: This makes me very uncomfortable Riot...
Why don't we all just report his channel (nightblue3) on YouTube and twitch and get him banned, because i saw some of his videos and he really has paranoia.
: We gut entire champions kits, but for Yasuo..
You guys keep on complaining like a guest who wants to take what's not his rights in a hotel without any effort so he takes it, Yasuo is a very hard champion to master, and only few people could master him, yeah he has what he has but it doesn't give him that safety in game, he is a weak champion after all that nerfs unless you are pro with him, and many champions can counter him hard where Yasuo can't do anything but lose his lane instead of them, specially if they have a cooperative jungler, I only want to say this to Riot ; don't listen to complainers for no reason

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