: You know they can tell its you right? If you get banned over and over, continuously behaving in the same way that breaks the rules, dont you think they might stop giving you any leeway? Theyre trying to tell you something... its quit playing our game. They dont want you. Fuckin ashe support...
I had the highest dmg in the team with 7/8. My top had 0/11 and he was flaming, my jungler had 5/8 flaming. The others were praising my game >...> I got reported because of my pick and permanently banned unfairly!
: Before you go throwing around the term 'Freedom of Speech', you may want to educate yourself on it first. https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/free_speech.png
its a hypocritical post with no meaning to free speech especially when internet was mentioned. *sigh* try harder.
: How much of those accounts are active on daily basis? Also, almost every person have 1 or more smurf accounts. Edit; To ape that downvoted me, give me your answer instead of hiding behind downvote. Edit 2; And people wonder why they get trolls in their game. This boards is root of all what is wrong in this game.
exactly they are inactive accounts. League is dying and they are desperate hence why they are doing MSI in Vietnam. Fortnite was pulling alot of their players, hopefully another game will too.
Voldymort (EUNE)
: the "League is dying" argument
I hope league goes bankrupt.
o Maui o (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=YouCanBeSaved,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=dJNLm4ha,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-04-18T15:42:55.787+0000) > > Ive lost over 3 accounts in 1 year So despite clear and repeated evidence that this sort of behavior will result in a ban, you decided to continue with that behavior, and are now complaining about the ban?
do you think my game chat is very toxic or not even?? if this is what you called toxicity you must've a prestigious life.
Ekitaih (NA)
: First off, this isn't a "bad game" this is you being toxic. Lol. Second, I'm pretty sure "ret***" is a zero tolerance word. Most likely this was your second offense because zero tolerance words usually result in a 14 day ban first then a permaban.
Tell it to freedom of speech, this game is no difference than the other social media platforms. When defending yourself becomes your own enemy, you would realised by now, its not a game anymore. This banning system is totally rigged and the ones left playing are all sheeps to the system. Taking away our personalities from a game is not a fun game - Double lift calling people "trash"
: You didn't get banned for one game, and stop fooling yourself into thinking that. You got permanently banned for a pattern of bad behavior that led you through two chat restrictions and a 14-day suspension. Your 14-day suspension was your **FINAL WARNING**, so Riot has to take compassion for the rest of the players and follow through with punishing those who can't follow the rules - in this case, that's you.
Because in this account, i didnt spend much money, i get permanently banned instantly but in my other account I had 2-3 chances after suspensions cause i SPEND THOUSANDS! This game is a money loothole.
: Who initiated doesn't matter: no other player controls what you type. When you type something that breaks the rules (which you did in this log), it is fully your own choice to do so, and no other player is responsible for that violation of the rules.
Getting banned permanently for one bad game is ridiculous and it shows the lack of compassion from Riot.
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