: Well maybe your tower has dust inside and reach higher temperatures that forces your pc into thermal throttling. Hence the reduced perfomance. OR drivers for graphics card isnt update( so update them) or after you updated the drivers you start getting the problems ( so go back into a previus deriver update becuase the recent one isnt poritmized for LoL yet and causes problems). I can only thing of those 3 situations because those are the ones that i am facing on regular basis every year.
No there is no dust in my tower, my temps are fine. I have the latest drivers aswell, haven't tried and older driver yet.
Saezio (EUNE)
: I used to be able to run all kinds of shit in my laptop and at the same time in my TV that was plugged with HDMI. About 3-4 months ago after a patch (can't remember which) started having "stuttering issues" but no fps drops no anything. Turns out it only happens to me when I am watching something at 4k in the TV while playing. Do you have multiple screens too? Also, anti-aliasing and vertical sync, you tried messing with those to see where that gets you?
I only have one screen at the moment. Yes I have tried all kinds of settings, lowest and highest settings give me the same fps. I can run the witcher III and battlefield V with 100-130 fps but not league att stable 144? I mean common... I have a rtx 2060 and a 2700x, I should be able to play leage with anti-aliasing on haha
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