Keiaga (NA)
: I don't have any issues taking advantage of strong characters to grind out some wins. That doesn't change the fact that every elo Yi is consistently above Kayne in Winrate, damage dealt, kills, and general role ranking.
Don't u know Yi is barely played in high elo because he's so useless? No, u definetely don't know that
Keiaga (NA)
: Kayne doesn't go out of control as often or as hard as Yi does. But I don't have the stats to back that up so we could both just be saying anything we want at this point.
Keiaga (NA)
: Kayne doesn't go out of control as often or as hard as Yi does. But I don't have the stats to back that up so we could both just be saying anything we want at this point.
Whatever, u just gonna tell me Yi is more OP than Kayn because, u know, u just dont see how things are, i bet you are not jungler, not toplaner and u play botlane or maybe mages :) ye, master yi more op, thats why u see him all the time, not like kayn who no one plays kayn, right? xD just end of conversation here
Saezio (EUNE)
: You count iron bronze silver and gold. Because players there are so good that the stats are worth mentioning? xD I just have an opinion that stats matter when they refer to people that at least have SOME clue about how to play the game.
I COULDN'T AGREE MORE. Iron to Silver/Gold shouldn't be a point of reference for stats, I mean, Iron and bronze, with all my respects, but they don't even know how this game works. Silver and Golds they are starting to realise that the game is actually so different from how they imagine. High Gold they finally kinda know how it works.
Keiaga (NA)
: Theres not much complexity in yis kit besides timing q and w to mitigate damage or keep chasing because of the resets on his ult and the way his kit works a yi that ever reaches lategame or gets ahead thats smart enough to handle/avoid cc is very difficult to stop and is one of the most reliable champs to 1v5 for how easy it is. Compared to that rengar has a lot more depth and has to work a lpt harder to kill more than one target and none of the other champs you listed scales as hard as yi
ye, tell me that next time blue Kayn 1shots you just from inside a wall.
HàrrowR (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordle Skywalker,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tqjAIg0a,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-24T02:38:36.636+0000) > As an adc she outruns u, when you finally somehow (either flashing or whatever thing you do) get to her, she becomes invisible and she is again far from you, if you get to her again, then she WOOP teleports wherever she pleases and, 1. She doesn't outrun you, if you use a gap closer she has to use her E to escape and even then she's not really going that far since it lasts for less than a second. Her shield lasts for 2 seconds and repositions her something like 500 range away from the target, very much in the perfect distance of every ranged ability, gapcloser, pull, hook, cc and ranged auto in the game. > Ok, I mean, as an adc you are not supposed to have stealth (with increased MS), mobility (short range instant TP) with a shield as well, super long range poke, free damage with Q (she doesn't even need to click on you, just press Q and you eat all that damage) This literally tilts me so hard i want to explode. Who made you the lead designer of the damn game so you have authority to say what an ADC should and shouldn't have !? Vayne and Twitch are adcs with stealth and they were in the game since bascially season 1? Did you think Vayne and Twitch are new characters? Do you not count them as ADCs? ADCs Shouldn't have mobility? These are the only ADCs without any mobility, not even a MS buff in their kit {{champion:96}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}} that's literally 3 out of like 20. Basically only 15% of the ADCs don't have any mobility in their kit and you're here saying ADCs shouldn't have mobility? Like are you for real? Should tanks not have defensive abilities? Then you say she has a kit like an assassin she shouldn't be an ADC. So the only reason you're tilted is because you believe she should be classified as an assassin and not an adc? If riot moved her in the collections tab from Marksmen to Assassin all your problems would be solved right? And the funniest (or the saddest) part of it all is that youre a god damn Master Yi main and you're complaining about Kai Sa!? Please let me demonstrate your logic Aren't you tired of Master Yi? Assassins shouldn't have sustained DPS, Assassins shouldn't have a heal and a damage reduction, Assassins shouldn't have true damage, Assassins shouldn't be able to become untargetable. Now tell me do you believe all of this is true?
Aight, let me answer you calmly and respectfully, at least one of us will have respect for the other: I didn't say an ADC shouldn't have these things, what I mean is that an ADC shouldn't have ALL THESE THINGS TOGETHER. Ofc Vayne and Twitch have stealth, but they dont have other things, twitch doesn't have mobility, vayne doesn't have a shield. Also there are huge differences between Vayne and KaiSa: - Vayne has stealth on her ultimate which has a long CD (70s) 1s duration. Kai'Sa has stealth on her E (14s CD, 0.5s duration). Here we can start to see why Vayne is balanced and Kai'Sa isn't. - Vayne has a jump on her Q, a JUMP. Kai'Sa has a TP on her ultimate, an instant TP which u can't stop by hooking or anything, you CAN ACTUALLY hook Vayne jump. What me and a huge huge amount of people are saying is that Kai'Sa is a... sort of OVERLOADED AND BETTER VERSION OF VAYNE. Of couse an adc can have mobility, or stealth, or a shield, or poke, or attack speed buff, or movement speed buff BUT NOT EVERYTHING, NOT ALL OF THAT. Vayne and twitch of course they are adc's and ofc they are not OP because they don't have ALL THAT THINGS, while Kai'Sa does. Another thing i'm gonna to tell you before going to deal with my life is that the authority to say what an adc should or souldn't have was given by me in the moment i was born because EVERYONE CAN EXPRESS THEIR OPINION WHILE SHOWING RESPECT FOR THE OTHERS, thing that u clearly don't know how to do. We all have our right to express opinions, even you, but you should first respect other people's opinions and not talk to me in that madness state. Also, lets talk about Master Yi: He has: -Movespeed buff -Attack speed buff -Mobility (Q) (which btw is not immunity, that's more accurate for Fizz's E) to a target, not wherever. -Damage reduction and healing -True damage Kai'Sa has: -Movespeed buff (E) -Attack speed buff (after the invisibility) -Mobility (R) which is a TP wherever she pleases, not to a target. -Shield (R) -Poke (W and Q) -Burst (passive) -Stealth (E) Yeah, u annoyed by Master Yi? Who has half the resources than Kai'Sa? Well, it's your opinion, which i don't agree on, but still, a valid opinion. But you should be able to see that Kai'Sa is overloaded. None ADC has all that resources, NOT EVEN ONE, but her.
: Worst patch ever?
Exactly, they are making it so obvious. The blitz case is different tho. As we already said this in another discussion yesterday, the blitz buff is just a way to avoid the others hook supports to get banned (pyke and nautilus) since they are op. Thresh is another thing. Lets not brung thresh here. The best thing to do is to nerf those 2, but oh well lets not nerf op things, lets buff what is actually ok.
Bugog (NA)
: Karma is like Cinderella. She is a early game princess that magically turns into a peasant support @25 minutes unless the other team is ridiculously far behind.
Well, games dont last more than 30 minutes in general so she will be fine ^^
Keiaga (NA)
: Simple champs dont have less value. Maybe my opinion would be different if i was iin diamond but in plat elo id always rather see champs that are easy, dolid, and harf to mess up over complex champs that require perfect gameplay. For how easy yi is to play and how strong he can get when ahead hes in a pretty good spot id say
Well “easy”, Yi takes more complexity than just right clicking, obviously if you dont play Yi you only see his rightclick. But if he is in that pretty good spot he should be played a lot more than he actually is. But we only see Nunu, Kayn, Vi, Lee Sin, Jarvan, AP Malphite and a few more, but not Master Yi. That one champ is “easy to play” doesnt mean that he needs to be kinda weak or just fine. Some examples of champs that are “easy to play” and they are pretty strong are Tryndamere, Caitlyn, Rengar, Yuumi or a big variety of tanks.
: yea they need to get rid of his skill shots and make it easier to land his abilities
This is a serious post of a real problem. I don't think DEV's need comments of someone who hasn't even read the post and is just making fun of someone who is actually trying to make the game better. Respect.
Rioter Comments
: It's literally the same as Fiora's parry, except he gets to move with it. As someone playing a lot of Pantheon, it's entirely about blocking key moves, or winning a trade. If Panth uses it to help himself stay healthier after he stuns-Q, than he's vulnerable for a good 20 seconds during. Like Yasuo, most folks combos that don't include their ult are far shorter than that 20 second period. So he either eats an entire non-ult combo, or he uses his E, which puts him at risk for engages and ults. I have to hold myself back a lot when I face people like Darius or Kayle, because I know I need that invulnerability to stop their Ults. This puts Pantheons at a risk to themselves, cause getting stunned or displaced before he can E at low health is a death sentence.
Yes i understood that with your first reply. Maybe its just that i dont agree with the way that ability works, its totally broken, it makes no sense at all. There's no bruiser/engager with any invulnerability to EVERYTHING. Or at least i cant think of any, mi mind can only think on fizz but theres a huge diff between them, also fizz is an assassin. What im sayin is, ok, i understand the thing, now i just dont think its fair. The tristana thing with jinx traps, well we all know league doesnt have height, so thats a problem of programming, not a problem of... design. That trist cant jump that is kinda unfair or non-sense? well, maybe, but to fix that we would need a rework of the whole game code and changes to almost every champ/interaction so... yeah, lets not go into that, its a dark place xD
Crocele (NA)
: i wish galio had damage reduction back on his ult
I wish Galio doesnt 1shot you with just hextech protobelt.
: If you Q towards the Shield, than by simple logic, the direction of your attack is coming from the direction of the shield. This is consistent with every other attack in the game, even the ones that come from the ground.
I dont see your point, i mean i understand what you say but i cant agree on that. Alpha strike has no direction, nothing moving to nowhere, no projectile coming from nowhere, no one moving towards nowhere, its just master yi being "nowhere" and doing damage. I repeat, i understand your point but i just dont consider alpha strike working like that. Like, i feel like its a mistake to include alpha strike on "group of things that panth's E can block". Just to clarify things, does Panth's E block Soraka silence? If yes, Panth E is clearly bad designed. If no, then Alpha Strike shouldn't be blocked either.
: They killed Karma and replaced her with Orianna as the utility mid laner.
I dont think Karma is dead. Her kit will keep her being a broken champ no matter what. If not broken, annoying or toxic, just as Akali, yes she has negative winrate, bad stats, oh well, she still toxic, annoying and broken for many people, no matter if they keep nerfing her, her kit is the "problem".
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Whats with the Orianna buff?
Because they need to take care of Faker so he doesnt cry because he needs to get a penta with a good Orianna combo so he continues being the best player of all time in league. So yes, they are caressing Faker for Worlds. Question solved? xD
Velasan (NA)
: For the same reasons they keep buffing Vayne {{champion:67}} . They made a clearly superior version of the exact same champion in Kaisa {{champion:145}} . Now to keep Vayne relevant they have to keep nerfing Kaisa or buffing Vayne ad infinitum.
Instead of nerfing kaisa, which is what we all want here, stop buffing stuff, just slow game down, back to season 4/5, lets take a break, we would like to play calmly, without that stress at minute 10. Oh well, they buffed vayne because u know, vayne 2.0 is striking hard, and wait for the other adcs to get buff, kogmaw, corki, ashe, sivir, kalista, just wait xDxDxDxDxDADSFADSFASDF
: I rather deal with blitzcrank over Naut/Pyke/Thresh. All 3 of those have more to offer than blitz besides their hooks. And when I do play a hook champ, it's always Naut/Pyke/Thresh for the exact same reason. The range buff to blitz Q isn't going to change this.
YOu are not jungler, are u? Lets see boards after a couple days since the changes. Or just youtube montages with blitzcranks everywhere fucking junglers 1st camp. Then come here and tell us "this has not changed anything"
Saezio (EUNE)
: It's only fair he gets a longer hook when that's all he offers.
Instant (no animation) all-way hook, Point-and-click knock up, AOE silence. Are u telling us that he only offers hook? Blitzcrank is ok, he is just fine. He doesnt need a buff, the others need a nerf.
: so what would that mean about thresh?
I dont have big brain like the person who started this post but about thresh i see a big difference between him and the other hook supports: If you are in front of Blitz, Naut or Pyke u are gonna eat the hook 90%. If you are in front of Thresh u might be able to dodge his hook like... lets say 50%? Thresh has an animation before landing hook, which blitz, naut and pyke dont, well pyke kinda does but hes invis so... its weird. Also the speed of the hook on thresh is pretty low, while blitz naut and pyke have like super fast hook throwing. Also, since thresh release back in i dont even remember season 4? he has only got nerfed over and over and over and over until he is a nice utility support but i just dont include him in this nice group of hook supports anymore. Blitz hook takes u to him, pyke hook takes u to him, naut hook takes u half way to him and he goes half way to u, THRESH HOOK PULLS U 1CM? AND HE GOES ALL THE WAY TO U. He just not that "dangerous". And as i said thresh has got nerfed Q, lantern too, ghmmm ultimate like more than 2 times xD basic attacks range and i think the dmg on Epassive too... He is rly useful yes, but for me he's trash since many years ago.Why would u play thresh if u can play naut or pyke? And blitz now :) SOOO NON-SENSE ALL TOGETHER
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: HotS teamfights have significantly less damage than League's
Totally agree, nothing to add. Brilliant post, awful work by riot ^^
: Riot's issues with bans
Ok, i see your point and i understand you...kinda. After SEVEN, not almost 1, SEVEN years playing this game, basically what i think i can tell u is that... yes, ban system is not perfect, in fact it has a lot of issues and, yes, its sometimes stupid BUT, 1st lesson, dont use chat unless its totally necessary i only use it for "nashor and finish?", "jinx has ult?", "lucian take red", "how much for your flash?" THATS IT, NOTHING ELSE. If youfeeel like u are about to kill someone's mother, just hide the chat, dont use it. If u feel like someone is a kid who is flaming or just being a kid, just mute him, dont even read it. DONT USE CHAT, EASY. 2ND LESSON: calling people "dogs" is, in fact, offensive, and is not respectful at all, AT ALL. What riot may be considering here is... someone who has that amount of followers, someone as unfluential as him SHOULD BEHAVE AND BE AN EXAMPLE OF SPORTSMANLIKE PLAYER, AND OF RESPECT FOR THE OTHER PLAYERS. If he is behaving like a kid, crying like a baby or insulting/offending other players yes, he should get banned, same as me, same as you, same as anyone, but in his case is worse because he somehow has a responsability since he is streaming for such a huge amount of people. But, just take my advice, DONT USE CHAT, DONT CARE ABOUT WHO GETS BANNED, CARE ABOUT DONT GETTING BANNED YOURSELF. You're welcome.
: Pantheon E should really be damage reduction instead of immunity
And now comes when I tell you that this ability is not only op, it's also bad designed or half-bugged, i dont know how to call it, the thing is, it's supposed to block dmg incoming from the front, ok. Does Master Yi Alpha Strike (Q) count as a... incoming damage from any direction? I'd say NO. Well, i'm not sure if this happens always, I'd say NO aswell but... It has happened to me already twice. Q'ing with Master Yi a Pantheon who is using E and OH NO DAMAGE, IMMUNITY, OH, IT DID NOTHING TO HIM OH... They should fix the ability and also yeah... just do the damage reduction thing instead of immunity, its so silly how he ignores 2 or 3 turret shots
Saezio (EUNE)
: at least vayne doesn't have 200% BASE AD+ 75% AP shield that teleports to anything that has been CCD or W She also doesn't get 4 seconds of att speed after exiting stealth and can't press an auto aim button that can keep going while she invis.
ye I mean, Vayne is a strong adc, she can be more or less annoying, but still, pretty balanced imo, strong but not toxic or non-sense, u know. kai'sa is just... what i said, u take a Vayne and hyperbuff her to the limits of nonsense and u got Kai'Sa. Like she has too many things. So u're right, vayne is super strong mid to late game, but not unbalanced nor stupid.
: Kaisa has been the most overpowered ADC since she was released, she is in every game in pro play and Riot takes their sweet time nerfing her. Meanwhile Varus is gutted because he's a "staple in pro play" This is why this game fucking sucks. Every balance decision based on favoritism, bunch of champion glitches that don't get fixed (ww anyone?l
We still waiting for guinsoo's bug to be fixed :)
: Why would it be ok to lose less LP because of unfairly losing due to one thing beyond your control (a teammate going afk), but not for a different one ( your botlane going 0/10)? Teammates feeding can be just as much of a disadvantage as someone going AFK.
I've always thought that your LP gain/lose should be some sort of mix of your kda, farm, gold, and win/loss, so if you go 10/2 but you lose because you got a 0/10 botlane, they will lose the normal LP maybe -16 or so, but u would gain maybe +1/+2 or just +0 LP, that would make it fair. If you win with like 15/5 u will gain more LP than if you get carried with 2/2. I know sounds crazy or kinda hard to pull but im sure it'd be possible. They would have to do it carefully because Supports :) dont forget they dont farm and they dont (or usually dont) get kills.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordle Skywalker,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tqjAIg0a,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-09-24T02:38:36.636+0000) > > Here's the thing: Aren't you all junglers/assassins/bruisers tired of kai'sa? As an adc she outruns u, when you finally somehow (either flashing or whatever thing you do) get to her, she becomes invisible and she is again far from you, if you get to her again, then she WOOP teleports wherever she pleases and, surprise, she was almost dead but shield comes in action :) and if you are still able to catch her and fight her, she just Q's which does waaay too much damage, and SURPRISE you dead. > Ok, I mean, as an adc you are not supposed to have stealth (with increased MS), mobility (short range instant TP) with a shield as well, super long range poke, free damage with Q (she doesn't even need to click on you, just press Q and you eat all that damage). Also there's another things like she scales off AD, AP, can evolve abilities, does both, physical and magic damage... > I could be here all day talking about this "adc". Her kit is disgusting, so toxic, as an adc she has an assassin kit in my opinion, shouldn'be be played as an adc then, I feel like she's a hyper buffed Vayne 2.0, innecessary imo. I know adc players might say she's just fine. Well, she's always picked or banned, I'm starting to feel tired of seeing Kai'Sa everywhere, every game, like there's no more adc's. When was the last time you saw a Kog'Maw, Corki, Kalista or Varus? I feel like... it is always Kai'sa on one side and some adc like Lucian, Vayne or Sivir on the other side, but there isn't a game without a Kai'sa involved. > I just think she's too much. Let me know your opinion on this, maybe it's just me being too worried or ignorant, but I just dont enjoy games anymore when I see Kai'sa in either team. She really needs to be brought to other adc's level to make the game more fair, since botlane has such a huge impact. > Let me know if I'm just crazy. Thx I wouldn't say you're crazy. You're just expressing an opinion, but to be frank, I'm just not having the same problems as you concerning Kai'sa. It might be because I did some research on the champion as soon as it came out back in the day (which I've done ever since the fiasco that was Yasuo's release, but that's a story for a different board XD), or maybe my play style just messes with Kai'sa players. I find that Kai'sa shows up in a little under a third of my games (seriously, check my match history... Second thought don't, my last two games in a row i had 4 tilt-o-matics instead of teammates and the sudden influx of residual salt might cause heart problems for readers), and I'm not seeing her banned very often either. As far as her kit goes, well... I don't really have much difficulty with that either, as an opposing support or adc. Her q will only burst you down insanely hard if you're the only target in range, hanging out by your minions and/or teammates can absolutely ruin her chances to use it, especially early game. Her long-range shot is, in fact, a skill shot, so moving in random patterns when not auto-ing minions or otherwise occupied often leads to them missing you altogether, and if you see an ally get tagged with it, and know she can teleport to them, typically i hangout near said ally until the mark fades to prevent surprise-deletions, or at least avenge said teammate if it happens. Her dash into stealth is separated into two parts, increased move speed, THEN a short stealth followed by atk speed increase, and at no point during either of these is she immune to CC, so if you can guess where she is, or wait and land an on-target debuff like a Teemo q as soon as you can see her again, you can still mess her up. Again, not saying you're "crazy", or otherwise trying to devalue your post, but 90% of the time when I see Kai'sa, the last thing she does is stand out. Hope some of the details above help anyone struggling with her and have a good one.
That's all good but in first place we are talking, at least im talking, about assassins, bruisers who tries to make a catch on her mid/late game, not in laning phase, which we all know her laning phase is not one of the strongest. Obviously if we are late game and idk, Zed, Yi, whoever tries to catch her waiting in bushes or whatever strategy, here comes the problem, u dont have minions, u dont have anything i mean, its not laning phase, which is what you are talking about. Also u are one of the few people who doesnt struggle with her, just read the comments.
: Let's take a look shall we? Zoe Q does at max distance (without putting you to sleep) (170+60% AP)x1.5. So With 1000 AP She does (170+600)x1.5, which is 1155dmg. Even a squishy at level 18 has over 1500hp, and that 1155 is assuming no MR, and that she actually has 1000AP, Which based on typical builds... Rabbadon 120, Lichbane 80, Ludens 90, Morrello 70, and we'll throw in Void 70. So that's 430+40%=602, which isn't even close to 1000, so REALLY her damage is (170+361)x1.5=797. So... yes we are on this planet.
Zoe player alert!
: > I don't know how, I have a few ideas but i'm not a developer, the only thing i know is that the current system isn't working in a fair way. The most obvious way of doing it is 1% crit = 1% increased AA damage Which is how much crit on average increase AA damage and nothing changes at 0% crit with it still being 0% increased AA damage and 100% crit with it still being 100% increased AA damage {{item:3031}} would just make it so that 1% crit = 1.25% increased AA damage This is how Ashe passive works just that Ashe gets "Free" +10% increased AA damage however with the downside of her only being able to crit on enemies affected by her passive
But that makes crit non-crit at all, thats just extra AD, basically. It kills the concept of critical strike, which is supposed to be a powerful AA, not a slightly increased damage AA (with 1% crit). A crit should be a crit, if you have 200AD it should do approx. 400 damage, despite your crit being 1% or 100% chance. I don't think this is a good idea because, u know, it basically destroys the crit concept.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: I love playing zed against kai'sa. I ult her, she tanks my entire damage with her ult shield and one shots me in 2.5 seconds, it's really so much fun to play against I don't see the problem
me neither {{champion:145}}
datfatguy (OCE)
: No ADC should have both a dash and invisibility and still have an insane damage output *COUGH COUGH {{champion:145}} FUCKING COUGH COUGH {{champion:67}} *
: Stop watch shouldnt build into GA tbh. I feel like GA should require like two {{item:1038}} {{item:1038}} and 2 {{item:1029}} {{item:1029}} into {{item:1031}} . "That costs to much"... and? The item is legit so fuckin easy to build it's ridiculous. You should have to grind for a high reward item. I believe stop watch should just be as hard to acquire too. {{item:2419}} is such a clutch.
Totally agree with you, I don't know which solution would be better for this but right now it is just not working well.
: > [{quoted}](name=50CaliberHecate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ozPL1Ajy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-24T09:04:33.622+0000) > > Stop watch shouldnt build into GA tbh. I feel like GA should require like two {{item:1038}} {{item:1038}} and 2 {{item:1029}} {{item:1029}} into {{item:1031}} . > "That costs to much"... and? The item is legit so fuckin easy to build it's ridiculous. You should have to grind for a high reward item. > > I believe stop watch should just be as hard to acquire too. {{item:2419}} is such a clutch. No. GA is fine at it's current cost (2800) It used to be 2400 in previous seasons. If any of the stopwatch items are overpowered it's Zhonya's.
The only reason why Zhonya is more broken than GA is just that GA would pop when they "kill" you, with Zhonya, you decide when to activate it, you have the control. Also the CDR, but, again, if you have read all my post, the stasis effect should be exclusive for that engaging champions like Morgana or Fiddlesticks, so Stopwatch shouldnt be building into GA, or maybe its just better to remove stopwatch. Also theres that item, Gargoyle Stonplate, which no one builds btw, is it necessary that stopwatch builds into THREE items? Giving that Zhonya stasis effect to anyone who wants to use it?
: While champions like Zed, Kha'Zix and Rengar exist... Yes
I don't agree on that... While those assassins can be sometimes annoying or unfun to play against, why is there a counterplay with Zhonya which is an option for AP mages but not an option for AD champions? If you are playing Lux you'll get your Zhonya so you can counter Zed ult or Rengar jumping on you, but what happens with adc's or just AD champions in general? They dont have that option to counter Zed ult if they get focused. Also, stuff like LeBlanc or Akali or Katarina exists and theres not an alternative to Zhonya, with the same stasis effect, that gives MR. So I don't see your point, does an adc need to build Zhonya and just pay for AP and armor to counter LeBlanc chains?
: Pantheon's Aegis Assualt, why does it block AoE damage?
Ok, i dont know if its a bug, or i just didnt see something that happened but im pretty sure that today i was playing master yi and i alplha on a pantheon who had his shield going and i did no damage at all, 0. He was like 100hp and he just ignored my alpha? There was no shields, no supports nearby, no phantom dancer... nothing. Only he and his E. Is it possible or did i miss something?
: She can pop 3 flashes in a row only if her enemies popped at least 2. So yes, its a pretty big deal. Meanwhile other champions have 3 mobility spells ready whenever needed but its somewhy ok Like imagine Zoe having {{champion:105}} E on her W instead. She can't oneshot people with her Q alone. If she hits E, you have enough time to remove it, run/dash away or hide behind minions/allies. If Zoe ults to hit her Q, she risks getting hit by whatever is aimed at her starting point, she can't just throw and run away And Nidalee still can throw a spear from off-screen and do tons of damage.
She cant oneshot with Q alone? Excuse me sir? Are we in the same planet? This is hillarious
: > [{quoted}](name=KnightLakega,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=cLst2Fhd,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-23T23:13:34.377+0000) > > No champ should be able to miss everything and still kill... Zed, Akali, and other champs havet his same problem with the insane damage overloaded into this game now. > > Zed can whiff 90% of his stuff and still 100-0 you in .3 seconds, and that's before he gets fed, just a few half damage items. The fact that this was upvoted shows the state of the boards. **This. Shit. Is. Not. True.**
Zed player here huh?
Hi im 12 (EUNE)
: well isn't this a fitting thread, just got 100-0d by a zoe that missed all skillshots last game lmao
Also true, she can miss but with few amount of AP and lich bane she just auto you and OH SURPRISE YOU EXPLODE. Now i wanna see someone posting here thats thats ok
: Zoe ain't that bad. And it's honestly not like nid isn't chunking ppl from half a lane away. Kinda funny How Zoe is considered this horrible by the boards when the boards also glorifies skillshots like they're the Pinnacle of skill.
Excuse me, one thing is a skillshot that u see coming to you nd u can dodge or not, it depends on how and when and to where it is shot, but u see it coming from a champion that is actually in your screen; another thing is a skillshot that comes from nowhere from a champion that is a screen away from where you are and u just dont see it coming. So yes skillshots are nice and beautiful and when you hit you Lux Q on 2 enemies its like woooow, but Zoe is way too unfair. U cant treat Zoe’s thingy the same as “general skillshots”. Thats not fair
: Shyvana...
Her huge aoe which btw has a shitty hitbox and it hits you even though u are a mile away from it.
: Leblanc seriously needs rework
The thing is... i don’t think making leblanc lanephase easier would be a great idea for a main reason, she already has an easy lanephase being that dominant. At least she has to have any issue in lane, to be... worried about anything. Imagine leblanc being as dominant as it is but also farming with her eyes closed, uh fun lane to play against. I underetand you but personally i cant agree, im so sorry
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: She is below 50% tho...
I know, and I don't think that has nothing to do with her being op or overloadead, the thing is a lot of people complaing about kai'sa, i can tell you some champs with negative WR that people complains about: Irelia, Yasuo, Yuumi, Sylas, Qiyana. I know they have negative WR but people complains about them, why? Either its annoying to lane against, or annoying to teamfight against, or just any other reason. If people complains about a champion, that champion is always played or banned but that champion has bad WR, its not that "oh, she's fine" no, maybe her kit needs some changes, some balances, to make her better champion but not that annoying or overloaded. Also to help people play against that champion, so they dont get annoyed and mindblown. It is a hard task, but I guess that's their job, which they're not doing at all.
: Most likely they'll buff a few ADCs next patch instead of nerfing her. And I don't think Sivir is played much either. Her pick rate dropped to 4% since her last nerf.
Sivir was just an example, i was not talking about the current state of sivir. But yeah i understand you and I dont think buffing adc's is the right way to go, I personally think botlane is already strong enough lane, that's my personal opinion, ofc
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordle Skywalker,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tqjAIg0a,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-24T03:31:19.019+0000) > > I don't really know what that means... are you with me or do you hate me? :') {{champion:145}} is one of the sources of my PTSD ._.
: Yeah. It's always a slippery slope if you start rounding like that, with no clear end. I did hear a good idea about making excess LP carry over to the next rank, to stop 99 lp from feeling as bad. That works out pretty well without falling to the same slippery slope.
WOW i never thought about that idea and it's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT
: > Like, hear me out. No one likes dealing with Cait and her critting headshots, Jinx and her passive + Rocket Crits, Trynd and his RNG crit chance, and Yas' crit chance doubler. No one likes dealing with enemies that can kill you and can resist being killed, that's ok. What exactly is the problem with crit? Apart from Tryndamere's earlygame, there are no situations where you are getting killed and its like "well, he just got that lucky 1/2/3 crits, othervise i would win" because ADCs usually do a lot of autoattacks so crits somewhat even themselves out. Replacing "X% chance to crit" with "+X% AA damage" would do neither good nor bad(except for required changes for Tryndamere, Yasuo and Randuins), but there's almost no point in these changes Also, crit wasn't "nerfed to dumpster". Crit itemisation was. ADCs had 0 AD on their items before their 3rd item(IE). But the crit mechanic itself was the same and it will probably stay like this for a while
The problem with crit is that having 50% crit chance, as Master Yi, ulting and going for someone, autoattack 4 or 5 times and get 0 crits, and then die, while the other guy lives with like 100hp is bullshit. Thats the problem, that crit chance system isnt really... real. There must be a way to do it not so random and do it more... accurate. I don't know how, I have a few ideas but i'm not a developer, the only thing i know is that the current system isn't working in a fair way.
: {{champion:89}} *deep breathing intensifies*
I don't really know what that means... are you with me or do you hate me? :')
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: So Zoe is...
Exactly, years ago riot made changes into Nidalee because 1 spear from off-screen taking more than half your hp made no sense, and now BOOM we have Zoe, who does the same but even in more ridiculous way, because she makes u sleep for like 1 hour and then u are dead, and u dont even see it coming :)

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