
They just need to buff blitz even more and everybody will start banning blitz instead. How2balance banrates101: rito gems edition.
: hi i flame a lot and it's not to make them better it's to let them know i dislike having them on my team
I'm sure the feeling is mutual.
: > [{quoted}](name=Gall,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IHbN6oUa,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-09-27T13:31:19.977+0000) > > Real reason is because high elo players who know about 2/3 of all the people they play with (D1+) would abuse the system by reporting or blocking certain players, So instead of handling this unique class of abuse that is only relevant to the top few percent of the playerbase, we're all stuck dealing with trolls because god fucking forbid that solutions are tailored to the problems. Typical fucking riot.
It's a problem at every elo tbh, but just of a different kind. People would have a real incentive to report people that did not perform up to their standard, regardless of toxicity of said person. Since the ban system itself learns from report behaviour, we would probably end up with even less accurate bans.
: tanks have it too...actually, it's on a rather large number of their items
With CDR: {{item:3001}} {{item:3194}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} No CDR: {{item:3742}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3143}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3512}} {{item:1401}} Quick look through the items. May or may not have forgotten some. But yeah it's on a fair amount of their items. That said, if you want some HP with your armor you're in a rough spot. And if you don't have mana there's only 4 items that offer CDR, and it's all only 10%
Manxxom (NA)
: Open adc: *Exists* Enemy support with grab:
: I knew the new logo reminded me of something
Fuck it really does look like it xD
Ryelic (NA)
: Aatrox feels legitimately awful to play in lane now.
tfw a melee minion is tankier than a champion. Feels so fucking bad.
: Light and Shadow | Star Guardian Animated Trailer - League of Legends
This animation perfectly shows how it feels to be a support main with a greedy adc.
: All I know is that it is composed by Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Gemie
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