: is a guy that wrote this
> [{quoted}](name=The 1st Angel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=sLET8FIh,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-09-02T18:18:00.934+0000) > > is a guy that wrote this You are probably just a troll, but for the record, people who react to people disagreeing with their narrative by denying the identity of the person disagreeing with them are the greatest scums of all.
chiqi (NA)
: Room 613, a Girl's Perspective
I logged only to upvote, because this honestly on of my favorite inputs on the matter. As a woman myself (and in the field of computer sciences, too!) I know how it feels to be in a room full of men all the time, and it can be pretty stressful, I will admit. However, what are we to do, then? Reject all interactions with the other gender? Forsake the notion of individuality? No. Bad men exist, yes. And it must not be tolerated, we must find ways to root out that kind of toxicity, definitely. But excluding an entire gender will not help, and will never serve to better the situation. And thinking us women as "in need of special attention" will not help either. I am just as good as any man, and I strongly believe myself to be able to attend an all-public panel, and still get positive things from it, tyvm
Niyumi (NA)
: Haha, just one of the many little things that make her kit feel bad. I don't know why Riot hates her so much. : /
As a huge poppy fan... honestly, I'm kinda afraid of her being overbuffed if they go ahead with it. I still remember 7.1 where she was actually super strong. I couldn't scroll three lines on the board without being constantly faced about long hate-posts against her, it felt pretty bad :( I'd just like them to do some super slight touches so she feels better to play without necessarily being much stronger.
Niyumi (NA)
: Hey Riot, can you just revert Poppy to where her rework put her?
Honestly, I just wish they would make it so having a creep die while your shield is flinging toward it still gives you a shield, instead of having it fall stupidly to the side. It's extremely tilting, especially considering it used to work this way when the rework was released.
Elfezen (NA)
: Yea i still wonder why they keep this old announcer, that and the cursor are the 2 remaining outdated features in the game with the upcoming rune update (together with some outdated champions but that is another issue).
: Who is Rhaast's voice actor?
Good question! He is quite talented indeed!
Elfezen (NA)
: Let us buy the other Announcer Packs from the store
I wholeheartedly agree. Alternate announcers feel so amazing, having them be time restricted is quite the bummer :/
Rioter Comments
Karfuss (EUW)
: 40 minutes of your time wasted, is 40 minutes of my time too. As I said, you lose 100% of the matches you forfeit. Fact. Have some faith once in a while. I've had games where we're down all turrets, and the enemy team had no idea how to end, so we clawed it back. We all have. High ELO and LCS never surrender for that reason. Why should you? I for one, will not be pressured into a quitter mentality.
The problem is NOT "will we win the game ultimately", in the end. Sure, maybe we will. The problem is that sitting for 45 minutes in a game that is 90% lost is PAINFUL. Of course, if we surrendered every times the game didn't go our way, we wouldn't win a lot. But when the game is honest to goodness almost entirely lost, why go through the pain of spending easily 25 minutes losing, knowing you pretty much can't do anything about it?
MysterQ (NA)
: Please Never Force PVP Mission Wins
I think it should really just be "play X games" instead of "win X games". If you progress no matter what, even a loss won't feel -AS- bad, because you can tell yourself "at least I got some quest progress, it wasn't all for naught!". As it currently is, it doubles down on the terrible feeling of the loss: "not only did I lose, I have to tag AGAIN if I want to HOPE to progress."
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KaynMid (OCE)
: kaynmains subreddit is attempting to ask daniel about the changes, getting blocked.
I mean, he does a lot of good work, and he has designed many of my favorite champions but...This guy just isn't a nice person. He has a superiority complex, and really can't take criticism :/ As someone who wants to invest time in playing Kayn, it feels pretty bad :(
SnowFall (NA)
: Kayn/Rhaast is a true example of two champions in one. Kindred is just a lamb.
Honestly, Kindred is just not a dual champion. at all. Xayah/Rakan and Kayn/Rhaast are miles ahead.
: {{item:3070}}
YEAH, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! (don't worry, adc is my secondary role ;D)
: Why has Cho'gath not been hotfixed
that'll teach those filthy ADC players.
Kr1sys (NA)
: Your new API policy is stupid, and will ruin sites like OP.gg
Agreed, it is a very restrictive move for developers, and for players. While I cannot stand playing ranked because of ladder anxiety, I like seeing how I improve from normal game to normal game. Policies like those cement normal games as a "joke" game mode where your improvement does not matter. Now, while some players may see normal games in such a way, there are also many players who play normal games as they would play ranked, simply wanting to avoid the stressing ranking system, and would still enjoy to know that they are improving.
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: Shyvana is offensively and defensively weak and feels bad to play
: Dawnbringer Riven is not, how you say, overly "thicc"
Bruh, just let me enjoy my dreams of thiccness.
: @Riven Mains concerned about 10 bans
I feel quite happy to know that I will never have to face a riven ever again in any of my games, though. Win-win, I suppose?
: Can you please not fill me elsewhere if I choose to support?
Welp, same rules as everyone else! While autofill often ends up just making up for the lacks of supports, let's remember it does apply to every other positions, so if there is a shortage on an other position, I think it's fair for the support primary to get autofilled if needs be.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Message to the Announcer Lady
I mainly hope they hire GP back in the announcing business!
: If you rage easily don't play late game champs.
It's quite the oppositve for me, actually. I am a can of anger whenever I play this game, BUT, if I'm playing a lategame champ, I know that it's okay if I don't do wonders in the laning phase, as I got the late anyway. This actually helps me rage much much less.
Ralanr (NA)
: Who belongs in what subclass?
Where's my beloved {{champion:78}} ? :(
: Oni Poppy [Skin Concept]
Poppy main here. I WANT this skin! It looks amazing, good job!
: your main now has a 40% pick rate without being changed recently
{{champion:78}} still remember the 6.24/7.1 QQing. Didn't feel good.
: It's heartbreaking to us all. I guess it really speaks to how well Frey was written if we all mourn her like this. :(
I can only agree. I mean, Vayne is definitely well written, everything in her bio and color story was calculated so we hate her as much as possible!
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Bultz (NA)
: How I see Blood Moon Mode
it's rather genius, actually, they lure all the toxic assassins players away in the mode while everyone can enjoy normal/ranked games without them! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Smart thinking, rito!
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Just revert Malzahar and Syndra
I truly wonder why it feels like Riot changes champions for the sake of change. (Unless they are secretly Tzeentch followers) I mean, Malzahar and Syndra never ever struck me as champions that needed any kind of update in the first place.
: I don't even know why people complain about being one-shotted by tanks. Even an assassin will almost never be able to literally one shot you, especially now after the assassin update. One of the very few which could do that was pre-rework Rengar before the nerfs.
A taste for the overly dramatic, I suppose.
: Goctha, mb I misread
No prob, bro! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Would You Rather?
I'd love to be a fluffly lovable armored yordle. {{champion:78}} Plus I get to swing a hammer twice my size.
: Actually, I usually find that I cannot 1v1 an adc in the lategame as a tank because they just lifesteal back the damage I can do to them. ADC draintank BETTER as the game goes on.
yes, it is what I was saying, an ADC will almost always 1v1 a tank, but only if they have the needed lifesteal/armor-pen, which does not happen until late game.
: Back then if u built full tank , that means you have no dammage
If Poppy somehow one shot you while being full tank, you were heavily behind, or she was heavily ahead. Otherwise you are exaggerating. On top of it, unless it's late-game (the stage of the game where ADCs hit their power spike and become true threats) it's not incredible to see a tank 1v1 an ADC successfully, as the ADC often lacks the ability to drain tank at this point in the game.
RexSaur (NA)
: {{champion:78}} {{champion:57}} Are good at every phase of the game, are always useful regardless if they are 10-0 or 0-10.
a 0-10 {{champion:78}} or {{champion:57}} will get instaggibed regardless in teamfights.
: As far as I am aware Katarina's identity consists of bayblade, teleports and resets. Those can work fine.
Well, I frankly don't believe an assassin should be able/encouraged to kill multiple people in succession. Then again, it is definitely up for debate, but I believe her ability of getting resets is unhealthy by design.
: It's kind of funny when you think about it. Riot has decided that they'll try to avoid destroying his identity, but it's his identity that makes him borken beyond all repair.
it's a problem many champs are suffering from... *cough*{{champion:55}} *cough* Like, some identities just will never be healthy for the game, in my opinion.
: Poppy ever to tanky?
If you fight a fed tank while your team is behind, it will often feel that way. After all, tanks are strong until your ADC gets to build a {{item:3036}} with some good amount of crits. Other similar tanks such as {{champion:111}} or {{champion:57}} will feel quite the same. If you manage to go to the late game, though, once everyone is level 18 and your ADC is in their power spike, she will stop being a problem.
: is it just me or are all Lux Supports the same way?
You people don't remember the pure dread that was {{champion:76}} support with {{item:1056}} "supporting" you . I promise I used to have this in ALMOST ALL MY GAMES back in season 3/4/5, and it was much, much, muuuuch worse than Support lux could ever hope to be.
Pale Pirate (EUNE)
: Well, take a time-machine and go before her rework.
No need, it doesn't matter if she is mainly played as a tank, nothing will stop me from going full assassin poppy!
: this thread is only for players with sub-40% winrates
I don't play rankeds, but here is my normal winrate. http://i.imgur.com/nwdPax3.png
: Maybe the Blood moon game mode could use a bit larger champion pool?
If anything, I think it would be good to allow all champions. Forcing them to buy offensive items would even allow some fun and interresting builds. (Because I sure as hell want to go {{champion:78}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3009}} )
JustSir (NA)
: why is it that poppy is never "balanced"
the amount of damages dealt does not mean much. Since she is more durable, she can stay longer in a fight, hence dealing more damages than a full ad champion like riven who will likely quickly get blown up.
: Have you SEEN the colossus nerfs?? The shield is WAY weaker unless there are 4-5 people around, and it's almost non-existent in the 1v1 scenario. The base shield went from [10-180] base value per level + 5% of your max health per nearby enemy champion---> [3-54 per nearby enemy champion] + 5% of your max health per nearby enemy champion And the duration was reduced by 1 second "While it may not be enough"
Well, I didn't want to seem too affirmative in my post,I myself believe it'll bring them back in line easily, but you never know, there are many more potential factors, and I don't pretend to understand them all.
: Heca was strong before preseason, JEEZ
Fair point. I must admit I was mostly thinking about Vi.
: The real issue isnt "ADC's" its "Tanks"
As a disclaimer, I am a tank player, so I will likely be biased, in addition, english is not my first language so please forgive the occasional grammar errors. The thing is, while many people like to say "x should never be able to 1v1 y"... but it wouldn't provide a very interesting game. We could easily say, in the same fashion, that ADCs should NEVER be able to 1v1 assassins. However, through careful kiting and outplays, it is very much possible for an adc to beat an assassin 1v1 ({{champion:67}} being the most obvious example) In the same manner, ADCs should not automatically win versus tanks. They certainly have an upper hand, on they have scaled enough, but I don't believe it's ridiculous for the tank to come out on top if the ADC didn't kite them properly. Another thing I'd like to address, is that I don't believe tanks should not be able to deal damages. Since they are solo laners (or junglers), they need to be able to provide some threat by themselves in order to be even remotely playable, otherwise, they would just get bullied and ignored by every other top laners. Unlike ADCs, tanks get most of their damages through base damages, and are therefore reliant on level to do damages. Considering they are solo laners versus de duo laners ADCs, they will quite often Out-level the laters until late game. Which give tanks an edge over ADCs until late game comes and both are level 18. Furthermore, Remember that while tanks have considerably less damages than other champions, ADCs have considerably smaller health pools (which they compensate by drain-tanking). I honestly think it's entirely fine for the tank to be able to kill the ADC if they aren't able to kite and drain-tank through the fight. ADCs may not be in the best of spots right now, and I do agree they could use some help, however, enforcing cookie-cutter things like "Tank should do zero damages to ADCs and never win against them" isn't a very interesting way to tackle the issue, in my opinion.
: Hecarim and Vi deserved nerfs just as badly if not moreso than Lee Sin
Well, Jungle was nerfed last patch (if I do recall), and CotC is getting a nerf this patch as well. While it may not be enough, I think it's fair to wait and see how those nerfs go through before nerfing the champions directly. (after all, they were brought into the spotlight largely because of CotC and the new jungle)
: I don't think Zac should be a tragic hero
Well, I, for one, like this iteration. Ultimately, we still have that big ball of goo that wants to help people, so Zac's core is still very much here, but, as with real life, it's not entirely black or white. He has faced hardships, and it's not THAT easy for him to just be "good". But precisely, he isn't being that edgy about it, he still does his best to keep his chin up and look at the bright side of things. I think it's a good thing to add those darker dimension to characters that previously seemed fully positive, just as I enjoy newer "good" heroes to have a bit more of darkness in them somewhere. Just my opinion, of course.
: I'm so glad Riot keeps releasing/reworking more bloated and complex kits
I upvoted you because it's the first positive thing I have read on gameplay for quite some time.
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