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: Rengar got hit extremely hard losing CC immunity on empowered W. Hopefully he's balanced now but we'll see where he ends up- the great thing about LoL is we have more patches in the future if he isn't!
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Aesah,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=BadpFVys,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2017-02-08T21:57:52.439+0000) > > Rengar got hit extremely hard losing CC immunity on empowered W. Hopefully he's balanced now but we'll see where he ends up- the great thing about LoL is we have more patches in the future if he isn't! Anything you can share about Master Yi?
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: How Can i play on other servers without high ping?
It's because Korea/Japan is too far from EUW, let's say that NA is the best place if you want to play on both Korea and EUW, for exempel you can say that NA is located in the middle: Korea > NA < EUW This is very complicated so i try my best to explain, If you play on NA from London your ping travel directly from EU to NA mean while EU to Korea it has to travel through NA and then Korea making it double the distance and not directly from EU to Korea, at least this what i think. If you want your ping to be lower you have to move closer to the server.
AD Yuumi (NA)
: [RE-INTRO] August "groovylord" Browning, Champion Design/R&D
: Premade 1,2,3 Limiter Enabled
You fucked up really hard this time Riot, this game was way more enjoyable a year ago. I regret for every dollar i spent on this useless game, you should change the name ''league of legends'' to something else because it's not the game we all knew and loved once. I hope you had some taste of my saltiness, good luck with your game.
: Ehmm .. so this Skins will be released today?! Sry about my English... xD ยค~ยค
Today would've been the best day for them to release it with skins sale after 7 days of patch update. Usually it takes 3 to 7 days because next week will be the end of patch 6.10 cycle and releaseing 3 new skins few days before next patch would be dumb. God knows why they are delaying it so much but maybe there is few bugs that they want to wait to fix it until next patch.
: eune.
Of course your ping will be high if you play from EU. The NA server you trying to play on is located in Chicago, United States the distans between them is too far. There is nothing you can do to lower your ping, the only thing you can do is moving closer to the server, means you have to move to USA. Good luck.
RiotBok (NA)
: Looks like this one was a result of you participating in a CSL (Collegiate Starleague) event. If this wasn't you or you didn't participate, please let us know!
''If this wasn't you'' Even if it wasn't him it will be rude to take it from him since he alreday received the gift.
: 12 essence away from pulsefire ezreal
If it was possible i would have gave you the amount of essence that you need.
: @Riot When are the super galaxy skins coming out?
: High ms on Na server
What you mean by ''I've made an account on na servers'' what server did you originally play on before, when did you play last time and where do you live?
Meddler (NA)
: Same as Yi, suspect she needs some more help. Not sure which data you're looking at, guessing it might be something with too small a sample size to be accurate, or only a single region, though. We saw a slight increase in her win rate overall.
Need some tips to balance Master Yi? Stop buffing his damage and do something about Highlander, it's cleary useless now with the cooldown increased and the duration down by 3 second. Have a nice day!
: Yi buffs- The rise of Tank Yi once again?
The old Yi with Sated Devourer and Rage blade is nothing to compare to this one. Riot made it so that he can't get to the back line easily by nerfing the duration on his Highlander but instead they buffed his true damage so he can take care of the front line aka. tanks.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Rengar has to sacrifice a lot of damage for the heal, Kha'Zix needs to be in point-blank range of something he hits with W, Yi just stands still like a moron for the whole duration, Nocturne's heals is mediocre at best, Nidalee... I suppose, but she can't really use it in the middle of a combat. On the other hand Ekko sacrifices nothing for using his heal.
''Yi just stands still like a moron for the whole duration'' LOL
agbudar (NA)
: shyvana swain cass and vlad have lower winrates then yi what are you talking about? but yes the fact that his winrate is lower then urgot (45%) right now is pretty bad
Can you tell me how Shyvana has lower win rate than Master Yi? Don't act like you know shit. EUW: NA:
: {{champion:69}}
Swain, Cass and the other got hotfix 2 days ago and their win rate increased. doesn't update daily, but if you check and see the win rate for today, you'll understand what i mean.
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