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Shmeeve (NA)
: Can't wait for late january/early february for aquarius.
hahahaha I'm kinda making 2 per month so yeah prob in early/mid you picture somebody in particular?
: This skarner creeps me the fuck out. I love it. I feel like that's what he was supposed to be.
: As a MF main I can only say thanks.
: any sign can blow things up and kill people, but using my knowledge in astrology, she doesn't act like one through personality-wise, She's more of a Capricorn or Virgo, when their Dark side is present, Capricorn Is the 2nd most evil sign and does bad things If they can gain from it, like bounty hunting and love getting statuses from what they do, Virgos will Humiliate anyone who wrongs them with no emotion shown, But Scorpios, they don't want the attention, they will murder you where no one can hear your screams for help, you won't hear about them killing people cause they would never get caught.
hey! tell me more about capricorn like the bad side...I'm thinking of making Cass for it like "the fang of ambition"....and yeah Eve/Syndra/Jhin were my other choices, the problem I had with Syndra is that it kinda overlapped with Atlantean Syndra....dunno if this could make you happy but it's a concept I made for Syndra, like an all mighty empress of ancient china..."Warring Kingdoms Syndra".
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Leu07 (NA)
: Demon Sejuani
This looks amazing, I would instabuy this skin! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Zerenza (NA)
: It's been awhile since a Cassiopeia Skin
Agree, here are some cool ideas I found! []( [](
: Cassiopeia’s Bio
It has also been revealed that Cassio is part of the black rose and that she followed her mother steps. I would like to see more about Soreana and maybe even make her a champ.
yuuum chan (EUNE)
: A platinum players opinion on every midlane champion
I love that I went to look for my main Cassiopeia and you just completely ignored her and didnt say any comments on her xD noone likes cass :c
Krully (EUW)
: they added it because of the meme cass has no legs why have boots lmao
exactly, yeah, funny but come on lol
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Bultz (NA)
: Cass needs some heavy nerfs
Well, you can just build adaptive helmet, but cassio playstyle is supposed to counter nasus. Just keeping you at bay while damaging you, also cass is a good pick against tanks since her damage is constant. So I believe it is a bit part that Nasus is not that great against Cass and that you have not built well against her? Either way, cass is just fine.
: Can we please make Mid lane fun again for mages?
I just took a big cr*p on a Zed as Cassiopeia, I dont think mages are dead, assasins are gonna struggle a little bit in this meta cuz of tanks buffs anyways.
5050BS (NA)
: Why is Brand Support Ok but Zyra was too oppressive so nerfed to the ground?
Seriously I am banning Brand in every of my games, it is just too much to deal with, and he never seems to run oom either, so no matter that you go full sustain with dorans shield, fleetfootwork and a soraka, he will always have mana to land that Q stun and destroy you and just simply zone you out of the lane, I really hate him.
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: I'm excited for the new Essence Reaver
I'm not that excited about the new essence reaver :c I like playing Sivir and I dont know if it will still be a nice item on her, she still needs the mana regen but she no longer gets crit chance nor increased cdr out of it, it doesnt look that appealing to her anymore :/ what would you guys recommend to build on Sivir after Essence Reaver gets changed?
: Make a Centipede Champion!
I actually think it could be a nice Cassiopeia Skin concept like the one from inuyasha [(]
greekvandaL (EUNE)
: Oh Kog buffs huh?
But koggy is kawaii af, I dont see the problem


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