: Nightblue3 just started streaming League and is unpunished and unapologetic for his behavior.
Now we see the real face of RIOT and how corrupted this company is, "fighting" against toxicity. We saw how they "fight" by promoting via their beloved streamers.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8h9EE9eK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-17T00:43:39.342+0000) > > Um... the other player was streaming too.... It's not like this was a Norms match on a smurf account where he stomped on some average Joe. This was a fellow Master rank player clearly griefing. Yeah so when is the griefing player gonna get a ban? NB3 AFK's in game and flames. > > And the fact you can now submit a report ticket via Riot Support helps immensely with the speed of punishments. Nevermind the fact it was a repeat offense over several dozen games. You could already do that, he spoke to a Rioter via Discord > > You wanna report him for flaming, go right ahead. But Nightblue is not in the wrong for reporting someone else who was breaking the rules. NB3 is in the wrong for abusing relations with Riot
> [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8h9EE9eK,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-17T01:52:32.974+0000) > > Yeah so when is the griefing player gonna get a ban? NB3 AFK's in game and flames. > > You could already do that, he spoke to a Rioter via Discord > > NB3 is in the wrong for abusing relations with Riot Why is a streamer allowed to have connections? Is this normal to have a RIOTER friend??? Since when? Both should be punished the rioter and Nightblue. This company is such a joke holy fk. If you re a John Doe they will ban u instant but if u re someone they ll protect you. It shows how low RIOT went how corrupted is. This company is a joke at this point. As the title says it took a couple of hours to ban someone and people are yelling on Boards and yet nothing happened. This is the real face of RIOT reflected by these so called streamers like Nightblue. This is the real face of RIOT. I mean things went so far that he started to threaten people that he will ban them and also put in his stream s title this banning thing. Imagine how far things went if a streamer is allowed to ban anyone at any point all based on his opinion which is completely wrong and he should be the one banned. Perma ban Nightblue now.
Audhulma (NA)
: Some of the people in this thread seem to be mistaking what was a discord interaction for a support ticket. NB went into discord to bitch and moan when his support ticket report didn't immediately get the other person banned, because he seems to think the world revolves around him. Zephyrus apologizing up front is standard company talk, there's nothing inherently wrong with keeping up a professional appearance (something NB could learn from). The only wrong doing would be if Zephyrus were to ban Nubrac manually after the punishment system decided that he didn't need to be punished yet, and we don't know for sure that this is what happened. Punishments are not always immediate. To summarize, the Rioter didn't do wrong by apologizing, NB does need to be punished as well, we don't have any information that proves any other wrong doing.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=jROkgjKJ,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-06-16T15:02:39.576+0000) > > Some of the people in this thread seem to be mistaking what was a discord interaction for a support ticket. NB went into discord to bitch and moan when his support ticket report didn't immediately get the other person banned, because he seems to think the world revolves around him. > > Zephyrus apologizing up front is standard company talk, there's nothing inherently wrong with keeping up a professional appearance (something NB could learn from). The only wrong doing would be if Zephyrus were to ban Nubrac manually after the punishment system decided that he didn't need to be punished yet, and we don't know for sure that this is what happened. Punishments are not always immediate. > > To summarize, the Rioter didn't do wrong by apologizing, NB does need to be punished as well, we don't have any information that proves any other wrong doing. He did make a mistake by apologizing to a toxic afker. Also if I send a ticket/contact a rioter I can 100000% assure you that he would never ever in this life apologize to me or you or anyone else. Never! The real question is: why are RIOTERS allowed to be friends with streamers? They should never be able to add them as friends just because of situations like this one. Once you re friend with someone you won t be objective anymore and it already happened. That RIOTER should be punished along with Nightblue for doing this. Just because you re a streamer and have a reputation doesn t give you the rights to threaten people and use a rioter to ban people at your will whenever you want or just because you have a bad day. Don t we all need a RIOT friend and start banning people who annoyed us? Having friends like this one shouldn t be allowed. They need to stay behind the scenes and keep an objective opinion as much as possible. Why a streamer is above me, you and everyone else? He s just a player like everyone else, making a living out of it and that s all. Why streamers must have more rights than us? Now should we all play with the fear that we might encounter a "famous" streamer that might decide to ban us via a RIOTER just because? Time to find other game I suppose.
thourse (EUW)
: Premade groups
Especially in normal games where I try to have some "fun" sometimes, even tho at this point nothing is fun in League due to poor matchmaking and balance where games are always one sided no matter if they re ranked or normal. I was paired with groups of 3-4 players. Many times when I had premade groups I was flamed so hard pinged and all the stuff. You can say, it s easy, just mute them all, but they say in all chat 9x this one and you kinda have to say ur opinion too even tho some of the enemy team say: OK. It s really unfun when they just troll, like literally troll then they call you bad and many other words even tho they int a lot and make the game impossible. At that point I dont even try anymore I just play don t care about the score. Normal games are cringe. I know people don t try to win and stuff but trolls come in a huge number and when I see I m saying: oh it s one of those games, go next I guess. They should add an option for pure solo Q, no premade groups nothing. Maybe the only exception only 2 people can be premade in one team but that s all. I m tired of groups of 3-4 people offending me, blaming me for their inting and mistakes and being reported 3-4 times. Even tho you report them, they just get away with that and they know it that s why they do what they do. So keeping calm won t bring you justice.
: Im leaving the jungle
I also play adc and at the beginning of this season I tried to switch to jungle right after they nerfed it. Even tho I pinged them when I saw the enemy jungler going towards them to gank, they still died and blamed me for everything. I even told them. I pinged several times you had to go back and that was all. Then they said in all chat 9x this jungler and stuff. Also whenever I wanted to gank those lanes were pushed by my teammates and they flamed me for not ganking. I even told them: Stop pushing the lane so I can gank you. But those noobs kept pushing the lane and got easily ganked then flamed me again. I said: I m not gonna tower dive for you because you re stupid enough to push the lane instead of freezing even tho I keep telling you not to push. Ofc botlane was like 0/6 each same for other lanes. Only sometimes a lane was ok but not enough to carry. After, I decided to switch to adc and it was much better. Funny fact even tho our jungler was most of the time afk farming, he wasn t flamed at all LMAO, while I was flamed the shit out of me when I played jg and tried to do something. I was thinking many times: now that I play adc should I push the lane to die constantly and be that asshole and flame the jungler like they did to me? Nah I m not that low.
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: Vaynes gonna be unplayable after this lol. Crit vayne is already not viable and they completely killed the bork rageblade build (the only viable one).
True. But crybabies on boards won t agree with you. They re like stereotype monkeys using their mouth instead of that thing they call it brain. Crit build is too weak for Vayne thats why BOTRK + rageblade is built. Crit is also bad for Vayne since her Q was nerfed hard and she cannot crit anymore, so after this crit build will still suck but also her only viable build will be destroyed. But what can you expect from RITO a bunch of braindead nerfing not only her W but also rageblade and adding some shit AD on her Q. Who guves a fk about that Q AD if she cannot crit with Q. It s totally useless.
: I'm not a Vayne main but I'm sure that the first thing that the anti adc dudebros of the Gameplay Boards wish is to make her unplayable.
And RITO listening to all those anti adc dudebros makes this company even more garbage. Imagine doing nerfs around all trolls/crybabies on boards instead of having a talk to pros/challenger players before making any changes. No wonder this game is dying. Let s not forget that they buffed ADC because of the current state of the game. All games are way shorter than they used to be so ADC was irrelevant till late game which never came since games end at 25-30 mins and they are decided at min 10 most of the time. RITO buffed ADC so they can have an impact before the game ends and now they nerf again just to realize: oh wait they re too weak they re unplayable, and then they buff 3 patches later. Also they buffed Vayne s W because they nerfed her Q hard so it cannot crit anymore when crit items were broken. Now they nerf her W but her Q still cannot crit (even tho crit items are balanced), they just gave some extra AD.
: About poros
I really hope that more fan arts will be about poros and not only champions
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: Is matchmaking horrible because the playerbase has dropped? Or because Riot litterally hates us.
Many times after I won lots of matches in a row I got few monkeys in my team and the game was literally impossible to carry because they were literally trolls/inters like literally. After I lost hard those matches I looked at their profile and it was no way their MMR was even close to mine because in those moments I had lots of wins in a row and they only had losses in a row like literally only losses. The way MMR should work is to get 5 people in each team and each individual player having his MMR close to other people in the team and then calculate the average and then find another enemy team based on the same rules. But what they do instead they put one or 2 good guy(s) in the team and some trolls/bots and the discrepancy it s actually HUGE and RIOT tells you: Here are some bots, there you go, win the match. You can t get a balanced match if the MMR difference is so big between the members of the same team. In the end the team with better trolls/bots will lose. They will put one or 2 good guys in each team and one or more bots and is all about the luck on which lane is losing harder or not or who got better jg or not. It was a match they had an ashe ADC he was literally a bot, I crushed him in the lane. I had the feeling I played with intermediate bots but also our midlaner was crushed by their midlaner who was a ryze. That guy was actually good. In the end we won because some bots in my team were a bit smarter than his bots. RIOT's matching at its finest: take 5 people it doesn t matter the MMR difference between them make an average MMR and then find a team with similar average MMR, it doesn t matter if the discrepancy is big or not.
: Reporting players from lobby
Dude u re asking RITO to ban trolls??? Are you serious? This joke. RITO will never ban trolls, also their punishment system is just a joke. Only flamers are punished sometimes that s all. Trolls and inters will never be punished. By doing this RIOT is defending trolls, yes is defending them by never punishing them and even if they troll and let s say you report them prob nobody from the enemy team will bother to report them. What you re asking about reporting in lobby is fantasy, come on dude is RIOT what u expect.They can t even fix their balance or post game reports and you ask for this.
: Vayne is the number one ADC and has been since 9.3 while tanks and juggers simaltaneously suck shit
And this handsome guy {{champion:236}} was for months in a row no 1 adc so what s your point here? It could ve been Lucian or Sivir or Kai sa no 1 anyone besides Vayne. I really don t see your point here.Or you re like just others full of stereotype when it comes to Vayne just moaning and b1tching around all the time just because is about Vayne. I m actually really glad that the balance is not made around all irons screaming here that instead of learning to counter they just start to cry about balance all the time, even when is not the case. I can bet if it was about other ADC people won t say any word. But she just became top tier recently and people already moaning and stuff.Anyways boards are so cringe no wonder that RIOT prefers not to read all the bs which is like 70%. Just watch high elo players and then figure which champion is broken or not.
: No it's not exaggerated at all. I was playing juggernauts top and Vayne's were killing me in 2 seconds and my death recap always showed almost 1k damage from Silver Bolts with like 5 auto attacks. I just look at that and know the game is over because I'm the team's frontline and there's literally nothing I can buy to not get melted. In most of these games I was ahead too. Vayne's buff was stupid. Rageblade on her is even more stupid.
Not exaggerated at all. Getting killed in "2 seconds" as a juggernaut. Buddy I don t know what you smoked but I want that too or if isn t the case you should stop going to Disneyland. How can a Vayne kill you in 2 seconds? Do you read your own comment? But ye he s not exaggerating at all. As a top laner you should be the last one complaining when you got this stupid ass rune reworked that actually not only gives true dmg but also heals and you have champions like Jax and Riven who can 1 v 9.You don t believe me? Watch TF Blade and see what he does with Irelia Jax and not only. So stop crying on the boards and git gud lul
: this item is basically what ER used to be , I didnt hear anyone complaining about Riven having shield always hmm.
With spear you can spam your non ult abilities and is really fun to play against
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: How is Riven balanced?
The real question how is this {{champion:24}} abomination balanced at all? Perma dodge from autos giving ADCS 0 chances to do any dmg at all or defend also his R and with spear of sojin he can literally spam E W all day. How is this abomination balanced??? How does it sound balanced to you RITO? The dmg denial from E and R plus the ridiculous amount from W makes no sense at all. Also in late game he just e Q w and the adcs is deleted in 0.5 seconds GG RITO
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Jo0o (NA)
: Five Critical Improvements to Riot's Behavioral System (from somebody who has never been punished)
I don t mind if you get chat restriction for being toxic but what bothers me is if you have some trolls in your team like literally trolls who feed or who do troll pick and call you useless and stuff they never get banned, but if you get angry and call them monkeys or whatever you get chat restriction. What is more frustrating is that u barely get that instant feedback and RITO expects you to keep cool while sometimes they curse you and you think oh I m gonna stay cool and report him after because justice will be made. But hell no after you report toxic behavior, how many times you get that instant feedback???? Almost never so people think that justice isn t made so if someone flames at them they flame back because they know that if they keep cool they won t be punished anyways. I wonder how many times are punished those for flaming and how many times those who troll/feed/rage quit? Trolls and feeders probably are never punished. Dropping honor lvl to 0 is sh*t. They need to improve the feedback message and actually punish those who troll and are toxic otherwise it s pointless to keep cool. Also another issue, in normal games you want to play and have some fun and u re matched with a premade team and imagine all flaming at you for their mistakes, like literally all. Since you re the only one not premade with them you will be responsible for their mistakes and all troll report you even though is not your fault. They all flame at you and say some things you wouldn t want to hear and report you and say in all chat report this guy all of them and you would be surprised how many times the enemy team will say OK we ll report him, just because your word is against 4 people.This ain t fair.
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englich (EUW)
: the esport watch rewards not working
It doesn t work for me either. My progress is not registered. RITO is a scam lul
: Vayne's winratio skyrocketed to 54% in the span of one day.
I see lots of iron comments here. But if you guys looked at Gosu who s one of the best Vayne he had bad score with her. Also if you guys watched IMAQTPIE yesterday, it was tragic, he was literally deleted he couldn t even go against soraka or zyra because Vayne has very low range and even in late game when he tried to "spam" that Q he was literally deleted in one second before he could use few autos. Also Shiphtur when I watched him he was also 0/8 on Vayne. Look at QT s history to convince yourself. This isn t even a buff dmg, but people like stereotype a lot on boards. The issue is that too many iron who have no idea start to cry like babies on the boards and there are many doing this and when RITO listen to them and they do balance in that way lots of bad stuff happen after. People here would complain about every single champ in the game that isn t their main champ. Just ask rito to keep only 3 champions in game so you have a chance to deal with them LOL. 0/8 Vayne on high elo, "buffed" Vayne BTW
: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
After the latest patch, when I want to play Lee Sin in nexus blitz, I can t find him at all in the list. GG WP RIP
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Antenora (EUW)
: {{champion:236}} is more desperate for nerfs.
ADC is really in a shitty state atm so why we need to nerf him? Do we need to nerf every single adc till the role is more dead than is atm?
Tomosima (EUNE)
: Let's hope season 8 remains as the worst season and they won't repeat the mistakes.
They won t repeat mistakes for sure, they will just make it worse. RITO is very good at it.
: Can't wait to see how utterly shit Riot makes the game this season with the "Soon" excuse
This game it s just disgusting. The amount of damage is out of control. ADC role is in a shitty state right now, you can get deleted even by a fucking tank or support. Juggernauts/bruisers are literally tanks with assassin's burst. Cut the damn snowball it s getting crazy.Late game doesn t even exist anymore, it s all about early game. As ADC you have shitty life early game and if you make it to the late game ever.. it s the same thing, still shitty life, getting erased by pretty much everyone. Even when you have an advantage as an ADC there s one bruiser,mage or anything else much more behind you and is able to destroy you. This game is not enjoyable at all, it s all about cc, mobility and tankiness. The balance team is made of braindead people I wouldn t even hire to Mc Donald's cause they re fking incompetents and ignorant they don t even play their own game, otherwise I can t explain. They even want to add more damage to tanks. I feel like roles they lost their identity. You don t know anymore who s assassin or who s suppossed to be tanky or damage carry because the burst of damage is everywhere. Can you just allow tanks to only be tanks, fighters just fighters, carries being actually carries and assassins just assassins instead of making league of tank-assassins????
: Can riot wake up and do something about IRELIA?!
RITO only does something about adcs.They nerfed Kai'sa, one of the few adcs that could deal with bruisers even tho her win rate was around 50%, but when some bruiser is op they re taking their time with this. Try to kill an Irelia with {{item:3053}} + {{item:3748}} + {{item:3026}} Juggernauts these days are tanks + assassins in one place and very "kitable"
: You’re just a bad adc. Adcs are fine. You have a support too, you know, and a jungler. And if you’re getting rocked in the majority of your games, assuming you’re in solo queue.. the common factor there is **you**.
Yes I m a bad adc, I guess Gosu and Imaqtpie are bad too. I mean I watch their streams and I get cringe from what I see. But I guess we re all bad adcs yeah, and yes I have a support and jungle, a support ksing me all the time (prob he s hoping that he will carry the game) and jungler who mostly doesn t gank bot lane. Yeah the common factor it s me with my huge impact in the games. Check op.gg and see for yourself how many tier 1 champs are for adc section and how many for other roles plus the nice 3x op champs for jungle.
: What sucks is that a single player (or 2 most of the time) can handle to ruin a game by themselves. Like you're 4/0 still laning but the enemy skirmisher / fighter / assassin is 15/2 3 levels ahead, one-shot you without you being able to react, neither others to peel for you. You can't farm, otherwise that one guy will come towards you and your feeding team will also lose the 4v4, you can't try to split-push because the enemy team will just mow down your midlane
What sux even more is when ur support like pyke or thresh get all ur early/mid kills and then it s insta lost cause I m too much behind ands I only die on fed enemies..
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Kikirino (NA)
: Nunu is a perfect example of why people bitch about the Balance Team
That s whay they did with {{champion:67}} too. She was strong and now they cut a huge amount from her dmg and even some att speed and guess what she is garbage. She was in meta for like: best 10 seconds in her life and then she got nerfed to the ground while {{champion:29}} and {{champion:40}} are forever there on top not being touched at all. This says everything about the balance team how incompetent they are and cause of this they ll lose people. They didn t hear about the word "TWEAK" they either cut like crazy or add like crazy making something either OP or garbage. I start to think they flip a coin and pray for that "nerf" or "buff" to work. They don t even take enough time to test the changes they do it by guess. If they nerf or buff something they should do it with smaller number and keep an eye on it and adjust it and ofc test it longer on their servers to see the impact. They don t give a damn they re too incompetent for this job. Just get rid of them and bring people who know what they do.
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: You want to know what makes League feel so bad now?
This the sad thing about LOL . Many games were lost.. simple by a single person. One feeder lane even though other people told that person to play safe nope why would he listen and he fed more fed more then starting to spam for help at jungle and blame other cause nobody helps him. A common day in LOL. What is more sad is that he will keep ruin other games after
Áery (NA)
: Vayne
You guys keep moaning here about Vayne Vayne Vayne all day but you know there are other champions with super win rate too if you check champion.gg and let s not forget when this one {{champion:29}} this one {{champion:40}} and many others had explosive win rate and it wasn t the end of the world.She finally got into meta for once in her life and in the next minute u guys QQ here. Ban her if you don t like. When {{champion:51}} was op people barely said something. If you want to win against her pick a bursty adc like tristana or smth else and end the game quick since games are decided at minute 10 now shouldn t be an issue
: Threads that just consist of "FUCKING FIRE THE BALANCE TEAM" don't really serve a purpose and them getting deleted is more than fine imo. There are plenty of threads on here that insult Riot/call them out that they leave up. Some just go too far or have no legitimate reason to be here.
They keep calling it balance team to avoid calling the name of a single person. But i m saying it yet again the balance team has a leader and he s responsible for what s going on there along with the balance team but 1 st the leader. I t s his job to keep an eye on what s going on there coordinate the team and check what they did! If his job is being a decoration fire him
Hibeki (NA)
: Yes, I can. I as the consumer have the power to express if I want someone fired. It doesn't matter what you say. The consumer has the power to do that. You failing to listen to your consumers demand will only lead to your demise, and it will be because of your ignorant view that the consumers opinion has no power that Riot Games will eventually go under. So yes, I can call for a change in staff. Just like any other consumer. And if you dont, unhappy consumers means less money. And don't act like you dont care about that, because Riot's Actions as a whole have shown that they are gaining much less money. The amount of skins released this year compared to new characters is so unbelievably high because people aren't willing to spend as much money anymore. You only make the skins for the popular champions at the time because you want to milk every last penny you can. Riot is getting desperate for money. The artificial inflation in the Lootbox economy, your skins, the attitude of your balance team, all reflect this.
You guys are wasting your time they are stubborn as donkeys they won t listen they re in their world now. Stop playing this garbage game and go find other games there are plenty of them out there
Chermorg (NA)
: None of us are in a position to scold someone who works for Riot. It is childish and not constructive to harass someone with no constructive feedback You further must realize most of the criticism is opinion based on a small worldview, whereas the balance team must look at the entirety of the game. Just because you think something or don't like it does not mean someone should be fired or is bad at their job.
Let me tell you something: the balance team must look at competitive games but hey those ones they work together train together have a headset and do this for a living, unlike normal ranked games where max people that can go together is only 2 mostly no discord or anything and not doing it for a living. So please dont tell me you care much about the whole community only LCS players and that s all. As that guys said above , you had plenty of years to learn something but you didn t cause you guys are too arrogant to accept criticism, you dont see the reality around you guys. It s not one guy saying this maybe you should check the boards more often cause apparently you dont even know what s going on here, and yes if I would have employees who screw it up each time i would fire them . I don t want the whole company to suffer cause of some persons who refuse to listen or do their job properly for some reason.
Chermorg (NA)
: Heya, I'm the one that locked the thread. As you said, we will strive to lock or remove threads that are not constructive and consist solely of people calling for the firing of Rioters and/or saying they're shit at their job or similar. Complaining about the game is fine. Making an entire post about how shit a person is at their job, instead of complaining about the work they've done, is not okay. The balance **team** is just that - a **team**. They work together, and it's unfair to call one person out for changes that were approved on many levels before making it into the game. As was said in the locking message, if anyone has any questions about what's appropriate and not please do not hesitate to contact us in the [Boards Moderation Discord server](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/7rtKBZLi-boards-moderation-discord-verification).
So tell me what s the difference between the fact their work is bad and the fact that person is bad at that job? We still talk about the same work performed by the same person. The truth burns you RITO? What you say it s really concerning if many levels agree with changes. I can bet they sign like mayors they don t even look what they agree with. Tell me something, if you build a building and that building it s destroyed at the 1 st earthquake according to what you said I can t blame you for that? I should blame "your work"? But isn t u the one who created that building? It s our rights to blame someone who doesn t listen at all to community and does a horrible job. Whether you guys like it or not it s different story but in the end these bored people around play the game and some of them even pay your salary so maybe show more respect. I don t say to listen to all of them individually but you should take into account what most of them say cause there are many people saying the same stuff. Take this into account and also what other players from highers ranks say and try to find a solution good for both parts Oh and btw ye it s a balance team but they have a leader don t they? The leader should say: Hey hey what are you doing here? This is not right, try again.
ChuShoe (NA)
: She's still hard. Don't understand why you would say she's easy now. She might've been harder before, but she still takes some level of skill to play whether you want to admit it or not.
People didn t hear about positioning or getting deleted by one single CC. Let them cry only the moment they will play adc they will understand
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: NO ? actually , SHE HAS A POKE , she can 3 aa you in lane and boom, half of your hp is gone , and you will suffer more if you are playing a melee against her in top and mid , besides , having no poke ability ? yeah that's one of the reasons why she is strong , the reason why she has 51.50 % winrate is jus because most of her players are Vayne mains who thinks they can 1 vs 5 and some {{item:3147}} users like {{champion:121}} {{champion:238}} believe me, she is strong , especially if she has a support that gives her shields , she can make some pretty good trades in lane , and the moment her Ult is up , she is ready to kill , she's OP as a marksman and as a fighter because if her q that let's her dodge and her E , and her stealth , the fact that she can dodge {{champion:99}} Q and kill her makes me sad , I mean Lux is the one who is supposed to kill the enemy adc not the opposite ,sadly the same problem with {{champion:29}} , and even if {{champion:29}} is caught by Lux q , he can still kill her because her Ult takes 1 second to cast and that's more than enough to kill a mage , don't forget that they can buy qss
She is strong but you realize if she s caught with one cc and one or 2 champions are attacking her in that time she s literaly deleted. If you dont believe me try it for yourself u will see. One bad step and u re gone. Also you guys complain about her winrate wtf? Did you see how many champions out there got much bigger win rate than her?
Hashihime (EUW)
: Do you remember when Vayne used to take skill?
You realize many things happened since then. Lots if items reworked, tanks got much dmg and also juggernauts. Lots of CC and retard mechanics added and the list can continue. This game is not what it used to be. You can t compare the actual Vayne with the old one cause the game itself is not the same
Kilanost (NA)
: if it was ranked flex, still doesn't count as ranked imo. I test things in ranked flex to avoid the high level trolling of norms and to get slightly more elevated play without having to risk elo in solo queue. also sometimes you just queue ranked out of habit, go through champ select, and not even realize its ranked till someone is flaming you for your sorc boots garen build you saw mentioned the other day and just had to see if there was anything to it. That being said, you play this game and have been climbing through this idiocy and only now that your girlfriend had to deal with it are you salt posting about it. Let your girlfriend struggle through the climb just as you and the rest of us have. She will be a stronger player for learning how not to tilt , how to shot call, and how to solo carry. Let her stand on her own two feet. If you really want to help her out, teach her about /muteall.
Tell me how can you climb as a support if those whole team fks it up. It s not only one whole team. What can you do as a support if all are vegetables? Sometimes games are lost even by 1 person, I repeat ONE person.Simple as that. Many games were lost cause someone was 0-9 who played jungle or other lane.
: Report system us a joke I know because I don't get in trouble when on multiple I should have, I hate that this game can make me so toxic but it's just a great example that reporting someone is nothing more than to just feel good cause nothing hardly ever comes from it outside of people using hate speech at least they got that right
Unfortunately it s true the system is bad I think all reports from ur team they count as one. It s more like a way to make you feel better when u press the report button and that s all. That s why this game will always suck. As far as I read on boards in DOTA they actually do something about that. RITO can learn a lot from DOTA I guess
6Sfool (NA)
: I don't see the trolling. Zac was trying something new. A terrible combo with Sona-Zac, he needs to rethink his strategy, but there's nothing wrong with trying something new. Fiora had the wrong runes and died a lot. OK, look at that again. If it's just not YOUR optimal definition of runes, then fuck off. People don't have to do the same cookie-cutter setup every game. If they actually said that they forgot to change their runes, then still fuck off. It happens, people forget runes from time to time. Rengar actually was a bit toxic. If you're late to a game, suck it up and start without a leash. And then Orianna. Was mediocre. Permaban this person. How dare they be mediocre. Grow up, not every person sees this game the way you do. Don't go expecting every one of your teammates to be willing to sell their souls for a win.
You realize that it was ranked game. You want to win if you play ranked games if not go to bots/normals. That s the purpose of ranked games as far as i know. Gain LP and try to climb. Losing LP cause of someone it s not nice. Ranked games were suppossed to be taken serious . If ranked games became a troll land then this game it s dead
: I find that 50% of all pentakills I see, be it from my on games or videos from Real Games, are from Vayne. Something doesn't add up right.
Search more I found pentakills with Janna, Braum and Soraka. Let s not make this Vayne thing bigger than it is
: We need to emphasize that our "short range designated tank killer" is assassinating squishies in addition to still be extremely effective at killing tanks. Should not have both at once.
She has no aoe one of the lowest range in the game and u want her to be nerfed right? You realize what are u saying. She has lots of weaknesses u can exploit ofc she must compensate in late game for this. Ashe, Cait, MF, Lucian all got nice kit for farming easy, same for Tristana.
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