: I never understood why some supports refuse to support certain ADC's, I mean you aren't playing them so what's the big deal?
Only one that annoys me is Kalista. Even if I happen to be a squishy she expects that I want to be thrown into enemy team. I had converstion somewhat like this: Kalista: Next time shoot yourself into enemy team (I had been Soraka with 10% HP) Next time comes, I shot myself into enemy team and get instabursted by Talon, and we lose teamfight. Talon kills Kalista. Kalista: Where was my peel I don't even mind Vaynes, unless they are wannabe gosus I just pick Karma or Soraka (Karma agaisnt all in lanes, Soraka into poke lanes) and babysit Vayne until midgame. If Vayne knows how to do just farm its peaceful lane.
Kakwane (NA)
: Massive AD item changes idea
I want my 80 AD Merc Scimitar. That item is blessing for ADC against certain teams, if it would only give 40 AD I don't think it would be too often worth a slot, even with active it has.
: Ideas for Zyra buffs
Only buff she needs is that plants priorize champions by default if one is on the attack range. If there are 2 champs on attack range they should priorize whichever has lower HP.
: Vayne isn't problematic
Vayne is fine as champion but you know threads like this don't really fix reputation of Vayne players...
: @Meddler Do you think that Jinx needs any additional changes?
Reducing rocket range would probably do the trick. 650 when maxed is more than enough.
: Nerf vayne
I think you are being toxic by generalizing every Vayne player as toxic. {{champion:67}} I think Vayne is fairly balanced with her clear weaknesses and strenghts. She is favored by meta atm, once meta shifts she will fall out of favor again.
: So once a Vayne gets a lead...
If she manages to get a lead despite her quite weak early she deserves to become threat. What can you do agaisnt fed {{champion:103}} or {{champion:91}} ? Vayne is hypercarry like {{champion:222}} (albeit different things make them hypercarry, for Vayne its high DPS even without any abilities used and decent safety trough mobility, and Jinx its AoE damage and safety trough range) so she is going to blow you if she is good and grabs that lead. But, most of champions are going to blast you if they get that lead. When any champion gets fed they deserve that power, no?
: {{champion:23}} ?
{{champion:67}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:51}} :P
: Dear Junglers,
+1 A good jungler and good support are really an awesome thing in team, and I would go as far as saying that in my experience those roles are most influential in game. Thanks a lot! ^^ -{{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3006}} main
: We should also ban people that say xxx role pref, xxx role preferred, xxx main, ect.
Why? I indeed call prefs sometimes, but I don't cry if someone picks ADC over me.
Dylvish (EUW)
: Which is it better to have = d - flash and f - ignite, or d- ignite and f - flash?
F - {{summoner:4}} D - {{summoner:7}} Honestly, just whatever you are used to.
: Shipping time!
{{champion:22}} x {{champion:23}} {{champion:133}} x {{champion:86}} {{champion:51}} x {{champion:126}} {{champion:55}} x {{champion:91}} {{champion:67}} x {{item:3153}} (perfect synergy and lone hunter Vayne doesn't need man on her side) {{champion:103}} x {{champion:102}} {{champion:81}} x {{champion:44}} {{champion:254}} x {{champion:245}} {{champion:222}} x {{champion:36}} (both are crazy hey...)
Enosetc (NA)
: because riot still thinks it's okay to code things as "minions packed tightly together"
If so does {{item:3046}} nullify J4's ultimate O-o
Totalis (NA)
: Oh gawd, Eve is making a comeback
{{item:2043}} is a friend :3
: Why is vayne considered to have a weak early
Imo Vayne has a lot skill matchups. Take {{champion:51}} for example. She is said to counter Vayne. However, her Q is perfectly dodgeble with {{champion:67}} Q, and if Vayne dodges Piltower Peacemakers Cait can only poke her with autos that don't hurt too much early if Vayne keeps track on headshots and forces Cait to use it on minion or lose CS. If Vayne is good enough she can come from lane even and then outscale Caitlyn mid-late.
: Heimerdinger vs Vayne
I would imagine that turning into farm lane pretty fast... Heimer cannot poke Vayne for reasons you mentioned, but Vayne can't really afford to poke Heimer with her Q since it would leave her vulnerable to Heimer Q and E and put her into range of turrets, leave alone walking up for poke. Post-6 Vayne has changes to kill Heimer if Heimer can't maintain 3 turrets/gets zoned away from them/Vayne gets gank.
: daily reminder that AD caster ashe mid lane is extremely strong
Where you get that 40% CDR? I mean, how you build her mid?
Smurfs who level an account and stuff arent really a problem because their MMR will before long adjust to their skills. However if someone plays on other persons account and this person has lower MMR than player THEN it leads to facestomps.
: has an average early game compared to all adc's. weak would be twitch or vayne or kog and possibly even kalista until around level 7 or 8
Weird, I would imagine Kalista as strong laner since she can dodge a lot, she has way to farm with E reset, she also has poke skillshot and she has some additional vision on her kit to keep her safer from ganks :/.
: did you just say jinx has a weak early game....
It could be worse but compared to some other ADC's its not among the best. Especially after nerfs. Of course this is just my experience from playing her, peace :P
Lugg (NA)
: Why is Twitch not more popular?
Well, I think its mostly him having weak early just like Vayne or Jinx, but for example Vayne scales still better into lategame trough her true damage and Jinx trough her AoE dmg. Twitch has his ulti, which is pretty wonderful but while its down he is pretty lackluster compared to Vayne (who has her W all time) or Jinx (who has her Q all time).
: why am i being matched against plat/gold?
I'm not sure if this applies to ranked only but duoQ increases MMR of enemy team (unless they also have duoQ) so maybe that?
: Faker starting a Break The Meta series in LCK
I've tried to use Zyra mid several times but I kind of don't want to because people tend to flame you for it and one kill given suddenly makes me feeder.
: List of Garbage Champions Riot isn't Working On
Br4ndon (NA)
: Soraka's E need to quality of life change
I have same experience. It doesn't feel its silencing anything.
: What are some supports who protect their ADC as a top priority?
One and only: {{champion:40}} Peeling Queen. If you want to play tanks, I would say {{champion:412}} can either go offensive but also protect his team with fair amount of CC and that lantern saves lives.
Rebonack (NA)
: How would you feel if each player on each team got one ban?
: Im so sick of the lack of room for ad based champs because 1 role is always pure ad by default.
You could balance out team combo with for example {{champion:143}} support and {{champion:113}} jungler, and maybe add something like {{champion:31}} tank top? Then your mid would be prefectly free to play {{champion:91}} for example.
Valheeru (NA)
: Ashe's downfall
She was OP. She can still definitely hold her own but is no longer oppressive for early levels. I would say nerfs still leave her on strong spot, she deals a lot damage lategame with her steroid, plus she has her amazing utility. She was also quite safe laner and with her slow she could easily get 2-3 autos off on trades, making her quite hard enemy for anyone with less range than she has. Which is most of ADC's, only Caitlyn and Varus have more range than Ashe, (out of ADC's)
Ternt (NA)
: [Gameplay] This game is simple, yet complex.
I built {{item:3139}} for {{champion:22}} because {{champion:238}} was continuously roaming to bot and according to my support I was noob because I should have built {{item:3035}} as 3rd item. They had no tanks at all and none had bought armor so I tought it could wait but not then :/
Avios1 (NA)
: The Challenge
{{champion:67}} ... Support could prove challenging.
: surrendering 3/2 plus carry
"Carry" thing doesn't work since best player of team could quite well be support still having less gold than someone else.
FHMarshy (NA)
: I'm pretty sure the OP meant in a 1 shot combo. Please do tell me how much AP did you expect on Ashe to 1 shot you? and you are just being funny saying Vayne can one shot anyone
I was giving examples of champions who CAN NOT one shot
She is considered one of the best supports anyway... If anything she needs a nerf.
: Its something i'm used to, which is why I always pick tanky supports if the AD carry picks her. And if they pick her AFTER I already locked in the likes of {{champion:267}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}}. I typically just dodge que or find another team builder group. Since they have such horrible synergy with her. and if Kalista expects me to launch myself at the enemies to save her as the champions listed above, It turns into Kalista getting away, but the support committing suicide to do so. (Which is something supports do anyways, but its usually their own decision if the carry is fed enough) But yes, as a squishy support, I hate {{champion:429}} .
It can also be used to save support. But yeah, Kalista who was perfectly safe decided to ulti me in the middle of teamfight JUST after I had used {{champion:40}} ulti to get room between our APC and Talon. So heal got wasted.
: Make Braums stand behind me terrain
I can see new FOTM botlane... {{champion:67}} - {{champion:201}}
: Funny team comp
Hard countered by {{champion:134}}
: I'm getting my Ashe beat
-Pushing lane is like red flag to enemy jungler -It could help if instead of IE you would have for example {{item:1038}} and {{item:3006}}. Movespeed is very important on otherwise very immobile Ashe. -If lane is going badly maybe try to build {{item:3072}} as first item. (But remember to grab tier 2 boots relatively fast) -Use that E, it can save your life and help to check objectives.
: If Point-Click-and-Delete is OP...
Every champion has autoattack and therefore equal right to build more this OP point and click damage.
: "Leblanc's Q is now a skillshot"
No please, LB's problem isn't her mark, it's her BlinkBlinkBlink
FHMarshy (NA)
: LMAO seriously this is just showing how unfamiliar you are with the game and champions. Talon has passive that benefits from two of his skills. If played right, Talon can easily dominate a lane that leads to victory of the game. And "Every one hero in this game can kill another hero with his combo" No, No and No lmfao. Do you even play this game ? What is Bard gonna do with QWER? How is Lulu 1 shotting people with QWER? What can a Teemo do with QWER? What can almost ANY adc do with QWER? Please use your brain before posting retarded threads. This is literally one of the most retarded threads I've seen here.
{{champion:67}} I harmlessly roll to side, then I... Umm do nothing, then I save you with my knockback, then I gain AD and might stealth. Since we only spoke about QWER I assume I can't use my powerful autos. {{champion:22}} I enhance my autoattacks that I can't use in this mindgame, then I shoot arrows for some damage, then I shoot a nice glittering bird to scout if you have allies close. Then I stun you with big arrow, but I don't think its enough to kill you. Yeah, there are a lot champions who aren't gonna kill with QWER, above 2 examples :)
: Bronze/Silver is just about who has the troll
About to start a game with Teemo Jungler when we already had Vi jungler right here... (Albeit no ranked, just low mmr normals)
: > [{quoted}](name=Xinotine,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GkEWRlRs,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2015-06-08T15:57:30.238+0000) > > I am 30. And no worries, not going to ranked anytime soon. And even if I played ranked likeliness we will be matched together is zero since we are on different server. Don't worry. My apologies on how I presented that remark, I meant no disrespect/sarcasm, I was merely trying to warn you off from ranked because of the extreme toxic players that dwell therein. {{champion:150}}
Ahaa, thank you for clarifying and sorry for misunderstanding you. Yeah, that's the main reason I haven't played ranked at all, I would just ruin someone's promotionals or something, and then they would be mad at me.
: You're tilting in normal matches so please, please, please stay TF out of ranked when you hit 30. {{champion:150}}
I am 30. And no worries, not going to ranked anytime soon. And even if I played ranked likeliness we will be matched together is zero since we are on different server. Don't worry.
: {{item:3140}}
I need IRL Quicksilver's Sash :)
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=NemeBro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l1JKd64b,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-06-08T05:17:29.972+0000) > > For someone so humble you sure do bitch a lot and put all the blame for everything on the ADC. Let me know how humble you become when EVERY ADC treats you like shit.
What about when support flames me for every mistake... Being morgana who started with Dorans Ring and taking CS?
: > [{quoted}](name=LaserDeathBlade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l1JKd64b,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-06-08T05:28:30.241+0000) > > Lmao you know this whole bot lane 'respect' thing goes both ways > > And honestly most of the time when bot's feeding, it's because the support is sucking ass. Or the marksmen thinks they are doublelift locked in vayne and then gets angry when a janna can't save them when they went back in with 25% health vs an enemy at 50% health. Seen this all to often.
Happens both ways, many times when I play Vayne support needs to try lvl 4 engage agaisnt Graves-Leona.
: Dear ADC mains,
By generalizing whole bunch of people as toxic I think you make yourself look very naive. I say gj to my support. I apologize if I kill steal another person by accident. I apologize if I die and that {{champion:7}} or {{champion:238}} gets fed. Today I had game as {{champion:22}} where I sacrificed myself twice to slow down chasing enemies to let my teammates including support to escape. And apperly I'm toxic because I'm ADC main. Thanks for feedback.
: oriannas farming ability is too strong
If she spams Q-W to farm she will be OOM in no time :/
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