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Auve (NA)
: I'd love to get together with someone from Riot and talk about potential TT changes. I've had some ideas for a while for _low resource changes_ to the map that got some support on r/leagueoflegends and within our discord communities. Thanks for the clarification, Meddler.
Same, a few simple changes could do so much good to the Treeline :)
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Jon1174 (NA)
: I want to see a Worlds Twisted Fate skin that uses those
Jon1174 (NA)
: those are cool as hell
For me, I can say they were definitely worth the effort, thank you!
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: Ace in the hole. Well played. (Well done)
: I'm a little disappointed that Vel'koz isn't on a 3(.14159..)
Cus he wasn't played much this season :)
: also nidalee was queen as in queen of the jungle azir was king since is king of shurima and there were several other if you pay attention
: I think that the reason is because of this:
: Send me a link to how to get it please!
[There you go!](
: You, sir, are truly amazing. Fantastic design work and creativity! I also like the attention to detail (or maybe just happy coincidence) that Jhin is 4. I would buy them from you, but Rito probably would find some licensing infraction with it. :( Great work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
It's intentional yes ;) I'm giving out the design for free so you can get them if you like, you just need to do the same as I did: pay the company for printing it!
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: Phreak is a Joker for sure
That was the initial idea, but I choose to go with the hosts of the EU and NA LCS so there's a little bit of a pattern :).
: Honestly like what you are doing here. My opinion is this. Remove the league symbol from the 4 corners. It will make it look cleaner and more professional. Use the one that is border less. And increase the size of the teams on the side. As for jokers I think using the casters would be okay. But I was thinking you could use the new drag faces.
Thanks for your feedback. I'd like to know what you mean by dragon faces, you have an image or something? Also, for the back design, I'm afraid I'll have too agree with you, it seems to contain a little too much elements. Willie
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} gl lol
Done before, should be quite doable. Thanks anyway!
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: Made that just for you and your effort.
: At first I thought you didn't use skins, then I saw hired gun lucian. How is "king of clubs" morde skin not the king of clubs card? But great job very cool!
I wanted to use all those skins since they were like made for this, but since they are shared and the champions are just too close to each other, and I didn't want 'half a Syndra' on the Morde card, I chose not to.
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ThePompf (EUW)
: You spelled "leagueoflegends" wrong on your cars, it says "leagueofelegends".
Yes :D, I saw this myself a day after I posted it, I almost thought I would get away with it xD
15Nova22 (EUW)
: Great work you did there :) I hope that it will be possible to get them someday :) Do you also plan on doing some other League stuff or have you done it already? :)
Its the first physical thing, Yes. Ive made a 1v1/2v2 game and map design which got quite some attention. I hope there is more I can do! Thanks
: I'm curious about how you chose what skins would go on the cards. Like, why do the classic splash art for some champions and a special art for others? But, it's super cool and I'd totally buy it!
It has to do with the size of the champion, and with the position of their head an body. They have to fit within the card (obviously) but I don't want the suits and their 'banners' to cover up essential champion parts. A lot of skins do not make it that far. With what's left I go for the one I think looks the best on a card. Thanks for your nice words!
: Shouldn't champs like Elise, the Spider Queen, and Trundle, the Troll King, be represented on such cards? Other than that this is an awesome idea, keep up the great work!
There are twice as many champs as there are cards, I might consider making another deck with the champions i forgot :). Thank you sir!
: do u have a joker card
: as a fellow active card collector (over 170 decks) I am totally willing to buy a deck. Also Trundle should be the on the King of Clubs since he calls himself the King of Clubs.
Damn you're beating me by 20 decks :P I'm afraid RIOT won't let me sell them :( EDIT: great suggestion on trundle btw
Sozan5 (EUNE)
: Why King of Clubs Mordekaiser isn't the king of clubs?
Cus his shared splash art made it impossible to make a good card out of it :(.
: no {{champion:4}} card? rip
: If those cards had Bicycle quality Id buy 10 of those.
: Can i buy a pair? :3
When I fixed it's flaws en RIOT allows me to sell them :3
: So you mean to tell me you wont put in the Wildcard skins? (king o clubs morde, queen o diamonds syndra, ace o spades ez, jack o hearts TF)?
I wanted to, but, their splash art is a little too 'shared' I would have to zoom in twice as much to prevent a duo-card. Sorry pal :).
JungHai0 (NA)
: This is pretty cool! Do have any plans now that you have the first print? Besides what you mentioned in the post, I mean.
I posted this on EUW boards, and there are actually quite a lot of people that seem to want a set of those. Since I'm using official RIOT games contend I'd have to get in touch with them, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to get some decks out for the public! I think that is what you are referring to, right? ;)
Scripsi (NA)
: It was a thing in season 3/4 with the purple smite. I don't think it is anymore
It is, but extremely hard to pull of, even when you are not being counterjungled.
: Lux Is Biting Her Lip!
"She wants the D!!!"
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Neku21 (NA)
: I feel like she should have 4 or 5 charges... because then she can stay in the lane a bit longer without having to wander around as much.... idk... I mean what you have might be balanced, would have to see it in game though... cuz all you have charges for is one burst combo and thats it.... which annoys me a bit xD
I understand, they spawn like Zyra flower tho, not bard chimes ;)
TallyZrg (NA)
: Did anyone else see "Fiora" - Champion concept (support) when they were scrolling through the boards and think. "Support Fiora, this should be a good read". Only to find out that it's actually _FLORA_. rip me xD
Inb4 next professional game Fiora goes support and becomes new meta Ö
: > [{quoted}](name=WillieTheWhale,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=XeEViivB,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-05-09T19:04:59.893+0000) > > You might be wondering who I used for the screenshots. It’s definitely not Warwick. Well I figured that, but who is it specifically?
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Nathaniell1 (EUNE)
: Well.. it looks nice... but its still buggy. I selecteed Vladimir, lvl 18, sorc boots, rabadon, rylai, abysal, spirit visage and warmog and on final stats, It says I have 244 armor.. even tho I have no armor item.. and also it says I have 20% tenacity... It says I have 362 AP.. but with abysal(60)+rabadon(120)+rylai(100) + masteries (15)=295 x 1,35 for rabadon=thats 398.. and it should be actualy much more, because I have 1700 bonus hp --> 1700/25=68 bonus AP from passive --> 295+68=363*1.35=490 AP.. so It seems you dont count rabadon bonus. It says I have 30%CDR, but 10% from warmog, 10% from abysal, 10% from SV + I selected blue CDR/level runes.. so they are not counted either. HP calculation formula seems right (but number is wrong, because AP is wrong) Movement speed is wrong... with sorc boots it says 350 MS (and thats because I selected 3 MS quints.. so boots MS not counted at all) Abysal scepter passive in passives section states that it reduces MR of nearby enemies by 150. BTW, on item selection, it would be nice if you highlighted borders of selected items - it would add a lot of clarity. And reset all button somewhere would be great too. I know I just criticized - but Im programmer myself, so I absolutely understand how much time you had to invest into it - and all those things are just little bugs - keep up good work! :) Edit: I found out the armor problém.. I selected yellow armor/level, but for some reason, it add 17,6 armor per rune on lvl 18.. instead of 3 armor.
Thanks for your feedback! I can't tell exactly for all the points you mentioned. But things like the bonus AP from Rabadon's is a unique passive and therefor won't be added to your base stats. Same goes for the flat movement speed, It's a passive. I know that it should be something that should be added to your final stats, but I'm still trying to figure out a way to do this properly and prevent things from being counted twice. Edit: Fixed the thing with the Abyssal scepter. Changed a + with a *. Thanks!
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: so its a bug then cuz why on earth would i want to see the damage i did to my self good thing i put this under report bug still really cool though
Or just search for the post in which they say they are working on it?
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