: I am curious as to the age range of players.
Iโ€™m in my mid 40โ€™s and will continue to game until I canโ€™t physically hold a mouse or controller anymore!
: the game is amazing people not so much but if you've ever played any online game with a competitive nature you would encounter the same exact behavior Wow has it's low level campers Lineage 2 has it's low lvl campers and pk clans Dota has it's russians CSGo has it's russians Lol has it's babies and ego players starcraft has it's cheesers so anywhere you go if you want to play with and against players you will meet shit people if you don't know how to deal with them it's best for you to just stick to single player games not like there is a vast shortage of great single player games oh when i played dota for a month i was told to kill my self get cancer wished death upon my loved ones and all that good stuff so i think you are over exaggerating on the "Worst beginner experience" you just have very little competitive games experience and lol is far from dying very far from it yes maybe one day but it's far from that day
Thank you for taking the time to reply. I take your points to heart, and I'm glad to hear that the LoL community is thriving. I'm probably older than the standard demographic for this game, and I do have a lot of competitive games experience, though not in the MOBA game category. I guess what I'm trying to say is that LoL is uniquely salty especially in the "non-competitive" mode of normal games. I've been ganked in Goldshire, scammed in Jita and trolled in Overwatch but nothing compares to this. I am very heartened by the responses to my thread though. I guess that the vast majority of the playerbase cares deeply about the game.
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