: Yeah because that bruiser yi was totally balanced. (the devourer one from earlier in the year)
it actually was in high elo. you wanna know the differents between yi now and back then? him getting sated. now he cant get that power spike early enough in any elo for it to be worth so he is trash. back when sated was here noobs in piss and shit tiers let him get sated but in higher elos like diamond and plat a yi had to work really fucking hard to get a sated against super aggressive junglers like lee khazix rengar and kindread which where the only things being played at the time. I dont expect you to understand the skills needed for that because if you did you would know them and would be in a higher tier (sorry if that sounds likes i have an ego but it is true and the same applies to me and other mechanics like I dont understand why pro players value jarvans ult over sejanies for example) but all im going to say is the current yi is balanced for shit tier elos and sated yi was balanced more for higher elo play. currenty yi in plat is an absolute joke it is simlar to getting a teemo on your team. (and no winrates do not prove anything lee sin is a god tier jungler but his winrate is 47% kayle is classed as a troll pick and is at 50.7%)
: in bronze/silver and dont belong? prove it
i cba to read this but bronze and silvers are getting boosted to fuck anyway. playing a plat (top 3% of player base) game oh and its clear as fuck 3 people where boosted. its not even a matter of if they are on my team or not its just annoying how riot is "YOU WORK AS TEAM OR LOSE!" and then it comes down to how many boosted fucks each team got.
: by not realizing its salt, you did. hmm how does this go? "I haven't shown any ~~stupidity~~ raving lunacy in my one sentence." yeah that seems about right. He is claiming their kit is destroyed, they aren't. Shyvv and Yi both have sub 50 win rates at plat and above. Plat+ is where people know how to counter them (champion.gg). He is swearing and blowing his shit about champs not getting skins when ekko has more. he's raging about ekko being OP (when he isn't) He's incredibly salty.
just wanna bump in they did work at high elos like plat where i am -_- but they get nerfed because balanced stuff that is simple in high elo is broken op in piss and shit elos (shit for bronze and piss for silver)
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Kazu (NA)
: Kennen main now?
I dont actually play kennen I just wanted a name change but this one is lasted ages because im not playing league anymore.
Senate (NA)
: Malzahar's Taunt to Mordekaiser
Zennoth (NA)
: Been around since end of season1. He did deserve heavy nerfs, but not to the point where he is a worse version of leblanc/fizz and his ultimate being incredibly underwhelming.
i do not care to be honest if you think its undeserved to be honest its the one thing that me and my friends say to each other to keep up playing friend: jesus fucking christ i hate these long as fuck queue times me: yeah but at least we arnt playing vs a kassadin anymore *everyone laughs*
Zennoth (NA)
: That's a terrible attitude to have.
you fucking clearly werent here for it. imagen tank ekko but with 4 times the slipyiness. 0 counters and could 1 shot everyone in the game and i had to deal with it for 3 seasons. i dont give a fuck if its terrible. nerfing that fucker to unplayable statues was the best thing to ever happen to this game.
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: Can Stinger give movement speed?
: 1 dont fight him in his turrets=not hidden power 2 what are you saying excactly? 3 Her E does not have hidden power. If you are lower health than her, expect a slow. If you have more health, expect a stun. She is getting reworked because she is too overloaded. true damage, health sustain, AOE damage, stun, slow, mobility, CC reduction. She is too overloaded and is getting reworked because of that. 4 Pantheon and zed both have hidden low health power but more so for pantheon. 5 Having mixed damage is not hidden power. 6 Inconsistency=/=hidden power. you can destroy the plants and play around them they are not hidden power. If you see plants, destroy them or get away from them. 7 What? There are plenty of champions with passive heals {{champion:57}} for example. HIs Q is just a dueling buff that is easy to predict which means it is not hidden power His w is a dueling buff that you can actively play around. And the buff to his passive is sorta hidden power, I guess? except you can still bait him out of his zone HIs E not hidden power. If thats hidden power than so is {{champion:34}} i guess you could call his ult hidden power but its another dueling buff you can plan for. The difference is that fizz's W does damage based on how much health you are missing and it lacks in visuals warning you that he has his W active. The equation for damage is all over the place on top of the lack of visuals
by your logic fizz w isnt hidden power because his stabby stick (dont have a fucking clue what its name is) turns a different colour or gets some particles added. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDgRfNd3CRY&t=0m30s that is not the reason its classed as hidden power the reason its classed as hidden power is because its a percentage damage dot meaning as the dot ticks away it gets strong and stronger making it inconsistent. hidden power does not have anything to do with the actual animations lol. thats like saying power creep is buffing a champion that crawls like reksai or skarner lol
: I have no idea how any of those champions have hidden power except maybe pantheon. You can't 1v5 against a competent team as illaoi, at least not anymore
hidden power means inconsistency in power without any warning. with heimer this is shown in his turrents and hes "i land a stun i can one shot you now" combo illaoi hidden power comes the damage from all her spells being inconsistant like her q damage. hits you = 100 damage. hits the e? 15? 50? 70? and w is also true since im some bases its 0 things that hit you and sometimes it can be up to 9. irelia has hidden power in her passive and her e. for pretty obvious reasons and is partly why she is getting a rework. phanton has hidden power due to his below 15% always crit thing. poppy has hidden power due to her passive with no indicator however this one is very minor but it is worth noting. shyvanas damage comes from loads of different on hit sauces... most new players think shyvanas main damage source is ad which is kind of true atm dealing 50% ad damage 40% ap and 10% true but with sated it was 30% ad 60% ap and 10% true damage. zyra has inconsistency due to her plants. and trundle basicly everything on him is hidden power. his passive is an in consistent heal. his q is hidden power by giving him ad + taking yours away his w helps his passive his e is the only thing without hidden power (expect you know pinning someone against a wall i guess) and then the is his ult which i dont need to explain.
: @RIOT thoughts on Fizz's W?
if we are talking about hidden power lets disgust the worst champions for that. {{champion:74}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:143}} and of course the king of hidden power {{champion:48}} and i love hidden power champions but you can piss people right the fuck off with them. being 4 v 1 by the enemy illaoi thats 0/5 because you walk into 4 passives + 5 man ult with e? thats awesome.
Dankstin (NA)
: Her aoe can crit!? That's crazy!
yeah.. its a flat damage buff + its all classed as a critable auto thats why shes classed as one of the best teamfighting adcs.
Dankstin (NA)
: Jinx Mains?
pros, highest consistant dps of all the adcs with minigun and fastest tower destroyer. aoe crits snowball based global pressure has quite a bit of cc with a slow + 3 possible snares. cons weak laning once falls behind she becomes pretty worthless she gets BLOWN THE FUCK UP by anything with a gap closer.
: Kassadin - Rift Walk needs the range back to 700
kassadin had 3 seasons of being bat shit broken i never want to play with him again. leave him weak as piss.
Zukaro (EUW)
: Detecting 'Death Brushes'
i watched the whole thing and couldnt tell what your on about?
: Riot's New Grading System: A Little Harsh?
it compairs your proformance on the champ in that roll to the average for that region so i dont think its un fair at all since its much easier to get pentas on katarina then nami for example.
: when the zed u smashed in lane tells u he was a plat smurf tha whole time
jesus people say they are plat smurfs? thats low why the fuck would anyone have respect for plat as a rank? (coming from a plat 2)
Koharix (NA)
: When you play Ranked
how fucking old is that monitor?
: I use {{champion:102}} in top lane when the enemy is {{champion:86}} in draft matches. She makes quick work of him. I used to run {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} , but after BotRK active wears off, it's impossible to stay glued to Garen and she doesn't really have a use for {{item:3071}} .
why the fuck are you playing shyvana top when {{champion:39}} and {{champion:24}} exist?
: Dr.Mundo Guide
spam the fucking q button
: Haters gonna hate http://livedoor.4.blogimg.jp/bbmt46/_f/efSt34W.gif
*grabs {{champion:17}} blowdart gun* time to murder some babies for some answers...
: http://33.media.tumblr.com/7ebe4093413b47c14e4d36100f758f0e/tumblr_n17b1p22P71tnos68o1_400.gif
i said "thats great" now answer the question of wtf it has to do with league?
: Daily Reminder that BabyMetal is the greatest metal band of all time
thats great but what the fuck does it have to do with league in any fucking way?
Caítlyn (NA)
: Good point. Now a revive has no place on a tank kit. Remove it.
health healing spells only make real sense on a tanks... would you really wanna swap anivias e for a 200 health heal? -.- tanks have the armor + magic resist to make their health worth while thats why most champs with inbuilt sustain are tanks/bruisers and if it is on a caster it is normaly cdr based or a stack of spells based. go threw every champ with a heal and see how much of it kit it is used for and what they are. {{champion:266}} pure healing based huge part of his kit is a bruiser. {{champion:103}} most people forget about it because it plays so little value in her kit.
Caítlyn (NA)
: Why the fck should {{champion:154}} have a 2nd passive?
because it makes sense to his kid as he is. 1, a health based tank. 2. uses health to cast spells. 3. isnt not a burst mage. Ok lets give anivia another passive she has no mana cost but all her spells cost 10% of her max health and her ult does 10% of her max health a second. she builds a {{item:3027}} she be fine. happy with these changes?
Caítlyn (NA)
: Give Anivia TWO passives
lets see... shes not weak... shes versatile... she is a good champ to main... why the fuck should she have a 2nd passive? i mean like... {{champion:157}} gets 100% extra crit for free? omfg buff {{champion:23}} so unfair he only gets 35% at 100% fury
: > your be happy https://i.ytimg.com/vi/DBg-ckMsGxU/hqdefault.jpg
._. ??? what???
spombjop (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordle Zeus,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=P6v2WWFK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-07T21:02:16.731+0000) > > something cant be balanced and needs a buff at the same time... nasus is my main so he can.
... huh? what ? im confused
spombjop (EUNE)
: I'm a Nasus main.
something cant be balanced and needs a buff at the same time...
: I don't know that that's helpful though. It seems problematic from both a thematic and practical side. In reducing the attack range, you take away the only form of poke the champion has and force her to commit harder to attempts to deal damage. Now, she'd suffer much worse from ranged champs and probably be unable to get away from those she doesn't want to be that close to. You give melees an opportunity to fight while at the same time taking away her ability to fight melees. Since she's all about the vital proc, she doesn't want to engage in long flat out brawls with other melees. It essentially feels like old Fiora Q. Thematically, it's inconsistent with someone who is a skirmisher and based on precision. It feels to similar to how Vi functions with her Q or Ult. Fiora is pretty inconsistent thematically right now, but this would only make it worse imo. We'd be backtracking to old Fiora, which I don't think most people want. Just my thoughts. You can reduce the range a little, but 400 to 125 is brutal.
ill go threw these points quickly since iv already been threw them with another dude. Fiora should not have poke on a engage/escape/passive procing spell to start with and last time i checked your not meant to poke an enemy from range with a sword. Force her to comitt harder? I dont see how this is unfair since she already has more cools then 99% of bruisers with the expection being irelia and all those must commit as well. ** Fiora is one of the best melee vs ranged champs and the only other one be irelia due to 60% cooldown refunded on hit. I do not see how it would stop her fighting melee targets? she is melee herself and thus it should be fair other melees can fight on fair grounds with her. If she suffered we could buff the dash range and that will bring it up and give her w**ay more uses for her q. a longer escape, can go over walls then, she can go from one side of the enemy to the other instantly rather then walking around. as for the theme i was never in the idea of a fence shooting swords at their enemy from range... i think... a sword fight.. something like this even tho its a joke https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGv7Cc7zpAE
: It didn't go over my head, I just fucking hate you so you threatening me makes retaliate to that. Oh and yes British people can have neck beards. But now we're racist too? Good, very good. Yes I'm done talking to you, you're deluded and I don't need to waste any more time on you, you can continue thinking you're the smartest, I'm done.
*shrugs* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to9s6NWLHvU
: > I feel we could either make her q damage only have a range of 125 ( a melee auto ) this would allow melee champs to react to her and also she wouldn't have the range to hit enemies while dashing backwards So make the circle after the dash 125? Just so I understand you correctly.
https://i.imgsafe.org/6d5fe1324c.png yes change the 400 unit damage zone to 125 so melee champions can punish it in some way and if riot wanted to keep the total distance the same they could buff the dash range leading to a better escape tool and easier use of her E.
: You'd pimp slap me? Well if you do try to make it hurt, neck beards generally don't hit very hard and you'd be no different. You talk big over the Internet but you'd shit your pants if anything happened, so don't try to act cool, you'll embarrass yourself.
it was meant to be in a jokey context which is normally accommodated with the term "pimp slap" but i guess that went over your head oh btw i am British we dont have neck-beards thats all NA, neckbeards, red necks and incest. also school shootings cant forget those. and i guess you not referring to any of my points means your done? good.
: For one, I got my info off the wiki, so I don't know what else you want, clearly you know more than that. And two she already has a shit ton of counter play, and all of her stats are in the fucking dumpster, so instead of wanting an over nerfed champion to get even more nerfed you could just learn to play against them instead of complaining on the boards because because you'll still one game as Gnar. She would have no safe way to farm in lane vs bullies and ranged opponents, they would just harass her out of lane as with this change she'd have no way to harass or trade black with out basically all inning them, no W does not count as harass. And yes i said Maokais is a low cd, but i never said Fiora's isnt. They are completely different yet Maokai's has hard cc attached and makes him invulnerable. I'm saying I want her to remain unchanged because every other aspect of her has been nerfed. Every single one. Base stats, nerfed. W damage and cool down, nerfed(24 seconds lol), E attack speed, the range and the slow, and her ult barely lasts. PLus making a change on a champion like that would make people who know who to play her completely have to re adjust to her Q, and if that is the same argument everyone used as to why you can't just change Zed and everyone agreed with it so it's the same principal here. It limits her power because she can't farm safely vs bullies and people with a lot of ranged harass effectively making her already weak laning phase even weaker. it would definitely just make it hell to lane. It wouldn't give it a more effective use of E combined with E's bonus range and her passive ms you already get into melee range fast enough. And third, you clearly didn't look at my profile where it clearly shows that I have 432.K mastery score, I haven't played her much this season in ranked because everyone wants a god damn tank top lane, which she isn't. And if you're gonna say I'm wrong because I'm silver you can go fuck yourself. Like look at my profile not my op.gg before you say anything but how does me not wanting a huge change like this to happen make me childish? Is it because it disagrees with your genius all knowing top 3% ways? Because changing an already weak champion to be even weaker so you have an easier time winning is not a good idea, no matter how much you want it to be.
i got my numbers from the game files and the wiki only displays the damage number if it displayed both it say 400/400 or something like on wukongs wiki page where it shows the ranges for him and his 2 clone things. Name the counterplay? for the 5th time it wouldnt cost her any power it just make fights more fair she is one of the most highly contested champions in elos where people can think. "everyone" agreed with the zed changes where unjust? so thats why they went threw? Fiora balance wise is in a fine spot... like yorick... that arnt the issue for the 5000th fucking time. it give her same range to farm and her laning phase is one of the strongest with a a valid player same as riven, a good one isnt weak in lane. if you have 420.000 on a champion and are silver that just shows a lack of willingness to learn and ajust which is proven in your test. ok if you say it makes her weak one more time i might get some hackers to find your address just so i can pimp slap the shit out of you. Its not a flat her she gains power in other areas. Remember when lucain lost auto attack range but then his e cooldown got lowered by every passive shot? if you dont heres a video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQdaQXup6A4 plus forcing fiora to be closer would mean riot would buff her with either tank stats like tankiness or increase her dueling power threw damage. So if you actually knew something about fiora you would know that this unpubishable q is one of the reasons she is so weak. So if you actually liked the champion you would embrace her swapping a toxic unpunishable mechanic for a more healthy one which would lead to her getting buffs. Now think carefuly about your next reply because if you just say "its gonna nerf her, i dont like it"im gonna tell you to fuck off
: the dash is 400 and 400, so already you're wrong. Fiora's dash range is both shorter than Irelia's and has less distance range and Fiora's can be dodged by backing up lol. Also, early game, which is where Gnar already beats her the dash is not 2 seconds, that is only with 40% cdr and a maxed Q so no, it is not 2 seconds all the time. Second, Gnar can use his dash and slow to keep way out of her range. And Irelia is a completely different character Irelia is effective because she can take the bullying range opponents have and her dash is a complete reset and can cover more distance not too mention she is harder to kite due to her passive and her on command low cd cc. Wukong has a point and click dash and it gives him an attack speed steroid as well. Maokai's is a low cd and makes him untargettable while snaring his opponent. Champions already can react fairly, and if the range was super short then it would also make csing in lane even more difficult to farm against ranged opponents, which yes, bully her. That would put her in melee distance vs a creep every single time she wanted to cs in lane meaning the range opponent can just keep tossing spells. It would also make it harder for her to kite as she could not jump back and hit them. That would severely hinder her in engaging and disengaging. And i dont give a fuck what percent you are, I am far more knowledgeable about this champion then you and I know that the changes you want are complete shit. She already has a ton of counterplay and that change would cost her a lot of power.
Ill try keep this as clean as possible but its hard to keep a structure when discussing things like this. Fiora range is definitely 500 + 400 according to the game files and in game mechanics here is a picture to break it down for you. https://i.imgsafe.org/6d5fe1324c.png Fiora dash is actually larger then Irelia Here is a picture of the 2 distances over-layed for you. https://i.imgsafe.org/6d69a5d3d5.jpg > that is only with 40% cdr and a maxed Q so no, it is not 2 seconds all the time. You are correct let me put the number ranges again with the correct numbers. Effective damage range: 56:25 - 112.5 without factoring in CDR this is still the highest ranged damage travel ability. Dash range: 31.25 - 62.5 So yes if we take away the fact its pretty much impossible for her to miss her q and it resets on hit and if we excludes her cooldown reduction. her numbers start averaging out. (however this is like justifying nasus by saying he starts the game with 0 stacks) next point. No point addressing the counters part because your mis in formed and arguing with miss in formed info just leads to both sides being annoyed however I can assure you I know their playstyles I have played 300 + games on every champ at least once in time however lets give it a go. Gnar: yes gnar can use his dash but lets put it in most effective case possible. gnar jumps for 475 range on an 18 second cooldown which is 26.38. now if gnar dashed away from fiora.... for 475 units... with a 400 auto attack range... he cant attack her.... but lets pretend he cant because that just prove my point even more valid. fiora, providing she hit her q (lets be real have you ever seen a fiora miss her q?) will have a 500 range dash which is already longers then gnars + 400 damage range on an 18 x 0.4 = 7.2. so.... longer range... longer damage range... same cooldown if missed and way shorter if lands q... so yeah... Plus lets not forget the fact fiora is a classic counter pick to gnar is both solo q and the pro scene this kind of ruins this point alone. https://i.imgsafe.org/6da1e1f95e.png Now onto irelia: irelias dash only resets on target kill, unlike fioras "if i hit anythhing at all" so yes in the case the enemy is 1 hp irelia wins... now every other time fiora has the better dash. Also I dont really get how you can say they are different... melee true damage carries with built in heals and minor amounts of cc... they counter all the same stuff and get countered by all the same stuff... kind of confusing to me. next: wukong point and click just means wukong isnt allowed to use it as an escaping... so its weaker... thanks for helping me make my point? and the attack speed part is not the part we are discussing im disgussing the range values not the damage of fioras kit. next maokai: I dont really get how you can say maokais is low cd and fioras is not when 1, maokai cooldown goes from 13 to 9 and fioras from 16 to 8... and lets ignore the fact maokai doesn't get the 60% cooldown reset and again we are not disgusting the additional mechanics of the spells but the distance. Ok lets do this... your in lane as generic top laner lets say {{champion:86}} fioras qs you procs true damage + heal + movespeed buff and is 400 units away. What can you do? Now the real answer is not expect try to chase after her then be kited by qs. But you being a fan boy of fiora will properly try to justify it. > her in melee distance vs a creep every single time she wanted to cs in lane meaning the range opponent can just keep tossing spells. so in the next point you admit it doesn't put her in melee range which proves most my points... a melee carrier is not in melee range however is doing melee damage and tankiness... > she could not jump back and hit them. That would severely hinder her in engaging and disengaging. this an unfair mechanic and shows the problems with it... some spells you can use aggressively and defensively... like jarvans e+q or khazix e.... BUT NOT AT THE SAME TIME! She should not be able to do damage as a melee carry by running away. > And i dont give a fuck what percent you are, I am far more knowledgeable about this champion *coughbullshitcough* yes you clearly are... with your knowleague of match ups and ranges.... > I know that the changes you want are complete shit so adding counterplay is unfair? even though it would help champion have counterplay vs her at no cost of her own and would also allow her to be closer to her target for effective E use-age. She already has a ton of counterplay and that change would cost her a lot of power. Please justify how the changes I made would cost her power? Ill just list them for you a bigger escape a more effective use of autos + e same damage range. yet your saying it make her weak because melee champions could be able to react to her... Im sorry but i cant view you as anything but childish because you prefer your champion to be un-changed to the cost of game health. Also saying you played a shit ton more fiora then me when you only have 35 games (18 ranked + 17 normals) is rather humorous that is about 3 days worth of gaming... Plus lets not forget the fact that if you had know league of the champion you wouldn't be silver.
Dehitay (NA)
: Are you saying that after Teemo and Gnar start their attacking animation, it's possible to dash away and then they'll suddenly just stop cause you're now out of range?
I'm not saying, I know. This is a common league mechanic. If the projectile has not been fired and they move out of range, then it will stop the attack altogether.
: > [{quoted}](name=Yordle Zeus,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=3QyaInr8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-07T03:38:47.179+0000) > > You didn't actually say the name of the champ you just said "her" and tea party..... cait? Cause tea? Illaoi? Cause of the party when she ults? With a drop the base ult? "You can't come to Tibbers' tea party! Bleh"-{{champion:1}}
Fuck no, Satan's child has enough fucking skins and the first skin to cost on average 300 dollars, fuck that bitch.
xWaters (NA)
: Nautilus's Role
The is no correct answer it depends game to game.... so the isn't one correct answer but like 50000. Only advice I'd give you is lower your champ pool and try learn more off the loses. Its easy to win with 4 fed team mates it shows no skill but carrying 4 feeders solo is where true skill shines
: @Riot Let's talk about the next skin in the Surprise Party line...
> Title...so we have Surprise Party Fiddles...Perfect champ for the skin line...then there's Amumu...which is another awesome choice...now there's quite a few champions who pull off this theme nicely but one keeps coming to mind...So many players hate being invited to her surprise tea parties...but I've never seen any talk of her getting her own surprise party skin...Has this been considered? I'd really like to know and if it could be done. I'm sure alot of players would appreciate it. You didn't actually say the name of the champ you just said "her" and tea party..... cait? Cause tea? Illaoi? Cause of the party when she ults? With a drop the base ult?
: You can't be serious? She struggles vs ranged so hard, and you wanna make it even harder for her? Are you crazy?
(first part is bullshit opinions if you want some ideas that make us both happy skip to dotted line) Both the changes I implied would not make it harder for her to deal damage it would just allow the player facing her to react. As for fiora struggling vs range champions this is simply fault she is one of the most effectively melee champs vs ranged champs due to having a basically 0 second move speed buff + heal and a fairly long range gapclose which is on a 2 second cooldown when landed. For example lets take properly her most common melee vs range match up top. Fiora vs Gnar. Fioras Q has a dash range of 500 and a damage range of 400 this leads to a effective range of 900 for her Q dealing damage and having the cooldown reduced to 2 seconds. Or to put this into other perspective lets change DPS from damage per second to distance per second. every 2 seconds she can travel 500 units this means she has 250 DPS. Lets compair some other top laners. Irelia: her q has a range of 650 units and is on a 14-6 second cooldown. this means she has a DPS of 46.42-108.33 Fiora has nearly twice the travel distance per second. Wukong: e has a distance of 625 and a flat (doesn't scale with level) cool down of 8 seconds this means he has a DPS of 78. Maokai: w has a distance of 525 and a cooldown of 13-9 this means he has a DPS of 40.38 - 58.33 all these champions are classed as really effective melee vs range laners and they has an extreme amount less travel distance then fiora. However lets get back onto the issue your problem is this would make her weak vs ranged enemies (which it wouldn't) reduce her range from 500+400 to 500+125 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - if this made it to hard for her to deal with these lane match ups we could buff the dash distance itself and not the damage distance so it be 775 (dash distance) + 125 (damage distance) meaning she has a damage effective range of 900 again, her q has a much bigger escape but also champions will be able to react to her more fairly. Even if you don`t believe fiora doesn't deserve changes I don`t think you are able to find a problem with changing her range from 500+400 to 775+125, however if you are able to find a problem with this proposed change tell me and im sure I can find a way to address it which lead to fairer gameplay without making fiora "weak" to range opponents. As a quite competitive playier (top 3%) I would never call for a flat out nerf like "omg fizz damage is op" because that does not help with the real balance of the game but I will put ideas forward that promote counter play without costing the champion power.
: Your post makes zero sense. You're bringing up random points that make almost no sense, I'm having a hard time trying to follow what you even mean.
Ill lay it out in simple points for you. fiora Q has 2 ranges. her dash range and a 2nd range which is what deals the damage at the end of the dash. the range at the end of her dash is simply to long with a range of 400 units while also allowing to proc (means its not apart of her q) a true damage passive, heal and movespeed buff. The reason it is to long is because for champs like {{champion:2}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:420}} ect the is no way to actually punish her for it. Even ranged champions like Gnar and teemo have hard times punishing this due to gnars auto attack range beign 425 which is only 25 more and teemos being 500 which is only 100. To put into perspective how small of a gap this is a melee auto attack like tryndamere or yis is 125 units. This means even if these ranged champions try to attack her they will just begin the animation and cancel it due to her walking out of range. Even though teemos auto attack range is a bit higher the part of the animation he actually fires the projectile is much later leading to the same problem as gnar. Another problem with fioras q is when she is being chased. Due to her q having a dash range of 500 and the damage portion having a range of 400 this means she can consistently hit chasing foes for no valid reason as long as they have about 350+ movespeed. Which is pantheon and yi at level one and every single champ in the game after t2 boots. My solution is either to lower the damage range to something like 125 (melee auto attack range) so she will be forced to attack closer to the target and cant consistently hit champions while escaping. Or when she lands the damage portion of her q she gets teleported within 50 units of the target hit much like {{champion:245}} E ability. I hope i explained my view clearly and I have connived you on my ideas for change I do not think fiora is a op/weak champ however i view this ability as being extremely poorly designed, extremely simlar to {{champion:83}} E ability.
: Fiora's spell it self, does not heal you or due true damage, that is her passive, which her spell procs if you land it in the correct spot. Also it does put her in melee range. Also no you cannot proc fioras passive outside of Gnars or Teemos range, unless maybe you used w to proc a mark but if that was the case thats more of the fact that your not very good at dodging spells rather then being unfair.
umm... im someone who mains top and jungle and im in the top 3% of the community... i know fioras spells... and trust me you cant hit her with gnar passive. the q is literly on the EDGE of ur auto and the second she starts moving backwards if you try to auto it will just cancel it. and btw as for not dodjing spells... my main champ is yi... thats literally the only skill im good at is dodjing amumu ults with q... also "procs" mean not the spell itself... you wont say amumu q procs a stun.... but braums passive does.. btw just so you know the proc thing of fiora q is 400 range gnars auto range is 425. to show you how low 25 is a MELEE auto attack range is 125... its 1/5 a melee auto attack...
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Gantian (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Dubstep Xerath
this idea is bad and you should feel bad
: He is your adversary, if tilting you brings an advantage to his team then it's fair play. If you don't like it, why you have all chat enabled then? It's only purpose is for taunting the enemy team and saying gg ez at the end of the match.
so being an asshole is allowed as long as its vs the enemy team.. or threw using emotes... this games logic is awesome... "year for 5 years chat bans where worthless and players had competitions for who could get the most but oh boy if you said %%%got now we will ban you but feel free to piss off the enemy team and spam our shitty fucking emotes even tho they just want to play a fucking game after work in the summer"
Candyxo (NA)
: Speaking of things that can be reported and can give you a well deserved ban This comment right here! I suggest if you want to do anything and not be titled by stupid comments you take a long look at yourself and figure out what your anger issues really are, because what you just said is disgusting and pathetic.
systems with loop holes in them leading to unfair punishments. while i could be banned for my comment i would have no problem with the ban itself but more with the people who werent banned because they just said it differently or put some stupid shit like "XD" at the end...
: It's plenty reportable. See: Poor sportsmanship category.
while that report does exists it doesn't really do anything... i mean whens the last time someone was actually punished for poor sportsmanship?
NiamhNyx (NA)
: If you cant stand someone being sarcastic online, i dont know how you live life. you must be wishing death on tons of people.
I actually am. And being sarcastic isnt funny when its about failure... thats called being a passive aggressive prick. im being quite hostile to you at the moment but at least i dont try to hide it.
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