: "I'm not here to cry about my permaban" Proceeds to cry about his permaban You don't even have to post your chat logs to see that you're toxic.
I explicitly said it isnt a problem for me because I didnt pour much money into the game. It honestly isnt a problem because its still a game, and riot doesnt magically take away all my skill if they take my account. I get a fresh account to 30, play ranked and get my plat. Easy peasy. It's just an inconvenience and a really shitty punishment for someone else's sensitivity.
: Trash talking is ok. Telling someone to kill themselves for having a bad game is not.
Ive never told someone to kill themselves, period. I Rarely personal insult and I exchange banter. But I guess that cant be tolerated as it hurts the other player's feelings, poor them
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Ąkąli (NA)
: If it only works on tanks, then thats a good thing? Tanks are what are bullying Bruisers out right? So why take it against someone who isnt bullying you out? Its a thing to change runes during champ select you know. Dont ever cookie cutter that stuff! {{champion:28}} <3
ADC's at 3 items are what makes bruisers obsolete. If you want a strong early game, why not swain? Strong midgame? Why not maokai? Strong lategame? No Top laner is strong late game aside from a perfectly played jax/yasuo. Late game is strictly ADC territory, and you are shoved out of being relevant at any other stage. Tanks are only one part of the problem that bruiser manes take.
: Watch how the so called Conquer "did not fix the top lane" https://youtu.be/kkMI2bXhDok This rune completely obliterates anyone, whether your a tank or a squishy. I don't actually know why top laners are still complaining, you were literally given a brand new rune.
Tryndamere autoattack midgame crit base AD + bonus from Bork = ¬220*2=440 say the enemy is a squishy with enough armor for 43% armor damage reduction. reduces the damage to about 250. With Conqueror 20% of that is ignored, dealing 88 damage and (440-88 = 372*0.57 = about 200 damage) 200 + 88 is 288, thats apprximately another 30dmg per autoattack. Thats fucking pathetic, and thats with tryndamere critting. Its more of a T2/T3 than a keystone and you know it. Edit: ''you top laners' implies you do not main top. As a result you haven't a clue what is going on. You are likely another ignorant ADC/Support main that will be all too pleased to stifle any issues top-laners have, so it never gets addressed and you can live in your haven of 2v4'ing the enemy team with Kaisa and Janna. Attempting to invalidate my own opinion to your own benefit is simply a method of invalidating yourself unless you do it correctly, which you clearly have not.
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Amoustafa (EUW)
: ISP problem with STC
Fuck stc they are fucking me up also If you have the good luck to have a VPN, use one of those, but not a browser VPN, a full one, it fixes the issue Your MS will still be huge unless you are connected to france/germany/netherlands through VPN though. I suggest tunnelbear.
: same issue with me, I am not able to log in and the client freezes on authorization for 4 min, and then if log-in, going to play is so hard and slow, if I play the ping is 450 but it used to be 92 on UE west server
Considering it happened to my friend as well, its probably a saudi-related issue of some kind You happen to live in the middle east?
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: Hello, reading through the things you've posted about your problem I don't think it's the same exact problem most of the other people had - the fact that you're sometimes able to log in after waiting a while, and when you're in not seeing a lot of client panels / information suggests your game client is having trouble establishing and keeping an LCDS connection. It also sounds like you don't get the "Unable to connect to the Authentication service" error message either from what I've read. Does it just sit at authenticating (with a spinner) forever? (correct any of this if I'm wrong). LCDS and platform connections aren't my expertise, you would might be better off creating a support ticket at support.riotgames.com for this one. Sorry I can't help more :(
Oh no sometimes I get the same message as the other guys, other times it logs in with enough patience. Maybe if you apply the same fix as everyone else it will work for me, or maybe it wont. But lets give it a try first. For reference I do get the spinning wheel and unable to connect to authentication thingy everyone else does. Help a man out (also im on euw not NA). but anyway isnt it like 3AM in NA? U a beast brother {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
: Could you create a paste with the contents of 2017-12-26T10-09-16_3032_LeagueClient.log from that folder please?
Here is another paste https://pastebin.com/hTGjTEhq The other one was old. Some of them are really long and other logs are short. Which ones do you need?
: Cool, lets get this show on the road :) To get started, could you get me your most recent LeagueClient log? It should here C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\LeagueClient Logs if you used the default league installation location. In that folder, sort your files to find the ones most recently created, and then find the file ending with LeagueClient (not LeagueClientUx). Throw that into a pastebin.com paste and send me the link. This will help me confirm you have the exact problem I'm looking for, and then we can try some changes. (also if you have the league friends mobile app, I sent you an invite, we can message quicker on that if it works).
I found my logs. Please help me https://pastebin.com/vdWxixTy
: No problem, I appreciate the help.
Plz upload fix to euw servers rito plz. Maybe im annoying but im also mega bored. Help a man out
: After working with another player I believe we've resolved this issue, please try again.
Found the problem, please upload the fix to EUW servers, im not on NA :]
: Hey guys, after some further troubleshooting with another player I believe we've fixed the issue, give it another shot.
Please submit a fix to EUW? I have the issue there as well
: why am i banned .... don't reply if you are not riot staff
Because you are toxic, what did you think? Flaming and being toxic are different things, one is annoying and rude, the other is a bannable offense. Learn the difference
: stuck at authentication
Its the same for me, and im 100% sure that its not my internet that is the problem :[ Help plz rito {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Cant login
Same here bro, suffering T_T
: Ok, I have pushed through a test change - in 5 minutes I need you to try to log in again. I expect that it will still fail, but might fail a little differently. If it fails, I need the newest log file that it generates. In that same LeagueClient Logs folder, there will be a newer file that ends with the words LeagueClient (it should be the bottom most one). In 5 minutes give logging in a shot, and then give me a paste of that new file.
Mind helping me as well buddy? Kinda suffering now that I have free time but no way to spend it without LoL :[
Wombo Jax (EUW)
: Unable to connect to authentication(2)
As an extra note, Norton was hogging up my CPU, and ending it made my computer a lot faster. Lol lets me login eventually, but I can neither play, nor see my profile, nor my champ/skin collection. When I login after the 10 min wait its just a ghost town.
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: After working with another player I believe we've resolved this issue, please try again.
Its still not working, mind telling me what im doing wrong?
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: I was permanently banned after one game of toxicity. Is this possible?
This only warrants a perma if you had no previous offenses, you were extremely toxic, but this doesnt warrant a permaban, I'd give it 14 days personally. Considering the consistency of toxicity required for a perma, this is a little unfair, but not completely undeserved
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ISmurfy420 (EUNE)
: Azir Missing Quotes
: and no riot employee will bat an eye cuz there system is trash match making is trash ranked system is trash balance is trash. Riot is a bunch of greedy scum.
I dont want to agree with you, but how im being treated is completely unfair. If I go afk due to a bugsplat its a fault on riot's part. Im not asking for THEM to have leaverbusters, I just dont want them do give me it when they fuck up. Its an outdated system that hasnt been changed despite it being preaseason (elo dont matter too much) and the introduction of /remake. Its honestly really disappointing
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Wombo Jax (EUW)
: You will lose enough to get matched against other bronze players dw also even if you are slow in the head you can still hit diamond. Once you do it once, doing it again is shit easy. Im only gold 5, but Im confident I can hit diamond in S8 and im absolute garbage. Everyone except top 40 players suck major ass. Dont worry, you can climb
> [{quoted}](name=Wombo Jax,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sPerrREL,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-11-12T12:38:21.444+0000) > > You will lose enough to get matched against other bronze players dw > > also even if you are slow in the head you can still hit diamond. Once you do it once, doing it again is shit easy. Im only gold 5, but Im confident I can hit diamond in S8 and im absolute garbage. > > Everyone except top 40 players suck major ass. Dont worry, you can climb also, just going to point out that they probably arent master or diamond. I Bet they are just gold 5 players sick of getting stomped in their own elo :]
: Smurfing absolutely 100% ruins this game
You will lose enough to get matched against other bronze players dw also even if you are slow in the head you can still hit diamond. Once you do it once, doing it again is shit easy. Im only gold 5, but Im confident I can hit diamond in S8 and im absolute garbage. Everyone except top 40 players suck major ass. Dont worry, you can climb
: Its unfair for me to be placed in leaver buster when I could not even connect to the game...
they remake but riot still give you leaverbuster, even though the system was made before remake existed Good Guy Riot
: Season 7 is over... It's preseason. You're still able to play ranked during preseason. Once season 8 officially starts January 16, 2018 the ranks get a soft reset...
So basically if I drop to silver 1 now I still get border and graves skin?
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Cabruh (NA)
: I don't want to have to learn ADC to win my games
Absolutely. Bot lane is a cancerous role that is way too impactful. If you dont play ADC or support, you are left with the deciding factor of a game being decided by RNG rather than how you play yourself. When you are in the other 3 roles you are a secondary factor that has little to no influence in how the game ends, while bot single handedly decided who wins and who loses, so much that if you dont camp bot as a jungler you are heavily punished for it. I'm absolutely sickened by how ardent censer, already the strongest item of now in LoL, is actually getting BUFFED in the next patch. I guess you need to sell that janna skin somehow.
xelaker (NA)
: you need more trigger words man. Anymore the boards are on the edge of "See what this top builds to stomp bottom lane! Doctors hate this guy!" Bot is strong, deal with it...literally deal with it. You have a bot lane as well, protect them, or kill the enemy. If you can't do either, lose and move on.
You must be an adc main. I get bot being strong, but bot lane should NEVER be the central, defining factor of a game. There are other roles that deserve impact as well, or just make LoL a 2v2 bot lane game, because that is pretty much not too different from what goes on when a competent adc smashes an autofilled one. Not much of a point in protecting my 0/10 jinx when there is a 18/0 twitch running around 3 shotting an entire team. Bot lane should be a role, not my burden to cater to all the time
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: Bronze adc and top main looking for team
if u were on euw i would add u XD
: How to change Rylais
Nope, that would make the item quite bad for typical semi-tank mid laners and tanks with ap scaling will begin to get it ( Mumu,Sej,Malphite,Rammus) that is even worse Rylais as it is just needs a diminished strength slow (30%)
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: Blame Rylai's for my salty rant. This item is just cancer.
: Still no love for Garen after dozen of patches of being mediocre.
First you seem super toxic, calm down Second, have you ever thought that in bronze the average winrate is **NEGATIVE?** Because of placements taking new players into silver more people are coming into bronze than leaving it. Having a 50% winrate in bronze corresponds to having a 52-54% winrate elsewhere, garen stomps low elo Sure he might need small adjustements but nothing major, and in high elo he is crap because he is so predictable and counterpicked so hard. If he cant q onto somebody he is useless, and he has one of the strongest ults in the game
: Kayle's too item dependent for bronze players unless they snowball early.
But kayle isnt snowball dependent. If you are ahead you go melt teams but if ur not you utilise your superior waveclear and the slower pace of bronze games to get your farm up really quickly i just think ur a bit wrong over there but it could just be me :] something like jax or wukong is extremely item dependent. For bronze if ur bronze/silver level u want something that 1: Scales strong into late game because bronze games last long (had a 72 minute bronze game the other day) 2: Easy to use 3: Hard to counterpick, a strong first pick 4: Useful even when behind Very few things fit into all of these categories. Ryze scales, strong pick top an useful even when behind, but is a bit harder to use Malphite is subject to getting counterpicked pretty hard so he has 1 2 and 4 jax has 1 2 and 3 but is one of the most useless champions when behind honestly the only thing i can really reccomend is chogath but you must understand the pick you take in bronze has minimal impact. You can climb to diamond using pretty much anything decent. There is nothing 'OP' that is why patches exist. The best way to climb out of bronze is to get better at the game Im bronze and learning, and i honestly could not be happier ( started league in feb )
: How do you escape the hell of Platinum Elo
ur plat on eune that means ur silver on euw gg seriously tho u cant escape, just look at the role that tends to feed the most and play that one role
{{champion:10}} in build arpen and mpen, powerful slow on low cd, easy to kite melees, tons of sustain and a free get out of jail card, invunerability to either urself or a fed carry, a beast at splitpushing ( best waveclear in game ) can melt entire teams and has great scaling like the other guy said darius is great too but a lot easier to bully and useless if behind
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